423+ Fishing Boat Names (BEST Ideas)

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Fishing is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable hobbies. It’s a great way to spend time on the water, catch some fish, and have a good time with friends and family.

If you’re a boat owner, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is choosing a name for your vessel. A boat’s name not only reflects the owner’s personality but also creates a sense of identity and pride for the boat.

In this article, we’ll provide you with 423+ fishing boat names to inspire your own creative and unique boat name.

Best Fishing Boat Names

  1. Reel Deal
  2. Hooked Up
  3. Reel Escape
  4. Fisherman’s Paradise
  5. Reel Therapy
  6. Fish On
  7. Reel Time
  8. Gone Fishing
  9. Reel Fun
  10. Fishin’ Frenzy
  11. Reel Adventure
  12. Lucky Catch
  13. Reel Passion
  14. Fishin’ Mission
  15. Reel Addiction
  16. Fishin’ Fool
  17. Reel Obsession
  18. Fishin’ Magic
  19. Reel Life
  20. Fishin’ Dream
  21. Reel Memories
  22. Fishin’ Wizard
  23. Reel Em In
  24. Fishin’ Buddy
  25. Reel Joy

Good Fishing Boat Names

  1. Sea Spray
  2. The Blue Runner
  3. The Seafarer
  4. The Blue Horizon
  5. The Ocean’s Treasure
  6. The Coastal Cruiser
  7. The Ocean’s Gift
  8. The Sea Breeze
  9. The Ocean’s Jewel
  10. The Sea King
  11. The Ocean’s Grace
  12. The Sea Lion
  13. The Ocean’s Majesty
  14. The Sea Monster
  15. The Ocean’s Power
  16. The Sea Nymph
  17. The Ocean’s Ruler
  18. The Sea Pearl
  19. The Ocean’s Song
  20. The Sea Rover
  21. The Ocean’s Spirit
  22. The Sea Serpent
  23. The Ocean’s Symphony
  24. The Sea Witch
  25. The Ocean’s Wonder

Cool Names For A Fishing Boat

Here are some options for a cool boat:

  1. The Reel Deal
  2. The Salty Dog
  3. The Rodfather
  4. The Tackle Box
  5. The Bait Shop
  6. The Lure
  7. The Fishin’ Hole
  8. The Big Catch
  9. The Catch of the Day
  10. The Fishin’ Shack
  11. The Reel McCoy
  12. The Fishin’ Fool
  13. The Reel Thing
  14. The Fishin’ Machine
  15. The Reel Escape
  16. The Fishin’ Magician
  17. The Reel Magic
  18. The Fishin’ Ninja
  19. The Reel Thrill
  20. The Fishin’ Prodigy
  21. The Reel Deal II
  22. The Fishin’ King
  23. The Reel Time II
  24. The Fishin’ Legend
  25. The Reel Escape II

Badass Names For A Fishing Boat

  1. Black Pearl
  2. Sea Wolf
  3. Dark Star
  4. The Kraken
  5. Blood and Guts
  6. The Beast
  7. The Executioner
  8. The War Hammer
  9. The Destroyer
  10. The Hellfire
  11. The Black Knight
  12. The Thunderbolt
  13. The Grim Reaper
  14. The Demon Hunter
  15. The Black Mamba
  16. The Black Stallion
  17. The Black Widow
  18. The Dark Knight
  19. The Dark Angel
  20. The Dark Knight Returns
  21. The Dark Phoenix
  22. The Dark Knight Rises
  23. The Dark Tower
  24. The Dark Lord
  25. The Dark Knight of the Sea

Unique Fishing Boat Names

  1. Sea’s the Day
  2. Cast Away
  3. Fishful Thinking
  4. Aquaholic
  5. Nauti Buoy
  6. Seas the Moment
  7. Reel Obsessed
  8. Bobbin’ Along
  9. Seaclusion
  10. Reelaxin’
  11. Reely Awesome
  12. Reel Intense
  13. Reelpulsive
  14. Reel Maniac
  15. Reel Mermaid
  16. Reel Time Bandit
  17. Reel Therapy II
  18. Reel Hooked
  19. Reel Sassy
  20. Reel Nauti
  21. Reel Steel
  22. Reel Cheesy
  23. Reel Attitude
  24. Reel Fun II
  25. Reel Dreams

