249+ Gold Dragon Names: BEST, Unique, & Badass Ideas

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Welcome to our collection of 249+ gold dragon names, where we’ve gathered the best, good, unique, cute, catchy, creative, cool, badass, and funny names just for you!

These names are perfect for your dazzling, powerful gold dragons, whether they are part of your Dungeons & Dragons campaign, fantasy novel, or any dragon-themed project.

Gold dragons are known for their wisdom, nobility, and radiant appearance, making them highly sought-after characters in various fantasy settings.

We understand how important it is to find the perfect name to match these magnificent creatures, so we’ve made sure to include names that align with their characteristics while keeping them diverse and fun. 

Explore our list and find the ideal name to unleash the true potential of your magical, golden-scaled friend.

Best Gold Dragon Names

We have curated a list of the most remarkable gold dragon monikers to inspire you. These names are the best of the best and have been selected with care to showcase their style, creativity, and overall impact.

What makes these names stand out among the rest?

The names in this list were chosen based on their association with powerful and majestic gold dragons throughout mythology, literature, and popular culture, while also maintaining an air of originality and uniqueness that will make your gold dragon truly one-of-a-kind.

Without further ado, here are the Best Gold Dragon Names:

  1. Anqa
  2. Drakon
  3. Druk
  4. Fafnir
  5. Festus
  6. Kilby
  7. Rumryphylth
  8. Cokyrth
  9. Zethicrid
  10. Zeildroan
  11. Mivai
  12. Edhi
  13. Yrviphilth
  14. Bundrinth
  15. Azeas
  16. Nebeus
  17. Drayce
  18. Krak
  19. Nhifoghr
  20. Arman
  21. Falkor
  22. Dagahra
  23. Reolbeor
  24. Zytirross
  25. Nerofyx

Good Names For A Gold Dragon

We’ve compiled a list of good gold dragon monikers that can be used as inspiration for your Dungeons & Dragons campaigns or simply for naming a character in any fantasy setting.

These names are suitable for both the young and the old, male and female dragons. They have a mythical, regal, and powerful appeal.

The following is a list of good names for your golden dragon:

  1. Aurelio
  2. Bundrinth
  3. Cokyrth
  4. Dagahra
  5. Edhi
  6. Falkor
  7. Gravmourn
  8. Glowtalons
  9. Hyverras
  10. Imperithrax
  11. Jakhara
  12. Kilby
  13. Lustrak
  14. Mivai
  15. Nebeus
  16. Oriasclaw
  17. Pyrakrune
  18. Quindelor
  19. Arcturus
  20. Aurelia
  21. Azura
  22. Balthazar
  23. Calantha
  24. Celestia
  25. Cressida
  26. Dariana
  27. Drakon
  28. Eirwyn
  29. Elvina
  30. Eryndor
  31. Fafnir
  32. Galadriel
  33. Gildas
  34. Glimmer
  35. Halcyon
  36. Helios
  37. Ignatius
  38. Iliana
  39. Incendia
  40. Isadora
  41. Jareth
  42. Kaida
  43. Kaelthas
  44. Kalinda
  45. Kallikrates
  46. Kallisto
  47. Kethry
  48. Kirin
  49. Kivuli
  50. Kuzon
  51. Lirien
  52. Luminara
  53. Lyra
  54. Marcellus
  55. Mithrandir
  56. Niamh
  57. Nuriel
  58. Nyx
  59. Ophelia
  60. Orin
  61. Orpheus
  62. Osiris
  63. Phoenix
  64. Pythia
  65. Quetzalcoatl
  66. Radagast
  67. Raziela
  68. Rhiannon
  69. Riven
  70. Saphira
  71. Selene
  72. Seraphina
  73. Shimmer
  74. Solstice
  75. Sorin
  76. Sylphrena
  77. Tahlia
  78. Talon
  79. Tenebris
  80. Thalia
  81. Theron
  82. Thorin
  83. Tiberius
  84. Titania
  85. Tiziana
  86. Tyrian
  87. Uriel
  88. Valerian
  89. Valtari
  90. Vega
  91. Velika
  92. Vespera
  93. Vincenzo
  94. Viridian
  95. Vivienne
  96. Xanthe
  97. Xylara
  98. Yara
  99. Yavanna
  100. Ysabel
  101. Zarek
  102. Zephyr
  103. Zeraphina

Names For A Male Gold Dragon

We have compiled a list of 25 male gold dragon monikers that will suit various dragon personalities, whether they are badass, cool, or cute.

