311+ Castle Names (BEST Naming Ideas)

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If you are naming a castle, either fictional or otherwise, you might be looking for a great name for it.

Castles have all kinds of names, but most need to be majestic, strong, and historical in order to sound good. We’re going to look at the best names for castles today.

Fabulous names that can be used for castles include things like Kimbolton Castle, Woodcroft Castle, Doddington Castle, Bowes Castle, Raby Castle, and Launceston Castle.

You might also consider names such as Pengersick Castle, Tintagel Castle, and Bewley Castle.

Best Castle Names

No matter what kind of castle you’re naming, it needs to have a name that sounds strong and powerful.

There are lots of options, fortunately, and here are some of the best.

  1. Temarth Castle
  2. Cardell Hold
  3. Baldon Fortress
  4. Lambridge Castle
  5. Kingshill Citadel – with the word “king” in its name, this just sounds noble, making it a great name for your royal family’s home
  6. Marshwood Ford
  7. Windshire Palace – if you want to make sure your castle sounds like it’s at one with nature, consider including a word like “wind”
  8. Saltwood Castle
  9. Carleigh Keep
  10. Coarshire Fort
  11. Haertley Keep
  12. Yeanworth Fortress
  13. Dewbury Castle
  14. Wattingham Citadel
  15. Eryas Castle
  16. Blackdown Keep – this sounds serious and strong, which makes it perfect for a keep in a storybook
  17. Croftvalley Fortress
  18. Calford Hold
  19. Eyras Palace
  20. Ultrona Keep
  21. Barthmont Castle
  22. Cainfield Keep
  23. Midford Citadel

Good Castle Names

You may feel that none of those names quite appeal to you, and if that’s the case, there are plenty more. Try names along the following lines.

  1. Castle Caladan
  2. Laeves Castle – this is a perfect, mystical-sounding name for a castle
  3. Talsworth Citadel
  4. Woodlands Fort – sometimes, simple is best: if your fort is set in the forest, this name would be ideal
  5. Starminster Fortress
  6. Boltangate Fort
  7. Brivey Fortress
  8. Narris Citadel – this name has a somewhat Elvish feel to it, which may make it perfect for your castle
  9. Maelony Fort
  10. Arltington Castle
  11. Cardeby Keep
  12. Garsley Palace
  13. Enrilth Fortress
  14. Hurwell Keep
  15. Bilthen Fortress
  16. Ardismouth Castle
  17. Walmore Fort
  18. Hurten Stronghold
  19. Fowlsfield Keep
  20. Warsle Castle
  21. Chirlingstone Palace – this sounds enchanting and elegant, and it will work beautifully for a palace on a hilltop
  22. Cublerton Castle
  23. Nightwell Palace

Good Stronghold Names

In some cases, you want to make sure you’ve got a really strong-sounding name for your fortress so everybody knows how hard it is for people to attack.

Short names with lots of hard consonants often sound the strongest.

  1. Haarton Hold
  2. Skyguard Hall – if you want to convey a whimsical atmosphere for your stronghold, adding something like “skyguard” will work particularly well
  3. Castle Wolfthorn
  4. Everkeep Fort
  5. Raven’s Bluff
  6. Redmont Keep
  7. Talonsbluff Fortress
  8. Dawnton Stronghold
  9. Eastcairn Castle
  10. Bolltree Fort
  11. Fowther Hold
  12. Riverdale Fortress – referring to water in your castle’s name is a great way to create the sense of a natural setting
  13. Brightwater Keep
  14. Windkeep Stronghold
  15. Osprey’s Reach
  16. Rachdale Citadel
  17. Langdale Keep – the word “dale” is commonly used in castle names because it refers to valleys
  18. Knaerwood Castle
  19. Lorechester Hold
  20. Lakewell Fortress
  21. Tarville Fort
  22. Palsbury Citadel
  23. Barkhamstead Tower
  24. Langden Stronghold
  25. Tormaine Castle

Cute Castle Names

Castles don’t often get associated with cute imagery, but if you’ve got a child or you’re writing something for children, you probably want something that doesn’t sound too daunting.

Consider the following names!

