657+ Badass Dog Names (BEST Ideas)

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Are you looking for the perfect name for your new pup? Do you want a name that reflects their strong personality and heroic spirit? Look no further! 

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite badass dog names to help you find the perfect moniker for your four-legged friend.

Let’s dive in.

Best Badass Names For Dogs

  1. Havoc: A powerful and strong name, it is perfect for a pup that loves to cause a bit of chaos.
  2. Harlow: From the Old English for “army hill,” it is an excellent fit for a pup who loves to take charge.
  3. Hercules: Named after the famed hero of Greek mythology, this name pays homage to strength and power.
  4. Haven: This sweet name means “safe place” and is perfect for any pup who brings comfort and solace to their family.
  5. Hero: This one speaks for itself! A heroic name that can’t be beaten, it’s perfect for a pup who loves to save the day.
  6. Heavan: A variation on Heaven, this beautiful name is great for any pup who brings joy to their family’s life.
  7. Lexus: A luxury vehicle division of Toyota, this is an excellent fit for an adventurous pup who loves to explore in style!
  8. Lobo: This Spanish word means “wolf” and is perfect for any pup with an untamable spirit.
  9. Luana: This Hawaiian name means “enjoyment” and is ideal for a pup whose joy is infectious!
  10. Scooby: The lovable pup from the classic cartoon series Scooby-Doo, this fun name will bring back nostalgia whenever you call your pup!
  11. Shrek: Perfectly fitting for any dog with an attitude, this spunky moniker was inspired by the beloved ogre in the movie of the same name.
  12. Yogi: The mischievous bear from Hanna-Barbera’s Yogi Bear cartoon series, this cool name will make your pup stand out from the pack!
  13. Hank: With so many famous Hanks – Hank Aaron (baseball star), Hank Pym (Marvel Comic superhero) – this classic name is perfect for a pup who will surely be a star!

