275 Witchy Podcast Names (2023’S BEST List!) 🔮

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Embarking on the journey of creating a witchy podcast can be an exciting experience, and one of the first steps in this process is coming up with a captivating name.

In the mystical realm of enchanting podcasts, a title that instantly intrigues listeners is essential to stand out from the competition. 

We’ve explored the vast universe of creative witchy podcast names and assembled a bewitching list of ideas, perfect for your soon-to-be magical podcast.

Best Witchy Podcast Names

We have compiled a list of 25 witchy podcast name ideas that capture the essence of modern witchcraft, feminist perspectives, and various themes within the world of witch podcasts.

We hope these names inspire you!

  1. Mystic Moon Moments
  2. The Fat Feminist Witch
  3. Moonlit Coven Connections
  4. Wandering Witch Ways
  5. Crystals & Cauldrons Chat
  6. Enchanted Earth Energies
  7. Herbal Hauntings
  8. The Witch’s Whisper
  9. Spellbinding Synchronicities
  10. Starry-Eyed Sorceresses
  11. Pentacle Perspective
  12. Witchful Thinking
  13. Mirrors & Mysticism
  14. Sage & Shadows
  15. Broomstick Banter
  16. Enlightened Enchantress
  17. Divine Feminine Divination
  18. Mystical Message Circle
  19. Amethyst & Aura Alignments
  20. Tarot Tales & Teatime
  21. Bewitching Book Club
  22. Celestial Sisters & Spells
  23. Esoteric Earthbound Explorer
  24. Sacred Spirit Sisters
  25. The Modern Witch Podcast

Good Witchy Podcast Names

We’ve gathered 25 witchy podcast name ideas perfect for anyone starting a podcast related to witchcraft, paganism, or the supernatural.

These names are sorted into different categories based on their theme and vibe.

Mystical and Enchanting:

  1. Whispers of The Witch
  2. Mystic Moon Musings
  3. Secrets of The Spellbound
  4. The Cauldron Chronicles
  5. Witchy Whimsy Wonders

Quirky and Fun:

  1. Broomstick Banter
  2. Hex and The City
  3. Spellcast Shenanigans
  4. Sorceress’ Secrets and Sarcasm
  5. Witches Who Weekly

Dark and Mysterious:

  1. The Darkened Path
  2. Grimoire Gatherings
  3. Shadowy Seances
  4. Moonlit Mysticism
  5. Coven’s Cloaked Conversations

Educational and Practical:

  1. Witchcraft Wisdom
  2. Pagan Perspectives
  3. The Modern Day Witch
  4. Spells, Stars, and Solstices
  5. Crystal Clarity Cauldron

Empowering and Spiritual:

  1. Sisters of the Sage
  2. Enlightened Enchantresses
  3. Divine Feminine Force
  4. Witches and Wellness
  5. The Intuitive Alchemist

Cool Witchy Podcast Names

We’ve gathered 25 cool witchy podcast name ideas to inspire your own magical podcast journey.

Let’s dive in:

  1. Cauldron Conversations
  2. Mystic Moon Musings
  3. Witchy Wisdom Whispers
  4. Enchanted Elements
  5. Spellbound Stories
  6. Hexes & Potions
  7. The Cosmic Coven
  8. Witchcraft & Wanderlust
  9. Grimoires & Good Vibes
  10. Tarot Talks
  11. Sacred Space Sisters
  12. Witch’s Brew Banter
  13. Moonlit Magic Moments
  14. Whimsical Witchery
  15. Divination Discussions
  16. Astrology Alchemy
  17. Rituals & Runes
  18. Coven Chronicles
  19. Enchanting Escapades
  20. Celebrating Sabbats
  21. Witchy Wellbeing
  22. Magical Manifestations
  23. Wands & Witches
  24. Spirited Sisters
  25. Lightworkers’ Lounge

Badass Witchy Podcast Names

We’ve brewed up some enchanting and badass witchy podcast names for you to consider.

Check out our cauldron of ideas below. 

Remember, a captivating name can cast a spell on potential listeners!

  1. Hex and the City
  2. Witchcraft and Wizardry
  3. Potions and Possibilities
  4. Mystic Midnight
  5. The Enchanted Hour
  6. Whispering Broomsticks
  7. Occult Conversations
  8. Moonlit Majicks
  9. Cauldron Chronicles
  10. Wiccan Whispers
  11. Shadowy Spirits
  12. Witchy Wisdom
  13. Mystical Mindscapes
  14. Magical Mavens
  15. Cursed Communion
  16. Divine Divinations
  17. Tarot Tales
  18. Spellbound Speak
  19. Hocus Pocus Podcast
  20. Dark Arts Daily
  21. Alchemy Anonymous
  22. Bewitching Banter
  23. Forbidden Folklore
  24. Spectral Sisters
  25. The Witching Hour

Unique Witchy Podcast Names

We’ve gathered a fantastic list of witchy podcast name ideas for you to explore! Each of the names is bold and creative, reflecting the mystical and enchanting world of witchcraft.

