10 Best Luxury Dog Coats (Options For Your Stylish Pup)

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Let’s face it, it’s fun to dress up your dog. Winter and rain give us a practical excuse but deep down, a part of us just likes seeing our furry best friends in designer clothes.

Today we are going to explore some of the best luxury dog coats out there so that you can outfit your dog as you like.

Whether it’s for style or practicality, we’ve got you covered. Don’t take our word for it, though, let’s take a look and you can see for yourself!

1. Puppia Ultralight Jumpsuit B

Our first entry is the Puppia Ultralight Jumpsuit B and it’s quite the snappy doggy coat for winter. The Puppy Ultralight boasts to be about 33% lighter than similar jumpsuits (which is great news for little dogs like chihuahuas and French Bulldogs) and it brings some excellent protection to the table.

Designed with an ‘arm and leg’ cover, the Puppia Ultralight is warm and water-resistant so that inclement-weather walks won’t chill or drench your dog. It’s also handmade, double-stitched, and fits easily in the included pouch for hassle-free transport. It also looks sharp, so check out the provided link if you’d like a closer look at the Puppia Ultralight!

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2. Push Pushi Dog Raincoat

Next in our exploration of designer dog coats is the Push Pushi Dog Raincoat and we have to say that we like its style. This is the first raincoat for dogs we’ve seen that has ample headcover that doesn’t push down your doggy’s ears!

It’s made with Nylon and plastics, much like a human raincoat, but when you aren’t using the hood you can simply push it back and it sets in place with magnets. You can also remove the hood completely, if you like, and simply attach it when you need it. As far as doggy-raincoats go, this is definitely our favorite.

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3. Sandy Liang ‘Lil Fleece’ Fleece Jacket

Nothing says luxury comfort like fleece and the ‘Lil Fleece’ by Sandy Liang is no exception. Made with polyester and an Italian wool fleece-blend lining, this coat is both warm and sleek style. Putting it on your dog is easy with Velcro attachments and for added style, the Lil Fleece has a signature leopard-spot pocket.

Don’t put it in the washer, though. This designer coat is dry-clean only!

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4. Duluth Reversible Leopard Pullover

Do you love the 80’s? They’ve got luxury dog clothes for that! This Duluth Reversible Leopard pullover is an attention-getter and thin enough that it won’t annoy your dog but it’s got stretchy fleece lining on the inside to keep your dog warm. That’s because they’ve added that 80’s favorite – Spandex!

The coat is also eco-friendly, made from recycled materials, and it’s easy to take care of because it’s machine washable. So if you are looking for low-maintenance, high-quality 80’s fashion for your dog then this might just be the perfect fit.

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5. Weatherbeeta Comfitech Reflective Parka

Sometimes you want a coat that is more utility than flash, less cute, and more serious, and the Weatherbeeta Comfitech Reflective Parka is a great choice for this. First off, it’s a reflective ‘hunter’s orange’, so your dog will be highly visible at night for protection, and it’s also quite coy and warm in the bargain.

It’s made from 300 denier-grade material with 220 grams of Polyfill material, so it’s tough and quite warm, and it’s also fleece-lined and completely waterproof. This coat provides full coverage of the belly and the chest and is perfect for taking your dog hunting in, as the design is not restrictive on movement. It’s practical, effective, and not so cutesy, which might be just what you’re looking for.  

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6. Snow White Quilted Parka

The Snow White Quilted Parka is a step in the direction of style and we have to admit, this is a good-looking dog coat. It’s got a faux-fur trim on the detachable hood and the hem and arms have elastic qualities so that it’s easy to put on and stays snugly on your dog. The inside is fleece-lined, so it’s not just for looks and will definitely keep your dog warm and fastening is not done with Velcro, but 3 chrome buttons.

It’s also got 2 pockets on the back where you can stow away some treats for your trips. If you want a luxury dog coat that won’t break the bank, the Snow White is definitely worth a closer look.

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7. Ruff and Tumble French Navy Drying Coat

If you’ve never seen one, a drying coat is a fantastic option if your dog likes to play in the mud and the wet. You can put this coat on your dog when playtime is finished and it will help them to dry off while preventing the dreaded ‘shake off’ that somehow always happens in the worst places.

It’s made with double-thickness quality cotton and it’s not just for the cold, either. In the warm months, you can soak this coat in water and put it on your dog to keep them cool. If you’ve never tried a drying coat then you and your dog are in for a treat with the Ruff and Tumble.

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8. Forest Green Tweed Dog Coat

Speaking of style, this luxury dog jacket is a tweed coat with a corduroy collar. It’s fully lined to keep your dog warm and fastens with sturdy Velcro, which makes it easy to put on or take off again. These coats are handmade by the Mutts and Hounds Studio and the tweed comes from prestigious Yorkshire Woolen Mills.

They’ve been producing quality tweed since 1837, so if you want a comfy coat that does the job nicely and brings some serious quality to the table then you should give this tweed a try!

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9. Urban Parka

This Urban Parka from ‘The dog Outdoors’ scores highly in both form and function. Available in pink, khaki, black, and red it starts off strong with a lot of options and it definitely does its job. That’s because it’s got warm and cozy Sherpa lining to go with the vegan fur-trimmed hood. It’s water-resistant and also comes with faux pockets as a nod to style. While it’s got Sherpa and polyester on the inside, the outside is 100% nylon.

Finally, it uses ‘Elasto-fit’ technology to ensure that it’s easy to put on and fits your dog snugly. All in all, that’s one fine doggy-coat.

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10. Flex-fit Hoodies

If it’s not cold out but you want a nice coat that your dog will look sharp in then look no further. These Flex-fit Hoodies are luxury dog coats at extremely reasonable prices. Made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, these little hoodies look good and fit snugly, and they come in a lot of colors.

Available in red, gray, black, pink, purple, and blue, you’ve got enough selections that you can both wear the same color hoodies out if you like! With the pricing, you can even get all of the colors and accessories for your walks. Take a peek and see for yourself, these are some nice-looking hoodies.

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Some Final Words

As you can see, when it comes to form and function, these coats deliver. Whether it’s cold, rainy, or warm, there’s a little something for everyone here.

So take a closer look and when the seasons change you and your furry best friend can enjoy them together in style!

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