Here are some unique and creative name suggestions that we believe will inspire you:

  1. Aurexar
  2. Balthazold
  3. Chrysaron
  4. Doragonis
  5. Elagolthor
  6. Fenlyskar
  7. Gildorran
  8. Helioskor
  9. Ignisthor
  10. Jovrakhar
  11. Kryzleon
  12. Lumariok
  13. Magnarax
  14. Novarosh
  15. Orryzath
  16. Pryzander
  17. Qythalas
  18. Razmaeron
  19. Solarexus
  20. Tiamarth
  21. Urianthar
  22. Valdaryon
  23. Wizalthor
  24. Xalarion
  25. Ythorazel
  26. Zyvragorr

Names For A Female Gold Dragon

We know how important it is to find the perfect name for your female gold dragon, whether you’re looking for something cute, unique, badass, or funny.

So, we have compiled a list of excellent names to help you on your journey. What’s the perfect name?

Check out some of our top picks:

  1. Zaraelia
  2. Goldenwing
  3. Sundancer
  4. Auraglow
  5. Luminissa
  6. Glitterflare
  7. Goldspike
  8. Radiantfire
  9. Sparklegaze
  10. Treasureheart
  11. Gildedfrost
  12. Ferociousqueen
  13. Dawnblaze
  14. Shimmerstone
  15. Embercrown
  16. Whispertail
  17. Vesperia
  18. Celestialaura
  19. Majesticclaw
  20. Lorekeeper
  21. Gleamingstar
  22. Solarisperch
  23. Crescentwing
  24. Flamechantress
  25. Goldenraze

Unique Names For A Gold Dragon

Gold dragons are majestic and exquisite creatures, and their names should reflect that.

As we venture into uncharted territory, we’ve compiled a list of 25 unique gold dragon names that are sure to intrigue and captivate you.

  1. Xyndred
  2. Bundrinth
  3. Kilby
  4. Zytirross
  5. Rumryphylth
  6. Reolbeor
  7. Zethicrid
  8. Cokyrth
  9. Zeildroan
  10. Mivai
  11. Edhi
  12. Yrviphilth
  13. Dragoxis
  14. Katarsyn
  15. Zorgeist
  16. Talminix
  17. Yaldanor
  18. Rynnixor
  19. Lumithras
  20. Xalbrantis
  21. Ilthorin
  22. Urstivir
  23. Darathnu
  24. Phoelarax
  25. Verenthule

Cute Gold Dragon Names

We have gathered a list of adorable and cute names for your enjoyment.

  1. Goldenfluff
  2. Sunspark
  3. Glittertail
  4. Honeywing
  5. Shinybeak
  6. Glimmerclaw
  7. Auroraspark
  8. Goldilocks
  9. Radiantwhiskers
  10. Charmbeam
  11. Sunbreeze
  12. Sweetglimmer
  13. Dazzleflash
  14. Glowbelly
  15. Twinkletuft
  16. Bubbleglimmer
  17. Glitterscale
  18. Nectarfire
  19. Haloheart
  20. Spanglestomp
  21. Shimmerplume
  22. Sunbeam
  23. Nuggetfeathers
  24. Sparklingscales
  25. Glamourgleam

Catchy Names For A Gold Dragon

We have compiled a list of catchy gold dragon names that will surely make your dragon stand out among the rest.

These names are perfect for those who want a name that not only sounds good but also reflects the unique and impressive nature of gold dragons.

  1. Zytherax
  2. Goldenwing
  3. Brillarex
  4. Sunflare
  5. Aurosia
  6. Glimmerclaw
  7. Sparklefin
  8. Glitterscale
  9. Radianteon
  10. Shimmerfang
  11. Torchra
  12. Flamecrest
  13. Chromavex
  14. Lighttail
  15. Lucentius
  16. Flareskull
  17. Resplendax
  18. Charisaar
  19. Embergleam
  20. Glowbeacon
  21. Nimbusfang
  22. Pyroflare
  23. Aurorashard
  24. Igniskill
  25. Scorchspire

Creative Names For A Gold Dragon

We have compiled an exciting list of creative gold dragon monikers that perfectly capture the majestic and awe-inspiring spirit of these mythical creatures.

With a variety of names to choose from, there’s something to fit every type of gold dragon character.

Here are 25 creative gold dragon monikers:

  1. Goldclaw the Magnificent
  2. Aureate Tempest
  3. Solarin Blaze
  4. Glittering Sunstrike
  5. Khyndrixa Radiance
  6. Golden Aegis
  7. Luminous Starfire
  8. Hazelon Crest
  9. Kinlek Royalty
  10. Sundancer Guardian
  11. Gildsting Scaledream
  12. Golden Emberwing
  13. Dauntless Sunscale
  14. Prideful Aurumheart
  15. Lavish Goldspike
  16. Ethereal Giltgleam
  17. Incandescent Scalemyst
  18. Goldenflame Victor
  19. Auric Lorekeeper
  20. Dawn’s Radiant Glory
  21. Divinely Gilded Talon
  22. Brilliant Giltwings
  23. Radiant Sovereign
  24. Fablescale Pioneer
  25. Legacystorm Venera

Cool Names For A Gold Dragon

In this section, we are going to share some cool gold dragon names that will definitely make an impression in any fantasy setting.