Badass Girl Dog Names

  1. Isadora – This name is derived from the Greek meaning “gift of Isis.”
  2. Billie – This name is a tribute to the iconic singer Billie Holiday.
  3. Pandora – This name comes from the Greek mythological figure who opened a box and unleashed evil into the world.
  4. Delilah – This name is derived from Hebrew, meaning “delicate, weak, and languishing.”
  5. Hermione – The Harry Potter character is a great namesake for a brave pup!
  6. Raven – This dark-hued bird lends its name to this strong female dog.
  7. Rowan – A name of Irish origin meaning “little red-haired one” that denotes strength and independence.
  8. Slash – Perfect for the pup that loves to run and explore!
  9. Reaper – A great choice for the pup that never seems to tire out!
  10. Roxie – Short for Roxanne, this name is derived from the Persian word for dawn or bright star and denotes strength and courage.
  11. Sloane – This name comes from Gaelic origin, meaning “raider” or “warrior,” making it perfect for a strong female pup!
  12. Rebel – A great choice for a pup that loves adventure and bucking tradition!
  13. Ryder – An excellent pick for an active dog that loves running around outdoors!
  14. Adena – Meaning “fire,” this is perfect for a pup with a fiery personality!
  15. Aella – This was an Amazon warrior who carried two axes in Greek lore, making it an excellent pick for an independent pup with strength and courage!
  16. Xena – Named after the fierce warrior princess from the television show Xena: Warrior Princess.
  17. Valkyrie – A powerful and mythical female figure from Norse mythology who chooses who lives and dies in battle.
  18. Nyx – The Greek goddess of night, a strong and mysterious name for a female pup.
  19. Zephyr – A name inspired by the Greek god of the west wind, a great choice for a dog who loves to run.
  20. Freya – The Norse goddess of love, fertility, and war, a strong and beautiful name for a female pup.
  21. Onyx – A strong and dark name inspired by a black gemstone, perfect for a pup with a bold personality.
  22. Elektra – Named after the Marvel Comics superhero, this name is perfect for a strong and powerful female dog.
  23. Hera – The queen of the Greek gods and goddesses, a strong and regal name for a female pup.
  24. Artemis – The Greek goddess of hunting, a great name for a pup with a wild and adventurous spirit.
  25. Kali – The Hindu goddess of destruction, a bold and powerful name for a fierce female pup.
  26. Nala – The name of Simba’s love interest in The Lion King, a strong and independent name for a female pup.
  27. Phoenix – A mythical bird that rises from the ashes, a great name for a dog that overcomes obstacles with resilience.
  28. Tempest – A strong and stormy name for a female pup with a powerful presence.
  29. Athena – The Greek goddess of wisdom and war, a perfect name for a smart and strong female dog.
  30. Sable – A dark and sleek name for a female pup with a bold and mysterious personality.
  31. Rogue – Named after the Marvel Comics superhero, this name is perfect for a strong, independent female dog.
  32. Luna – The Latin name for the moon, a perfect name for a female dog with a calm and serene personality.
  33. Mystique – Named after the Marvel Comics superhero, this name is perfect for a female pup with a mysterious and unique personality.
  34. Isis – An Egyptian goddess, a powerful and regal name for a female dog.
  35. Hera – The queen of the Olympian gods and goddesses, a strong and regal name for a female pup.
  36. Astra
  37. Athena
  38. Akira
  39. Angel
  40. Angelina
  41. Arya
  42. Aspen
  43. Aura
  44. Autumn
  45. Ava
  46. Azula
  47. Bailey
  48. Bella
  49. Berlin
  50. Betsy
  51. Blade
  52. Blair
  53. Blake
  54. Blaze
  55. Blue
  56. Bonnie
  57. Brooke
  58. Bullet
  59. Cali
  60. Callie
  61. Cameron
  62. Camila
  63. Caprice
  64. Cara
  65. Carmen
  66. Casey
  67. Cassidy
  68. Catalina
  69. Celia
  70. Charlie
  71. Charlotte
  72. Chase
  73. Cheyenne
  74. Cleo
  75. Coco
