Lucario Names (117 Awesome Nickname Ideas)

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Do you have a Lucario in your game? If so, it needs a badass nickname!

We’ve got 117 of the best Lucario names for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something fierce or something that reflects Lucario’s steel type, we’ve got you covered.

So get ready to give your Lucario an epic new name!

  1. Ace
  2. Adonis
  3. Akuma
  4. Alpha
  5. Apollo
  6. Ares
  7. Artemis
  8. Athena
  9. Atlas
  10. Aura
  11. Aura Storm
  12. Balrog
  13. Bane
  14. Beast
  15. Blade
  16. Blade of Aura
  17. Blanka
  18. Blaze
  19. Blitz
  20. Blitzen
  21. Brawler
  22. Breaker
  23. Brolly
  24. Bruce Lee
  25. Brute
  26. Brutus
  27. Bulletproof
  28. Bullet Punch
  29. Caesar
  30. Chakram
  31. Champ
  32. Champion
  33. Clark Kent
  34. Clash
  35. Claw
  36. Close Combat
  37. Colossus
  38. Combat
  39. Conqueror
  40. Contender
  41. Counter
  42. Crash Blaster
  43. Crescent Moon
  44. Crimson
  45. Crystal Guardian
  46. Dante
  47. Dhalsim
  48. Diamond Fist
  49. Dionysus
  50. Dynamo
  51. E. Honda
  52. Eclipse
  53. Eternal Sentinel
  54. Eye of Justice
  55. Fang
  56. Fei Long
  57. Fightmaster
  58. Flash Fire
  59. Frieza
  60. Fury
  61. Fury Swipes
  62. Gladiator
  63. Glaive
  64. Gohan
  65. Goku
  66. Granite
  67. Guardian
  68. Guile
  69. Hades
  70. Hercules
  71. Hermes
  72. Immortal
  73. Iron Fist
  74. Jackel
  75. Jackie Chan
  76. Juggernaut
  77. Justic
  78. Kakarot
  79. Kamikaze
  80. Ken
  81. Killer
  82. Legend
  83. Lucian
  84. M. Bison
  85. Maverick
  86. Monarch
  87. Moon Knight
  88. Nightmare
  89. Odin
  90. One-Punch Man
  91. Popeye
  92. Protector
  93. Rocky
  94. Ryu
  95. Saber
  96. Sagat
  97. Samurai
  98. Scarlet
  99. Sentinel
  100. Slayer
  101. Spartan
  102. Spike
  103. Stallone
  104. Steelheart
  105. Sylvester
  106. Tank
  107. Titan
  108. Titanium
  109. Trunks
  110. Valkyrie
  111. Vanquisher (Perfect for Lucario’s mega evolution)
  112. Vega
  113. Vegeta
  114. Warrior
  115. Zangief
  116. Zephyr
  117. Zeus

Pokemon Name Inspiration

Inspiration can be found anywhere from tv shows to books to real life. Sometimes all you need is a little jump start to come up with the perfect nickname for your steel type Lucario.

Here are some ideas where you can look for inspiration for Lucario nicknames:

  • Tv Shows – Such as Dragon Ball Z
  • Books
  • Video game characters
  • Steel type names
  • Fighting character names such as famous characters in films, games, anime, etc.

Help Choosing The Perfect Name

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while choosing the perfect nickname for Lucario:

  • Keep it steel-type related! Lucario is a steel/fighting type, so consider giving him a name that represents his dual typing.
  • Try to avoid using in-game names. These are often overused and not as creative.
  • Think about what makes Lucario special to you. Is he your first steel type? Your favorite fighting type? Use this to help brainstorm the perfect nickname for him.
  • Steel types are known for their strength and power so consider names that reflect those qualities
  • Try to avoid common names since there are already a lot of Pikachu’s and Charmanders out there. Be unique!
  • Have fun with it! After all, this is your chance to get creative.


Steel-type Pokemon are some of the most powerful in the game, and with a good nickname, you can show everyone just how tough your Lucario is. Whether you’re looking for a badass name or something more clever, we’ve got you covered.

Check out our list of 91 steel-type nicknames for Lucario and get ready to dominate your next battle!

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