449+ Horse Names That Start With N (BEST Picks!)

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Horse names that start with N can be fascinating and unique, showcasing the strong connection between the horse and its owner. These names often represent various personalities, qualities, or even significant moments related to the animal. Selecting a fitting name for your horse can be an exciting process, and choosing one that begins with the letter N gives you a plethora of options to explore.

In this article, we delve into an extensive collection of horse names that start with the letter N. From traditional monikers to more contemporary choices, these names can help you find the perfect identity for your equine companion. So, whether you’re searching for a name that embodies your horse’s spirit, grace, or strength, you’ll undoubtedly discover an N-name that resonates.

As you begin your naming journey, remember to consider the unique characteristics of your horse and how the chosen name reflects those traits. With the multitude of N-related names available, you’re sure to find one that not only complements your horse’s features but also establishes a meaningful bond between the two of you.

Section 1: Best Horse Names That Start With N

1-25 Best Names

Horse names that start with “N” come in many forms, offering great options for owners. Here are some of the best N names for horses:

  1. Nabucco
  2. Nairobi
  3. Nakita
  4. Nala
  5. Napa Valley
  6. Napoleon
  7. Narcissus
  8. Narnia
  9. Nashville
  10. Nasir
  11. Nautical
  12. Nautica
  13. Navigator
  14. Nebula
  15. Nectar
  16. Nefertiti
  17. Neha
  18. Neighbourly
  19. Nemo
  20. Nepal
  21. Nero
  22. Nestor
  23. Nevada
  24. New Moon
  25. Newton

26-50 Best Names

Continuing with more outstanding names for horses beginning with “N”, here is the next set:

  1. Niagara
  2. Nibbles
  3. Nice Guy
  4. Nightingale
  5. Nightshade
  6. Nightshift
  7. Nike
  8. Nimbus
  9. Nina
  10. Ninja
  11. Nirvana
  12. Nobel
  13. Noche
  14. Nomad
  15. Nonstop
  16. Noor
  17. Nordic
  18. North Star
  19. Northern Lights
  20. Norway
  21. Nosferatu
  22. Noteworthy
  23. Notorious
  24. Nova
  25. Novelist

These intriguing names can provide inspiration when selecting the perfect moniker for a horse, showcasing the variety and uniqueness of names starting with “N.”

Section 2: Good Horse Names That Start With N

Horse names starting with “N” are unique and charming. Here are 50 such names divided into two subsections.