Catchy Names For A Fishing Boat

  1. Rod Bender
  2. The Fishin’ Magician II
  3. The Great White
  4. The Fishin’ Machine II
  5. The Reel McCoy II
  6. The Big Kahuna
  7. The Reel Thing II
  8. The Fishin’ Ninja II
  9. The Reel Thrill II
  10. The Fishin’ Prodigy II
  11. The Reel Deal III
  12. The Fishin’ King II
  13. The Reel Time III
  14. The Fishin’ Legend II
  15. The Reel Escape III
  16. The Fishin’ Buddy II
  17. The Reel Obsession II
  18. The Fishin’ Frenzy II
  19. The Reel Em In II
  20. The Fishin’ Mission II
  21. The Reel Addiction II
  22. The Fishin’ Fool II
  23. The Reel Passion II
  24. The Fishin’ Wizard II
  25. The Reel Joy II

Cool Names for Fishing Boats

  1. The Angler’s Edge
  2. The Fish Whisperer
  3. The Reel McCoy III
  4. The Fishin’ Machine III
  5. The Reel Thing III
  6. The Fishin’ Ninja III
  7. The Reel Thrill III
  8. The Fishin’ Prodigy III
  9. The Reel Deal IV
  10. The Fishin’ King III
  11. The Reel Time IV
  12. The Fishin’ Legend III
  13. The Reel Escape IV
  14. The Fishin’ Buddy III
  15. The Reel Obsession III
  16. The Fishin’ Frenzy III
  17. The Reel Em In III
  18. The Fishin’ Mission III
  19. The Reel Addiction III
  20. The Fishin’ Fool III
  21. The Reel Passion III
  22. The Fishin’ Wizard III
  23. The Reel Joy III
  24. The Fishin’ Shack II
  25. The Reel Escape V

Funny Fishing Boat Monikers

  1. Catch of the Day
  2. Reel-ly Big Fish
  3. Nautical Knows Best
  4. Gone Fishin’!
  5. Aqua Master
  6. Knot a Care in the World
  7. Fluke-y Business
  8. The Net Effect
  9. Let’s Get Hooked
  10. Casting a Line

Unforgettable Fishing Boat Monikers

  1. The Sea Hunter
  2. The Sea Witch II
  3. The Sea Breeze II
  4. The Ocean’s Ruler II
  5. The Sea Lion II
  6. The Ocean’s Symphony II
  7. The Sea Nymph II
  8. The Ocean’s Wonder II
  9. The Sea Rover II
  10. The Ocean’s Spirit II
  11. The Sea Serpent II
  12. The Ocean’s Majesty II
  13. The Sea Pearl II
  14. The Ocean’s Power II
  15. The Sea Monster II
  16. The Ocean’s Song II
  17. The Coastal Cruiser II
  18. The Ocean’s Grace II
  19. The Blue Horizon II
  20. The Ocean’s Jewel II
  21. The Blue Runner II
  22. The Ocean’s Gift II
  23. The Salty dog II
  24. The Ocean’s Treasure II
  25. The Reel Deal V

