249+ Dog Names That Start With B [Best List] – Choose Now!

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We know how exciting it is to bring a new pup into the family and name them. If you’re looking for dog names that start with “B,” we have got you covered. We will provide you with a list of some great names to help you find the perfect one for your furry friend.

In this article, you will come across several names that are perfect for both male and female dogs. Get ready to choose from the list of names we have compiled specially for you! Our goal is to make it easier for you to find the perfect name for your beloved new pup.

From bold and beautiful options to unique and fun names, our lists are designed with care to cater to pet owners with different tastes.

So, let’s dive into exploring some fabulous dog names starting with the letter ‘B’ and get your pup the special name they deserve!

Best Dog Names That Start With B

Are you looking for the perfect dog name that starts with the letter B?

You’re in luck because we’ve gathered 50 of our favorite names to help you find the one that’s perfect for your furry friend.

  1. Bella
  2. Bailey
  3. Bandit
  4. Beau
  5. Bear
  6. Bea
  7. Bo
  8. Belle
  9. Bluebell
  10. Blake
  11. Billie
  12. Bernadette
  13. Buddy
  14. Bronx
  15. Brooklyn
  16. Bree
  17. Blaze
  18. Blossom
  19. Baxter
  20. Brantley
  21. Barney
  22. Bonnie
  23. Boomer
  24. Boots
  25. Brody
  26. Bubbles
  27. Bruno
  28. Bronte
  29. Bryce
  30. Blanche
  31. Bambi
  32. Basil
  33. Banjo
  34. Buttons
  35. Bingo
  36. Brandy
  37. Bijou
  38. Birch
  39. Blair
  40. Boo
  41. Bowie
  42. Butters
  43. Bean
  44. Brynn
  45. Brinkley
  46. Bugsy
  47. Bolt
  48. Brunhilda
  49. Barrett
  50. Braxton

Ready to start exploring more dog names?

Check out the rest of our 10-part article for even more fantastic dog names.

Popular B Dog Names

Are you looking for the perfect dog name that starts with B? Look no further, as we’ve collected a list of the most popular B dog names to inspire you!

These names are not only unique but also easy to pronounce and remember.

Let’s dive into these amazing names:

  1. Bella
  2. Bailey
  3. Beau
  4. Buddy
  5. Baxter
  6. Bandit
  7. Bear
  8. Bonnie
  9. Benny
  10. Bruno
  11. Blaze
  12. Binky
  13. Barney
  14. Betty
  15. Blossom
  16. Bluebell
  17. Blitz
  18. Bree
  19. Buttercup
  20. Biscuit

We hope you found the perfect name for your furry friend among these popular B dog names. Remember, the most important thing is to choose a name that feels right for both you and your pup!

Cute Dog Names That Start With B

We’ve compiled a list of 51 cute dog names that start with the letter ‘B’ for your new puppy!

  1. Bailey
  2. Bambi
  3. Bandit
  4. Banjo
  5. Barkley
  6. Barney
  7. Baron
  8. Basil
  9. Baxter
  10. Bear
  11. Beau
  12. Bebe
  13. Bella
  14. Belle
  15. Benji
  16. Benny
  17. Bentley
  18. Berry
  19. Beulah
  20. Bibi
  21. Bijou
  22. Binky
  23. Bitsy
  24. Blizzy
  25. Blue
  26. Bo
  27. Bobby
  28. Bonbon
  29. Bonnie
  30. Boo
  31. Boots
  32. Bowser
  33. Brady
  34. Brandi
  35. Brandy
  36. Bravo
  37. Bree
  38. Breeze
  39. Brewster
  40. Briar
  41. Brinkley
  42. Brio
  43. Brittany
  44. Brodie
  45. Brody
  46. Bubbles
  47. Buddy
  48. Buffy
  49. Butter
  50. Buttercup
  51. Buttons

From quirky names like Bubbles to classic ones like Buddy, this list has a variety of options to suit every dog’s personality.

