Best Snow Cone Business Names (95 Awesome Ideas)

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What comes to mind when you think of snow cones? Hot days, summer heat, maybe sandy beaches, and summer vacations.

When starting a snow cone business, there are important decisions to make – including the name, so you can attract customers to your snow cone business and set yourself apart from all the other snow cone companies out there. 

Start your snow cone business on the right foot by choosing a name that’s easy to remember and speaks to your target audience. While there are many online resources for creating the perfect business name, we’ve included some of our top picks for snow cone company name ideas.

Let’s dive in.

Best Snow Cone Business Names

  1. Taste the Rainbow Snow Cones – While this name is impossible to trademark due to its incorporation of the Skittles’ slogan, it’s a catchy name that hints at the colorful cones.
  2. Snowball Expressions – An artistic name that implies the skill needed to create unique and flavorful cones. A great choice with which to start a snow cone brand!
  3. Mr. Freeze – Direct with a personal touch! After all, who can forget the successful businesses of Mr. Clean and Mr. Coffee?
  4. Coolman’s Delight Snow Cones
  5. Screamin’ Snow Cones – We just hope that screaming isn’t coming from brain freeze! 
  6. Snow Fabulous Cones – A play on the phrase “so fabulous” and tailoring the name to fit your business. 
  7. Cool Runnings Snow Cones – This name pays homage to the classic movie of the same name, about a Jamaican bobsled team. 
  8. Blizzard Ice
  9. Snowtober Frost
  10. Cool-Aide Snow Factory – This name earns extra points if you use Kool-Aid for some of the flavoring in your cones. 
  11. Mr. Flavor’s Cones
  12. Island Breeze – With a name like this, your customers will picture breezy beach vacations and cool island zephyrs. An ideal name for having your customers view your business as an oasis in the heat!
  13. Frosty the Snow Man’s Cones
  14. Summer Wonderland Shaved Ice – While “Winter Wonderland” was a similar option, snow cones are usually eaten in the summer, leading to this wordplay. 
  15. Jolly Froster’s Shaved Ice Co.
  16. Sweet Heat Freezy Pops
  17. Island Breeze – This name invokes images of vacations and cool breezes, both of which are ideal for your summery brand. 
  18. Sno-Cones R Us
  19. Cold Stones Snow Cones – This business name is particularly memorable due to its use of rhyme. 
  20. The Flavored Ice Factory – This alliterative name flows off the tongue while leaving no doubt about your services. 
  21. Starburst Ice Pops – When using this name, customers may expect flavors inspired by the signature candy brand. Make sure not to disappoint!
  22. Snow Bees Co.
  23. Snowy Morning – Though it’ll be an all-day affair for those long summer days!
  24. Ice Man Snow Cones
  25. Flavors Galore Shaved Ice Factory – A great way to advertise your wide range of flavors. 
  26. The Cone Shack – This name is perfect for a business that sells both snow cones and ice cream cones.
  27. Snowy Dreams Ice Co. – Who doesn’t dream of snow during the excruciating summer heat? 
  28. Rainbow Snow – An aesthetic name, don’t you think?
  29. The Yellow Snow Company – This business name incorporates a tongue-in-cheek phrase, “don’t eat the yellow snow.” Fortunately, the “yellow snow” in this case comes in lemon, pineapple, and banana!
  30. Crystal Cove Snow Co. 
  31. Sno-Tastic Treats
  32. Arctic Snowballs Snow Cones – A memorable combination of synonyms for ice and winter. Should leave no doubt in your customers’ mind about your products. 
  33. Alaskan Blizzard Shaved Ice – Another clever use of side-by-side synonyms to get the point across. 
  34. Eskimo Snow Cone Stand
  35. Shades of Blue Snow Cones – In the sweltering summer heat, the color blue is associated with cool waters. Add it to your snow cone business name, and bingo! Your business is now synonymous with relief from the summer sun. 
  36. Oasis Frozen Treats – When trying to beat the summer heat, what image is more welcoming than an oasis in the hot, dry desert?  
  37. Cool Melon Creations – This name works even better if you have flavors from various melons: honeydew, cantaloupe, and watermelon are all popular summer flavors. Using real fruit juice will add a dose of authenticity to your company and give you an edge over those who primarily use flavored syrups.
  38. Comet’s Cones – You could even use “Komet’s Kones” as an alternate spelling. 
  39. Freakishly Frozen Treats – Adds an edgy feel to your unique snow cone brand. 
  40. Singingly Sweet Frozen Treats – Employ both rhythm and rhyme by using this catchy, musical name. 
  41. The Next Ice Age – This name puts a scientific spin on your brand of frozen treats.
  42. Iceberg’s Frozen Creations
  43. Main Street Blizzard
  44. Agua Frescas Delicias – This Spanish name adds some extra flavor to your snow cone brand. Just make sure to actually sell agua frescas as one of your products!
  45. Slurpy’s Frozen Delights
  46. House of Chill – A regal-sounding name for your business. 
  47. Shiver Me Timbers Snow Cone Co. – A great choice for a pirate-themed snow cone stand.  
  48. Frozen Fling Creations
  49. Chilly dog Delights – A versatile name that can work for a business that sells both frozen treats and hot dogs. 
  50. Cool Thingz Frozen Treats – Replacing the “s” with a “z” at the end of the name adds an edgy vibe that may attract a younger crowd.

