227+ Bat Names (BEST Naming Ideas For Your Fanged Friend)

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Are you looking for the perfect name for your fanged friend? Whether you’re in search of a good, funny, cool, cute, or unique bat name, this guide has you covered!

Featuring 227+ names categorized into different sections, you’ll be sure to find the name that suits your beloved bat perfectly.

From cute names to funny options, you won’t be disappointed by the range of choices available!

So, let’s get started!


Best Bat Names

Are you looking for the perfect name for your pet bat? Look no further! Here are some of the best names for your fanged friend:

  1. Count Dracula
  2. Gotha
  3. Flying Fox
  4. Chi Chi
  5. Batman
  6. Batsy
  7. Desdemona
  8. Skipper
  9. Shadow
  10. Fleder
  11. Batty
  12. Wingnut
  13. Batu
  14. Dracula
  15. Shade
  16. Furrball
  17. Zubat
  18. Vampy
  19. Ravenclaw
  20. Ninja
  21. Nightwing
  22. Battie
  23. Bloodsucker
  24. Lecter
  25. Vampirella

Male Bat Names

Are you looking for a perfect name for your male bat?

Here are some great ideas to get started:

  1. Fang
  2. Bootsy
  3. Radar
  4. Pip
  5. Ace
  6. Shadow
  7. Count
  8. Apollo
  9. Batman
  10. Zorro
  11. Drago
  12. Nighthawk
  13. Gargoyle
  14. Miles
  15. Merlin
  16. Bentley
  17. Zen
  18. Clawdius
  19. Talon
  20. Dracula
  21. Bowser
  22. Spooky
  23. Marmaduke
  24. Count Chocula
  25. Spikey
  26. Vincent
  27. Bane
  28. Varanus
  29. Luca
  30. Radagast
  31. Bruce Wayne
  32. Alfred

Female Bat Names

Are you searching for the ideal moniker to give your female bat? Look no further than our inclusive list of stellar names below!

Whether you’re looking for something comical or classic, we have a plethora of great options at your disposal.

So check out these extraordinary selections right here:

  1. Nellie
  2. Agatha
  3. Zephyr
  4. Midnight
  5. Misty
  6. Artemis
  7. Luna
  8. Raven
  9. Vesta
  10. Ember
  11. Ivy
  12. Lola
  13. Aurora
  14. Nova
  15. Angelica
  16. Vixen
  17. Alyce
  18. Tara
  19. Twilight
  20. Batgirl
  21. Wilhelmina
  22. Ripley
  23. Ella
  24. Penelope
  25. Bonnie
  26. Siren
  27. Calista

Cool Bat Names

Struggling to find an awesome name for your furry flying friend? Have no fear!

Here are some cool and creative names you can give to your pet bat:

  1. Batman
  2. Vamp
  3. Fang
  4. Batsy
  5. Wicket
  6. Draco
  7. Nocturne
  8. Gizmo
  9. Ebony
  10. Fledgling
  11. Shadow
  12. Bruno
  13. Vesper
  14. Midnight
  15. Blaze
  16. Echo
  17. Nightwing
  18. Raven
  19. Batgirl
  20. Ace
  21. Gotham
  22. Mothra
  23. Valiant
  24. Phantom
  25. Whisper
  26. Stormy
  27. Sonic
Flying fox

Cute Bat Names

Struggling to find the perfect moniker for your new winged companion? We have got you covered!

Look no further than our list of adorable bat monikers that are sure to make your fanged friend feel extra important and treasured.

  1. Mr. Sprinkles
  2. Fluffy
  3. Poe
  4. Shadow
  5. Storm
  6. Luna
  7. Nightshade
  8. Draco
  9. Turbo
  10. Finley
  11. Phantom
  12. Pixel
  13. October
  14. Casper
  15. Batsy
  16. Wren
  17. Midnite
  18. Nova
  19. Raven
  20. Jet
  21. Luna
  22. Fweep
  23. Boo
  24. Pumpkin
  25. Rocky
  26. Cheese
  27. Batty
  28. Eekers
  29. Angel
  30. Windy
  31. Rocky
  32. Spooky
  33. Fang
  34. Sooty
  35. Pebbles
  36. Pebbles
  37. Hooter
  38. Radar
  39. Atilla
  40. Buffy

Funny Bat Names

Not all bat monikers have to be serious, so why not give your furry friend a funny name that reflects their personality?

