499+ Pool Party Name Ideas (Make a Splash with These Ideas)

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Summer is here, and it’s time to cool off and have some fun in the sun. Hosting a pool party is a great way to bring friends and family together for a day of relaxation and fun.

But before you send out those invitations, you need to come up with the perfect name for your pool party.

An amazing pool party name is not only catchy, but it also sets the tone for your event.

In this blog post, we’ll explore 500 pool party name ideas and help you find the perfect name for your summer party.

Let’s dive in.

Best Pool Party Names

  1. Splash Bash
  2. Pool-a-Palooza
  3. Sun & Fun
  4. Diving into Summer
  5. Float Fest
  6. Soak Up the Sun
  7. Endless Summer
  8. Poolside Paradise
  9. Swim Sesh
  10. Cannonball Craze
  11. Summer Safari
  12. H2Oh Yeah!
  13. Beach Bum Bash
  14. Summer Fling
  15. Sun Kissed Soiree
  16. Wet & Wild
  17. Pool Party Perfection
  18. Summer Splashdown
  19. Aqua Adventure
  20. Poolapalooza
  21. The Big Splash
  22. Summer Solstice
  23. Sun’s Out, Pool’s Out
  24. Poolside Pals
  25. Poolside Party
  26. Summer Lovin’
  27. Dive In
  28. Poolside Popsicles
  29. Splashin’ Soiree
  30. Summer Shenanigans
  31. Endless Waves
  32. Poolside Paradise
  33. Lazy Days of Summer
  34. Sun, Fun, and Water
  35. Pool Party Pals
  36. Splish Splash
  37. Sun, Sand, and Surf
  38. Poolside Pals
  39. Summer Sunset
  40. Beachside Bash
  41. Summer Sizzle
  42. Poolside Pizza Party
  43. Summer Fun Fest
  44. Sun, Sand, and Swimming
  45. Pool Party Palooza
  46. Pool Party People
  47. Summer Escape
  48. Pool Party Pandemonium
  49. Summer of Fun
  50. Sun-kissed Swimming
  51. Poolside Playtime
  52. Summer Magic
  53. Poolside Paradise
  54. Sunny Days and Pool Ways
  55. Poolside Potluck
  56. Beach Blanket Bingo
  57. Summer’s Here
  58. Poolside Promenade
  59. Dive into Fun
  60. Poolside Popcorn Party
  61. Summer Splash Party
  62. Sun, Sand, and Splashing
  63. Pool Party Potluck
  64. Summer Days and Pool Plays
  65. Beach Party Bonanza
  66. Poolside Playdate
  67. Summer Fling Thing
  68. Pool Party Potpourri
  69. Summer Swirl
  70. Sun, Sand, and Swimmingly
  71. Poolside Picnic
  72. Summer Poolside Party
  73. Splash and Sizzle
  74. Poolside Potpourri
  75. Beach Bash Blast
  76. Summer Poolside Picnic
  77. Sun, Sand, and Splashes
  78. Pool Party Palooza
  79. Summer Poolside Pizza Party
  80. Poolside Party Perfection
  81. Beach Blanket Bash
  82. Summer Swelter
  83. Pool Party People
  84. Summer Soiree
  85. Poolside Potluck Party
  86. Splash into Summer
  87. Summer Sun and Fun
  88. Poolside Paradise
  89. Sun, Sand, and Sea
  90. Poolside Picnic Party
  91. Summer Swim Fest
  92. Poolside Popcorn Picnic
  93. Beachside Bash Bonanza
  94. Poolside Playtime Party
  95. Summer Splashdown
  96. Sun, Sand, and Swimmingly Sweet
  97. Pool Party Potluck Palooza
  98. Summer Days and Pool Plays
  99. Beach Party Bonanza
  100. Pool Party Palooza

Good Names For Pool Party

Now that we’ve covered the best names for a pool party, let’s move on to good pool party names.

