Koffing Nicknames (82 Awesome Naming Ideas)

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Do you have a Koffing in your Pokémon game? If so, you may be wondering what to call it.

Koffing is a unique Pokémon with a lot of personality, and it deserves an awesome nickname!

In this blog post, we will provide a list of Koffing nicknames that you can use for your game.

These names are creative and fun, and they will help make your Koffing stand out from the rest!

Best Koffing Nicknames

Below are our picks for the absolute best Koffing nicknames:

  1. Smog
  2. Smokey
  3. Cough
  4. Miasma
  5. Poof
  6. Misty
  7. Cloud
  8. Veil
  9. Quarantine
  10. Shroud
  11. Virus
  12. Jupiter
  13. Corruptor
  14. Methane
  15. Contagion
  16. Gasly
  17. Kojo
  18. Toxik
  19. Gastro
  20. Fogger
  21. Dusk
  22. Haze
  23. Kodak
  24. Fumes
  25. Sari – short for sarin, a toxic gas
  26. Polluter
  27. Hazard
  28. Wisp
  29. Reek
  30. Fetor
  31. Sooty
  32. Blight
  33. Gloomy
  34. Murk

Cute And Funny Koffing Nicknames 

Next, let’s take a look at some adorable nicknames for your Koffing:

  1. Gumball
  2. Purple
  3. Asthma
  4. Weezer – as in the American alternative rock band
  5. Laughing Gas
  6. Asbestos
  7. Fart
  8. Buggy
  9. Koffee
  10. Gasbag
  11. Marlboro 
  12. Stinkbomb
  13. Bucky
  14. Pneumonio/Pneumonia
  15. Marbles
  16. Bubba
  17. Coalroller
  18. Chewy
  19. Smokestack
  20. Cigar
  21. Flu
  22. Breezey
  23. Lintball
  24. Chainsmoker
  25. Gunky
  26. Coughdrop
  27. Hoarse

Koffing Nicknames From TV, Shows, And Games

Here are some Koffing nicknames inspired by our favorite shows and video games:

  1. Wheezy – from the animated Disney movie “Toy Story 2”
  2. Grievous – a general from Star Wars, known for his hacking cough
  3. Slimer – a monster from the film “Ghostbusters”
  4. Guila – from the anime “Seven Deadly Sins,” uses smoke to fight
  5. Lakitu – from Nintendo’s Mario series
  6. Satine – from the film “Moulin Rouge!”
  7. Mayhew – perpetually coughing servant from “Corpse Bride”
  8. Ratso – from the film “Midnight Cowboy”
  9. Ganishka – from the Berserk anime series
  10. Hexxus – from the animated movie “FernGully: The Last Rainforest”
  11. Zag – from the video game “Hades”
  12. Itachi – from the Naruto anime series
  13. Krobus – from the video game “Stardew Valley”
  14. Swackhammer – from the animated movie “Space Jam”
  15. Whistler – coughing character from the Blade series
  16. Muichiro – mist-wielding warrior from the manga “Demon Slayer”
  17. Alucard – from the Castlevania video games series

Koffing Nicknames From Folklore And Literature

Below is a list of intriguing Koffing nicknames based on myth and literature:

  1. Avalon – misty isle from Arthurian legends
  2. Longshanks – English king who suffered from chronic cough
  3. Smaug – a dragon from “The Hobbit,” rhymes with smog
  4. Niflheim – misty realm of the dead in Norse mythology
  5. Kitty – from “Pride and Prejudice,” known for her nagging cough
  6. Hong Meng – “Vast Mist” of chaos from Chinese creation myths
  7. London – referencing the Great Smog of London
  8. Enenra – a smoke monster from Japanese mythology
  9. Doc Holliday – a legendary gunslinger, suffered from a chronic cough
  10. Fantine – character from “Les Misérables”
  11. Tim – referencing Tiny Tim from “A Christmas Carol”
  12. Dracula – referencing the vampire’s ability to turn into mist
  13. Weasley – from the Harry Potter series
  14. Féth fíada – a mystical veil of fog from Irish mythology

Pokémon Nickname Inspiration

When it comes to nicknames, there are endless possibilities for your Pokémon.

Some players prefer to give their Pokémon quirky and fun names that reflect their personalities or characteristics. Other players may opt for more traditional, straightforward names that perfectly suit their chosen team lineup.

No matter what type of inspiration you’re looking for, there are plenty of options for interesting and unique Pokémon nicknames.

Some people might choose themes like geography or mythology, drawing from places or figures from across the world and throughout history. Others may turn to literature and film, drawing inspiration from the classics of literature or the biggest blockbusters on the big screen. And some might even utilize a direct reference system, referencing specific games or characters within the franchise itself.

Whatever your inspiration, finding a great Pokémon nickname can be an endlessly entertaining process that allows you to showcase your creativity and show off your individual style.

Help Choosing The Right Name

Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect nickname for your Pokémon:

  • First and foremost, make sure the name is something you’re comfortable using. You’ll be saying it a lot, so it should be something you’re proud of.
  • Second, take into account the personality of your Pokémon. A cuddly Pikachu might have a very different nickname than a fierce Tyranitar.
  • Third, pay attention to the length of the name. In general, shorter names are easier to remember and use in conversation.
  • Fourth, consider how the name will look on a screen or in print. If it’s too long or complicated, it might be hard to read quickly in battle.
  • Finally, have fun with it! The best nicknames are the ones that reflect your personality and make you smile.

Koffing is a perfect Pokémon for nickname experimentation, so don’t be afraid to try out a few different options before settling on the perfect one.

And who knows? Maybe you’ll even come up with a nickname so good, that it’ll become popular among other players.


Koffing is a great pokemon to use for nicknames because of its wide range of possible names. Whether you’re looking for something fun and quirky, or something more traditional and straightforward, Koffing provides plenty of options.

When choosing a nickname for your Pokémon, be sure to keep the personality of your pokemon in mind, as well as how the name will look on a screen or in print. And most importantly, have fun with it!

The best nicknames are the ones that make you smile. Who knows, you might even come up with a nickname so good that it becomes popular among other players.

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