249+ Dog Names That Start With H (Best And Exciting Choices)

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We are so excited to help you find the perfect dog name that starts with “H”!

From popular choices to unique picks, we’ve got you covered with our extensive lists of names.

Let us guide you through this fun process of selecting the best name for your beloved four-legged friend.

Best Dog Names That Start With H

Are you searching for the perfect dog name that starts with H? Look no further!

We have compiled a list of amazing options just for you.

Here are our top 48 choices for cool and unique H dog names:

  1. Harley
  2. Hazel
  3. Hamilton
  4. Heidi
  5. Hunter
  6. Harper
  7. Holly
  8. Hugo
  9. Hercules
  10. Hank
  11. Heath
  12. Hope
  13. Harrison
  14. Henley
  15. Huxley
  16. Hyde
  17. Hero
  18. Halle
  19. Helix
  20. Harmony
  21. Hawthorn
  22. Heisman
  23. Hudson
  24. Hobbes
  25. Hopper
  26. Hadley
  27. Hailey
  28. Hepburn
  29. Hermes
  30. Hux
  31. Hydrangea
  32. Hamlet
  33. Honcho
  34. Harley Quinn
  35. Horatio
  36. Hansel
  37. Herbie
  38. Hiro
  39. Hermione
  40. Haruhiko
  41. Horizon
  42. Hummingbird
  43. Hip-Hop
  44. Haystack
  45. Hollywood
  46. Hathor
  47. Hayward
  48. Hiawatha

Take a moment to appreciate the unique variety of names!

Remember, selecting the best name for your dog should be a fun and enjoyable experience!

Top H Names for Male Dogs

We know choosing the perfect name for your boy dog can be quite the challenge, which is why we’ve compiled a list of charming H names to get you started!

Have a look at our selection of names:

  1. Hunter
  2. Hudson
  3. Harley
  4. Hammer
  5. Hero
  6. Hank
  7. Hercules
  8. Halo
  9. Happy
  10. Hades
  11. Harvey
  12. Hobbit
  13. Homer
  14. Hawk
  15. Hobbes
  16. Horace
  17. Howl
  18. Heath
  19. Hugo
  20. Hopkins
  21. Hawkeye
  22. Houdini
  23. Harold
  24. Hardy
  25. Harry
  26. Hudson
  27. Helsinki
  28. Hodge
  29. Hoover
  30. Hennessy
  31. Horatio
  32. Huxley
  33. Highlander
  34. Hyde
  35. Hydra
  36. Hamilton
  37. Humboldt
  38. Horton
  39. Herschel
  40. Honeycomb
  41. Hubert
  42. Herbert
  43. Holmes
  44. Hal
  45. Huckleberry
  46. Hux
  47. Henrik
  48. Hoppity
  49. Hayes
  50. Hamlet
  51. Hatch

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, and it’s entirely up to you to choose the name that you feel best fits your pup’s personality and your preferences. Which H name will you proudly call your boy dog?

Top H Names for Female Dogs

We know how exciting it is to choose a perfect name for your girl dog!

So, we have compiled a list of 51 top H names for female dogs to help you find the perfect one for your furry friend.

Let’s dive into our list:

  1. Hachi
  2. Haddi
  3. Hades
  4. Hadia
  5. Hadley
  6. Haggis
  7. Hailey
  8. Hairy
  9. Half Pint
  10. Habanero
  11. Haddie
  12. Haiku
  13. Half Moon
  14. Halley
  15. Halia
  16. Halo
  17. Halston
  18. Hani
  19. Hanna
  20. Hannah
  21. Happy
  22. Hara
  23. Harbor
  24. Harley
  25. Harmony
  26. Harlequin
  27. Harp
  28. Harper
  29. Harriet
  30. Hazel
  31. Hamster
  32. Holly
  33. Hobby
  34. Heron
  35. Heather
  36. Hoopoe
  37. Hawk
  38. Hedge
  39. Sedge
  40. Hebe
  41. Hyacinth
  42. Helga
  43. Hermione
  44. Hestia
  45. Hilda
  46. Hildegard
  47. Honey
  48. Hope
  49. Horizon
  50. Hortense
  51. Hydra

Which of these H names will be the perfect fit for your girl dog?

Remember, the name you choose will stay with her for a lifetime, so take the time to find one that highlights her unique personality and charms.

Unique Dog Names That Start With H

We’ve compiled a list of unique dog names that start with H just for you and your furry friend! From cool, nature-inspired names to heartwarming and lovely names – we’ve got them all covered in this delightful section.

Below you will find a mix of amazing names for dogs of various sizes, breeds, and personalities – all starting with the letter H. Let’s dive in and discover some dazzling dog names!

Here are 28 exceptional names for your male buddy:

  1. Hammer
  2. Havoc
  3. Hector
  4. Helix
  5. Horizon
  6. Hyper
  7. Harbor
  8. Hawkeye
  9. Helios
  10. Hickory
  11. Hush
  12. Hazelnut
  13. Harvest
  14. Hummingbird
  15. Havarti
  16. Hemingway
  17. Hercules
  18. Hiker
  19. Harlequin
  20. Howl
  21. Hyde
  22. Hook
  23. Houdini
  24. Harpoon
  25. Hopeful
  26. Hunter
  27. Hydrangea
  28. Hawkmoth

We couldn’t forget about the ladies! Check out these 29 unique names for your female pup:

  1. Habibi
  2. Halo
  3. Harmony
  4. Havana
  5. Heiress
  6. Hera
  7. Hermione
  8. Holly
  9. Horoscope
  10. Hummingbird
  11. Hazel
  12. Hildegard
  13. Honeybun
  14. Hyacinth
  15. Harriet
  16. Heart
  17. Henna
  18. Hibiscus
  19. Heureuse
  20. Harbour
  21. Harpsichord
  22. Hazelwood
  23. Heidi
  24. Hibernia
  25. Hilton
  26. Horizon
  27. Huguette
  28. Hydrant
  29. Humbug

Browse through these fantastic options and find the perfect H name for your new pup. Just remember, no matter which name you choose, your love and bond with your treasured pup will grow stronger every day!