Good pool party names are simple, easy to remember, and often include words related to water, summer, and fun.

Here are 100 good names for a pool party:

  1. Poolside Playdate
  2. Sun, Sand, and Swimming
  3. Splashin’ Soiree
  4. Summer Splashdown
  5. Poolside Paradise
  6. Poolside Pals
  7. Endless Summer
  8. Beach Bum Bash
  9. Summer Fling
  10. Sun Kissed Soiree
  11. Wet & Wild
  12. Pool Party Perfection
  13. Aqua Adventure
  14. Poolapalooza
  15. The Big Splash
  16. Summer Solstice
  17. Sun’s Out, Pool’s Out
  18. Poolside Party
  19. Summer Lovin’
  20. Dive In
  21. Poolside Popsicles
  22. Splish Splash
  23. Sun, Sand, and Surf
  24. Summer Sunset
  25. Beachside Bash
  26. Poolside Pizza Party
  27. Summer Fun Fest
  28. Summer of Fun
  29. Sun-kissed Swimming
  30. Poolside Playtime
  31. Summer Magic
  32. Sunny Days and Pool Ways
  33. Beach Blanket Bingo
  34. Summer’s Here
  35. Dive into Fun
  36. Poolside Popcorn Party
  37. Summer Splash Party
  38. Pool Party Potluck
  39. Summer Days and Pool Plays
  40. Beach Party Bonanza
  41. Poolside Playdate
  42. Summer Fling Thing
  43. Pool Party Potpourri
  44. Summer Swirl
  45. Poolside Picnic
  46. Summer Poolside Party
  47. Splash and Sizzle
  48. Poolside Potpourri
  49. Beach Blanket Bash
  50. Summer Swelter
  51. Pool Party People
  52. Summer Soiree
  53. Poolside Potluck Party
  54. Splash into Summer
  55. Summer Sun and Fun
  56. Poolside Paradise
  57. Sun, Sand, and Sea
  58. Poolside Picnic Party
  59. Summer Swim Fest
  60. Poolside Popcorn Picnic
  61. Beachside Bash Bonanza
  62. Poolside Playtime Party
  63. Summer Splashdown
  64. Sun, Sand, and Swimmingly Sweet
  65. Pool Party Potluck Palooza
  66. Summer Days and Pool Plays
  67. Beach Party Bonanza
  68. Pool Party Palooza
  69. Sun-kissed Fun
  70. Pool Party Palooza
  71. Summer Poolside Pizza Party
  72. Poolside Party Perfection
  73. Beach Blanket Bash
  74. Summer Swelter
  75. Pool Party People
  76. Summer Soiree
  77. Poolside Potluck Party
  78. Splash into Summer
  79. Summer Sun and Fun
  80. Poolside Paradise
  81. Sun, Sand, and Sea
  82. Poolside Picnic Party
  83. Summer Swim Fest
  84. Poolside Popcorn Picnic
  85. Beachside Bash Bonanza
  86. Poolside Playtime Party
  87. Summer Splashdown
  88. Sun, Sand, and Swimmingly Sweet
  89. Pool Party Potluck Palooza
  90. Summer Days and Pool Plays
  91. Beach Party Bonanza
  92. Pool Party Palooza
  93. Sun-kissed Fun
  94. Pool Party Palooza
  95. Summer Poolside Pizza Party
  96. Poolside Party Perfection
  97. Beach Blanket Bash
  98. Summer Swelter
  99. Pool Party People
  100. Summer Soiree

Catchy Names For A Pool Party

Catchy pool party names are those that stick in your head long after the party is over. They’re often puns, alliterations, or include fun rhymes.

These names are great for themed parties or those that are more playful in nature.