  76. Comet
  77. Cora
  78. Coral
  79. Dakota
  80. Dallas
  81. Danika
  82. Darcy
  83. Dakota
  84. Delilah
  85. Demi
  86. Delta
  87. Diamond
  88. Dior
  89. Diva
  90. Dixie
  91. Domino
  92. Duchess
  93. Eclipse
  94. Eden
  95. Electra
  96. Elle
  97. Ember
  98. Emerald
  99. Empress
  100. Eva
  101. Eve
  102. Faith
  103. Fallon
  104. Fara
  105. Farrah
  106. Fawn
  107. Felina
  108. Fierce
  109. Fire
  110. Flame
  111. Flare
  112. Foxy
  113. Freya
  114. Fury
  115. Gaia
  116. Gemma
  117. Gia
  118. Ginger
  119. Giselle
  120. Greta
  121. Gypsy
  122. Halo
  123. Harley
  124. Harper
  125. Harriet
  126. Havana
  127. Haven
  128. Hawk
  129. Hazel
  130. Hera
  131. Hero
  132. Holly
  133. Honey
  134. Huntress
  135. Indigo
  136. Indie
  137. Ingrid
  138. Isis
  139. Ivory
  140. Ivy
  141. Jade
  142. Jaguar
  143. Jamie
  144. Jazz
  145. Jersey
  146. Jet
  147. Jewel
  148. Jinx
  149. Jolene
  150. Jordan
  151. Josie
  152. Journey
  153. Joy
  154. Juniper
  155. Justice
  156. Kaida
  157. Kaiya
  158. Kali
  159. Kandy
  160. Karma
  161. Katarina
  162. Katniss
  163. Kayla
  164. Keira
  165. Kenzie
  166. Kiki
  167. Kimber
  168. Kira
  169. Kiwi
  170. Koda
  171. Kona
  172. Kyra
  173. Lady
  174. Laila
  175. Lana
  176. Lara
  177. Laska
  178. Layla
  179. Legacy
  180. Legend
  181. Leia
  182. Leopard
  183. Lexi
  184. Liberty
  185. Lightning
  186. Lilith
  187. Lily
  188. Lizzie
  189. Lola
  190. London
  191. Lotus
  192. Luna
  193. Lyra
  194. Maeve
  195. Maggie
  196. Malibu
  197. Malika
  198. Mamba
  199. Mandy
  200. Mara
  201. Marley
  202. Maverick
  203. Maxine
  204. Medusa
  205. Mercy
  206. Mika
  207. Mila
  208. Mimi
  209. Minerva
  210. Mirage
  211. Missy
  212. Misty
  213. Montana
  214. Moon
  215. Mystic
  216. Nadia
  217. Nala
  218. Nia
  219. Nikita
  220. Niki
  221. Nila
  222. Nima
  223. Nina
  224. Nova
  225. Nyx
  226. Odyssey
  227. Onyx
  228. Opal
  229. Orchid
  230. Oreo
  231. Ozzy
  232. Pandora
  233. Panther
  234. Paris
  235. Phoenix
  236. Pixie
  237. Porsche
  238. Princess
  239. Psyche
  240. Pyra
  241. Queenie
  242. Quinn
  243. Raven
  244. Rebel
  245. Reina
  246. Remi
  247. Remy
  248. Renegade
  249. Rhapsody
  250. Rhonda
  251. Rikki
  252. Rio
  253. Rogue
  254. Roxy
  255. Ruby
  256. Rumi
  257. Rush
  258. Ryder
  259. Sahara
  260. Salem
  261. Sable
  262. Sabre
  263. Saffron
  264. Sage
  265. Sahara
  266. Saki
  267. Salma
  268. Samba
  269. Samira
  270. Sari
  271. Sasha
  272. Sassy
  273. Savannah
  274. Scarlet
  275. Scout
  276. Sedona
  277. Selena
  278. Shadow
  279. Shakira
  280. Shana
  281. Shasta
  282. Sheba
  283. Shelby
  284. Shiloh
  285. Sierra
  286. Silver
  287. Sky
  288. Skye
  289. Sloane
  290. Smokey
  291. Snickers
  292. Sola
  293. Solstice
  294. Sonya
  295. Spark
  296. Sparkle
  297. Spirit
  298. Star
  299. Stella
  300. Stormy
  301. Sugar
  302. Summer
  303. Sunny
  304. Sunrise
  305. Sunset
  306. Suri
  307. Sydney
  308. Symphony
  309. Tabby
  310. Taffy
  311. Tahoe
  312. Talia
  313. Tamara
  314. Tami
  315. Tango
  316. Tania
  317. Tanya
  318. Tara
  319. Tasha
  320. Tatiana
  321. Taz
  322. Tempest
  323. Tenley
  324. Tesla
  325. Thalia
  326. Thea
  327. Tigress
  328. Tilly
  329. Titaness
  330. Topaz
  331. Tori
  332. Trinity
  333. Trixie
  334. Tulip
  335. Turbo
  336. Twilight
  337. Tyra
  338. Uma
  339. Ursa
  340. Valentine
  341. Valkyrie
  342. Vega
  343. Velvet
  344. Venus
  345. Vesper
  346. Vicky
  347. Vida
  348. Vienna
  349. Vixen
  350. Waverly
  351. Wednesday
  352. Whiskey
  353. Whisper
  354. Wilda
  355. Wildfire
  356. Willow
  357. Winona
  358. Winter
  359. Xena
  360. Xiomara
  361. Yara
  362. Yasmin
  363. Yasmine
  364. Yoko
  365. Yvette
  366. Zara
  367. Zelda
  368. Zen
  369. Zenith
  370. Zephyra
  371. Zeta
  372. Zilla
  373. Zina
  374. Zinnia
  375. Zion
  376. Ziva
  377. Zoe
  378. Zoey
  379. Zola
  380. Zora
  381. Zuri
  382. Zyra