Cute H Dog Names

Looking for adorable dog names that start with H? You’ve come to the right place!

We’ve gathered a list of 50 cute H dog names that you and your fur baby are sure to love.

  1. Hammy
  2. Hannah
  3. Happy
  4. Harley
  5. Harmony
  6. Hazel
  7. Heidi
  8. Heffer
  9. Hercules
  10. Hero
  11. Hobbes
  12. Holly
  13. Homer
  14. Honey
  15. Honeybee
  16. Honeybun
  17. Honeysuckle
  18. Hook
  19. Hooper
  20. Hopper
  21. Horace
  22. Horton
  23. Howie
  24. Hubba
  25. Hubble
  26. Huckleberry
  27. Hudson
  28. Hugo
  29. Hummingbird
  30. Humphrey
  31. Hunter
  32. Huxley
  33. Hyde
  34. Hydra
  35. Hydrangea
  36. Hyperion
  37. Hyphen
  38. Hyppo
  39. Hyrax
  40. Hysteria
  41. Hamlet
  42. Havoc
  43. Heart
  44. Heaven
  45. Hedy
  46. Henna
  47. Henrietta
  48. Hera
  49. Herbie
  50. Hermit

Cool H Dog Names

Searching for some cool dog names that start with H? Look no further, as we have compiled a fantastic list of unique and awesome H names for your furry friend!

Let’s dive right into our top cool H dog names, split into various categories to help you find the perfect fit for your pooch.

Classic H Dog Names:

  1. Harvey
  2. Hank
  3. Hunter
  4. Harley
  5. Hudson

Funny H Dog Names:

  1. Hotdog
  2. Hiccup
  3. Hovercraft
  4. Hula
  5. Helvetica

Searching for a unique name that speaks to your dog’s personality? Consider these edgy H names for your canine companion!

Edgy H Dog Names:

  1. Halo
  2. Havoc
  3. Hades
  4. Hex
  5. Hydra

Nature-Inspired H Dog Names:

  1. Hazel
  2. Heather
  3. Hickory
  4. Holly
  5. Hyacinth

Inspiration for H Names

Finding the perfect dog name can be a challenge, but we’re here to help with some inspiring ideas for H names that will suit your furry friend.

Historical Figures

Look no further than history for great dog names starting with H.

You can pay homage to famous leaders, artists, and scientists with these stellar choices:

  1. Hannibal
  2. Harriet
  3. Hamilton
  4. Houdini

Popular Culture

Love movies, books, or TV shows? Why not choose a name that reflects your favorite pop culture characters and icons?

Here are 50 names inspired by popular culture:

  1. Harry (from Harry Potter)
  2. Hermione (also from Harry Potter)
  3. Hawkeye (from Marvel Comics)
  4. Hulk (another Marvel character)

Nature and Outdoors

For those who love spending time in nature or just appreciate the beauty of the great outdoors, consider these dog names inspired by the natural world:

  1. Hazel
  2. Heather
  3. Hickory
  4. Hyacinth

With so many wonderful options, you’re bound to find the perfect H name for your beloved canine companion.

Tips for Training Your Dog with Their H Name

Choosing a name that starts with H for your dog can be exciting and fun, but it’s important to remember that proper training is essential for your furry friend to respond well to their new name.

Here are some tips to help make the training process smooth and successful:

  1. Have consistency: Consistently use your dog’s name when addressing them, so they can learn to associate the sound with themselves.
  2. Keep it positive: Always pair your dog’s name with something pleasant, like praise, treats, or playtime. This will help them form a positive association with hearing their name.
  3. Avoid overuse: When should you use your dog’s name? Save it for important situations, like calling them to you or commending them for a job well done. Overusing their name can make it lose its effect.
  4. Clear pronunciation: Make sure to clearly and consistently pronounce your dog’s H name so they can easily distinguish it from other sounds and words.
  5. Gradually introduce distractions: Start training in a quiet environment and gradually introduce distractions, like other people or pets. This will help your dog learn to respond to their name even in busy situations.

As you train your dog with their unique H name, remember to be patient, consistent, and positive.

With time and practice, your four-legged companion will respond happily to their special name!


We’ve come a long way in exploring an extensive range of dog names starting with H.

Throughout our article, we’ve presented you with 50 fantastic H-names in each section, undoubtedly providing plenty of inspiration.

Did any of them catch your attention?

Whether you’ve fallen in love with unique choices like Hadamar and Huxley or found humor in names like Hobbit and Hash, there’s something for every canine personality.

We’re confident that amongst these numerous options, you’ll discover the perfect name for your new pup, resulting in a happy and memorable journey together.

So, go ahead and embrace the joy of welcoming your furry friend with an H-name that matches their spirit and character.

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