249 Viking House Names (BEST Naming Ideas)

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Show your Viking pride by giving your house an iconic title!

Whether you want something courageous and intimidating, lovable and light-hearted, or influenced by Norse mythology – this article offers 249 perfect names that will make a lasting impression.

From the most desirable to the trendiest, from ruthless powerhouses to cute little nicknames for homes; even some inspired tales of legendary gods can be found here!

Find out now how you give your home’s name its own unique Viking identity.

Best Viking House Names

Are you searching for an exceptional and vigorous method to designate your house?

Look no further than the unbeatable Vikinghouse names! Imbued with strong, bold connotations, these names are perfect if you want your home’s name to overshadow all others.

To assist in this endeavor, we have compiled a listing of 50 of the superior Viking house names from which you can choose:

  1. Thor’s Hold
  2. Valhalla
  3. Asgard
  4. Freya’s Fortress
  5. Odin’s Domain
  6. Stormbringer
  7. Yggdrasil
  8. Ulfberht
  9. Valhalla Rising
  10. Heimdall’s Strength
  11. Skoll’s Den
  12. Midgard
  13. Fenrir’s Keep
  14. Glittering Citadel
  15. Shield of Asgard
  16. Runes of Courage
  17. Viking’s Vengeance
  18. Winter’s Fury
  19. Homefire
  20. Wolf’s Den
  21. Raven’s Roost
  22. Fenris’s Fortress
  23. Bright Star
  24. Nordenheim
  25. Hrolf’s Place
  26. Sword of Lightning
  27. Siege of Valor
  28. The Hidden Vale
  29. The Mountain King
  30. The Golden Plains
  31. Aegir’s Blessing
  32. Stormcloud Stronghold
  33. Mountain of the Gods
  34. Norse Hall
  35. Warrior’s Castle
  36. Frostbite Keep
  37. The Mountain’s Shadow
  38. Breaking Dawn
  39. Heaven’s Peak
  40. Wind’s Whisper
  41. Hel’s Path
  42. Sky’s Edge
  43. Sacred Rune
  44. Northern Lights
  45. Secluded Sanctuary
  46. Berserker’s Bane
  47. Shield of Valhalla
  48. Northern Star
  49. River of Heroes
  50. Asgard’s Blessing

Cool Viking House Names

Are you searching for a Viking-inspired house name that is unique and creative? Look no further than this amazing collection of 50 names!

Drawing from Norse mythology, and Viking history, as well as other cultural influences, these 50 cool options will give your home the distinctiveness it deserves.

So what are you waiting for? Here they are – the coolest Viking house names!

  1. Valhöll
  2. Asgård
  3. Glädje
  4. Idun
  5. Ullr
  6. Óðinn
  7. Mjölnir
  8. Forseti
  9. Freyr
  10. Freyja
  11. Loki
  12. Rán
  13. Heimdall
  14. Sif
  15. Ægir
  16. Skadi
  17. Njörður
  18. Ratatosk
  19. Yggdrasil
  20. Tyr
  21. Gullveig
  22. Valkyrjur
  23. Freya’s Hall
  24. Gjallarhorn
  25. Balder’s Hall
  26. Thor’s Throne
  27. Hymir’s House
  28. Æsir’s Hall
  29. Valhalla’s Gate
  30. Vanaheimr
  31. Yggdrasil’s Roots
  32. Muspelheimr
  33. Niflheimr
  34. Jötunheim
  35. Svartalfheim
  36. Sunna’s Palace
  37. Greip’s Cave
  38. Surtur’s Fire
  39. Ægir’s Palace
  40. Hvergelmir
  41. Bifröst
  42. Valhalla’s Hall
  43. Garm’s Den
  44. Jörmungandr’s Lair
  45. Níðhöggr’s Cavern
  46. Midgard
  47. Álfheim
  48. Hnitbjörg
  49. Siegrheim
  50. Niflheim’s Depths

Badass Names For A Viking House

The Viking culture is renowned for its bravery, audacity, and ambition; thus it makes sense that opting to give one’s home a Viking house name would convey this same grandeur.

From Ragnar to Freyja, these impressive names will evoke a feeling of courage and assurance in any space! Here are 50 of the most magnificent Viking house names:

  1. Valhalla
  2. Odin
  3. Thor
  4. Freyja
  5. Valhall
  6. Ragnar
  7. Astrid
  8. Freya
  9. Sif
  10. Gjallarhorn
  11. Aslaug
  12. Ullr
  13. Svipdag
  14. Ran
  15. Eir
  16. Skadi
  17. Heimdall
  18. Idunn
  19. Sol
  20. Loki
  21. Njord
  22. Hildr
  23. Agnar
  24. Bragi
  25. Hel
  26. Borg
  27. Vili
  28. Byleist
  29. Mimir
  30. Yngvi
  31. Delling
  32. Andvari
  33. Son
  34. Fulla
  35. Sigrun
  36. Jarl
  37. Tyr
  38. Vidar
  39. Hoenir
  40. Kvasir
  41. Mani
  42. Aegir
  43. Dan
  44. Svalin
  45. Gymir
  46. Ask
  47. Embla
  48. Fundinn
  49. Skirnir
  50. Aurvandil

Cute Viking House Names

Showcase your inner Viking and give your home some Norse pride! No matter the style of your abode, you’re sure to find a fitting house name that reflects who you are.