1-25 Good Names

  1. Nightingale: A melodious name for a horse with a beautiful presence.

  2. Navigator: Perfect for a horse that boldly explores new territories.

  3. Noble: A distinguished name for a horse with an air of elegance.

  4. Nebula: A cosmic name for a horse with a mysterious aura.

  5. Nectar: A sweet option for a horse that brings joy to all who meet it.

  6. Nirvana: An ideal choice for a horse with a calm and peaceful demeanor.

  7. Nimbus: For a horse with the grace and beauty of a cloud.

  8. Nocturne: A poetic name for a horse that shines brightest at night.

  9. Northstar: A guiding light for a horse with exceptional leadership qualities.

  10. Nutmeg: A spicy name option for a horse with a warm and inviting nature.

  11. Narnia: For a horse that transports riders to a magical world.

  12. Newport: A coastal name for a horse with a love for the sea.

  13. Nobleman: A regal choice for a horse of great importance.

  14. Nanook: A strong name for a horse with arctic roots.

  15. Nashville: For a horse with the rhythm and soul of a country star.

  16. Ninja: A fierce name for a horse with stealth and agility.

  17. Nova: A brilliant choice for a horse with a bright future.

  18. Nugget: A golden name option for a horse with a heart of gold.

  19. Neptune: A mythical name for a horse with otherworldly powers.

  20. Nectarine: A refreshing option for a horse with a zest for life.

  21. Notch: Perfect for a horse that stands out from the crowd.

  22. Nudge: A playful name for a horse that loves to gently push its limits.

  23. Nomad: A fitting name for a horse that thrives on adventure.

  24. Norwegian: A nod to a horse with ties to the majestic fjords.

  25. Notebook: For a horse with stories to tell and memories to cherish.

26-50 Good Names

  1. Noble Heart: A compassionate name for a horse with a kind soul.

  2. Neon: For a horse that lights up the lives of those who encounter it.

  3. Nostalgia: A sentimental choice for a horse with a rich history.

  4. Nutmeg Spice: A flavorful name for a horse with a mix of sweetness and fire.

  5. Nightglow: A radiant option for a horse that illuminates the darkness.

  6. Noble Spirit: For a horse with a courageous and honorable nature.

  7. Navy Blue: A timeless name for a horse with a regal and classic style.

  8. Newbery: Inspired by the prestigious book award, perfect for a horse with wisdom and grace.

  9. Nightingale’s Song: A melodic name for a horse that sings its own unique tune.

  10. Nestor: A wise choice for a horse that brings guidance and clarity.

  11. Nominee: Perfect for a horse that continually rises to the occasion.

  12. Next Level: A fitting name for a horse that constantly strives for growth.

  13. Nutcracker: A whimsical option for a horse with an eye for the festive.

  14. Northwind: For a horse that moves swiftly and gracefully like a breeze.

  15. Noble Steed: A stately choice for a horse that is a trusted and loyal companion.

  16. Nibbler: A charming name for a horse that always enjoys treats and snacks.

  17. Nautilus: Inspired by a beautiful sea creature, ideal for a horse with oceanic allure.

  18. Narnia Dream: A fantastical name for a horse that carries magic with it wherever it goes.

  19. New Dawn: A hopeful and optimistic name for a horse that embraces new beginnings.

  20. Noble Endeavor: For a horse that courageously pursues its dreams.

  21. Neutron: A powerful name for a horse that possesses a mighty and unyielding energy.

  22. Night Vision: For a horse with exceptional abilities in the darkness.

  23. Newsprint: An interesting choice for a horse that makes headlines wherever it goes.

  24. Neopolitan: A diverse and colorful name for a horse with layers of personality.

  25. Noble Quest: A fitting name for a horse that is always on a new and exciting journey.

Section 3: Female Horse Names That Start With N

  1. Nebula
  2. Nixie
  3. Nala
  4. Nadia
  5. Nova
  6. Nellie
  7. Nirvana
  8. Nutmeg
  9. Nectar
  10. Nottingham
  11. Nashville
  12. Nomad
  13. Nugget
  14. Nivea
  15. Newport
  16. Nefertiti
  17. November
  18. Nutella
  19. Nyx
  20. Nana
  21. North Star
  22. Nancy
  23. Nubia
  24. Nessie
  25. Nightingale
  26. Noodles
  27. Nebulous
  28. Narnia
  29. Naples
  30. Nairobi
  31. Nilla
  32. Narnia
  33. Natalia
  34. Natura
  35. Normandy
  36. Nippon
  37. Noreen
  38. Norah
  39. Noelle
  40. Nymph
  41. Northsea
  42. Nostalgia
  43. Nettle
  44. Nocturnal
  45. Noir
  46. Noodle
  47. Neon
  48. Nymphadora
  49. Navajo
  50. Neptune

Section 4: Male Horse Names That Start With N

  1. Neptune
  2. Navigator
  3. Noble
  4. North Star
  5. Ninja
  6. Noodle
  7. Nevada
  8. Nelson
  9. Nightfall
  10. Narnia
  11. Nemo
  12. New Moon
  13. Nitro
  14. Noir
  15. Nomad
  16. Napolean
  17. Noddy
  18. Nimitz
  19. Nirvana
  20. Novak
  21. Newsboy
  22. Nantucket
  23. Neon
  24. Naples
  25. Nairobi
  26. Nightshade
  27. Newton
  28. Nightmare
  29. Nimbus
  30. Northwind
  31. Nexus
  32. Nectar
  33. Niagara
  34. Novgorod
  35. Nash
  36. Nominee
  37. Nobby
  38. Nutmeg
  39. Nobleman
  40. Nautilus
  41. Nordic
  42. Northland
  43. Neutral
  44. Nickel
  45. Nashville
  46. Nucleus
  47. Nairobi
  48. Nevada
  49. Norbert
  50. Nutcracker

