235+ Knight Names: BEST Naming Ideas for the Brave and Bold

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From the humorous knights in Monty Python and the Holy Grail to epic heroes like Ivanhoe and Sir Lancelot in classic literature, knights are a well-known staple in legend and literature. 

Knight names are typically formatted to have the knight’s first given name and a descriptor, such as “Harold the Brave” or “Lila the Wise.” The descriptor becomes as much a part of the knight’s identity as his or her name, and ideally reflects one of the qualities befitting of the knight. 

These qualities are usually personality traits, but some – like “blonde” or “red” – describe the knight’s physical appearance. Some of the common qualities associated with knights are honest, just, fair, and brave.

However, there are some unconventional descriptors you’ll find in our list such as sour, finicky, or hot-tempered. Often the descriptor highlights a great deed the knight accomplished or even the town or region from which the knight originates. 

In our ultimate guide, you’ll find the best name ideas for a knight, from everything from badass to funny names.

Read on to learn more! 

Best Knight Names 

  1. Rowan the Wise
  2. Aldous the Brave
  3. Renfry the Widowmaker – This fierce name is befitting of a warrior with a lot of kills under his belt.
  4. Bronwen the Angelic
  5. Reynard the Red – This name employs a physical description. 
  6. Owen the Adored
  7. George the Gallant
  8. Catrin the Quick-Witted
  9. Sorrel the Shadow – A mysterious moniker for a silent, deadly warrior. 
  10. Arwen the Patient
  11. Sigurd the Wild
  12. Judith the Steadfast
  13. Wyn the Kind
  14. Jacqueline of the South
  15. Brielle of the Sea
  16. Jaime the Honest – Honesty is one of the classic and noble virtues becoming of a knight. 
  17. Nicholas the Brilliant
  18. Albert the Quick-Tempered
  19. Crispin the Fair – “Fair” is a description that can be used to refer to someone who is blonde, attractive, or both. 
  20. Silas of the Forest
  21. Tyr of the Sky
  22. Chauncey the Handsome
  23. Eira the Lovely
  24. Mary the Savage
  25. David the Deadly

Female Knight Names

While “Sir” is the official title of a male knight, the female equivalent is either “Lady” or “Dame” – at least traditionally.

Female knights can be known for the same noble qualities as their male counterparts. 

  1. Adeline the Fair – For women, “fair” was generally used to mean attractive – though it most often also meant blonde and fair-skinned. 
  2. Jane the Just – This alliterative name highlights one of the most noble qualities of a knight. 
  3. Abigail the Good
  4. Hildegarde the Fierce – In German, the name “Hildegarde” means “battle grounds.” Definitely a name for a fierce female warrior. 
  5. Paula the Brave
  6. Swanhild the Resilient – This old Scandinavian name hearkens back to the Vikings and adds some depth and background to this female knight’s name. 
  7. Isabella the Short
  8. Sarah the Prophetic
  9. Joanna the Lively
  10. Gwenllian the Shy
  11. Camilla the Pure
  12. Vigdis the Virtuous 
  13. Adaryn the Free – The name Adaryn means “bird” in Welsh, so “free” seems the perfect description for such a name. 
  14. Annalee the Joyful
  15. Alice the Talented

Male Knight Names

  1. William the Giant
  2. Rhys the Magnificent
  3. Bryan the Gold
  4. Viktor the Conqueror
  5. Aeron the Righteous
  6. Emery the Merciful 
  7. Geoffrey the Victorious
  8. Byron of the Western Wood
  9. Gareth the Bloodthirsty – This frightening name is befitting of a fierce soldier. 
  10. Lionel of the Sea
  11. Wesley of the South Seas
  12. Gregory the Watchful
  13. Phillip the Swift
  14. Calvin the Brave
  15. Maximilian the Tower

Good Names for A Knight

These names exemplify the ideal qualities in a traditional knight. 