Male Badass Dog Names

Here are some great badass boy dog names perfect for any tough dog:

  1. Digger – This strong-sounding name is perfect for a pup full of energy and enthusiasm.
  2. Ditka – A tribute to the legendary NFL coach and player Mike Ditka, this name is sure to make your pup stand out from the pack.
  3. Doc – This classic name can be used for any pup, but it especially fits a pup with an inquisitive nature.
  4. Felon – Not for the faint of heart, this name is perfect for a pup that’s always getting into trouble!
  5. Brute – If you’ve got an imposing pup on your hands, Brute is an ideal choice!
  6. Chaos – Perfect for a mischievous pup that loves to cause chaos wherever they go.
  7. East – A great twist on the classic Easton, this name conveys strength and power.
  8. Barbarian – This powerful-sounding name will make any pup feel like a true warrior!
  9. Rebel – Ideal for a pup with an independent streak who likes to challenge authority!
  10. Maverick – An homage to Tom Cruise’s classic character in Top Gun, this name will make your pup feel like the hero of their own story!
  11. Thor – Inspired by the Norse god of thunder, this name is perfect for a powerful, fearless pup.
  12. Rambo – Named after the iconic action hero, this moniker is perfect for a tough and fearless dog.
  13. Nitro – This explosive name is ideal for a high-energy pup who always seems to be revved up and ready to go.
  14. Diesel – A great choice for a dog that’s strong and tough, just like the fuel.
  15. Tank – This name is perfect for a large, muscular dog who exudes strength and power.
  16. Odin – Named after the ruler of the Norse gods, this name is perfect for a wise and powerful dog.
  17. Blade – This name is ideal for a fierce and powerful dog, like a sharp blade.
  18. Colt – A great choice for a young and energetic pup, this name conveys strength and spirit.
  19. Bandit – Perfect for a mischievous pup that likes to steal hearts and get into trouble.
  20. Jax – A short and powerful name that is perfect for a loyal and strong pup.
  21. Hunter – Ideal for a dog with a keen sense of smell and a strong hunting instinct.
  22. Bruiser – This name is perfect for a dog that’s tough and intimidating.
  23. Goliath – Inspired by the biblical giant, this name is perfect for a dog larger than life.
  24. Rocco – This name is perfect for a tough and resilient dog with a heart of gold.
  25. Rebel – Ideal for a pup with an independent streak who likes to challenge authority!
  26. Ace – A name that denotes power and success, perfect for a pup that always comes out on top.
  27. Caesar – Named after the legendary Roman emperor, this name is perfect for a pup with a commanding presence.
  28. Zeus – Named after the king of the gods in Greek mythology, this name is ideal for a pup with an undeniable sense of power.
  29. Ghost – This name is perfect for a pup that’s strong, protective, and fiercely loyal.
  30. Ace
  31. Apollo
  32. Archer
  33. Argus
  34. Axl
  35. Bandit
  36. Baron
  37. Baxter
  38. Blade
  39. Blaze
  40. Bolt
  41. Boss
  42. Bruce – Bruce Wayne/Batman (DC Comics)
  43. Bruiser
  44. Brutus
  45. Bullet
  46. Butch
  47. Caesar
  48. Cash
  49. Champ
  50. Chase
  51. Chief
  52. Cisco
  53. Clyde
  54. Colt
  55. Conan
  56. Cooper
  57. Crusher
  58. Dagger
  59. Dante
  60. Diesel
  61. Duke
  62. Eagle
  63. Easton
  64. Eclipse
  65. Edge
  66. Enzo
  67. Falcon
  68. Fang
  69. Finn
  70. Flash
  71. Gator
  72. Ghost
  73. Goliath
  74. Grizzly
  75. Gunner
  76. Harley
  77. Havoc
  78. Hawk
  79. Haze
  80. Hercules
  81. Hooch
  82. Hunter
  83. Hydra
  84. Ice
  85. Indy
  86. Iron
  87. Jagger
  88. Jax
  89. Jet
  90. Jinx
  91. Joker
  92. Justice
  93. Kato
  94. Kodiak
  95. Kong
  96. Kratos
  97. Krypto
  98. Lance
  99. Leo
  100. Lex
  101. Loki
  102. Luca
  103. Lucky
  104. Magnum
  105. Maverick
  106. Max
  107. Memphis
  108. Mercury
  109. Midnight
  110. Moose
  111. Nero
  112. Nitro
  113. Odin
  114. Onyx
  115. Ozzy
  116. Phoenix
  117. Pilot
  118. Pirate
  119. Pistol
  120. Pluto
  121. Power
  122. Prince
  123. Psycho
  124. Puma
  125. Racer
  126. Ranger
  127. Rebel
  128. Remington
  129. Remy
  130. Rex
  131. Riddick
  132. Rider
  133. Ripley
  134. Rocco
  135. Rocky
  136. Rogue
  137. Rolo
  138. Roman
  139. Romeo
  140. Ruckus
  141. Rusty
  142. Sable
  143. Sabre
  144. Saint
  145. Samson
  146. Savage
  147. Scorpio
  148. Shadow
  149. Shamus
  150. Shark
  151. Shep
  152. Shooter
  153. Simba
  154. Sinatra
  155. Sirius
  156. Slash
  157. Smokey
  158. Sniper
  159. Solo
  160. Spartan
  161. Spike
  162. Spirit
  163. Stallion
  164. Steel
  165. Sterling
  166. Stone
  167. Storm
  168. Striker
  169. Stryker
  170. Sultan
  171. Summit
  172. Sundance
  173. Tango
  174. Tank
  175. Taz
  176. Tempest
  177. Thor
  178. Thunder
  179. Titan
  180. Tornado
  181. Trigger
  182. Trooper
  183. Turbo
  184. Tycoon
  185. Typhoon
  186. Tyson
  187. Ulysses
  188. Vadar
  189. Vengeance
  190. Viking
  191. Viper
  192. Vulcan
  193. Warrior
  194. Wildfire
  195. Wolf
  196. Wolverine
  197. Xander
  198. Yukon
  199. Zeus
  200. Zephyr