So, let’s dive into the magical realm of podcast names and see what we can conjure up. Here are our top 25 witchy podcast name ideas:

  1. The Spellcasters’ Forum
  2. Moonlit Magick
  3. Witchy Whispers
  4. The Enchanted Cauldron
  5. Mystical Ramblings
  6. Potions & Prestidigitation
  7. The Witching Hour
  8. Sorceress’ Secrets
  9. BeWitches Brew
  10. Wands & Wonders
  11. Hexes & Hocus Pocus
  12. Sisters of the Craft
  13. The Witch’s Lair
  14. Casting Shadows
  15. Divine Divinations
  16. Crystal Ball Chronicles
  17. Tarot Tellings
  18. Mystic Moonlight
  19. The Magical Emporium
  20. Charmed Conversations
  21. Enchanted Alchemy
  22. The Coven’s Corner
  23. Witchy Wisdom
  24. Sacred Spells
  25. The Book of Shadows

Catchy Witchy Podcast Names

Are you planning to create a witchy podcast? We’ve got you covered!

Here is a list of 25 catchy witchy podcast names to inspire you.

  1. Mystic Cauldron Chronicles
  2. The Witches’ Brew
  3. Potions & Spells Unveiled
  4. Enchanted Moonlit Nights
  5. Wise Woman Whispers
  6. The Witching Hour Diaries
  7. The Magical Emporium
  8. Spellbound Sisters
  9. Cackling Coven Creations
  10. Crystals & Runes Revelations
  11. Divine Witchy Wisdom
  12. The Serpent’s Kiss
  13. The Midnight Circle
  14. Garden of Witchery
  15. Spirited Enchantresses
  16. Ancient Alchemy Unearthed
  17. Starlight Witchcraft
  18. The Otherworldly Oracle
  19. Witchy Weavings
  20. Dark Moon Divinations
  21. Crafty Witch Chronicles
  22. Moonlit Witchcraft
  23. The Witch’s Code
  24. Earth Magic Mysteries
  25. The Sacred Bonfire

Choose any of these striking names to captivate your listeners and bring a touch of magic to your podcasting journey.

Cute Witchy Podcast Names

Creating the perfect cute witchy podcast name can be fun and creative. 

To help inspire and guide you, we’ve gathered 25 name ideas that combine the magic of witchcraft with an enchanting and adorable twist. 

So let’s dive into this magical cauldron of cute witchy podcast names.

  1. Mystical Muffins
  2. Moonlit Whiskers
  3. Cackling Cauldrons
  4. Whimsical Witchlings
  5. Spellbound Sprinkles
  6. Bewitching Broomsticks
  7. Crystal Charms and Chats
  8. Wands and Whispers
  9. Amethyst Skies
  10. Witchy Wardrobes
  11. Magical Teacup Moments
  12. Charming Crystals
  13. Pixies and Potions
  14. Enchanted Elixirs
  15. Stars and Spells
  16. Purrfect Hexes
  17. Candles and Curiosities
  18. Midnight Magic Musings
  19. Witchy Wonders
  20. The Sparkling Spellbook
  21. Twinkling Talismans
  22. The Cozy Coven
  23. Faery Friends and Familiars
  24. Wiccascopes
  25. Whispering Willow Wands

Selecting a name from this mystical list of captivating and cute witchy podcast names will leave listeners spellbound.

Quirky Witchy Podcast Names

In this section, we will share some fun and quirky witchy podcast name ideas to consider. 

So grab your broomsticks and get ready to be inspired!

  1. Enchanted Cauldron Chronicles
  2. Whimsical Witchery Show
  3. The Spellbinding Spectacle
  4. Celestial Coven Conversations
  5. Mystic Moon Musings
  6. Tarot Tea Time
  7. The Bewitching Banter
  8. Wicked Wisdom
  9. Potion Passion
  10. Sacred Circle Secrets
  11. Grimoire Gossips
  12. Esoteric Excursions
  13. Crystal Clarity Café
  14. Divine Divination Dialogues
  15. The Witchin’ Kitchen
  16. Sorcerous Storytime
  17. Otherworldly Occurrences
  18. Herbal Healer Hour
  19. Witchy Wellness
  20. Elemental Enchantment
  21. The Occult Odyssey
  22. Pagan Perspectives Podcast
  23. Mysterious Magic Moments
  24. Dreamcatcher Diaries
  25. The Stargazers’ Sanctum

Creative Witchy Podcast Names

In this section, we’ll explore various catchy and creative witchy podcast names for our listeners who share a love for magical practices, the witch wave, and inspiration from figures like Pam Grossman.

