Watchog Nicknames (67 Awesome Naming Ideas)

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If you’re a fan of the Watchog Pokémon, you’ll want to check out this blog post!

Here, we’ve collected some Watchog nicknames that you can use for your own gaming pleasure. Whether you’re in an online battle or just hanging out with friends, these names will help make your Watchog stand out from the rest.

So what are you waiting for? Start browsing through our list and find the perfect nickname for your Watchog!

Best Nicknames for Watchog

All of these names will help you connect with your Watchog.

These Watchog nicknames will help you distinguish your Watchog from all of the others.

  1. Meera– After its meerkat-like appearance
  2. Risu– Based on the Japanese word for squirrel
  3. Squeak
  4. Legolas– Famous for his good vision and “elf eyes”
  5. Treehugger
  6. Chewy– After those large teeth
  7. SupermanSuperman has x-ray vision, like the strong vision of Watchog
  8. Rocky
  9. Poirot– Another famous detective
  10. Cadet– To match the “uniform”
  11. Paddy
  12. NIbbles
  13. Chip– Matches the chipmunk-like appearance
  14. Nutmeg– Those cheeks look like they are full of nuts
  15. Ardilla– Squirrel in Spanish
  16. Lazer
  17. Dale– After the famous chipmunk paired with “Chip”
  18. Sherlock– Watchogs are always alert
  19. Walnut– For your Watchog to munch on
  20. Twiggy
  21. Bucky– Perfect for its beaver-like appearance
  22. Peanut
  23. Scout– Watchog is always patrolling
  24. Skipper
  25. Rhino– After the dog Bolt’s friend hamster
  26. Pinky– One of the rodents in “Pinky and the Brain”
  27. Brain– One of the rodents in “Pinky and the Brain”

Funny Nicknames for Watchog

  1. Puff Cheeks– After the signature large cheeks
  2. Eagle Eye– For its watchful nature
  3. Cheeky– We love those chubby cheeks
  4. Chocolate Chip– A cute name after their chipmunk-like appearance
  5. Pipsqueak– For its diminutive, rodent-like look
  6. Chewbacca– After those chompy teeth
  7. Dimples– For those chubby cheeks
  8. Chip Punk
  9. Chippy– Watchogs look like chipmunks
  10. Chip Hunk
  11. Hawkeye– Watchog is famous for revealing Yamask with its exceptional vision
  12. Nutcase– Watchogs look like they love eating nuts
  13. Toothy– A beaver from “Happy Tree Friends”
  14. Nutter Butter
  15. Paul Blart– After the security guard from the movie named after him
  16. Handy– A beaver from “Happy Tree Friends”
  17. Zombeaver– Named for a horror-comedy film
  18. Scrat– After the squirrel in the Ice Age movies
  19. Bieber– Another name after the Canadian pop star
  20. Justin Beaver– Named for the Canadian pop star
  21. Almond Joy– After the seeds it eats
  22. Snickers– For the seeds stored in the cheeks
  23. Earl Squirrel
  24. Hammy– The overactive squirrel in “Over the Hedge”
  25. Nutty– The squirrel in “Happy Tree Friends”

Male Watchog Nicknames

  1. Chuck
  2. Bobby
  3. Barry
  4. Theodore– The chubby male chipmunk from “Alvin and the Chipmunks”
  5. Ricky
  6. Alvin– Famous chipmunk
  7. Simon– The chipmunk wearing glasses from “Alvin and the Chipmunks”

Female Watchog Nicknames

  1. Dottie
  2. Eleanor– The pudgy female chipmunk from “Alvin and the Chipmunks”
  3. Jeanette– The female chipmunk wearing glasses from “Alvin and the Chipmunks”
  4. Daisy
  5. Sandy– Spongebob’s friend
  6. Squirrel Girl
  7. Brittany– A chipmunk from “Alvin and the Chipmunks”
  8. Kit

Pokémon Nickname Inspiration

While many Pokémon fans simply choose the name that is given to them by the game, others prefer to put their own spin on things by giving their Pokémon a nickname.

For those who are stuck for ideas, there are a few inspiration sources that can be helpful. One option is to look at the Pokédex entry for the Pokémon in question and think about what words best describe its appearance or personality.

Another approach is to take inspiration from real-world animals or objects that share qualities with the Pokémon. For example, Bulbasaur could be nicknamed “Seeds” or “Sprout”, while Charmander could be called “Flame” or “Blaze”.

Whatever route is chosen, the important thing is to have fun with it and come up with a nickname that suits both the trainer and their Pokémon.

Help Choosing The Right Name

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when choosing a nickname for your Pokémon:

  • Keep it simple. A nickname should be easy to remember and pronounce.
  • Avoid using inside jokes that only you and your friends will get.
  • Steer clear of names that could be interpreted as offensive or rude.
  • Make sure the name you choose doesn’t conflict with any of the Pokémon’s in-game moves or abilities.


When it comes to nicknaming your Pokémon, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you decide to take inspiration from the Pokédex or look at real-world animals and objects, the most important thing is that you have fun with it.

Keep in mind the things to avoid when choosing a name, and make sure both you and your Pokémon are happy with the final choice.

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