Section 5: Unisex Names

  1. Nabisco
  2. Nacho
  3. Nadine
  4. Naiad
  5. Nairobi
  6. Naja
  7. Nakura
  8. Nala
  9. Namaste
  10. Nanook
  11. Nantucket
  12. Napoleon
  13. Nara
  14. Narcissus
  15. Narnia
  16. Nash
  17. Nashville
  18. Natalia
  19. Navigator
  20. Navy
  21. Nazareth
  22. Nebula
  23. Nectar
  24. Nemo
  25. Nepal
  26. Neptune
  27. Nero
  28. Nestor
  29. Nevada
  30. Nexus
  31. Niagara
  32. Nibbler
  33. Nightingale
  34. Nimbus
  35. Nina
  36. Ninja
  37. Nirvana
  38. Nitro
  39. Noah
  40. Noble
  41. Noblesse
  42. Nocturne
  43. Nomad
  44. Nonpareil
  45. Noodle
  46. North
  47. Northwind
  48. Nova
  49. Novara
  50. Nugget

These unisex horse names are suitable for both male and female horses, and offer a variety of options for equine enthusiasts to choose from.

Section 6: Cool Names

This section showcases horse names that start with ‘N’.

1-25 Cool Names

  1. Nash: A cool and straightforward name for a horse.
  2. Navigator: Suitable for a horse with a sense of direction.
  3. Nevada: Inspired by the Western state, perfect for a free-spirited horse.
  4. Neon: For a horse with a bright and lively personality.
  5. Niagara: Named after the famous waterfall, representing the horse‘s strength and power.
  6. Noble: Fitting for a dignified and well-mannered horse.
  7. Nike: Inspired by the Greek goddess of victory, ideal for a competitive horse.
  8. Nacho: A playful and fun name for a spirited horse.

In addition, here are some more cool horse names that start with N:

  1. Nimbus
  2. Narnia
  3. Nightshade
  4. Nova
  5. Nutmeg
  6. Niles
  7. Northwind
  8. Narwhal
  9. Noodle
  10. Nectar
  11. Nebula
  12. NoSuchName
  13. Nitro
  14. Nile
  15. Nomad
  16. Notorius
  17. Nugget

26-50 Cool Names

Continuing with our list of cool horse names that start with N:

  1. Nymph
  2. Nostalgia
  3. Newmoon
  4. Ninja
  5. Narcoleptic
  6. Nantucket
  7. Nostradamus
  8. Nucleus
  9. Nirvana
  10. Nautical
  11. Nagivator
  12. Nightingale
  13. Nectarine
  14. Nightcrawler
  15. Nuage
  16. Nuptial
  17. Nordic
  18. Napoleon
  19. Nandina
  20. Napalm
  21. Nostromo
  22. Nutmegger
  23. Nostalgist
  24. Nakuru
  25. Nectarous

These horse names are unique, attention-grabbing, and represent a variety of characteristics and themes, making it easy to find the perfect name for your equine friend.

Section 7: Badass Names

Starting off with horse names that start with N, this section focuses on badass names for your powerful equine companions. Divided into two subsections, let’s explore these names together.

