117+ Hockey Dog Names: BEST Ideas (🏒Fun Pucks & Pups🐶)

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Hockey dog names are a fun and creative way to showcase your love for your furry friend and favorite sport. As a true hockey fan, you can’t help but merge the two passions by giving your pooch a name inspired by the ice rink. In this article, you’ll discover exciting and unique hockey-themed names celebrating the fastest and most exhilarating sport on ice.

We’ll present a list of 25 incredible names for dogs based on hockey legends, terms, and even equipment. Whether you’re a fan of Gretzky, Zamboni, or the iconic Stanley Cup, you’ll undoubtedly find the perfect moniker for your pup.

Get ready to score the winning goal with these unforgettable hockey dog names!

Best and Good Hockey dog names

When it comes to hockey dog names, there are countless options inspired by legendary players, teams, and more.

In this section, we’ve compiled some top name ideas under categories like female and male names, making it easy for you to find the perfect name for your furry friend.

Female Names

  1. Gretchen: a feminine version of Gretzky
  2. Ali
  3. Teddy
  4. Indiana
  5. Fenway
  6. Babe
  7. Emmitt
  8. Barry
  9. Jackie
  10. Mickey
  11. Kareem
  12. Pistol
  13. Payton
  14. Pele
  15. Jordan
  16. Fuzzy
  17. Ronaldo
  18. Barkley
  19. Hogan
  20. Ditka
  21. Kobe
  22. Lou
  23. Avalanche
  24. Rocket
  25. Willie

Male Names

  1. Cal: inspired by the player Cal Ripken
  2. Wayne: as in Wayne Gretzky
  3. Ted: after Ted Lindsey, a legendary hockey player
  4. Gordie: inspired by Gordie Howe
  5. Mario: honoring Mario Lemieux
  6. Cy
  7. Bert
  8. Jack
  9. Bobby
  10. Dallas
  11. Ernie
  12. Hank
  13. Champ
  14. Jackson
  15. Brett
  16. Ranger
  17. Eli
  18. Wilson
  19. Bear
  20. Ping
  21. Larry
  22. Madden: after John Madden
  23. Arnold
  24. Tiger
  25. Kirby

In this list, we’ve included 25 female names and 25 male names for you to choose from. Enjoy picking the perfect hockey dog name for your furry friend!

Creative and Unique Hockey Dog Names

Hockey dog names are perfect for hockey fans looking for a name inspired by the game they love or their favorite team. Are you ready to discover some creative and unique names for your dog?

Let’s dive in!

Cool and Badass Names

  1. Gretzky – Named after the legendary Wayne Gretzky.
  2. Kane – A tribute to Patrick Kane.
  3. Lemieux – For Mario Lemieux fans.
  4. Crosby – Inspired by Sidney Crosby.
  5. Buckeye – A cool name for Ohio State fans.
  6. Hawkeye – Iowa fans will love this one.
  7. Tyson – A strong name for a tough dog.
  8. Aikman
  9. Andretti – For fans of racing and hockey.
  10. Burt – A cute name for a little dog.
  11. Rocky – An iconic name for a dog that loves to play.
  12. Lombardi – A name that pays homage to Vince Lombardi.
  13. Gordie – For fans of the hockey legend Gordie Howe.
  14. Zamboni – A unique name from the iconic ice resurfacing machine.
  15. Iceman – Perfect for a dog who loves the cold.
  16. Slapshot – An energetic dog who’s always on the go.
  17. Hat Trick – A dog who scores in every aspect of life.
  18. Enforcer – A strong, protective name for your dog.
  19. Check – A great name for a dog who loves to be in the middle of the action.
  20. Bobby – Inspired by Bobby Orr.
  21. Rocket – A fast and fearless dog.
  22. Puck – The perfect name for a hockey-loving dog.
  23. Stanley – Named after the Stanley Cup.
  24. Maple – For Toronto Maple Leafs fans.
  25. Biscuit – A fun name from the phrase “put the biscuit in the basket.”

