Baby Names That Start With B: Best Picks 👶

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Welcome to our article about baby names that start with B! This unique post offers many options for picking the perfect name for your little one. From classic to modern, these names have something to offer for everyone.

In recent years, names starting with the letter B have gained popularity among new parents. Whether you’re looking for a trendy, well-known name or something more distinctive, our list below covers a variety of delightful and charming names to consider for your baby boy or girl.

  1. Brianna
  2. Blake
  3. Bennett
  4. Brooklyn
  5. Bryson
  6. Bailey
  7. Belle
  8. Bradley
  9. Brynn
  10. Bodhi

With so many options, it’s clear that the letter B holds an abundance of potential names for your child.

We hope you find the perfect one from our list or even spark your creativity to explore more names starting with this captivating letter. Happy name hunting!

Best Baby Names That Begin With B

Check out these top baby names that start with B:

  1. Benjamin
  2. Brooklyn
  3. Bradley
  4. Beatrice
  5. Boston
  6. Bonnie
  7. Bruce
  8. Bryce
  9. Brynn
  10. Bella
  11. Boyd
  12. Bart
  13. Bree
  14. Bianca
  15. Brayden
  16. Blaine
  17. Brenna
  18. Blair
  19. Bentley
  20. Braylon
  21. Brock
  22. Baxter
  23. Brenda
  24. Bridget
  25. Baldwin
  26. Blythe
  27. Barrett
  28. Braxton
  29. Brianna
  30. Breanna
  31. Benedict
  32. Benji
  33. Bailey
  34. Blanche
  35. Beckett
  36. Belinda
  37. Bianca
  38. Blake
  39. Bonita
  40. Brandi
  41. Branson
  42. Blaze
  43. Brendan
  44. Brielle
  45. Bronwyn
  46. Bryce
  47. Byron
  48. Belle
  49. Bria
  50. Brock

Good Baby Names Starting With B

Baby names starting with B are both unique and charming. Let’s explore some of these names for your little one!

  1. Benjamin: A classic and versatile choice.
  2. Blake: Short and sweet, perfect for any boy.
  3. Brody: A cool, modern option.
  4. Brian: A timeless choice that never goes out of style.
  5. Brandon: A strong name for a strong baby.
  6. Bradley: A solid choice for any child.
  7. Bennett: A refined and elegant choice.
  8. Bentley: A luxurious and classy option.
  9. Bryce: A fun and energetic choice for your baby.
  10. Brady: A sporty name inspired by football great Tom Brady.
  11. Beau: A short and sweet option that means “beautiful” in French.
  12. Bryson: A creative choice for a unique child.
  13. Barrett: A one-of-a-kind choice that stands out from the crowd.
  14. Bobby: A classic name that has withstood the test of time.
  15. Baxter: A fun and playful choice for your baby.
  16. Baldwin: A regal choice that exudes strength.
  17. Banks: A modern and cool option for your child.
  18. Boston: A name inspired by the capital of Massachusetts.
  19. Bruce: A strong and powerful name for a boy.
  20. Booker: A literary choice, perfect for a future scholar.
  21. Bodie: A unique and edgy option for your baby.
  22. Byron: A name inspired by the great poet Lord Byron.
  23. Bill: A classic name that never goes out of style.
  24. Breck: A fun and unexpected choice.
  25. Brayden: A modern variation of the classic name Braden.
  26. Brent: A solid and dependable choice.
  27. Bowie: A name inspired by musician David Bowie.
  28. Bianca: A pretty and feminine choice for a girl.
  29. Barack: A name inspired by former President Barack Obama.
  30. Bonnie: A sweet and classic choice for a girl.
  31. Bjorn: A Scandinavian name meaning “bear.”
  32. Birdie: A cute and whimsical option for a girl.
  33. Beatrice: An elegant and timeless choice.
  34. Beverly: A refined and classic option.
  35. Blair: A sophisticated choice for a modern girl.
  36. Bridget: A strong name inspired by the Irish goddess Brigid.
  37. Brielle: A unique and feminine variation of the name Brian.
  38. Brigitte: A name inspired by actress Brigitte Bardot.
  39. Brianna: A modern and popular option.
  40. Brook: A name that brings to mind peaceful waterways.
  41. Brynn: A short and sweet option for a girl.
  42. Bria: A trendy and modern choice.
  43. Bristol: A name inspired by the city in England.
  44. Bellamy: A unique and sophisticated option.
  45. Blanche: A classic and elegant choice.
  46. Bree: A fun and spirited option for a girl.
  47. Bette: A timeless and refined choice.
  48. Betsy: A cute and playful variation of the name Elizabeth.
  49. Blythe: A name that exudes happiness and joy.
  50. Belinda: A pretty and feminine choice for a girl.

