183+ Softball Team Names (BEST Naming Ideas)

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If you or somebody you know is forming a softball team, you need some great softball team names to get the “ball rolling” and create a team persona that people can get behind!

How do you make your softball team really stand out?

Fortunately, there are plenty of names to choose from, so you should be able to find something that suits you and your teammates.

Don’t feel you have to find the perfect name straight away; try a few out. Things like Hit Runners, The Cyclones, and Benchwarmers are great starting points.

Best Softball Team Names

If you want to find the very best names for softball teams, you should consider some of the following options.

Opinions may differ on which are truly the best, but these are catchy, fun, and sound great!

  1. Backdoor Sliders
  2. Glove Your Attitude – a great play on “love,” this is an immediately funny name
  3. Masked Intruders
  4. Beer View Mirrors
  5. Benchwarmers
  6. Catchers in the Rye – if you’re literary a fan, this is a good pun
  7. Divas
  8. Fire Breathing Kittens
  9. Heavy Hitters
  10. Hit Squad
  11. Hitmen
  12. Misfits
  13. Ponytail Express
  14. Silent Assassins – for those who want to send a shiver up their opponents’ spines
  15. Soft Servers
  16. Yager Bombers
  17. Weekend Warriors
  18. Untouchables
  19. Victorious Secret
  20. Bat Attitudes
  21. Hit Happens – another great play on words, this is a popular team name
  22. Mid-Life Crisis
  23. Mound Pounders
  24. Smokin’ Bases

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Good Softball Team Names

Of course, the names above may not appeal to you, so it’s worth looking at a few other excellent options. Don’t get discouraged; there are a lot out there to choose from!

  1. The Dirt Eaters
  2. The Good, the Bat, and the Ugly
  3. Wasted Talent
  4. Dream Killers
  5. Home Run Hitters – perfect if you want to boost your team’s confidence in winning
  6. Natural Selection
  7. Bat’s Life
  8. Aluminum Alliance
  9. The Super Strikers
  10. Pitch Perfect – another play on words and an encouragement for your team all rolled together
  11. Blood, Bath, and Beyond
  12. The Leftovers
  13. Village Idiots

Names For A Men’s Softball Team

If you’re getting together a men’s softball team, you might be looking for something that feels like it suits your dynamics – and the below options may work well for you.

  1. The Scorpions
  2. We Bruise Easily – if you don’t want to take your team too seriously, consider this name
  3. We Got The Runs
  4. Window Lickers
  5. El Fuego
  6. Balls to the Wall
  7. Hit Runners
  8. Intimidators
  9. Natural Selection
  10. The Grim Reapers – are you keen to breathe fear into the hearts of your opponents?
  11. Lost Boys
  12. The Unstoppables
  13. Blood and Sweat
  14. Hitting Machine
  15. Brute Force
  16. Don’t Stop Ballieving
  17. Inglorious Batters
  18. Bomb Squad
  19. Nine Inch Males
  20. Breaking Balls
  21. Pitcher Men
  22. The DirtDogs

Names For A Women’s Softball Team

If you’re organizing a team of women, you might want to show off your feminine side – or the opposite – with your team’s name. Check out our top picks for a women’s softball team.

  1. Ice Queens – if your team is cold, collected, and determined to win, this could be the name for you
  2. Friendly Girls
  3. Queen Bees
  4. Batty Crasher
  5. Softballs Hardballs
  6. Rule Breakers
  7. A-List Batters
  8. Thunder Bat – a clever name if you’ve got a few “thunder butts” on your team that you want to acknowledge
  9. Ladies With Bat
  10. Queen of Swing
  11. Rebels on Field
  12. Base Goddess
  13. G-Love
  14. Shooting Stars
  15. Silver Hawks
  16. The Loud Sirens
  17. Game Raiders – Tomb Raider is one of the most iconic female characters in video games, so why not model your team name on her fame?
  18. Venom
  19. Starfire
  20. Smacker-Whackers – this has a great beat that makes it both memorable and fun to say
  21. Thundercats
  22. Lady Crush
  23. Wild Thangs
  24. Bambino’s Bees
  25. Firecrackers
  26. Chicks with Sticks – say what you are, loud and proud

Cute Names For A Softball Team

Of course, you might not want a gendered name for your team, but instead, just a name that will make the crowd smile.

There are lots of cute animals you can use as inspiration for your softball team name, especially if you also want a mascot.

  1. The Silly Goose
  2. Catching Capybaras – everyone loves capybaras, and if you’d like to associate your team with these adorable mammals, this is a cute and quirky way to do so
  3. Softball Skunks
  4. Running Raccoons – who doesn’t love a raccoon’s cleverness and appealing bright face?
  5. Base Baboons
  6. Mad Monsters
  7. Odd Sox – with its goofy spelling, this is a particularly adorable name that people will both laugh at and root for
  8. Pink Sox
  9. Scrubs
  10. Lady Bugs
  11. Happy Dugouts
  12. Grasshoppers
  13. Pancake Batters – a great play on words, this is a fun team name for anybody

Funny Names For A Softball Team

If you want a regular reminder not to take the game too seriously, and something that will make the crowd smile whenever you step onto the pitch, choose one of these names.

After all, you want to make sure everyone is having fun!