1-25 Badass Names

  1. Nemesis – A fearsome and powerful rival.

  2. Nightmare – Dark and mysterious like the night.

  3. Ninja – Stealthy and swift in movement.

  4. Nitro – Explosive and speedy.

  5. Nordic – Strong and rooted in Norse culture.

  6. Nova – A bright, stellar explosion.

  7. Nucleus – The very core of something.

  8. Nyx – The Greek goddess of the night.

  9. Nefarious – Known for being wicked.

  10. Nebula – A celestial cloud of dust and gases.

  11. Neptune – The Roman god of the sea.

  12. Nimbus – A luminous cloud surrounding a divine being.

  13. Nocturne – A composition inspired by the night.

  14. Nomad – A wanderer without a fixed home.

  15. North – A magnetic direction pointing towards the pole.

  16. Notorious – Famous or well-known for a negative reason.

  17. Ngage – Engaging and drawing attention.

  18. Nexus – A connection or central hub.

  19. Noir – Dark and moody, often associated with crime dramas.

  20. Nemea – A reference to the mythical Nemean lion.

  21. Nightfall – The beginning of the night.

  22. Nimbus – Fast-moving clouds.

  23. Noble – Representing high ideals and principles.

  24. Nominal – Something insignificant and not worth mentioning.

  25. Nth – An uncountable or infinite variable.

26-50 Badass Names

  1. Nameless – Unknown and full of possibility.

  2. Narwhal – A mysterious marine creature with a long, spiral tusk.

  3. Naya – A strong and powerful river.

  4. Nebel – Morning fog or mist.

  5. Necromancer – A sorcerer who communicates with the dead.

  6. Necron – Intimidating and formidable, undead and ancient.

  7. Nectar – A sweet-tasting substance considered the drink of the gods.

  8. Nero – A reference to the notorious Roman Emperor.

  9. Nestor – Wise and old, named after a character in Greek mythology.

  10. Neutral – Unbiased and free of conflict.

  11. Nevermore – To cease to exist, often associated with Edgar Allan Poe’s poem.

  12. Nexus – Central connection or vital link.

  13. Nightcrawler – Elusive, stealthy and adaptable.

  14. Nightshade – A poisonous plant associated with darkness and mystery.

  15. Nil – Absolute zero or nothingness.

  16. Nimble – Quick, agile, and graceful.

  17. Nimbus – Radiant and glowing.

  18. Niner – Representing the number 9 in a variety of contexts.

  19. Nirvana – A state of perfect peace and happiness.

  20. Nix – An abbreviation for “nothing” or “no one”.

  21. Noble – Regal and of high moral character.

  22. Nocturnal – Active during the nighttime.

  23. Nomad – A free spirit roaming without a permanent home.

  24. Noire – Dark and mysterious, with French origins.

  25. Nonpareil – Unmatched and unsurpassed in excellence.

Section 8: Unique Names

horse names that start with N can be creative and memorable. Here are 50 unique horse names, divided into two subsections.

1-25 Unique Names

  1. Navajo – Inspired by the Native American tribe, Navajo horses bear a name of strength and resilience.
  2. Nabisco – A sweet choice, Nabisco could refer to the popular cookie and cracker brand.
  3. Narnia – This fantasy-inspired name pays tribute to the magical land created by C.S. Lewis.
  4. Nirvana – Hailing from Buddhist beliefs, Nirvana represents a sense of enlightenment and peace.
  5. Nutcracker – A festive and quirky option, Nutcracker evokes winter cheer and ballet performances.
  6. Nitro – With explosive energy, Nitro would make a great name for a spirited and fast horse.
  7. Nugget – Endearing as well as adorable, Nugget might be a perfect fit for a small, golden horse.
  8. Nutmeg – Another spice-inspired name, Nutmeg brings to mind a warmth and depth of flavor.

Among the other unique names:

  1. Neptune
  2. Nimbus
  3. Nomad
  4. Nostalgia
  5. Notorious
  6. Nova
  7. Nebula
  8. Nocturnal
  9. Newmoon
  10. Nymphador
  11. Nocturne
  12. Nuttybutter
  13. Nautilus
  14. Neptune’s Trident
  15. Northern Star
  16. Nightingale
  17. Noodle

26-50 Unique Names

  1. Nantucket
  2. Navigator
  3. Needlepoint
  4. Network
  5. Newton
  6. Nightfall
  7. Nightmare
  8. Nostromo
  9. Notable
  10. Noventis
  11. Nuit Blanche
  12. Nutella
  13. Nashoba
  14. Neutron
  15. Nightwatch
  16. Nutberry
  17. National Treasure
  18. Neroli
  19. Nickelodeon
  20. Nimbus Storm
  21. Napoleon
  22. Nacho
  23. Novella
  24. Nougat
  25. Nuzzle

These unique names will surely make any horse stand out and be remembered by all who encounter them.

Section 9: Catchy Names

Looking for horse names that start with N? This section offers a variety of catchy names for your equine companion. We’ve divided the names into two sub-sections for your convenience.