  1. Iredale Keep
  2. Greenhill Palace – this indicates the castle is in a picturesque place, surrounded by green grass and summery fields
  3. Gramercy Castle
  4. Beacon Hill
  5. Clover Castle – clover is beautiful, and the alliteration with “castle” makes this a great name for a children’s story
  6. Calber Castle
  7. Little Cardle Keep
  8. Fort Dorrybell
  9. Nutkin Fort – this is a cute way to bring squirrels and forest creatures to mind
  10. Wirrel Keep
  11. Huckleberry Tower
  12. Sweet Chestnut Palace
  13. Faery Fort
  14. Diamond Tower
  15. Riverbrook Castle
  16. Dart Hill
  17. Nightdust Castle
  18. Heather Tower
  19. Weaving Stronghold
  20. Leaf Citadel
  21. Horseshoe Tower
  22. Unicorn Palace – if you want to go for something really magical, including “unicorns” in your castle name may be a good idea
  23. North Wynd
  24. Ivy Castle
  25. Whitewall Keep

Funny Castle Names

In some cases, you won’t want to take your castle too seriously. Sometimes, giving your castle an amusing name is the best way to give it character and energy.

  1. Bringlebrook Nook
  2. Squishy Castle
  3. God Cattle Castle
  4. Stormy Seas Keep
  5. Brickwork Castle
  6. Softwall Castle
  7. Bouncy Castle – everybody loves a bouncy castle, whether it’s in fiction or not!
  8. Sweepstakes Keep
  9. Fort of Knocks
  10. Drawbridges Stuck
  11. The Rainbow Fortress – you can play around with color and contrast by using both “rainbow” and “fortress” in the name!
  12. Darkest Deepest Dungeon
  13. Windy Towers
  14. Falling Stones Fort
  15. Cracked Stone Tower
  16. Blocky Castle
  17. The Leaning Tower – do you love the Leaning Tower of Pisa? If so, this could be a great thing to take inspiration from!

Unique Castle Names

If the most important thing to you is that your castle stands out from all the others, you might want to consider some of the below options.

These are the most unique castle names.

  1. Galadhor Castle
  2. Chateau Carlton
  3. Coltherstone Hold
  4. Euthoria Hold
  5. Hewgill Keep – this name manages to be both cute and unusual
  6. Waelmore Fortress
  7. Nascombe Castle
  8. Hopeshire Fort
  9. Boussiney Citadel
  10. Blire Keep
  11. Sparrington Castle
  12. Sparley Hold
  13. Galsop Fort
  14. Croilton Palace
  15. Cowle Citadel
  16. Windmontel Castle
  17. Sevenberg Fort
  18. Herst Keep
  19. Pernstowe Citadel
  20. Whitich Keep
  21. Charhelm Palace
  22. Wringcaster Castle
  23. Zatherope Citadel
  24. Calsely Castle
  25. Byralshire Tower

Cool Castle Names

If you’d rather focus on the cool vibe you want your castle to convey, there are a few great options out there.

Try any of these!

  1. Alderth Keep
  2. Mortling Fortress
  3. Dewling Fortress
  4. Tarnton Tower
  5. Barviel Citadel
  6. Gandum Keep
  7. Brackhill Fort
  8. Uwile Castle
  9. Logoria Keep
  10. Tower of Charten
  11. West Lowes Fort
  12. Rouguemont Keep – this is a decidedly cool and unusual name
  13. Faerchester Castle
  14. Earnside Palace
  15. Dannamore Castle
  16. Mercelfield Castle
  17. Tower of Laventhorpe
  18. Scatterton Keep
  19. Slyborn Palace
  20. Parverhill Citadel
  21. Wolvesley Keep
  22. Parandor Castle
  23. Sella Fortress – often, simple names are the best

Badass Castle Names

Do you want your castle to feel daunting and dark? There are some excellent badass castle names to choose from.