  1. Nemesis Genesis – you’ll find people love trying to say this one aloud and figure out what it means!
  2. Swish Swish
  3. Scared Hitless
  4. Base Invaders – who didn’t love Space Invaders? Use this for a creative and fun team name!
  5. Screwballs
  6. Base Desires
  7. Firebreathing Hamsters – a cute and alarming image to convey to the competition
  8. Abusement Park
  9. Sick Bat Flips
  10. Ice Cold Pitchers
  11. Saved by the Balls – this is definitely a funny reference, especially if you have a boxer on your team
  12. Divas Achievas
  13. Batters Up
  14. Zeroes To Heroes
  15. Shocker Rockers
  16. The Windmills
  17. Cereal Killers
  18. Sons of Pitches – all the adults in the audience will appreciate this joke, while the kids will be none the wiser
  19. A Team
  20. Man-Eating Squirrels

Unique Names For A Softball Team

If you want your team to stand out from the crowd, you have to get a little more creative sometimes. The below might work for you or may spark some ideas you can use to create your team name.

  1. The Whole Enchilada – this is an excellent name for recognizing that every team member brings their own unique flavor and skills to your team!
  2. The End of the Bench
  3. The Grass Stains
  4. Smooth Operators
  5. Around the Horn
  6. Hericanes!
  7. Xplosion
  8. Ally Oops
  9. Brew Crew
  10. Hit for Brains
  11. Hustlers
  12. Line Drivers
  13. Misfits
  14. Help Wanted

Cool Softball Team Names

If you want a cool name, you’ll have to think carefully, but there are a lot of great options. Weigh up whether any of these feel right for you and your team.

  1. Renegades
  2. The Living Legends – there’s no harm in naming yourself something bold
  3. Elite
  4. Stingerz
  5. Chaos
  6. Wolfpack – this recognizes the team spirit you need to be a success!
  7. Outkasters
  8. White Lightning – what could be cooler than lightning?
  9. Free Agents
  10. The Untouchables
  11. Super Heroes In Training
  12. Oddballs
  13. Master Minds
  14. Helmethead Heroes
  15. Gold Gloves

Badass Softball Team Names

The names above might be cool, but what about a really badass name for your team? Don’t be afraid to try these!

  1. The Cyclones
  2. The Mighty Sledgehammers
  3. The Trailblazers
  4. The Tomahawks
  5. Violent Storms
  6. The Strikers
  7. Nerves of Steel
  8. Head Hunters
  9. Born to Win
  10. Beast Mode – this name certainly implies your team is going to be hard to beat
  11. The Game Changers
  12. The Earthquakes
  13. Rampage
  14. No Mercy – if you are highly competitive and “in it to win it,” this is the perfect name for you!
  15. Hit Runners
  16. El Diablo
  17. Boomstix

Slowpitch Softball Team Names

If you specialize in slowpitch softball, you might want a name that reflects that! It could be ironic, or accurately describe how pitching works in your preferred version of this game.

  1. Turtle Tossers
  2. Blind Rage
  3. The Red Rampagers
  4. Sandlot Sluggers – this conveys heaviness and strength
  5. Thunderstruck
  6. Smash and Bash – rhyming names are always more memorable and entertaining
  7. Ace the Base
  8. Queen of Swing
  9. Hit, Run, and Win – could any name more simply express what you need to do?
  10. Minimum Wagers

Fastpitch Softball Team Names

On the flip side, if you’re playing fastpitch softball, you want a team name that reflects this. Here are some of the best options.

  1. Speed Demons
  2. Velocity
  3. Twisters
  4. The Wildfires – not much spreads faster than a wildfire, making this a great image to convey
  5. The Blaze
  6. Dragon Fires
  7. Adrenaline Rush
  8. Run Machine
  9. Match Winners
  10. Gang of Wolves – wolves are known for their swiftness, so they’re the perfect animal to associate your team with

Softball Team Naming Tips

Coming up with team name ideas can be a serious challenge, and if you’ve got lots of people working on it, it might prove even harder.

On the other hand, you want everyone on the team to feel represented by the name you have selected, so it’s important to get input from everybody who is interested.

As you can see, there are lots of names for softball teams, but how do you pick one that represents you and your teammates?

The answer is often to think about what atmosphere you want to convey. What do you want other people to think of when they hear your team’s name?

Consider whether any particular symbol represents you well and whether this could be incorporated into your team name. If not, think about other things that might be meaningful to you and the other players.

If you’re using an animal for your team name, consider whether that animal could also be your mascot to start building a recognizable image.

You might find that it helps to make a big list of your potential softball team names, and then narrow it down gradually. You may also find it useful to decide whether you want a funny name, a serious name, a cute name, or something else.

Once you’ve done this, you can more easily decide which of the names on your list suit your preferences, and which you should choose.

You may find that you end up needing to vote on your team name if people can’t agree. This is often the fairest way – but sometimes you’ll come up with a name that everybody loves without the need for a vote!


Hopefully, you’ve found some great names for your softball team, and you’re well on your way to making a choice. This is not easy, especially if everybody wants a say, but you’ll get there!

With any luck, you’ll have found your perfect team name on this list. If you haven’t, consider whether any of the suggestions could be used to create your own name.

If there’s a name you like but it’s not quite there, sit down and work on it until it feels perfect to you and your team members!

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