111+ Dutch Dog Names (BEST Ideas!)

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Choosing the perfect name for your canine companion can be a daunting task, but if you’re looking for unique and interesting options, Dutch dog names might just be the way to go.

The Netherlands, known for its picturesque windmills, tulip fields, and friendly people, also boasts a rich linguistic and cultural heritage that lends to some truly wonderful names for your dog.

Dutch dog names draw inspiration from various sources, including popular people names, traditional Dutch words, and the country’s landscape and geography.

Whether you’re looking for a name that reflects your cultural heritage, a nod to your favorite Dutch city, or something that stands out from the pack, these Dutch dog name ideas offer a wide range of choices to suit your pooch’s personality.

Let’s dive in.

Best Dutch Dog Names

  1. Bram
  2. Caspar
  3. Daan
  4. Demi
  5. Elin
  6. Esme
  7. Fenna
  8. Filibert
  9. Freek
  10. Gijs
  11. Gustaaf
  12. Hanne
  13. Ilse
  14. Inge
  15. Jette
  16. Kaatje
  17. Kaj
  18. Lise
  19. Livia
  20. Madelon
  21. Martijn
  22. Niek
  23. Olaf
  24. Roos
  25. Vera

Dutch Names for Male Dogs

Iconic figures, popular names in the Netherlands, and the Dutch language inspire many Dutch male dog names

Here are some popular choices for male dogs:

  1. Aart
  2. Adlar
  3. Andries
  4. Barend
  5. Bastiaan
  6. Brecht
  7. Bram
  8. Caspar
  9. Daan
  10. Dael
  11. Dehaan
  12. Diederik
  13. Dries
  14. Egbert
  15. Fabian
  16. Fedde
  17. Filibert
  18. Freek
  19. Gijs
  20. Gustaaf
  21. Haghen
  22. Henrick
  23. Herman
  24. Hildebrand
  25. Hubert
  26. Anouk – a Dutch male name of French origin
  27. Rembrandt – famous Dutch painter
  28. Jayden – a popular Dutch male name
  29. Wolter – a strong and masculine Dutch name
  30. Manfred – a Dutch name meaning “strong peace”

Dutch Names for Female Dogs

Female dog names inspired by the Dutch language and culture often reflect beautiful, feminine qualities found in Dutch culture.

Here are some popular choices for female dogs:

  1. Aafje
  2. Anouk
  3. Beatrix
  4. Bente
  5. Brechtje
  6. Carlijn
  7. Daphne
  8. Eefje
  9. Elsje
  10. Femke
  11. Fenna
  12. Gerda
  13. Hanneke
  14. Imke
  15. Inge
  16. Jasmijn
  17. Kaatje
  18. Kiki
  19. Lisanne
  20. Lotte
  21. Marloes
  22. Merel
  23. Renske
  24. Saar
  25. Yara
  26. Femke – a common Dutch female name meaning “little girl”
  27. Lotte – a short and sweet Dutch name meaning “free”
  28. Saar
  29. Imke – a feminine Dutch name with Germanic roots
  30. Wilhelmina – a regal Dutch name after the queen of the Netherlands

Dutch Dog Names Based on Famous Dutch People

Inspiration for Dutch dog names can also be drawn from famous Dutch personalities. Naming your dog after renowned Dutch figures can give your furry friend a strong and unique identity.

Here are some noteworthy Dutch individuals and their accomplishments that can serve as inspiration for dog names:

  1. Vincent – After Vincent van Gogh, the world-famous painter, is known for his unique style and timeless masterpieces.
  2. Anne – After Anne Frank, the Jewish diarist who documented life during World War II and has become an iconic symbol of struggles against injustice.
  3. Rembrandt – After Rembrandt van Rijn, considered one of the greatest painters in European art history.
  4. Johan – After Johan Cruyff, arguably one of the most influential figures in both Dutch and international football.

Consider using the first and last names of famous Dutch people for additional name ideas:

  1. Rutte – Inspired by Mark Rutte, the current Prime Minister of the Netherlands.
  2. Mondrian – After Piet Mondrian, the revolutionary abstract painter known for his geometric compositions.
  3. Gogh – Named after Vincent van Gogh, as an alternative to using his first name.
  4. Holland – A name inspired by the famous Dutch explorer and the name of the country itself.

Dutch Dog Names Inspired by Geography

The Netherlands is rich in history and cultural heritage, and its diverse landscape offers a wealth of inspiration for unique Dutch dog names.

In this section, we’ll explore some Dutch dog names inspired by famous cities, landmarks, and natural features of the Netherlands.

Names Inspired by Dutch Cities, Landmarks, and Places

Dutch cities are known for their picturesque canals, historic buildings, and vibrant atmosphere, making them an excellent source of inspiration for dog names.