  1. Mortham Keep – words starting with “M” are often associated with evil, especially in a lot of English folklore. Think of Mordred, Morgana, and other villains from the Arthurian legends!
  2. Malgrave Citadel
  3. Arcton Hold
  4. Tarsington Castle
  5. Miserth Fort – with a word that sounds like misery, this is a very badass name for your castle
  6. Eaghton Citadel
  7. Mandoom Fortress – having the word “doom” in the castle’s name is often enough to make it feel daunting and edgy
  8. Alnor Fortress
  9. Dorston Citadel
  10. Dunstead Keep
  11. Bellbroke Tower – this sounds windswept, barren, and possibly dilapidated
  12. Gadleigh Fort
  13. Reave Citadel
  14. Harle Hold
  15. Santhorpe Tower
  16. Arnstey Keep
  17. Merliscire Keep
  18. Minbury Fortress
  19. Blireding Fort
  20. Fangthor Castle
  21. Gillhewn Palace
  22. Faerseton Fortress
  23. Graentich Keep – many names with an “ae” manage to look more daunting and cool, which makes them perfect for your badass castle needs
  24. Cornby Fort
  25. Croft Palace

Famous Castle Names

What about some of the real castles that are actually out there? Naming your castle after one of these or based on one of these is a great way to make it sound authentic.

  1. Bewcastle Castle
  2. Moncaster Castle – based in the north of England, this is a beautiful place to visit
  3. Warkworth Castle
  4. Warwick Castle
  5. Burneside Hall
  6. Kenilworth Castle
  7. Bolsover Castle
  8. Carisbrooke Castle
  9. Schönbrunn Palace
  10. Dover Castle
  11. Alnwick Castle
  12. Castle Howard
  13. The Tower of London
  14. Château de Foix
  15. Palace of Versailles
  16. Neuschwanstein Castle
  17. Château Gaillard
  18. Windsor Castle – this is probably the most famous castle in the UK, and among the most famous in the world
  19. Arundel Castle
  20. Beeston Castle
  21. Middleham Castle
  22. Dunstanburgh Castle
  23. Portchester Castle
  24. Tintagel Castle

Fantasy Castle Names

If you’re naming fantasy castles for a story, a game, or with a child, you probably want something a little more fantastical and unusual.

A fantasy castle name should be whimsical and unique, so let’s look at some top choices.

  1. Bluebird Keep
  2. Whitehaven Castle
  3. Pearlington Keep
  4. Castle Haven
  5. Sunspear Palace
  6. Hope Spire
  7. Rose Castle – roses are the perfect fantasy flowers, so use them as part of your castle name!
  8. Rose Keep
  9. Royal Citadel
  10. Carcoswald Hold
  11. Saelmere Hold
  12. Cottenhorn Fortress
  13. Mirador Fortress
  14. Baston Keep
  15. Perleset Castle
  16. Witton Fortress
  17. Oakenfield Palace – this sounds both strong and mystical, with oaks being one of the longest living trees
  18. Kalepeck Castle
  19. Mearley Fort
  20. Elkmire Keep
  21. Scarwood Palace
  22. Stowerling Stronghold
  23. Dragonspire Keep
  24. Perrigwyn Tower
  25. Citadel of Bolton
  26. Nartley Castle

Medieval Castle Names

If you want to ensure your castle sounds authentically medieval, it can help to look at a few medieval names.

Medieval castles got their names in a wide variety of ways, but here are some suggestions you might like.

  1. Askerton Castle
  2. Brackenhill Tower
  3. Yanborough Fort
  4. Angarth Keep
  5. Kentillie Castle – this sounds particularly old and pretty
  6. Blaise Fortress
  7. Falkerstone Palace
  8. Ulentor Keep
  9. Tortmaine Tower
  10. Barmsfield Hold
  11. Haerton Keep
  12. Citadel of Starkport
  13. Rye Castle – if you want simple, this could be perfect
  14. Armathain Tower
  15. Wardhurt Spire
  16. Wolvershire Keep
  17. Termarth Castle
  18. Cubberstone Stronghold
  19. Raychester Tower
  20. Barthwaite Fort
  21. Brawnelyn Fortress
  22. Tarlington Court
  23. Farleigh Tower

English Castle Names

Of all the countries out there, England is probably among the most famous for its castles. With that in mind, let’s check out some English castle names!