Unique Dog Names Beginning With B

As dog lovers, we’re always excited to discover new and creative names for our furry friends. In this section, we’re focusing on unique dog names that start with ‘B.’

So, without further ado, here are 49 distinctive ‘B’ names for your new dog:

  1. Babbling
  2. Baelfire
  3. Baguette
  4. Bailiwick
  5. Balius
  6. Ballad
  7. Balthazar
  8. Bamboozle
  9. Bandicoot
  10. Barberry
  11. Barista
  12. Barnaby
  13. Barquentine
  14. Bartleby
  15. Bashful
  16. Basilisk
  17. Basmati
  18. Batik
  19. Beacon
  20. Beelzebub
  21. Begonia
  22. Belvedere
  23. Bennington
  24. Berceuse
  25. Beringer
  26. Bermball
  27. Bernini
  28. Bezique
  29. Biscotti
  30. Bivouac
  31. Blarney
  32. Bliss
  33. Bloomsbury
  34. Blues
  35. Boadicea
  36. Bobblehead
  37. Bocce
  38. Bodhi
  39. Bolero
  40. Bonanza
  41. Boondoggle
  42. Bootlegger
  43. Borgia
  44. Borogrove
  45. Botticelli
  46. Boudicca
  47. Bouillabaisse
  48. Bounty
  49. Bramble

Which ones are your favorite?

We hope you find these unique “B” dog names inspiring for your new pup, and remember, there are plenty more sections with creative names waiting for you to explore!

Gender-Specific B Dog Names

We know how exciting it is to pick the perfect name for your furry friend. Let’s dive into some awesome gender-specific dog names that start with the letter ‘B.’

Male Dog Names That Start With The Letter B

Here’s a list of 50 brilliant boy dog names that start with ‘B’:

  1. Baxter
  2. Beau
  3. Beethoven
  4. Benny
  5. Bentley
  6. Blaze
  7. Blue
  8. Bo
  9. Bodie
  10. Bolt
  11. Boomer
  12. Brady
  13. Branson
  14. Brian
  15. Brody
  16. Bruce
  17. Bruno
  18. Bryce
  19. Bubba
  20. Buck
  21. Buddy
  22. Buford
  23. Buster
  24. Butters
  25. Buttons
  26. Byron
  27. Biscuit
  28. Bandit
  29. Barney
  30. Baron
  31. Basil
  32. Batman
  33. Blitz
  34. Bob
  35. Bobby
  36. Bongo
  37. Bowie
  38. Bradley
  39. Brinkley
  40. Brock
  41. Brooks
  42. Brownie
  43. Brunswick
  44. Bryson
  45. Buckley
  46. Buffalo
  47. Bugsy
  48. Burton
  49. Butch
  50. Byron

B Female Dog Names

Now, let’s explore some lovely girl dog names that start with ‘B’! Here are 30 names for your female dog:

  1. Bailey
  2. Barbie
  3. Bea
  4. Bebe
  5. Bella
  6. Belinda
  7. Belle
  8. Betty
  9. Beulah
  10. Bianca
  11. Bijou
  12. Billie
  13. Bindi
  14. Bitsy
  15. Blair
  16. Blanche
  17. Blossom
  18. Bonnie
  19. Brandy
  20. Bree
  21. Breezy
  22. Brigid
  23. Brittany
  24. Brook
  25. Buffy
  26. Bunny
  27. Buttercup
  28. Boots
  29. Butterscotch
  30. Button

B Dog Names Inspired by Movies and TV Shows

Ready to find the perfect name for your canine companion? Look no further!