Unique Names For Snow Cone Businesses

  1. Snow Angel Delights
  2. Snowy Day Shaved Ice
  3. Caught Between Ice and a Hard Place – Plays on the expression, “between rock and a hard place.” 
  4. Ice on a Stick Frozen Treats
  5. Chill Out and Cone – A name that bluntly suggests your customers put their worries aside and enjoy one of your signature frozen treats. 

Catchy Names For Snow Cone Businesses

  1. Between Two Scoops – This is an excellent choice not only for a snow cone stand but for any frozen treat business that serves ice cream. 
  2. Snowy Inc. 
  3. King Kone’s Shaved Ice – An alliterative twist on the popularity of the classic, “King Kong.” 
  4. Freezy Daze – Using “Z’s” in both words in your name is memorable and flows well. 
  5. Slurp Shop Snow Cones – “Slurp” and “shop” both end with “p’s,” making it fun to say and easy to remember.

Creative Names For Snow Cone Businesses

  1. Cool Cravings
  2. Frosty Freezes Inc. – Employ alliteration whenever possible, as it makes your brand easier to remember. 
  3. Summit Treats
  4. The Cone Wars – This pun-tastic reference plays off the popularity of Star Wars The Clone Wars. Hopefully, the only war going on will be with yourself as you struggle with choosing the right flavor!
  5. Lemon Squeezy Shaved Ice – Even better if you serve homemade lemonades alongside snow cones. 

Good Names For Snow Cone Businesses

  1. The Cone Company – A great name for both an ice cream business or a snow cone spot. 
  2. Cone Crazy Shaved Ice Co. 
  3. Get Chilled Snow Cones
  4. Polar Slush – Using terms like “polar,” “arctic,” “Alaskan” and the like will help your customers picture snowy wonderlands in the midst of the summer heat. It’s a good marketing strategy that has been used by countless businesses. 
  5. Freezy Mart Frozen Treats – This name evokes images of a small-town snow cone cart parked outside the local supermarket. It plays hard on the nostalgia factor, which may help attract an older customer base. 

Classy Names for A Snow Cone Business

  1. Frozen Crystals Shaved Ice – It makes one think of the sparkling winter snow. 
  2. The Snowcone Shoppe – Straightforward and memorable. 
  3. Rushing Ice Snow Cones
  4. Frozen Tundra Shaved Ice
  5. Snow Day Summer Treats

Cute Names For Snow Cone Businesses

  1. Cone Heads – This name implies a loyal customer base while paying homage to the classic 1993 Dan Aykroyd movie. 
  2. Snow Monkey – They’re cute, they’re wacky, and they’re a great mascot for any company specializing in summer fun. 
  3. When It Snows in July Snow Cones – A clever twist on the popular phrase that is synonymous with “never going to happen.” Thankfully, this happens!
  4. Kiss My Cones LLC – Memorable and a little naughty, your customers will have no problem recalling this gem of a name. 
  5. Let It Snow Frozen Treats – Brings to mind the classic Christmas song.

Clever Names For Your Snow Cone Business

  1. The Pop Shoppe Icicles ; More – Rhyming is always a great way to make your company name more memorable. 
  2. Chilly Willy’s – This name gets extra points if your name is William. 
  3. Brain Freeze Shaved Ice – We just hope your customers don’t eat their frozen treats too quickly. 
  4. Ice Ice Baby Snow Cones – Any Vanilla Ice fans out there?
  5. The Snow Queen Frozen Treats – A classy name that conjures up images of a favorite fairy tale. 

Cool Names For Your Snow Cone Business

  1. Polar Breeze Snow Cones
  2. The Chill Zone – A cool name for a snow cone stand that appeals to the teenage crowd. We can see this company being successful parked outside a mall or skate park. 
  3. Cool Sensations
  4. Snow Way Snow Cones – A twist on the term “No Way.” But when customers try one of your snow cones, they’ll be saying “Yes way!” 
  5. Arctic Punch – This cool name also hints at the variety of fruity flavors that the snow cones can come in. 

Funny Names For Your Snow Cone Business

  1. Just Desserts Shaved Ice – Extra points for serving other frozen treats besides snow cones. 
  2. All Scooped Out – This name has a clever twist on the phrase synonymous for being tired, “pooped out.” 
  3. Cold Hard Swirls Snow Cone Shoppe
  4. Frost Bite Snow Cones – A clever twist on the dangerous medical condition, also what you do when you “bite” into a frosty treat!
  5. Cups Ahoy Shaved Ice

Company Name Naming Tips

When choosing a name for your business, there are a few hard and fast rules to keep in mind. 

  1. Keep it simple – long names are difficult to market and for customers to remember.
  2. Make sure the name reflects your business. While a name may be clever, if it doesn’t apply to your services, it won’t be good for business. 
  3. Identify and speak to your target audience. For snow cone customers, it’s usually families and kids who are vacationing for the summer.
  4. Conduct a thorough Internet search to verify that the name is still available. 
  5. Don’t rush – sometimes it can be difficult to come up with the right business name. 


There is a lot to consider when starting a business, even a seasonal one like a snow cone stand.

Consider following our step-by-step guide for finding the perfect name, or use one of the many free online tools such as a business name generator or branding agency.

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