Catchy and Clever Names

  1. Faceoff – A great name for a dog who loves to play.
  2. Offsides – A humorous name for a mischievous dog.
  3. Power Play – Perfect for a dog who loves to be in charge.
  4. Penalty Box – A cheeky name for a dog who’s always getting into trouble.
  5. Goalie – For a dog who’s always saving the day.
  6. Dekes – A cool name for a dog who loves to show off their moves.
  7. Blue Line – A strong, defenseman-inspired name.
  8. Icing – A sweet name for a dog who’s always the center of attention.
  9. Blades – A sleek and sharp name for your dog.
  10. Breakaway – Perfect for a dog who loves to run and play.
  11. Chirping – A cute name for a dog with a big personality.
  12. Puck Drop – Inspired by the start of the game.
  13. Captain – A great name for a dog who leads the pack.
  14. Home Ice – A loving name for a dog who’s always by your side.

Cute and Unforgettable Names

  1. Bauer – Named after the popular hockey equipment brand.
  2. Sherwood – A name inspired by Sherwood hockey sticks.
  3. Mittens – A cute name for a hockey goalie’s best friend.
  4. Tommy – A simple yet memorable name for a hockey dog.
  5. Gretchen – A feminine spin on the name Gretzky.
  6. Maddy – A name tribute to Madison Square Garden for New York Rangers fans.
  7. Hattrie – A female version of the term “hat trick.”
  8. Reddie – For Detroit Red Wings’ fans, a name inspired by their team color.
  9. Penny – A name from the word “penalty” for a dog who tends to break the rules.
  10. Frosty – A name suitable for a dog that loves winter sports.

So there you have it, hockey fans! With these creative and unique hockey dog names, your four-legged friend can represent your love for the game and your favorite team at the same time.

Name Inspiration and Help

When it comes to naming your new dog, especially if you’re a hockey fan, the possibilities are endless, from famous players to funny hockey-inspired names. In this section, we will cover where to look for hockey dog names and offer tips for choosing the perfect name. We hope you find this helpful, and most importantly, have fun in the process!

Where to Look

  1. Famous Hockey Players: Some of the most iconic names in hockey history can be great inspiration for your dog‘s name, like Burt or Lombardi.
  2. Hockey Teams and Mascots: Don’t forget about team names and mascots, which often have catchy names that would work well for a dog.
  3. Hockey Terminology: Words like Puck, Stick, and Zamboni can make for fun and unique dog names.
  4. Hockey Equipment: Name your dog after popular hockey gear like Skate, Slapshot, or Helmet.
  5. Other Hockey Fans: Check out online forums or social media groups to share ideas and gather inspiration from fellow hockey enthusiasts.

Choosing the Perfect Name

  1. Keep it Short: Short names are easier for your dog to understand and respond to.
  2. Pronunciation: Choose a name that’s easy for you and others to pronounce clearly.
  3. Uniqueness: Make sure the name stands out and isn’t too common or easily confused with household items or other pets.
  4. Match Personality: Find a name that matches your dog’s character, appearance, or breed, like Rocky for a tough dog or Iceman for a cool pup.
  5. Test it Out: Try saying the name out loud and see if it feels right. Remember, you’ll be using this name for many years to come, so choose wisely!

Here are 25 ideas for your consideration:

  1. Wayne
  2. Bobby
  3. Gordie
  4. Mario
  5. Maurice
  6. Rocket
  7. Montana
  8. Elway
  9. Bubba
  10. Floyd
  11. Louie
  12. Barry
  13. Cleveland
  14. Ranger
  15. Bradshaw
  16. Curry
  17. Byron
  18. Brady
  19. Hank
  20. Rudy
  21. Pele
  22. Isaiah
  23. Arnold
  24. DiMaggio
  25. Freddie

Remember to take your time, have fun, and choose a name that resonates with both you and your dog.

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