Female Baby Names That Start With The Letter B

This section features female names starting with the letter B.

  1. Bella
  2. Bethany
  3. Beatrice
  4. Brielle
  5. Brianna
  6. Beatrix
  7. Brooke
  8. Bianca
  9. Bonnie
  10. Blanca
  11. Berta
  12. Bridget
  13. Birdie
  14. Blake
  15. Brittany
  16. Bailey
  17. Bala
  18. Britney
  19. Betty
  20. Brenda
  21. Blaire
  22. Belle
  23. Brennan
  24. Banks
  25. Barbara
  26. Brantley
  27. Bettina
  28. Beth
  29. Becca
  30. Bree
  31. Breighton
  32. Blossom
  33. Bathsheba
  34. Brynn
  35. Brooklyn
  36. Brooklynn
  37. Briar
  38. Brady
  39. Bradley
  40. Blair
  41. Brooks
  42. Beau
  43. Briela
  44. Brynley
  45. Brylee
  46. Blythe
  47. Brenna
  48. Braylee
  49. Bristol
  50. Braelyn

Which one is your favorite?

Male Baby Names That Start With B

In this part, we’ve gathered popular baby boy names that start with B. Some of them are:

  1. Ben
  2. Bobby
  3. Bailey
  4. Blake
  5. Benjamin
  6. Bennett
  7. Beau
  8. Bryson
  9. Bradley
  10. Brooks
  11. Brayden
  12. Baker
  13. Bowie (inspired by the artist David Bowie)
  14. Braxton
  15. Banks
  16. Barrett
  17. Benedict
  18. Brandon
  19. Brice
  20. Bernard
  21. Bear
  22. Blaze
  23. Brave
  24. Bold
  25. Boss
  26. Boston
  27. Bodie
  28. Bronson
  29. Buck
  30. Burr
  31. Bram
  32. Brody
  33. Bogart
  34. Boone
  35. Bosco
  36. Bagby
  37. Brandon
  38. Broderick
  39. Brevin
  40. Bruno
  41. Burgess
  42. Bryer
  43. Burt
  44. Burton
  45. Byron
  46. Breccan
  47. Brighton
  48. Brenton
  49. Bridge
  50. Beck

Unisex Names

Looking for a gender-neutral name? Here are some great options:

  1. Baily
  2. Bala
  3. Bao
  4. Beck
  5. Bellamy
  6. Bennie
  7. Beverly
  8. Billie
  9. Birch
  10. Blaine
  11. Blair
  12. Blaise
  13. Blake
  14. Bobby
  15. Bowie
  16. Brady
  17. Brett
  18. Briar
  19. Brooklyn
  20. Brooks
  21. Bryce
  22. Brighton
  23. Blue
  24. Berry
  25. Baylor
  26. Beckham
  27. Barry
  28. Basil
  29. Baxter
  30. Beau
  31. Bell
  32. Benji
  33. Berkley
  34. Blakely
  35. Boston
  36. Bradley
  37. Braeden
  38. Bree
  39. Brielle
  40. Brinley
  41. Britton
  42. Bronwyn
  43. Brook
  44. Buddy
  45. Burke
  46. Byron
  47. Blaze
  48. Bridger
  49. Bristol
  50. Bronx

Help Choosing The Perfect Name

Choosing a name for your baby can be a daunting task. It’s the name that they’ll carry with them throughout their life, so it’s important to get it right.

Here are some tips to help you find the perfect baby name:

  1. Consider the meaning of the name: The meaning of a name can have a big impact on your child’s life. Research the meanings of names that you like and choose one that resonates with you.
  2. Look to family and friends for inspiration: Think about people in your life who you admire or who have had a positive impact on you. Their names could be a great place to start.
  3. Consider nicknames and initials: Make sure that the name you choose doesn’t create awkward initials or unflattering nicknames.
  4. Say it out loud: Try saying the name out loud several times to make sure that it flows well and sounds good with your last name.
  5. Consider popularity: While choosing a popular name might seem like a safe choice, keep in mind that your child may end up sharing their name with several other kids in their class.
  6. Think about cultural significance: If there is a particular culture or ethnicity that is important to you, consider choosing a name from that background.
  7. Trust your instincts: Ultimately, trust your gut when choosing a baby name. If there’s a name that just feels right, go with it!

Remember, choosing your baby’s name is just one part of the journey ahead! Enjoy this exciting time and remember to ask family and friends for suggestions if you’re feeling stuck!

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