We’ve compiled a list of 47 popular B dog names inspired by movies and TV shows. Check out these memorable characters for inspiration:

  1. Buddy (Air Bud)
  2. Belle (Beauty and the Beast)
  3. Baloo (The Jungle Book)
  4. Bolt (Bolt)
  5. Baxter (Anchorman)
  6. Bruiser (Legally Blonde)
  7. Bambi (Bambi)
  8. Blue (Blue’s Clues)
  9. Bandit (Johnny Quest)
  10. Batman (Batman)
  11. Boo (Monsters, Inc.)
  12. Bambi (Bambi)
  13. Bing Bong (Inside Out)
  14. Bob (Scooby Doo)
  15. Barb (Stranger Things)
  16. Barney (How I Met Your Mother)
  17. Bella (A Dog’s Way Home)
  18. Benson (Regular Show)
  19. Beethoven (Beethoven)
  20. Benji (Benji)
  21. Bertram (Bertie) (The Simpsons)
  22. Blake (Sanctuary)
  23. Blitz (Road Rovers)
  24. Boomer (Independence Day)
  25. Brain (Inspector Gadget)
  26. Bree (Desperate Housewives)
  27. Bridget (Sex and the City)
  28. Brinkley (You’ve Got Mail)
  29. Brock (Pokémon)
  30. Bronn (Game of Thrones)
  31. Brooklyn (Gargoyles)
  32. Bruce (Jaws)
  33. Brunhilde (Kill Bill)
  34. Bubbles (The Powerpuff Girls)
  35. Buddy (Buddy)
  36. Buddy Christ (Dogma)
  37. Bugs (The Matrix)
  38. Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes)
  39. Bullseye (Toy Story)
  40. Bushido (G.I. Joe)
  41. Buttercup (The Powerpuff Girls)
  42. Butters (South Park)
  43. Byakuya (Bleach)
  44. Byron (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  45. Byron Sully (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman)
  46. Bram (The Vampire Diaries)
  47. Busby (The Busby Babes)

B Dog Names Based on Personality and Appearance

Are you having trouble finding the perfect B name?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Here are some wonderful dog names that start with B, based on your furry friend’s personality and appearance.

B Names for Playful Dogs:

  1. Bolt
  2. Boomer
  3. Bounce
  4. Boogie
  5. Blithe

B Names for Calm and Sweet Dogs:

  1. Blossom
  2. Buttercup
  3. Bliss
  4. Belle
  5. Bambi

B Names for Large and Majestic Dogs:

  1. Baron
  2. Bear
  3. Brutus
  4. Beowulf
  5. Boaz

B Names for Small and Cute Dogs:

  1. Button
  2. Bubble
  3. Bitsy
  4. Bean
  5. Blossom

Tips for Choosing the Perfect B Dog Name

Are you looking for the perfect dog name that starts with B? Well, you’re in luck! We have some tips to help you choose a name that’s just right for your furry friend.

First and foremost, consider your dog’s personality, breed, and physical traits. Names that sound good and match your pet’s unique characteristics are often the best choices.

Next, think about any favorite hobbies, interests, or favorite places. These can be great sources of inspiration for a memorable B dog name.

Lastly, consider testing out the names you like. Say them out loud, and make sure they’re easy to pronounce and that they flow well.

Here are some fantastic B dog names you might find fitting for your new pooch:

  1. Bailey
  2. Bella
  3. Beatrice
  4. Braelynn

Now, let’s explore some more names you can consider for your canine companion:

  1. Baxter
  2. Boop
  3. Birdie
  4. Bobo

We hope these tips and lists help you find the perfect B dog name for your beloved furbaby. Good luck and happy naming!


We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring our carefully curated collection of unique dog names that begin with the letter ‘B.’

With plenty of options to choose from, we’re confident that you’ll find the perfect name for your furry friend!

As you finalize your decision, remember to take your time and consider what name best suits your pup’s personality and appearance.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and mix and match, or even come up with your own ‘B’ names.

Will your best friend be a Bella or a Braydon?

Whichever name you choose, we know your beloved companion will wear it proudly.

Thanks for joining us on this exciting journey – Happy naming, and enjoy your time with your new pup!

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