Here are 50 catchy names for a pool party:

  1. Pool Fools
  2. Pool-a-Palooza
  3. Sun & Fun
  4. Diving into Summer
  5. Float Fest
  6. Soak Up the Sun
  7. Endless Summer
  8. Poolside Paradise
  9. Swim Sesh
  10. Cannonball Craze
  11. Summer Safari
  12. H2Oh Yeah!
  13. Beach Bum Bash
  14. Summer Fling
  15. Sun Kissed Soiree
  16. Wet & Wild
  17. Pool Party Perfection
  18. Summer Splashdown
  19. Aqua Adventure
  20. Poolapalooza
  21. The Big Splash
  22. Summer Solstice
  23. Sun’s Out, Pool’s Out
  24. Poolside Pals
  25. Poolside Party
  26. Summer Lovin’
  27. Dive In
  28. Poolside Popsicles
  29. Splashin’ Soiree
  30. Summer Shenanigans
  31. Endless Waves
  32. Poolside Paradise
  33. Lazy Days of Summer
  34. Sun, Fun, and Water
  35. Pool Party Pals
  36. Splish Splash
  37. Sun, Sand, and Surf
  38. Poolside Pals
  39. Summer Fiesta
  40. Dive into Fun
  41. Poolside Promenade
  42. Beach Bash Bonanza
  43. Summer Shindig
  44. Poolside Playdate
  45. Water World
  46. Sun, Sand, and Pool Time
  47. Splashing Good Time
  48. Summer Sizzle
  49. Poolside Potluck
  50. Aqua Adventure

Cool Pool Party Names

Cool pool party names are perfect for a more sophisticated party with a trendy or modern vibe. These names often include puns, clever wordplay, or references to pop culture.

Here are 150 cool pool party names to inspire you:

  1. The Deep End
  2. Poolside Rendezvous
  3. Sun-Kissed Swank
  4. Summer Oasis
  5. Drenched in Style
  6. Splash Bash
  7. Poolside Soiree
  8. Summer Delight
  9. Aqua Affair
  10. Sunny Side Up
  11. Poolside Posse
  12. Sun Kissed & Chic
  13. Dive in Style
  14. Summer Social
  15. Poolside Paradise
  16. Splish Splash Soiree
  17. Soak in Style
  18. Sun, Swimsuits, and Sips
  19. Poolside Posh
  20. Summer Lovin’ Soiree
  21. Aqua Adventure
  22. Sun, Sips, and Splash
  23. Poolside Perfection
  24. Summer Nights Swim
  25. Beach Bum Soiree
  26. Sun-Drenched Swim
  27. Poolside Party
  28. Summer Serenade
  29. Aqua Amore
  30. Sun-Kissed Soiree
  31. Poolside Posse
  32. Splish Splash Summer Bash
  33. Sun-Kissed & Sophisticated
  34. Dive into Style
  35. Summer Sips & Dips
  36. Poolside Paradise
  37. Swim Soiree
  38. Sun-Kissed Stylin’
  39. Poolside Promenade
  40. Summer Siren Swim
  41. Aqua Adventure
  42. Sun, Sips, and Swim
  43. Poolside Perfection
  44. Summer Sunset Swim
  45. Beach Bum Soiree
  46. Sun-Drenched Swim
  47. Poolside Party
  48. Summer Soiree
  49. Aqua Amore
  50. Sun-Kissed Soiree

Creative Names For A Pool Party

Creative pool party names are those that are unique and out of the box. These names are perfect for those who want their party to stand out from the rest.

Here are 150 creative names for a pool party:

  1. Floaty Fiesta
  2. Poolside Playland
  3. Sun-Drenched Dreams
  4. Beachy Bonanza
  5. Fun in the Sun
  6. Poolside Paradise
  7. Summer Dreams
  8. Aqua Adventure
  9. Sun, Swim, and Smile
  10. Poolside Posse
  11. Splashin’ Soiree
  12. Summer Oasis
  13. Sun-Kissed Shenanigans
  14. Poolside Party
  15. Water World
  16. Sun’s Out, Pool’s Out
  17. Poolside Promenade
  18. Endless Summer
  19. Beach Blanket Bingo
  20. Summer Soiree
  21. Dive into Summer
  22. Poolside Potluck
  23. Aqua Affair
  24. Sun, Sand, and Swim
  25. Poolside Pals
  26. Splish Splash Bash
  27. Summer Lovin’
  28. Sun-Kissed Soiree
  29. Poolside Playdate
  30. Aqua Adventure
  31. Sun, Swim, and Savor
  32. Poolside Posse
  33. Water Wonderland
  34. Sun-Kissed Shenanigans
  35. Poolside Party
  36. Beach Bum Bash
  37. Summer Soiree
  38. Dive in Style
  39. Poolside Popsicles
  40. Aqua Affair
  41. Sun, Sand, and Serenity
  42. Poolside Paradise
  43. Splashin’ Soiree
  44. Summer Solstice
  45. Sun’s Out, Pool’s Out
  46. Poolside Promenade
  47. Endless Summer
  48. Beach Blanket Bingo
  49. Summer Soiree
  50. Dive into Summer

Names Ideas For A Summer Pool Party

Summer pool parties are all about fun in the sun, and the perfect name should reflect that.

Here are 100 name ideas for a summer pool party:

  1. Sun, Sips, and Splashes
  2. Summer Splashdown
  3. Poolside Potluck
  4. Endless Summer
  5. Beachy Bash
  6. Sun-kissed Soiree
  7. Poolside Paradise
  8. The Big Splash
  9. Summer Swelter
  10. Dive into Summer
  11. Splish Splash Bash
  12. Sun and Swim
  13. Poolside Playtime
  14. Summer Shenanigans
  15. Aqua Adventure
  16. Beach Bum Bonanza
  17. Sun’s Out, Pool’s Out
  18. Float Fest
  19. Pool Party Pals
  20. Summer Splash
  21. Sun-Kissed Shenanigans
  22. Poolside Potluck Palooza
  23. Beach Blanket Bingo
  24. Summer Soiree
  25. Drenched in Fun
  26. Poolside Popcorn Picnic
  27. Aqua Affair
  28. Sun, Sand, and Swim
  29. Poolside Promenade
  30. Endless Waves
  31. Beachside Bash Bonanza
  32. Poolside Playtime Party
  33. Summer Splashdown
  34. Sun, Sand, and Swimmingly Sweet
  35. Pool Party Potluck Palooza
  36. Summer Days and Pool Plays
  37. Beach Party Bonanza
  38. Pool Party Palooza
  39. Sun-kissed Fun
  40. Pool Party Palooza
  41. Summer Poolside Pizza Party
  42. Poolside Party Perfection
  43. Beach Blanket Bash
  44. Summer Swelter
  45. Pool Party People
  46. Summer Soiree
  47. Poolside Potluck Party
  48. Splash into Summer
  49. Summer Sun and Fun
  50. Poolside Paradise

Funny Pool Party Names

If you’re looking to add some humor to your pool party, these funny pool party names are perfect. They’re clever and witty and will have your guests laughing all night long.

Here are 50 funny pool party names:

  1. Pools & Ghouls
  2. The Wet and the Wild
  3. Pool Party Poopers
  4. Floaty McFloatface
  5. The Amphibious Amigos
  6. The Watering Hole
  7. Poolside Pandemonium
  8. The Swim Team
  9. Swim Shady
  10. The Deep End Divers
  11. Poolside Pandemonium
  12. The Wet and the Wavy
  13. The Splash Pack
  14. The Pool Punks
  15. The Swim Squad
  16. The H2O Heroes
  17. The Backyard Baywatchers
  18. The Pool Party Platoon
  19. The Aqua Avengers
  20. The Swim Sesh Squad
  21. The Splashy Squad
  22. The Shore Thing
  23. The Poolside Pranksters
  24. The Sun Soakers
  25. The Swim Team Six
  26. The Poolside Players
  27. The Cannonball Crew
  28. The Poolside Pirates
  29. The Beach Bums
  30. The Poolside Partiers
  31. The Sunbathing Beauties
  32. The Water Wackos
  33. The Poolside Posse
  34. The Swimming Superstars
  35. The Splish Splashers
  36. The Pool Party Pros
  37. The Aqua Addicts
  38. The Poolside Pimps
  39. The Swim Sesh Squad
  40. The Beach Blanket Bandits
  41. The Poolside Princes and Princesses
  42. The Floaty Friends
  43. The Water Warriors
  44. The Pool Party People
  45. The Wave Warriors
  46. The Oceanic Outlaws
  47. The Poolside Party Animals
  48. The Swimming Sensations
  49. The Splash Brothers and Sisters
  50. The Aqua Assassins