Creative Names For A Fishing Boat

  1. Fishin’ Fiesta
  2. The Sea-sational
  3. Reel-ly Lucky
  4. Fishin’ Frenzy II
  5. Reel-axation
  6. Fishin’ for Fun
  7. Reel-ly Fun
  8. Fishin’ Fanatic
  9. Reel-ly Cool
  10. Fishin’ for Compliments
  11. Reel-ly Awesome II
  12. Fishin’ for Love
  13. Reel-ly Serious
  14. Fishin’ for Thrills
  15. Reel-ly Crazy
  16. Fishin’ for Memories
  17. Reel-ly Intense II
  18. Fishin’ for Adventure
  19. Reel-ly Sassy II
  20. Fishin’ for Laughs
  21. Reel-ly Nauti II
  22. Fishin’ for Dreams
  23. Reel-ly Steel II
  24. Fishin’ for Magic
  25. Reel-ly Attitude II
  1. The Blue Jacket
  2. The Gunner’s Mate
  3. The Sailor’s Delight
  4. The Chief Petty Officer
  5. The Seaman’s Life
  6. The Captain’s Quarters
  7. The Petty Officer’s Mess
  8. The Ship’s Store
  9. The Boatswain’s Mate
  10. The Yeoman’s Desk
  11. The Ship’s Bell
  12. The Quartermaster’s Log
  13. The Seafaring Adventure
  14. The Naval Tradition
  15. The Anchor’s Aweigh
  16. The Navy’s Finest
  17. The Seafaring Life
  18. The Cruiser’s Compass
  19. The Admiral’s Fleet
  20. The Seagoing Tradition
  21. The Nautical Life
  22. The Sailor’s Dream
  23. The Seafarer’s Journey
  24. The Navy’s Pride
  25. The Saltwater Tradition

High Seas Adventure Fishing Boat Monikers

  1. The Deep Blue
  2. The Ocean Explorer
  3. The Poseidon Adventure
  4. The Sea Hunter
  5. The Deep Sea Diver
  6. The Leviathan
  7. The Ocean Odyssey
  8. The Sea Voyager
  9. The Deep Sea Explorer
  10. The Sea Adventurer
  11. The Oceanic Quest
  12. The Sea Explorer
  13. The Deep Sea Treasure
  14. The Sea Navigator
  15. The Oceanic Expedition
  16. The Sea Journey
  17. The Deep Sea Quest
  18. The Oceanic Adventure
  19. The Sea Seeker
  20. The Oceanic Discoverer
  21. The Sea Explorer II
  22. The Deep Sea Discoverer
  23. The Oceanic Voyager
  24. The Sea Explorer III
  25. The Oceanic Adventurer

Mythology-Inspired Names For A Fishing Boat

  1. The Siren’s Song
  2. The Poseidon’s Fury
  3. The Triton’s Triumph
  4. The Neptune’s Trident
  5. The Medusa’s Curse
  6. The Cyclops’s Eye
  7. The Pegasus’s Flight
  8. The Calypso’s Island
  9. The Charybdis’s Whirlpool
  10. The Scylla’s Reef
  11. The Cerberus’s Guard
  12. The Gorgon’s Lair
  13. The Eurydice’s Lament
  14. The Orpheus’s Lyre
  15. The Icarus’s Wings
  16. The Daedalus’s Workshop
  17. The Minotaur’s Maze
  18. The Phoenix’s Flame
  19. The Hydra’s Heads
  20. The Chimera’s Fire
  21. The Sphinx’s Riddle
  22. The Harpy’s Screech
  23. The Cyclops’s Hammer
  24. The Morpheus’s Dream
  25. The Atlas’s Shoulders

Pop Culture-Related Fishing Boat Monikers

  1. The Black Pearl
  2. The White Whale
  3. The Jaws
  4. The Deadliest Catch
  5. The Gilligan’s Island
  6. The Love Boat
  7. The Titanic
  8. The Master and Commander
  9. The Waterworld
  10. The Perfect Storm
  11. The Moby Dick
  12. The Cast Away
  13. The Life of Pi
  14. The Captain Phillips
  15. The Deep Blue Sea
  16. The Pirates of the Caribbean
  17. The Finding Nemo
  18. The Little Mermaid
  19. The Moana
  20. The Shark Tale
  21. The Free Willy
  22. The Spongebob Squarepants
  23. The Happy Feet
  24. The Sharknado
  25. The Baywatch