Unique Badass Dog Names

  1. Blaze – Blaze inspires feelings of power and passion. It’s perfect for a dog with an adventurous spirit.
  2. Thor – Named after the Norse god of thunder, Thor is the perfect name for a strong, loyal pup.
  3. Bandit – Bandit is a great choice if you’re looking for a name that evokes an air of mischief and independence.
  4. Ace – Ace is a great pick if you want your pup to be a leader of the pack.
  5. Maverick – Maverick is an excellent choice if you want your pup to stand out from the crowd and be their own person.
  6. Zeus – Named after the Greek king of gods, Zeus is perfect for any pup with regal tendencies.
  7. Duke – Duke is a classic name that fits any dog with an air of nobility.
  8. Rebel – Perfect for any pup that loves to challenge the status quo and march to the beat of its own drum!
  9. Chief – Chief is an ideal choice to give your pup an imposing and powerful name.
  10. Shadow – Shadow has a mysterious air about it and will make your pup stand out from the pack!

Cute Badass Dog Names

  1. Widget – This cute name is perfect for a small and lovable pup.
  2. Gizmo – This name is equally as adorable as Widget and comes with an awesome meaning: “a gadget or device.”
  3. Pixel – Perfect for the tech-savvy pup, this name has a fun and modern feel.
  4. Snickerdoodle – A sweet name that conveys your pup’s ultimate adorableness.
  5. Chewbacca – For the pup that loves to make noise, this is an ideal choice to make everyone smile.
  6. Tinkerbell – A magical name for the pup who never stops exploring and dreaming.
  7. Butterscotch – A sweet, sugary name that is reminiscent of the yummy treat!
  8. Cupcake – Another sweet treat-inspired name, this one will bring a smile to everyone’s face when they hear it!
  9. Honeybun – An ooey-gooey name that will make your pup feel extra loved and special.
  10. Marshmallow – This is an appropriate choice for the pup with a soft and fluffy coat!
  11. Peanut Butter – This name screams cuteness overload!
  12. Puddin’ Pop – A fun twist on the classic dessert, which also describes your pup perfectly!
  13. Sprinkles – An appropriate choice for your multi-colored pup!
  14. Gummy Bear – Perfect for the tiny, cuddly pup who loves to snuggle up next to you at night!
  15. Jellybean – Another candy-inspired name that perfectly describes your pup’s size and coloration!
  16. Sugarplum – An ideal choice for your pup, especially during the holidays!