These names have been carefully curated to suit the badass, creative, and unique gold dragon characters you might have in mind.

We have compiled a list of 25 cool names below, which are sure to make your gold dragon stand out from the rest:

  1. Kilbyrn
  2. Zyrgoth
  3. Rumryphylth
  4. Reolbeor
  5. Zethicrid
  6. Cokyrth
  7. Zeildroan
  8. Mivaire
  9. Edhigorn
  10. Yrviphilth
  11. Festus
  12. Anqa
  13. Drakon
  14. Druk
  15. Fafnir
  16. Ralikhiltel
  17. Kavrenthin
  18. Igerdhe
  19. Darahlnar
  20. Degedinar
  21. Karornal
  22. Marblesight
  23. Whirlbreath
  24. Vilmiciga
  25. Orilna

Choosing the perfect cool gold dragon moniker from this list will definitely give your character a unique and memorable identity. Let their name reflect their inner strength, intelligence, and captivating presence.

Now that you’ve got a cool gold dragon moniker, feel free to explore other sections, as we have more themed lists with unique, catchy, creative, cute, and funny names to fuel your inspiration.

Badass Names For A Gold Dragon

In this section, we bring you a collection of 25 badass gold dragon names to inspire your next adventure or story.

These names convey strength and power, making them perfect for fearsome and mighty dragons that leave a lasting impression.

  1. Azornath
  2. Thargorim
  3. Queltharion
  4. Krugdurnir
  5. Razulthar
  6. Xelgorax
  7. Grimhyr
  8. Balganarth
  9. Drakzuul
  10. Cyrendomir
  11. Vorgasor
  12. Skornazath
  13. Kytharkis
  14. Narvulmorth
  15. Gazralok
  16. Zulgharim
  17. Ormagrond
  18. Azgalorith
  19. Vorzathar
  20. Ungrenthor
  21. Kraghazur
  22. Zarlakthar
  23. Therasuld
  24. Skargrond
  25. Bronznarax

Funny Gold Dragon Names

When naming your gold dragon, why not consider it a funny name? 

Combining a sense of humor with the majestic nature of these creatures can make for some memorable monikers. 

Below, we’ve curated a list of 25 amusing gold dragon monikers for your enjoyment:

  1. Glittersnort
  2. Goldenflapjack
  3. ShinyMcShineface
  4. Bankvault
  5. Coinbreath
  6. Goldie Hawn
  7. Pirate’s Delight
  8. Goldfishtaco
  9. Cheddarwings
  10. Wingspan McGold
  11. Glimmerbottom
  12. Goldwing Fancypants
  13. Karatcake
  14. Sparklepuff
  15. Blingzilla
  16. Goldilocks Mane
  17. Treasurebelly
  18. Midas Muncher
  19. Nuggetsnatcher
  20. Burnished Burper
  21. Tyrion’s Finest
  22. Scales of Fortune
  23. Smirkle
  24. Gilded Giggler
  25. Rumpelgoldwings

Feel free to use these names as inspiration or choose one as is for your gold dragon. Remember, a touch of humor can add an extra layer of fun to any dragon-filled adventure!

Help Choosing The Perfect Name

Choosing the perfect name for your gold dragon character can be a challenging task.

With so many options out there, it’s important to find a name that goes well with its personality and role in your story.

Are you looking for something badass for a fierce metallic dragon? We have gathered a list of 25 of the most fearsome gold dragon monikers:

  1. Flamefury
  2. Deathscale
  3. Sunderwing

Do you need a unique and creative name for a mystical gold dragon? Here are 25 ideas that will fit right into your fantastical world:

  1. Aurystaryx
  2. Golthraxar
  3. Lumiscale

If you’re aiming for a witty, funny touch, try one of these 25 humorous names for a lighthearted gold dragon:

  1. Goldie Scales
  2. Treasurepants
  3. Wingy McShiny

Remember, the name you choose will help define your golden dragon character, so take your time and select the one that best reflects its persona.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different name elements or even create your own names based on what feels right!


In this article, we have compiled a comprehensive list of 249+ gold dragon monikers covering various aspects such as best, good, unique, cute, catchy, creative, cool, badass, and funny names. We hope you found inspiration and the perfect name for your gold dragon.

When selecting a name for your gold dragon, consider factors such as the dragon’s role in your story, its magical abilities, and its appearance. Gold dragons are known for their wisdom, nobility, and pursuit of justice, and their names should reflect these qualities. By choosing a name from our list, we believe you will be able to find a fitting name for your gold dragon that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Whatever the context or setting in which you introduce your gold dragon, these names provide a wide range of options to suit any situation. Whether you are writing a novel, creating a tabletop game, or simply devising a new character for an existing world, our list of 249+ names offers a wealth of inspiration for your creative endeavors.

We wish you the best in your journey to bring your gold dragon to life, and we hope our list has been a valuable resource for finding the perfect name.

Good luck and happy naming!

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