1-25 Catchy Names

  1. Noble Knight
  2. Nimbus
  3. Narnia
  4. Neptune
  5. Nina
  6. Nightfall
  7. North Star
  8. Navigator
  9. Nirvana
  10. New Moon
  11. Nova
  12. Nectar
  13. Narnia
  14. Nomad
  15. Nutmeg
  16. Nash
  17. Nostalgia
  18. Nemo
  19. Noble
  20. Newton
  21. Nightingale
  22. Neon Dream
  23. Neverland
  24. North Wind
  25. Night Rider

26-50 Catchy Names

  1. Ninja
  2. Nutcracker
  3. Narwhal
  4. Nautical
  5. Nimbus Breeze
  6. Nia
  7. Narnia Wanderer
  8. Navy Blue
  9. Noble Spirit
  10. Nightshade
  11. Natasha
  12. Nebula
  13. Night Vision
  14. Noble Quest
  15. New Beginnings
  16. Northern Lights
  17. Nashville
  18. Nomandy
  19. Natural Beauty
  20. Nautilus
  21. Neigh Neigh
  22. Nazareth
  23. Niagara
  24. Nugget
  25. Nova Star

Remember, while choosing a suitable name for your horse, it’s essential to pick one that reflects their personality and compliments their unique traits.

Section 10: Cute Names

Horse names that start with “N” can be fun and creative for your equine companion.

1-25 Cute Names

  1. Nugget – A small but precious name for your horse.
  2. Nibble – Perfect for a horse that loves to graze.
  3. Nifty – A stylish and clever name for a skilled horse.
  4. Nightlight – Ideal for a horse that brings light to your life.
  5. Nibbles – A playful name for a horse with a curious nature.

Consider the following names if you want to incorporate other cute elements into your horse’s name:

  1. Coco Nifty – A sweet and stylish name for a horse who loves to show off.
  2. Blossom Night – A beautiful mix of nature and nighttime imagery.
  3. N Butter – A cute and tasty combination.
  4. Buttons N Bows – A charming name for a well-groomed horse.
  5. Butterscotch N Delight – Ideal for a horse with a golden coat and lovable personality.

The next set of names also starts with a letter N and includes charming elements:

  1. Nighttime Nuzzler – For a horse that loves to cuddle in the evening.
  2. Noble Napper – A fitting name for a horse that enjoys leisurely naps.
  3. North Wind – Ideal for a swift and majestic horse.
  4. Nestle Nuzzle – Perfect for a horse that appreciates gentle touch.
  5. Nutty Neigh – A fun and quirky name for a horse with a unique personality.

Here are more names that start with “N” for you to consider:

  1. Nebula – A cosmic name for a horse with an out-of-this-world presence.
  2. Nectar – For a sweet and irresistible equine friend.
  3. Neptune – Ideal for a horse with a powerful and regal demeanor.
  4. Nestor – A strong and wise name for a dependable equine companion.
  5. New Moon – Perfect for a horse with a mysterious and enchanting aura.

The final five cute names include:

  1. Niagara – Impressive and awe-inspiring, just like the famous waterfall.
  2. Nice N Easy – A perfect name for a horse with a relaxed and steady disposition.
  3. Nimbus – A name that invokes the image of a swift and graceful cloud.
  4. Nirvana – For a horse that brings a sense of peace and serenity.
  5. Noble Knight – A regal name for a horse with strong and chivalrous qualities.

26-50 Cute Names

Here are other cute names that start with the letter “N” that you can consider:

  1. Noah’s Nudge – Ideal for an influential and comforting equine companion.
  2. Nutcracker – Perfect for a horse that can crack through obstacles effortlessly.
  3. Nutella Neigh – A delicious and playful name for a horse with a friendly personality.
  4. Nutmeg Nuzzle – For a horse that loves tender moments and has a warm aura.
  5. Nautical Dream – Ideal for a horse with a graceful and free-spirited nature.

More cute names include:

  1. Nifty Napper – A combination of style and relaxation for that laid-back horse.
  2. Night Owl – Perfect for a horse that comes alive during the night.
  3. Ninja Star – A stealthy and playful name for a quick equine companion.
  4. Nimbus Break – For a horse that can send clouds scattering with its speed.
  5. Nova Bright – A radiant name that represents a new beginning with your horse.

Here are more names that beautifully incorporate other charming elements:

  1. Nirvana Blossom – A blend of serenity and nature’s beauty.
  2. Nutty Buttons – A playful and whimsical name for a horse who doesn’t take life too seriously.
  3. Navy Breeze – For a horse that navigates life with grace and poise.
  4. Neon Light – Ideal for a horse with a vibrant and striking presence.
  5. Nuzzle Buddy – A cute name for a horse that loves to cuddle and share affection.