Funny Badass Dog Names

  1. Bubbles – A unique name that’s sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.
  2. Hot Dog – Perfect for a pup with a fiery personality.
  3. Chunky Monkey – An excellent name for an extra fluffy pup.
  4. Cheeky – An ideal name for a mischievous pup who loves to get into trouble.
  5. Biscuit – A classic puppy name that never goes out of style.
  6. Doodles – An excellent name for a pup with a silly side.
  7. Noodle – Perfect for a cute and cuddly pup.
  8. Goofy – An ideal name for the most playful pup in the litter.
  9. Whimsy – The perfect name for a pup with an offbeat personality.
  10. Booger – This funny moniker is perfect for the pup who loves to get into mischief!
  11. Waffles – Perfect for the pup who loves breakfast food!
  12. Bacon – For the pup whose appetite can’t be quenched!
  13. Scrappy – A great fit for the feistiest pup in the litter!
  14. Pickles – A fun and unique take on a classic puppy moniker!
  15. Peaches – A great choice for the sweetest pup in the litter!
  16. Sprinkles – Ideal for the most colorful dog in the pack!
  17. Spud – For that tubby, lovable pooch!
  18. Foghorn – The perfect fit for your loud and boisterous buddy!
  19. Fidget– For that wiggly and restless little guy or gal!

Mythology-Inspired Badass Dog Names

Mythology can be a great source of inspiration for badass dog names. 

From gods and goddesses to heroes and villains, there are plenty of mythological characters to choose from. 

Here are some mythology-inspired names for your pup:

  1. Achilles – the heroic Greek warrior from Homer’s Iliad.
  2. Agamemnon – the leader of the Greeks during the Trojan War.
  3. Apollo – the Greek god of the sun and music.
  4. Ares – the Greek god of war.
  5. Athena – the Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, and justice.
  6. Atlas – the Titan forced by Zeus to hold up the sky.
  7. Bellerophon – the hero from Greek mythology who rode Pegasus.
  8. Cassiopeia
  9. Daedalus – a skilled craftsman in Greek mythology who created the Labyrinth for King Minos.
  10. Demeter – a goddess in Greek mythology who was responsible for agriculture and fertility.
  11. Dionysus – the Greek god of wine, theatre, and celebration.
  12. Eos – the dawn goddess in Greek mythology who brings light to humans each morning.
  13. Eris
  14. Europa – a princess in Greek mythology taken away by Zeus in bull form.
  15. Gaia – the personification of Earth in ancient Greek mythology.
  16. Hades – the god of death, ruler of Hades in ancient Greece.
  17. Helios – the sun god in ancient Greece, son of Hyperion and Theia.
  18. Hecate – the goddess of crossroads and witchcraft in Greek mythology.

Helpful Tips for Naming Your Badass Dog

1. Think About Your Dog’s Unique Look – Consider your badass pup’s physical features when naming it. Is your dog big or small? Do they have a dark coat or light fur? These physical characteristics can help you come up with the perfect name.

2. Consider Your Dog’s Breed and Personality – Does your pup have a spunky, vibrant personality? Or perhaps they’re more of a laid-back type? Consider your dog’s unique personality traits and how they could be reflected in their name.

3. Choose a Name with Meaning – Whether it’s a variation of the word “strong” in another language or a moniker that describes an essential element of strength, choose a badass dog name with some meaning behind it.

4. Make Sure It’s Easy to Say – Vowels can change the tone when you call for your pup, so make sure the name you choose is easy for you and your pup to pronounce.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative – You don’t have to stick to traditional names for your badass pup! Get creative and find one-of-a-kind names that will reflect your pup’s personality and look.


Choosing the perfect name for your pup can be difficult and time-consuming. There are plenty of badass dog names, whether you’re looking for something tough, cool, cute, or funny. 

From military and mythological names to pop culture and nature-inspired ones, you will surely find something that suits your pup perfectly.

When naming your pup, it’s important to consider its personality and breed. If you have a giant breed like a Labrador Retriever, names like Fear or Magic might be more fitting than Cuddles or Smiley. On the other hand, if you have a smaller breed like a Chihuahua, names like Bo or Betty might be more suitable.

No matter what type of name you choose for your pup, make sure it fits their character and makes them feel special. 

After all, the name you choose will be with them forever!

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