Unique Names For A Pool Party

If you’re looking for a pool party name that’s truly unique, these names are perfect. They’re creative, outside the box, and will have your guests talking about your party for weeks to come.

Here are 50 unique names for a pool party:

  1. The Mermaid’s Lair
  2. The Lagoon Lounge
  3. The Poolside Palace
  4. The Blue Lagoon Bash
  5. The Splashdown Soiree
  6. The Seaside Soaker
  7. The Island Oasis
  8. The Sunken Treasure
  9. The Wave Watchers
  10. The Ocean Odyssey
  11. The Poolside Paradise
  12. The Water Wonder
  13. The Aqua Adventure
  14. The Pool Party Plunge
  15. The Seaside Symphony
  16. The Tiki Tiki Pool Party
  17. The Shoreline Soiree
  18. The Surf Shack
  19. The Coral Cove
  20. The Seaside Fiesta
  21. The Sea Spray Soiree
  22. The Poolside Promenade
  23. The Poolside Picnic
  24. The Underwater Wonderland
  25. The Seafoam Soiree
  26. The Seaside Shindig
  27. The Ocean Oasis
  28. The Seabreeze Bash
  29. The Wave Watcher’s Ball
  30. The Sunken Shipwreck
  31. The Beach Bash Bonanza
  32. The Seaside Celebration
  33. The Oceanic Occasion
  34. The Saltwater Soiree
  35. The Poolside Playhouse
  36. The Seaside Soirée
  37. The Beach Blanket Bingo
  38. The Pool Party Paradise
  39. The Seaside Serenade
  40. The Ocean Odyssey
  41. The Poolside Party Place
  42. The Seaside Sanctuary
  43. The Beachside Bash
  44. The Poolside Picnic Party
  45. The Seaside Soak Up
  46. The Ocean’s Eleven
  47. The Poolside Paradise Party
  48. The Seaside Splendor
  49. The Beachside Blowout
  50. The Poolside Palooza

Naming Inspiration

If you’re struggling to come up with the perfect name for your pool party, don’t worry – there are plenty of places to find inspiration.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Look to popular culture for ideas – movies, television shows, and books often have great names for parties.
  • Consider a pun or play on words related to your pool party theme.
  • Ask friends and family for their ideas and suggestions – you may be surprised at the creative solutions they can come up with!
  • Brainstorm with your party planning squad to come up with unique names that everyone can agree on.
  • Finally, don’t forget the most obvious – plan your pool party around a theme and incorporate it into the name. Whether it’s Beat The Heat or Splashy Summer Days, having a specific theme can help you better decide on the perfect name.

Finding The Perfect Name

When it comes to finding the perfect name for your pool party, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Keep it simple and easy to remember
  • Incorporate pool-related words and phrases
  • Consider the theme of your party
  • Use puns, alliterations, or rhymes for a more playful name
  • Ask for input from your guests

By following these tips, you’re sure to come up with a name that perfectly captures the spirit of your pool party.


A great pool party starts with a great name. Whether you’re looking for a name that’s catchy, cool, or creative, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Keep in mind the theme of your party and the words and phrases associated with pools and summer, and have fun with it!

With the right name, your pool party is sure to be a hit with friends and family alike.

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