Bewitching Witchy Podcast Names

  1. Enchanted Elixirs
  2. Whispering Witches
  3. Moonlit Mystics
  4. The Coven Circle
  5. Astral Spells

Fun Witchy Podcast Names

  1. Hexes and Hilarity
  2. Magical Mayhem
  3. Sorcery Shenanigans
  4. Whimsical Witchcraft
  5. The Playful Pagan

Clever Witchy Podcast Names

  1. Spellbinding Sagas
  2. Witchful Thinking
  3. Mystic Musings
  4. Wiccans and Wands
  5. Charmed Chronicles

Pam Grossman Inspired Names

  1. Grossman’s Grimoire
  2. Pam’s Enchanted Hour
  3. The Witch Wave Echoes
  4. Grossman’s Magical Tea Party
  5. Alchemy with Pamela

Magical Practices-Themed Names

  1. Crystal Clarity Podcast
  2. Tarot Tales
  3. Herblore and Hocus Pocus
  4. The Sigil Society
  5. Runes and Rituals

Spellbinding Witchy Podcast Names

In this section, we’ll provide you with a variety of witchy podcast name ideas, categorized under five sub-sections: Enchanting, Haunting, Mystical, Magical, and Fantastical podcast names.

We hope these ideas inspire you to create your own witchy podcast.

Enchanting Witchy Podcast Names

  1. Witches Unite
  2. The Witching Hour
  3. Spellbound Sisters
  4. Enchanted Moonlight
  5. Witchcraft and Wisdom

Haunting Witchy Podcast Names

  1. Whispers of the Witch
  2. Cauldron Chronicles
  3. Spirits Among Us
  4. Dark Moon Magic
  5. Shadowy Spells

Mystical Witchy Podcast Names

  1. Ancient Witchery
  2. The Witch Wave [Inspired by The Witch Wave, hosted by Pam Grossman]
  3. Seer’s Sanctum
  4. Mystic Grove
  5. Divination Discussions

Magical Witchy Podcast Names

  1. Magical Transformations
  2. Spells and Serendipity
  3. Wand Wielders Anonymous
  4. Charmed Circle
  5. Witchy Wonderment

Fantastical Witchy Podcast Names

  1. Astral Arcana
  2. Covens and Creatures
  3. Fairy Tales and Witchcraft
  4. Hexes and Hobgoblins
  5. Mythic Magic Moments

Name Inspiration for Your Witchy Podcast

Looking for the perfect witchy podcast name? Let us help you conjure up a name that will captivate your audience.

Here are some bewitching name ideas sorted into different themes:

Goddesses and Mythology:

  1. Voices of the Goddess
  2. Myths and Moonlight
  3. Hecate’s Haven

Witchy Wisdom:

  1. The Witches Cauldron
  2. Sage Thoughts and Shadows
  3. Crystal Visions

Nature and the Elements:

  1. The Earth Alchemist
  2. Whispers from the Forest
  3. Celestial Witchery

Tarot and Divination:

  1. Intuitive Pathways
  2. Tarot Talks and Tea
  3. Mystic Matters

Consider these categories and get creative with combinations and variations that suit your podcast’s content. Don’t forget to trust your intuition and choose a name that resonates with your witchy side.

We hope these suggestions spark your imagination and lead you to the perfect enchanting podcast name!

Help Choosing the Perfect Name for Your Witchy Podcast

Choosing the perfect name for your witchy podcast can be challenging.

Here are some tips to make the process easier for you:

  1. Focus on your niche: Think about your witchy podcast’s specific topic or theme. Will you discuss spells and rituals or delve into the history of witchcraft? Keep your niche in mind while brainstorming.
  2. Keep it short and sweet: Aim for a podcast name that is easy to remember and spell. Ideally, it should contain two to four simple words.
  3. Use name generators: Try free tools like Riverside.fm Podcast Name Generator or Cleanvoice AI Podcast Name Generator to get inspiration for your podcast name.

Now, let’s explore some witchy podcast name ideas:

  1. The Bewitching Hour
  2. Spellbound Sisters
  3. Cauldron Conversations

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the name reflect my podcast’s theme and subject matter?
  • Is the name easy to remember and spell?
  • Am I excited about building a brand around this name?

By following these tips and considering the questions above, you’ll be well on your way to choosing the perfect name for your witchy podcast.


What Are Witchy Podcasts?

Witchy podcasts are audio programs that center on witchcraft, magic, and spirituality. They often feature interviews with practitioners, deep dives into different aspects of the craft, and conversations about the intersections of witchcraft and different aspects of society, including pop culture, politics, and social justice.

What Are Some Examples Of Popular Witchy Podcast Names?

Some popular witchy podcasts include u0022Fat Feminist Witch,u0022 u0022Witch Wave,u0022 u0022Season of the Witch,u0022 u0022Basic Witches,u0022 u0022Strange Magic,u0022 u0022Earth Speak,u0022 and u0022The Witch Bitch Amateur Hour.u0022

Who Are Some Well-Known Witchy Podcast Hosts?

Some well-known witchy podcast hosts include Amanda Yates Garcia, aka u0022The Oracle of Los Angeles,u0022 who hosts u0022The Witch Wave.u0022 Sarah Faith Gottesdiener hosted u0022Strange Magic,u0022 and Charlye Michelle and Macy Frazier of u0022The Witch Bitch Amateur Houru0022 are popular hosts in the witchcraft podcast community.

Which Witchy Podcasts Are Good For Beginners?

u0022Basic Witchesu0022 and u0022Witchcraft Off the Beaten Pathu0022 are great podcasts for beginners, as they provide an accessible introduction to different aspects of the craft in a conversational and approachable way.

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