Check out these cute – yet fierce – Viking-inspired house names for inspiration:

  1. Asgard
  2. Valhalla
  3. Thorhall
  4. Freyja
  5. Ceridwen
  6. Gunnar
  7. Woden
  8. Hroðgar
  9. Hermodr
  10. Freya
  11. Odin
  12. Sigrun
  13. Vali
  14. Hel
  15. Sif
  16. Gudrun
  17. Bragi
  18. Freyr
  19. Ægir
  20. Baldur
  21. Vidar
  22. Eir
  23. Alvis
  24. Skadi
  25. Ríg
  26. Ingunar-Frey
  27. Hoenir
  28. Forseti
  29. Sigurd
  30. Þorhall
  31. Þórr
  32. Njord
  33. Ull
  34. Saga
  35. Heimdall
  36. Týr
  37. Váli
  38. Áli
  39. Ran
  40. Gerd
  41. Æsir
  42. Mímir
  43. Lofn
  44. Vör
  45. Kvasir
  46. Gymir
  47. Hlín
  48. Vor
  49. Sól
  50. Angrboda

Norse Mythology Inspired House Names

If you’re seeking a name to adorn your home that is full of Viking-inspired power and meaning, Norse mythology provides plenty of ideas for house names.

Here are 49 offerings from the gods themselves:

  1. Valkyries – a group of female figures who decide the fate of warriors on the battlefield
  2. Asgard – the realm of the gods
  3. Valhalla – the Hall of the Slain, where Odin welcomed slain warriors
  4. Njord – the Sea God
  5. Freyja – the Goddess of Fertility and Love
  6. Loki – the trickster god
  7. Mjolnir – Thor’s hammer
  8. Midgard – the realm of mortal beings
  9. Fensalir – Freya’s home
  10. Bifrost – the rainbow bridge to Asgard
  11. Yggdrasil – the World Tree
  12. Odinswell – the stream near Asgard
  13. Vegtam – the god of wanderers
  14. Vanaheim – the home of the Vanir gods
  15. Gimle – the place where the righteous will survive Ragnarok
  16. Sif – Thor’s wife
  17. Gullveig
  18. Balder
  19. Jotunheim – the realm of the giants
  20. Freki – Odin’s loyal wolf
  21. Sleipnir – Odin’s eight-legged horse
  22. Bragi – the god of poetry
  23. Ullr – the god of hunting
  24. Heimdall – the watchman of Asgard
  25. Rán – the goddess of the sea
  26. Skadi – the goddess of winter
  27. Rígr
  28. Magni – Thor’s son
  29. Hoenir
  30. Aegir – the god of the sea
  31. Týr
  32. Kvasir
  33. Forseti
  34. Aegishjalmr
  35. Jormungand – the Midgard Serpent
  36. Hugin and Munin – Odin’s two ravens
  37. Vidar
  38. Ratatosk – the squirrel of Yggdrasil
  39. Kaunan
  40. Thrym
  41. Hel
  42. Hlidskjalf – Odin’s throne
  43. Draupnir – Odin’s golden ring
  44. Mimir – the guardian of the Well of Wisdom
  45. Surt
  46. Sigrdrifa – Valkyrie
  47. Vithar
  48. Norns
  49. Hreidmar

Considerations for Choosing a Viking House Name

When choosing a Viking name for a home, there are several factors to consider.

First, research the meaning behind the words and phrases used in historical Viking names. Many of these words signified the strength and power of their owners.

Second, consider the geographical location of where you live. Viking names tend to be particularly associated with Scandinavia and Northern Europe, so picking a name that reflects local culture may be more suitable than those from distant parts of the world.

Finally, consider the overall style and feel of your home. Viking longhouses were built from wood, turf, and stone, so picking a name that reflects this could be a fitting choice.

Whether you want to invoke the power of the gods or simply evoke feelings of Norse culture, there are many inspiring Viking house names from which to choose. And with the right research and consideration, you can find a name that is both meaningful and timeless.


Forging a unique identity for your home is easy when you pick an iconic Viking house name. You can find cute puns, and badass monikers, or explore Norse mythologies to suit any taste.

Make sure the chosen title carries its own symbolism and makes it through years of use by carefully considering its pronunciation, meaning, and timelessness before settling on one option.

With some creative thoughtfulness put into it, you are guaranteed to come up with a Viking house name that will be remembered across generations!

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