  1. Charles the Good
  2. Peter the Just
  3. Tristan the Gregarious – Meaning sociable and bold, “gregarious” is a good description of an ideal knight. 
  4. Roderick the Bold
  5. Lily of the Loch – In Scotland, “loch” is another name for lake. 
  6. Arthur the Brave
  7. Morgan the Fierce
  8. Richard the Sure-Footed
  9. Callie the Vigilant
  10. Frederick the Righteous

Funny Knight Names

  1. Rodney the Easily Amused
  2. Oswald the Flatulent
  3. Edna the Dim-Witted
  4. Wendell the Bed-Wetter
  5. Uther the Drunk
  6. Percival the Persnickety
  7. Thomas the Very Nervous
  8. Quincy the Peculiar
  9. Cyrus the Loud
  10. Leonard the Belligerent

Cool Knight Names

  1. Simon the Hawkeye
  2. Gwyddion the Lion
  3. Egbert the Executioner
  4. Renaud the Blade
  5. Roy of the King’s Court
  6. Uther of Royal Blood
  7. Triss the Arrow
  8. Thyphainne the Red-Blooded
  9. Isaac the Warden
  10. Drake the Conqueror

Unique Knight Names

  1. Donahue the Timid
  2. Wymond the Whisperer
  3. Thea of the Snow
  4. Edun the Sincere
  5. Tobias the Weak
  6. Millicent the Agile
  7. Sanna of the Cave
  8. Maud the Disapproving
  9. Merwenna the Smile
  10. Yda the Enigma

Badass Names For A Knight

  1. Sylvan the Fanged
  2. Kendrick the Scorpion
  3. Hadrian the Wall – This name works as a pun and as a good descriptor for a stocky, muscular knight.
  4. Rolph the Champion 
  5. Amari the Gladiator
  6. Adalwulf the Colossus
  7. Forrest the Dragonheart
  8. Haymich the Maneater
  9. Gerald of the Mountain
  10. Kristoffer the Bear

Hollow Knight Names

Hollow Knight is a game series in which the player explores forests, caverns, and all manner of interconnected worlds in order to solve an ancient mystery. 

  1. Jitters
  2. Mittens
  3. Neo
  4. Slater
  5. Sheavek
  6. Coto
  7. Brerol
  8. Earwig
  9. Jillusea
  10. Sarale
  11. Dragonfly
  12. Scarab
  13. Jinale
  14. Ullih
  15. Onoliah

Medieval Knight Names

The following names include traditionally medieval names and their original spellings. Some of these names may have carried into the modern day with slightly different spellings, while others may seem completely unlike any modern name. 

  1. Edelbert the Earnest
  2. Cateline the Blessed
  3. Ciardha of the Rose
  4. Ekkehard the Pious
  5. Tenney the Conscientous
  6. Col of the West Wind
  7. Wischard the Mysterious
  8. Chestimir the Mighty
  9. Cynbel the Graceful
  10. Dicun of the Churchyard
  11. Lyudmil the Bashful
  12. Ibb the Little
  13. Tomila the Sorrowful
  14. Jankin the Mellifluous
  15. Elric of the Moorland

Names For A Templar Knight

The Knights Templar were among the best and most skilled fighters during the Crusades, distinguished by their white mantles decorated with a red cross. 

  1. Fulk of Montpesat 
  2. Hugh of Jouy
  3. Raymond of Canet
  4. Gundemar
  5. Riperto of Puig Guigone
  6. Hugh of Rigaud
  7. Arnold of Bedocio
  8. Hugh of Barcelona
  9. Berenguer of San Justo 
  10. Arnold of Castellnou
  11. William of Montañana  
  12. Simon of Lenda
  13. Raymond of Serra
  14. William of Azylach

Famous Knight Names

The most famous knights, undoubtedly, are those fabled to be in the legendary King Arthur’s court and his Knights of the Round Table. 

  1. Sir Gareth
  2. Sir Kay
  3. Sir Lamorek
  4. Sir Percival
  5. Sir Bors the Younger
  6. Sir Gaheris
  7. Sir Bedivere
  8. Sir Geraint
  9. Sir Tristan
  10. Sir Galahad
  11. Sir Lancelot
  12. Sir Gawain

Disney Knight Names

While few major Disney films include named knights, many older Disney films and lesser-known series do.

  1. Vivian Morgan – This female time-traveling knight, played by Whoopi Goldberg, appeared in the 1998 live action Disney film A Knight in Camelot. 
  2. Cauldron Born – These knights made up the Horned King’s Army of the Dead in the 1985 Disney film, The Black Cauldron. 
  3. Moon Knight – From an upcoming Disney+ original movie. 
  4. The Beheaded Knight – From Disney’s Haunted Mansion attraction and video game. 
  5. Black Prince – This character is featured in Disney Parks as part of the Haunted Mansion attraction. 
  6. Sir Kay – From the Disney 1963 animated film, The Sword in the Stone. 
  7. Sir Pellinore – From 1963’s The Sword in the Stone.
  8. Sir Cassius – From Disney Channel’s series Elena of Avalon. 
  9. Black Knight –  From Marvel’s Eternals series, distributed by Walt Disney.  
  10. Sir Ector – From 1963’s The Sword in the Stone

Cartoon Knight Names

Several animated series – including The Adventures of the Gummi Bears and Sofia the First – feature characters who are knights. 

