109+ Gangster Boat Names (BEST Ideas In 2023!)

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Naming your boat is just as important as naming your child. It’s a reflection of your personality and sense of humor.

If you’re looking for gangster boat names, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 209+ gangster boat names that will give your boat a cool and intimidating identity.

Let’s dive in.

Best Gangster Boat Names

  1. Black Widow
  2. Kingpin
  3. Godfather
  4. Scarface
  5. The Hitman
  6. Capone
  7. Goodfellas
  8. The Boss
  9. The Enforcer
  10. The Don
  11. The Outlaw
  12. The Gambler
  13. The Shark
  14. The Viper
  15. The Reaper
  16. The Punisher
  17. The Undertaker
  18. The Sopranos
  19. The Godmother
  20. The Black Hand
  21. The Syndicate
  22. The Wise Guy
  23. The Muscle
  24. The Boss Lady
  25. The Gangster

Good Names For A Gangster Boat

  1. Bootlegger
  2. Mob Boss
  3. The Boss Man
  4. The Bootlegger’s Bride
  5. The Consigliere
  6. The Corleone
  7. The Convict
  8. The Criminal
  9. The Dealer
  10. The Family
  11. The Felon
  12. The Gang
  13. The Godfather’s Daughter
  14. The Henchman
  15. The Hood
  16. The Lawless
  17. The Menace
  18. The Mob
  19. The Mobster
  20. The Moll
  21. The Outlaw Queen
  22. The Patron
  23. The Pirate
  24. The Prohibitionist
  25. The Racketeer

Good Gangster Names For A Boat

  1. The Don’s Dinghy
  2. The Bootlegger’s Barge
  3. The Capo’s Cruiser
  4. The Cartel Clipper
  5. The Crime Boss’ Catamaran
  6. The Enforcer’s Express
  7. The Gangster’s Galleon
  8. The Hitman’s Houseboat
  9. The Mafia’s Motor Yacht
  10. The Mobster’s Mariner
  11. The Outlaw’s Ocean Liner
  12. The Pirate’s Party Barge
  13. The Scarface Skiff
  14. The Syndicate’s Sailboat
  15. The Wise Guy’s Whaler
  16. The Black Hand’s Brigantine
  17. The Bootlegger’s Buoy
  18. The Boss’ Boat
  19. The Bulletproof Brig
  20. The Capone Cruiser
  21. The Crime Cruiser
  22. The Dapper Dinghy
  23. The Enforcer’s Escape
  24. The Gangster’s Gondola
  25. The Godfather’s Galley
  26. The Hitman’s Hydroplane
  27. The Kingpin’s Ketch
  28. The Mafia’s Mastercraft
  29. The Mobster’s Mega Yacht
  30. The Outlaw’s Oasis
  31. The Pirate’s Paradise
  32. The Scarface Schooner
  33. The Syndicate’s Speedboat
  34. The Thug’s Trawler
  35. The Wise Guy’s Watercraft
  36. The Black Hand’s Battleship
  37. The Bootlegger’s Boatel
  38. The Boss’ Battleship
  39. The Bulletproof Boat
  40. The Capone Catamaran
  41. The Crime Catamaran
  42. The Dapper Drifter
  43. The Enforcer’s Express Cruiser
  44. The Gangster’s Galleass
  45. The Godfather’s Gondola
  46. The Hitman’s Hovercraft
  47. The Kingpin’s Kayak
  48. The Mafia’s Megayacht
  49. The Mobster’s Motor Cruiser
  50. The Outlaw’s Offshore
  51. The Pirate’s Plank
  52. The Scarface Speedster
  53. The Syndicate’s Skimmer
  54. The Thug’s Tugboat
  55. The Wise Guy’s Water Taxi
  56. The Black Hand’s Barge
  57. The Bootlegger’s Battleship
  58. The Boss’ Barge
  59. The Bulletproof Barge
  60. The Capone Cutter
  61. The Crime Cutter
  62. The Dapper Dinghy Deluxe
  63. The Enforcer’s Elite
  64. The Gangster’s Galleon Grande
  65. The Godfather’s Gig
  66. The Hitman’s Hovercraft Hauler
  67. The Kingpin’s Ketch Kruiser
  68. The Mafia’s Motor Yacht Masterpiece
  69. The Mobster’s Mega Yacht Magnifico
  70. The Outlaw’s Ocean Oasis
  71. The Pirate’s Party Platform
  72. The Scarface Sailing Ship
  73. The Syndicate’s Speedy Sloop
  74. The Thug’s Trawler Turbo
  75. The Wise Guy’s Watercraft Wonder
  76. The Black Hand’s Battleship Bravo
  77. The Bootlegger’s Bayliner
  78. The Boss’ Baycraft
  79. The Bulletproof Boat Bonanza
  80. The Capone Cruiser Classic
  81. The Crime Cruiser Custom
  82. The Dapper Dinghy Deluxe Edition
  83. The Enforcer’s Exploratory
  84. The Gangster’s Gondola Grandiose
  85. The Godfather’s Galley Glamour
  86. The Hitman’s High-speed Hauler
  87. The Kingpin’s Ketch Kustom
  88. The Mafia’s Motor Yacht Majesty
  89. The Mobster’s Mega Yacht Marvel
  90. The Outlaw’s Ocean Odyssey
  91. The Pirate’s Party Palace
  92. The Scarface Speedboat Supreme
  93. The Syndicate’s Sleek Sailing Ship
  94. The Thug’s Trawler Thriller
  95. The Wise Guy’s Watercraft Wizardry
  96. The Black Hand’s Battleship Blast
  97. The Bootlegger’s Bounty
  98. The Boss’ Brigantine
  99. The Bulletproof Boat Beacon
  100. The Capone Cruiser Classico