Here are a few ideas based on some of the most notable Dutch cities and landmarks:

  1. Amsterdam: The bustling capital city of the Netherlands, known for its picturesque canals and vibrant art scene.
  2. Rotterdam: Known for its modern architecture and a large port, this city offers a contemporary name for your pup.
  3. Haarlem: A quaint city with historical charm, perfect for a dog with regal air.
  4. Keukenhof: This beautiful tulip garden can inspire a colorful name for your four-legged companion.
  5. De Hoge Veluwe: Named after a stunning Dutch national park, this name can evoke thoughts of nature and the great outdoors.

Names Inspired by Natural Features in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is home to a diverse array of natural landscapes, from the rolling hills of Limburg to the sandy beaches of the Dutch coast.

Here are a few Dutch dog names inspired by the country’s natural beauty:

  1. Duinen (Dunes): Named after the sandy dunes that line the Dutch coastline, this name can represent your dog’s love for the beach and the outdoors.
  2. Heide (Heath): Inspired by the Netherlands’ vast heathlands, this name can evoke images of scenic landscapes and wide-open spaces.
  3. Tulip: A classic Dutch symbol, the tulip is a perfect name for a colorful and vibrant pup.
  4. Polder: These unique low-lying areas, reclaimed from the sea, are synonymous with the Dutch landscape, making Polder an ideal name for a dog with a strong connection to the Netherlands.
  5. Wadden (Wadden Sea): Named after a unique intertidal zone along the Dutch coast, this name can represent your dog’s adventurous spirit and love for the water.

Exploring the vast geography of the Netherlands provides endless inspiration for Dutch dog names.

Whether you choose a name based on a famous city, landmark, or natural feature, your pup’s name will be a beautiful reflection of the rich and diverse Dutch landscape.

Traditional Dutch Dog Names

When looking for Dutch dog names, it’s worth considering traditional Dutch names, which are not only unique but also carry a sense of history and tradition.

These names often represent the Dutch culture, landscape, and history, making them meaningful options for any dog.

Some popular traditional Dutch dog names include:

  1. Waffle – Inspired by the famous Dutch pastry, Stroopwafel
  2. Olie – Named after Oliebollen, a traditional Dutch food
  3. Daan – A short and sweet name meaning “God is my judge”
  4. Fleur – A popular female name that translates to “flower”
  5. Bas – A strong male name meaning “regal or royal”

In addition to these traditional names, there are also many Dutch dog names inspired by the country’s rich history and notable figures. For example:

  1. Rembrandt – Named after the famous Dutch painter
  2. Van Gogh – Another distinguished Dutch painter known for his unique style
  3. Anne – Inspired by Anne Frank, the young Jewish girl who is a symbol of courage and hope

When choosing a traditional Dutch name for your dog, it’s important to consider not only the meaning and cultural significance but also how it sounds and feels when calling your dog. This will ensure that you choose a name that is both distinctive and a perfect fit for your canine companion.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Dutch Dog Name

When selecting a Dutch dog name for your new furry friend, it’s essential to consider various factors to ensure the name is a good fit. In this section, we share a few helpful tips for choosing the perfect Dutch dog name.

First, think about the pronunciation and length of the name. Long or difficult-to-pronounce names can be challenging for you and your dog to remember. Choose a name that is relatively short (two to three syllables max) and rolls off the tongue easily. This is crucial for training and communication purposes. A practical Dutch dog name like Fleur or Daan is a good example.

Next, consider the meaning of the name. Researching the history or meaning behind Dutch names can make the naming process more enjoyable and personal. For instance, a name like ‘Sterre’ means ‘star’ in Dutch, making it a great choice for a starry-eyed pup.

Keep your dog’s breed, size, coat color, and personality in mind when selecting a name. This can be a fun and creative way to choose a Dutch dog name that reflects your pet’s unique traits. For example, a large and strong pup could be named ‘Bram’ (which means ‘father of multitudes’), while a small, energetic dog might suit the name ‘Pip.’

Lastly, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and combine two Dutch names or use a modern twist on a traditional name. This can lead to unique and memorable Dutch dog names that stand out.


In conclusion, Dutch dog names offer a unique and charming variety of options for pet owners seeking to celebrate their dog’s heritage or simply explore the richness of the Dutch language.

From traditional to modern, these names draw from various sources, such as popular Dutch individuals, cultural references, and classic Dutch vocabulary to create an appealing list of possibilities.

As you consider the best name for your furry friend, keep in mind the importance of selecting a name that showcases your dog’s personality and reflects your own interests and preferences. Remember that a well-chosen name can foster a stronger bond and connection between you and your beloved canine companion.

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