  1. Sir Cumference – This cartoon knight originated from the 1946 animated short film A Knight for a Day. 
  2. Don Quixote – While this famous knight first appeared in one of the oldest works of literature, it eventually became adapted into several cartoons. 
  3. Sir Gawain – This elderly knight comes from The Adventures of the Gummi Bears.
  4. Sir Brad Starlight – This character hails from the cartoon series Wander Over Yonder. 
  5. Cedric – This cartoon knight originated from the 1946 animated short film A Knight for a Day.  
  6. Sir Oliver – From the animated kids’ show, Sofia the First. 
  7. Victor Igthorn – Also known as Vic the White Knight, from The Adventures of the Gummi Bears. 
  8. Sir Tuxford – This high-ranking knight is a character in the animated series, The Adventures of the Gummi Bears.
  9. Sir Bartleby – From the animated series Sofia the First. 
  10. Knights of Rodeghan – This group of knights appears in several episodes of the animated series Kim Possible. 

Names For A Black Knight

The following names are mysterious and frightening – everything a black knight should be. 

  1. Bran the Shadow
  2. Liselle of the Night
  3. Atakan the Harbinger – Atakan is Turkish for “ancestor’s blood” – a fierce moniker befitting of a black knight. 
  4. Cordula the Starborn – A mysterious female black knight name.
  5. Valerian the Dark
  6. Melanie the Black – The name Melanie means “dark.”
  7. Khalid the Sword
  8. Songul the Oath-bound
  9. Dhek the Deathbringer – This frightening name is one that’s fit for the battlefield. 
  10. Anduin the Last

Evil Knight Names

  1. Seren the Necromancer – Sorcery was greatly feared during the time of Arthurian legend, arguably the most popularized period of knights in literature and legend. It would make sense that any name associated with magic or sorcery would be considered evil by medieval standards. 
  2. Sawyl the Ruthless
  3. Taryn the Bloody
  4. Germaine the Malevolent
  5. Corinne the Vicious
  6. Tomos the Terrible
  7. Rhys the Viper
  8. Jan the Cruel
  9. Bartholomew the Destroyer
  10. Ramsay the Ravager
  11. Heimart the Usurper
  12. Hermannus the Ghost
  13. Ademar of the Nightfall
  14. Malconis the Vengeful
  15. Karl of the Darkness

Fantasy Knight Names

While any knight name can be included within fantasy film, literature, and other media, the following names incorporate themes that are strictly part of the fantasy genre. 

  1. Rienn the Dragon Slayer
  2. Sylas of the Elven Wood
  3. Yaromil the Shadowmancer
  4. Ximeon of the Enchanted Dunes
  5. Elwen the Dragonborn
  6. Royse of the Bewitched
  7. Trill of Griffon’s Blood
  8. Molle of the Fae
  9. Rohesia the Sky Dancer
  10. Melisende the Enchantress  

Names For A French Knight

  1. Joan the Courageous – Not only is this name a strong female knight’s name but also honors the famed Joan of Arc. 
  2. Fortunat the Lucky
  3. Arnaud the Sorrowful
  4. Baptiste the Holy
  5. Benoit the Beloved
  6. Déodat the Bold
  7. Dominique the Vigilant
  8. Felecia the Bashful
  9. Émilienne the Fair
  10. Bastien the Shy 

Names For A British Knight

This section includes names that are British by origin. 

  1. Barnaby the Sure
  2. Gaynor the Bold
  3. Macaulay of the Moors – The English countryside includes large tracts of open land known as moors. 
  4. Basil the Resilient
  5. Marmaduke of Yorkshire
  6. Neville the Steadfast
  7. Piers of the Eastern Wood
  8. Maisy the Short
  9. Philippa the Pious
  10. Romily the Pompous 


Knight monikers are anything you make them. As illustrated by our ultimate guide, all you need is the right format and your choices are limitless. Male or female, from an established country or from an imagined land, realistic or fantastic, everything is up to you.

While our above guide certainly includes a wide range of naming ideas, it’s by no means an exhaustive list. Inspiration can come from anywhere.

If all else fails try a knight name generator!

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