Disney Fishing Boat Themed Names

  1. The Ariel’s Fin
  2. The Sebastian’s Song
  3. The Flounder’s Friend
  4. The Scuttle’s Scoop
  5. The Prince Eric’s Charm
  6. The King Triton’s Crown
  7. The Ursula’s Curse
  8. The Beauty and the Boat
  9. The Peter Pan’s Flight
  10. The Captain Hook’s Revenge
  11. The Tinkerbell’s Pixie Dust
  12. The Neverland’s Adventure
  13. The Simba’s Pride
  14. The Timon and Pumbaa’s Hakuna Matata
  15. The Rafiki’s Wisdom
  16. The Aladdin’s Magic Carpet
  17. The Genie’s Wish
  18. The Jasmine’s Dream
  19. The Abu’s Treasure
  20. The Mulan’s Honor
  21. The Mushu’s Fire
  22. The Belle’s Beast
  23. The Lumiere’s Light
  24. The Cinderella’s Glass Slipper
  25. The Fairy Godmother’s Wand

Video Game-Inspired Fishing Boat Monikers

  1. The Super Mario Bros.
  2. The Legend of Zelda
  3. The Sonic the Hedgehog
  4. The Donkey Kong Country
  5. The Final Fantasy
  6. The Street Fighter
  7. The Mortal Kombat
  8. The Tekken
  9. The Pokemon
  10. The Kirby’s Dreamland
  11. The Pac-Man
  12. The Space Invaders
  13. The Galaga
  14. The Tetris
  15. The Minecraft
  16. The Fortnite
  17. The Call of Duty
  18. The Halo
  19. The Grand Theft Auto
  20. The Red Dead Redemption
  21. The Assassin’s Creed
  22. The Resident Evil
  23. The Metal Gear Solid
  24. The Silent Hill
  25. The Kingdom Hearts

Sports-Inspired Names For A Fishing Boat

  1. The Home Run
  2. The Slam Dunk
  3. The Touchdown
  4. The Hat Trick
  5. The Hole-in-One
  6. The Ace
  7. The Goal Line
  8. The Goalie
  9. The Ringer
  10. The Strike Zone
  11. The Fastball
  12. The Curveball
  13. The Slider
  14. The Knuckleball
  15. The Penalty Kick
  16. The Free Throw
  17. The Faceoff
  18. The Breakaway
  19. The Foul Line
  20. The End Zone
  21. The First Down
  22. The Hail Mary
  23. The Buzzer Beater
  24. The Golden Goal
  25. The Grand Slam

Nature-Inspired Fishing Boat Monikers

  1. The River’s Edge
  2. The Lake’s Serenade
  3. The Ocean’s Symphony
  4. The Mountain’s Majesty
  5. The Forest’s Whisper
  6. The Desert’s Mirage
  7. The Meadow’s Bloom
  8. The Canyon’s Echo
  9. The Glacier’s Retreat
  10. The Tundra’s Silence
  11. The Jungle’s Rhythm
  12. The Savanna’s Roar
  13. The Arctic’s Call
  14. The Volcano’s Fury
  15. The Thunderstorm’s Energy
  16. The Rainbow’s Promise
  17. The Sunrise’s Glow
  18. The Sunset’s Warmth
  19. The Moonlight’s Magic
  20. The Starlight’s Twinkle
  21. The Aurora’s Borealis
  22. The Comet’s Trail
  23. The Eclipse’s Shadow
  24. The Meteor’s Shower
  25. The Milky Way’s Wonder

Get Help Choosing the Perfect Name

If you’re having trouble choosing the perfect name for your fishing boat, consider reaching out to fellow boat owners, fishing forums, or even the coast guard for inspiration. They may have suggestions or ideas that you haven’t considered.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to incorporate your own personal interests or sense of humor into the name. A clever or funny name can make for a memorable and enjoyable experience on the water.

Where to Find Name Inspiration

Some great places to find inspiration for fishing boats include:

  • Books and literature
  • Mythology and folklore
  • Pop culture references
  • Nature and geography
  • Sports and athletics
  • Family names or nicknames
  • Favorite quotes or sayings
  • Personal interests or hobbies


Choosing the right name for your fishing boat can be a fun and creative process.

With this list of 423+ names, you’re sure to find inspiration and ideas that fit your boat and your personality.

Whether you want a funny or clever name, a navy-themed name, or a nature-inspired name, there’s something on this list for everyone.

So go ahead and choose a name that reflects your sense of humor, your love of the sea, and your passion for fishing.

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