  1. Kimbolton Castle
  2. Buckden Palace
  3. Elton Hall
  4. Woodcroft Castle
  5. Kirtling Tower
  6. Northborough Castle
  7. Dodleston Castle
  8. Kingsley Castle – this sounds royal and noble, and it links to the Harry Potter character!
  9. Nantwich Castle
  10. Newhall Tower
  11. Aldford Castle
  12. Frodshame Castle
  13. Shipbrook Castle
  14. Warrington Castle
  15. Beeston Castle
  16. Halton Castle
  17. Chester Castle – many castles are simply named after the city they are in
  18. Dalden Tower
  19. Peckforton Castle
  20. Streamlat Castle
  21. Ludworth tower
  22. Bishopton Castle
  23. Auckland Castle
  24. Durham Castle
  25. Lumley Castle
  26. Millom Castle
  27. Toppin Castle

Real Names Of Castles For Inspiration

Sometimes, naming your castle after a real-world castle is the best way to get an authentic name.

Try any of the below!

  1. Alexanderstone Castle
  2. Agaton Fort
  3. Almond Castle
  4. Stirling Castle
  5. Hitoyoshi Castle – the rhythm of this castle name is particularly attractive
  6. Burg Eltz
  7. Edinburgh Castle
  8. Bodiam Castle
  9. Bran Castle
  10. Akashi Castle – don’t be afraid to choose simple names; this refers to “proof” or “evidence” in Japanese
  11. Castel del Monte
  12. Fenis Castle
  13. Corvin Castle
  14. Edo Castle
  15. Eilan Donan – this is a beautiful palace in Scotland
  16. Grad Predjama
  17. Osaka Castle
  18. Gifu Castle
  19. Inuyama Castle – this castle is found in Japan
  20. Iwamura Castle
  21. Morioka Castle
  22. Minowa Castle
  23. Kilkenny Castle
  24. Kubota – meaning “sunken rice paddy,” this castle is also found in Japan
  25. Okazaki Castle
  26. Shibita Castle

Castle Naming Tips

How do you name something as momentous as a castle? It can be challenging, but it’s perfectly possible if you take the right approach. Think about the sort of atmosphere you want your castle’s name to convey.

Is your castle dark and dismal? Is it full of roses, trap doors, and hidden romances?

Use these ideas to decide whether you want a name that sounds frightening or a name that hints at a fairy tale.

You can then use the list above to develop a name that’s unique to you if none of the options appeal!


Hopefully, you have found this list of castle names useful and inspiring. Remember that you can choose any name for your castle, and as long as you like it, it will be perfect.

Think about the history of your castle and how much of that you want to convey through what people call it. This should help you to find the perfect name!


What is the castle’s name in Tangled?

The Tangled castle is called Corona Castle, occupied by Queen Arianna, King Frederick, Rapunzel, and Flynn.

What is the name of Queen Elizabeth’s castle?

Queen Elizabeth’s London castle is called Buckingham Palace and it was purchased in 1761.

What was the name of King Arthur’s castle?

King Arthur’s castle was known as Camelot, and many people think the site is what is now called Tintagel castle.

What is the name of the castle in Hamlet?

Hamlet’s castle is called Elsinore Castle, and it was heavily based on Kronborg Castle, which is located in Helsinger, in Denmark.

What is the name of the Queen’s castle in Scotland?

Balmoral Castle is the Queen’s Scottish castle. It was bought by Prince Albert for Queen Victoria in 1852 and has remained in the royal family ever since.

What is the name of the castle in Disneyland?

The castle at Disneyland Paris is Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, although it was originally going to be Snow White’s Castle.

What is the name of the castle at Disney World?

Disney World’s castle is known as the Cinderella Castle.

What is the name of the castle in Downton Abbey?

Downton Abbey was a fictional name, and the series was filmed at Highclere Castle. The series also featured Alnwick Castle under the name Brancaster Castle.

What is the name of the castle in Frozen?

The fictional castle in Frozen is called Arendelle Castle.

What is the name of the castle in Harry Potter?

The famous castle in Harry Potter was Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Alnwick Castle was again used for many of the scenes, although not exclusively.

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