The final ten cute names are:

  1. Nola’s Charm – For a horse that carries a piece of lovely New Orleans.

  2. Northern Star – A perfect name for a guiding and dependable equine companion.

  3. Nimbus Dancer – For a horse that moves like a graceful cloud through the sky.

  4. Nectarine Surprise – A sweet and delightful name full of pleasant surprises.

  5. Nightcap Secret – A mysterious and enchanting name for your equine friend.

  6. Naptime Dreamer – For a horse that enjoys leisurely dreams during naps.

  7. Nonsense Whisper – A charming and amusing name for a playful horse.

  8. Northwood Beauty – Ideal for a horse that reflects nature’s elegance and majesty.

  9. Nifty Navigator – A perfect name for a horse with excellent direction and skill.

  10. Noble Friend – A name that represents the loyalty and love shared with your horse.

Section 11: Funny Names

Horse names can be amusing, and starting with the letter N offers an array of options. Here are 50 funny horse names, divided into two sub-sections.

1-25 Funny Names

  1. Nacho Average Horse
  2. Napoleon Neighnamite
  3. NaysayeRR
  4. Need For Neigh
  5. NeighSayer Supreme
  6. Neighston Rockets
  7. Neighwatch
  8. Nerve Neighter
  9. Nessie the Neighsayer
  10. Newton’s Neighggestion
  11. Nifty and Neighsty
  12. Nightmare Noodle
  13. Ninja Neighder
  14. No Neigh Never
  15. No Neighsayers Allowed
  16. Noah’s Neighrk
  17. Noble Neighsayer
  18. Noodle Neighcer
  19. Not Just a Neighme
  20. Notorious N.E.I.G.H.
  21. Nuttin’ but Neigh
  22. Nuzzle Navigator
  23. Nyquist’s Neighsayers
  24. Nytro Neightron
  25. Nyuk Nyuk Neighs

26-50 Funny Names

  1. N-zone Neighbor
  2. Neigh-ppuccino
  3. Nutty by Neigh-ture
  4. Neighromatic
  5. Not-So-Normal Neightilda
  6. Neighing Lunatic
  7. Neigh-mesis
  8. Neigh-tastic Napper
  9. Napoleon Neighdor
  10. Neigh it Ain’t So
  11. Neigh’s Anatomy
  12. Nebula’s Neigh
  13. Neigh-ver Been Kissed
  14. Nifty Neigh-verending
  15. Naughty Neigh-te Nite
  16. Neigh-orbital Express
  17. Neighterfield
  18. Narrow Neigh-vigation
  19. Neighs and Whispers
  20. Neigh-netic Attraction
  21. Nautilus Neighter
  22. Nimbus Neigth-gen
  23. Nip and Neighce
  24. Nattering Neigh-ma
  25. Nano-Neigh Technology

Section 12: Tips For Brainstorming The Perfect Name

Naming horses can be a fun and creative process. When considering name ideas, it’s essential to think about the personality of the horse and any history or characteristics that might inspire a unique name. Here are some tips for brainstorming the perfect name.

One approach is to explore names based on the horse’s coat color or markings. What color is your horse? Indian names, for example, may be inspired by the natural colors found in the landscape or animals. If you have a boy or girl horse, consider gender-specific names that reflect their personality.

Another tip is to look into the alphabet for inspiration. Is there a particular letter you find appealing? Starting with the letter “N,” you can find a wide variety of names for both geldings and fillies. Some examples include:

  1. Noble
  2. Neptune
  3. Nightfall
  4. Nimbus
  5. Nyala

For those with a love for history, you can also consider famous horse names from the past. What figures from the equestrian world resonate with you? Perhaps draw inspiration from legendary racehorses or accomplished show jumpers:

  1. Nijinsky
  2. Nashua
  3. Native Dancer
  4. Niagara
  5. Nureyev

Ultimately, brainstorming the perfect name for your horse should be a fun and rewarding process that reflects your emotional connection with the animal. Take your time, consider various sources of inspiration, and in the end, choose a name that feels fitting for your equine companion.

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