Cool Names For A Gangster Boat

  1. The Black Pearl
  2. Bulletproof
  3. The cat‘s Meow
  4. The Charmer
  5. The Codebreaker
  6. The Collector
  7. The Dark Knight
  8. The Deceiver
  9. The Diplomat
  10. The Driver
  11. The Falcon
  12. The Fixer
  13. The Ghost
  14. The Gladiator
  15. The Grim Reaper
  16. The Gunslinger
  17. The Hawk
  18. The Hellion
  19. The Jaguar
  20. The Maverick
  21. The Night owl
  22. The Panther
  23. The Phoenix
  24. The Renegade
  25. The Sniper

Badass Gangster Boat Monikers

  1. The Armageddon
  2. The Assassin
  3. The Black Knight
  4. The Bloodhound
  5. The Butcher
  6. The Devil’s Advocate
  7. The Executioner
  8. The Grim Reaper’s Revenge
  9. The Hammer
  10. The Headhunter
  11. The Hellfire
  12. The Hunter
  13. The Inferno
  14. The Iron Fist
  15. The Juggernaut
  16. The Killer
  17. The Mad dog
  18. The Mauler
  19. The Nightmare
  20. The Predator
  21. The Punisher’s Revenge
  22. The Rampage
  23. The Savage
  24. The Scorpion
  25. The Terminator

Unique Names For A Gangster Boat

  1. The Bootlegger’s Dream
  2. The Cosa Nostra
  3. The Crime Boss
  4. The Dark Lady
  5. The Demolition Queen
  6. The Diamond Heist
  7. The Don’s Delight
  8. The Enforcer’s Empress
  9. The Femme Fatale
  10. The Gangster’s Gal
  11. The Gatsby
  12. The Gold Digger
  13. The Heist
  14. The Hitwoman
  15. The Kingpin’s Kitten
  16. The Lady Boss
  17. The Mastermind
  18. The Mob Queen
  19. The Outlaw’s Oasis
  20. The Phantom
  21. The Queenpin
  22. The Robber Baroness
  23. The Scarface’s Sweetheart
  24. The Smuggler’s Siren
  25. The Underboss

Catchy Gangster Boat Names

  1. Booty Call
  2. Cash Only
  3. Dirty Money
  4. Easy Money
  5. Emerald City
  6. Gangster’s Paradise
  7. Getaway
  8. Good Time Charlie
  9. Hit It Big
  10. Hot Stuff
  11. Hush Money
  12. King of the World
  13. Lady Luck
  14. Lucky Charm
  15. Money Talks
  16. Mr. Big Shot
  17. Payback
  18. Power Play
  19. Quick Cash
  20. Silver Lining
  21. Smooth Sailing
  22. Sweet Success
  23. The Big Payoff
  24. The High Roller
  25. The Ultimate Score

Unusual Gangster Boat Names

  1. Bad to the Bone
  2. Black Magic
  3. Blackout
  4. Blood Money
  5. Bootlegger’s Blues
  6. Breakout
  7. Brutal Force
  8. Bulletproof Soul
  9. Crimson Tide
  10. Dead Man’s Chest
  11. Death Wish
  12. Double Cross
  13. Gangsta’s Paradise
  14. Hard to Kill
  15. Hell’s Fury
  16. Midnight Rambler
  17. Mob Mentality
  18. Outlaw’s Justice
  19. Payback Time
  20. Renegade’s Revenge
  21. Roaring Twenties
  22. Scarface’s Shadow
  23. Sinister Intent
  24. The Big Cheese
  25. The Wild One

Creative Gangster Boat Monikers

  1. Blackmail
  2. Bloodsport
  3. Bootlegger’s Bounty
  4. Boss Lady’s Brigade
  5. Crime Scene
  6. Dark Waters
  7. Deadliest Catch
  8. Death Sentence
  9. Dirty Deeds
  10. Gangster’s Hideaway
  11. Ghost Ship
  12. Godfather’s Grotto
  13. Hit List
  14. King of the Sea
  15. Notorious
  16. Ocean’s Eleven
  17. On the Run
  18. Payback’s a Bitch
  19. Pirate’s Plunder
  20. Rebel Yell
  21. Scarface’s Scimitar
  22. The Cartel Cruiser
  23. The Godfather’s Throne
  24. The Outlaw’s Odyssey
  25. The Syndicate’s Sloop

Inspirations for Naming Your Gangster Boat

Your boat’s name should be a reflection of your personality and sense of humor.

Here are some inspirations for naming your gangster boat:

  • Think of your favorite gangster movies and TV shows. You can use the names of the characters as inspiration.
  • Consider your boat’s color and design. Is it black and sleek? You can use names like The Black Pearl or The Panther.
  • Think about your favorite quotes from gangster movies. You can use them as boat names as well.
  • Consider your personal nickname or a nickname of someone close to you. You can use it for your boat name.
  • Think about your hobbies and interests. If you’re into fishing, you can use names like The Catch or The Angler.

Tips for Choosing the Best Gangster Boat Name

  • Keep it short and memorable. Your boat’s name should be easy to remember and pronounce.
  • Consider the coast guard requirements. Your boat’s name should be easy to read and identify.
  • Think about your boat’s personality. Is it sleek and modern? Or rustic and classic?
  • Consider your sense of humor. Your boat’s name should reflect your personality and sense of humor.
  • Ask for opinions. Get feedback from your friends and family to help you choose the best name.


Naming your boat is an important decision. Your boat’s name is a reflection of your personality and sense of humor.

We hope this list of 209+ gangster boat names has given you some inspiration to choose the perfect name for your boat.

Remember, keep it short, memorable, and reflective of your boat’s personality. Whether you’re into fishing boats or just looking for a funny boat name, there’s a gangster boat name out there for everyone.

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