Here are some ideas for funny bat names to get you started:

  1. Batman
  2. Batgirl
  3. Vampirella
  4. No-No
  5. Wing-Man
  6. Flappy
  7. Flitters
  8. Batsy Cline
  9. Dracula
  10. Count Furrula
  11. B.B. Wing
  12. Batty McFaddin
  13. The Count of Monte Cristo
  14. Batwoman
  15. Batty McBatface
  16. Batkid
  17. Batguy
  18. Bat-ini
flying fox bat

Unique Bat Names

Are you looking for a unique name for your new fanged friend? If you’re out of ideas, fear not! We’ve compiled some of the most unique and creative names for your bat.

Check out our list below for some inspiration:

  1. Count Dracula
  2. The Batty Bunch
  3. Batty McBatface
  4. Drago
  5. Batman
  6. Beast
  7. Nightwing
  8. Fang
  9. Batbelle
  10. Batzilla
  11. Batty Bones
  12. Dracula Jr.
  13. Vampirella
  14. Batgirl
  15. Nocturne
  16. Nocturnal
  17. Batsquatch
  18. Tombstone
  19. Pterodactyl
  20. Striker
  21. Vesper
  22. Mordecai
  23. Grimm
  24. Stormseeker
  25. Loki
  26. Luxor
  27. Sooty
  28. Azrael
  29. Drago
  30. Balthazar

Halloween Bat Names

If you’re looking for a fun and spooky name for your pet bat, look no further than these Halloween-inspired bat names!

Here’s a list of some of the best ideas to help you find the perfect fit:

  1. Dracula
  2. Luna
  3. Count Batula
  4. Nocturne
  5. Bat Bat
  6. Fang
  7. Jack O’Lantern
  8. Witchy
  9. Grim
  10. Skelebat
  11. Boo
  12. Hocus Pocus
  13. Spooky
  14. Vampyr
  15. Batsy
  16. Pumpkin

Disney-Inspired Bat Names

We all know Disney has a knack for creating iconic characters we all love, but did you know some of those beloved characters have inspired some amazing names?

Here are some of our favorite Disney-inspired names that are sure to get your fanged friend some serious attention:

  1. Zazu (The Lion King)
  2. Abu (Aladdin)
  3. Pascal (Tangled)
  4. Heihei (Moana)
  5. Flit (Pocahontas)
  6. Archimedes (The Sword in the Stone)
  7. Vidia (Tinkerbell)
  8. Figaro (Pinocchio)

Mythological-Inspired Bat Names

Are you searching for something special and mythic to name your new bat friend? Look no further!

We’ve collected some of the most imaginative and legendary names suitable for a bat.

  1. Fenrir – A powerful wolf from Norse mythology
  2. Simurgh – A mythical bird of prey from Persian literature
  3. Icarus – A figure from Greek mythology who flew too close to the sun
  4. Harpy – Half-woman, half-bird beasts of Greek mythology
  5. Cerberus – The three-headed dog from Greco-Roman mythology
  6. Hydra – A nine-headed monstrous water snake from Greek mythology
Bat hanging on a tree branch Malayan bat

Pet Name Inspiration

Naming your pet bat may seem like a daunting task, but since bats are incredibly unique creatures, it is also incredibly rewarding.

Here are some tips to help you find the perfect name for your furry friend:

  1. Consider the characteristics of your pet – What kind of personality does your bat possess? Is it shy or outgoing? Unique features such as fur color or size should be taken into account when selecting a name.
  2. Think outside the box – Bats often have some very interesting and creative names that set them apart from more common pets. Try to come up with something unique and memorable!
  3. Use family references – Are there any family members or friends who your pet might resemble? If so, use this as inspiration when choosing a name for your furry pal!
  4. Get inspiration from literature or movies – Do you have a favorite character from a book or movie that would be perfect for your sweet little bat? Use it as inspiration for finding the perfect moniker!
  5. Have fun! Naming your pet should not be a stressful experience – enjoy the process and have fun with it!


Congratulations! You’ve reached the conclusion of this article and should have discovered a great name for your beloved bat. Whether you are seeking something captivating, witty, special, or even mythical – there is certainly an excellent option to suit every fan of bats.

Keep in mind that bats are beautiful animals; they deserve respect just like any other living creature. Naming them with one of these 227+ bat monikers will surely be perfect – but don’t forget to show them lots of love too!

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