449+ Clown Names (BEST Naming Ideas)

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You might be surprised at just how many options there are when it comes to clown names.

In today’s guide, we’ll be highlighting hundreds of our favorite clown monikers, including options for Italian, French, funny, creepy, evil, circus, and various other types of clowns.

Keep reading as we explore these names and more. 

Best Clown Names

Whether it’s a modern clown name you’re looking for or a name inspired by a famous clown character, here are some great options.

The following 25 best clown name ideas range from female names to male names, scary names, silly names, unique names, and more.

  1. Bozo the Clown
  2. Beebee the Clown 
  3. Bobo the Clown 
  4. Bubbles
  5. Bingo
  6. Mr. Chuckles
  7. Ms. Chuckles
  8. Bongo
  9. Gogo the Clown 
  10. Smiley
  11. Ditsy Doo
  12. Whimsy the Clown 
  13. Cuckoo the Clown 
  14. Laughing Larry 
  15. Bobby Balloons
  16. Funky Frank
  17. Funky Frankie
  18. Fancy Pants
  19. Dumbo Dan
  20. Daisy Doo
  21. Coco the Clown
  22. Sammy Sparkles
  23. Binky Bob
  24. Laughing Lisa 
  25. Grouchy McGee

Female Clown Names

To get more specific, you can also browse the following names suited for a female clown. Feminine clown personas often call for more feminine names.

These 25 naming ideas use alliteration and kid-friendly words. They also rely on clownish qualities like silliness, laughing, and more to create unique female names. 

  1. Laughy Lily
  2. Lala Laughs
  3. Lolla Balloons
  4. Silly Susan 
  5. Silly Sarah
  6. Sophie Giggles
  7. Girly Giggles
  8. Princess Bubbles
  9. Princess Giggles
  10. Cherry Cheeks
  11. Patty Paints
  12. Lucky-go-Lulu
  13. Bubblegum Barb
  14. Lottie Loo
  15. Daisy Doo-Wop
  16. Chuckling Chelsea 
  17. Silly Circus Sally 
  18. Betty Ballooney
  19. Betty Spaghetti
  20. Lizzy Lizard 
  21. Rainbows McGee
  22. Charlotte Chuckles 
  23. Party Patsy 
  24. Betty the Itsy Bitsy Clown
  25. Bingo Bubblegum

Male Clown Names

Next up, we’re highlighting some of the best naming options when it comes to male or masculine clowns. These personas often have different inspirations, like typical names for boys paired with animal names, etc.

These next 25 names also use alliteration and wordplay to create fun, kid-friendly names that are easy to remember.

  1. Bobby the Bobo Clown 
  2. George the Grouch 
  3. Curious Calvin the Clown 
  4. Unicycle Eugene 
  5. Dudley the Clown 
  6. Doctor Dufus 
  7. Kevin Kandy 
  8. Baldy the Clown
  9. Larry Laughable
  10. Lonny Laughmeister
  11. Silly Sal
  12. Sal the Silly Clown
  13. Goofy Goober
  14. Gizmo the Goofy Clown
  15. Walter Big Shoes
  16. Big Breeches 
  17. Donald McDonald 
  18. Bobby Bobert 
  19. Freddie Spaghetti
  20. Clive Clown
  21. Cletus Clown
  22. Bert the Bozo
  23. Mr. Bobo Balloons
  24. Mr. Squiggles
  25. Mr. Giggles the Clown 

Good Names For A Clown

Setting gender aside, there are some pretty basic signs of a good clown name in general. These include qualities of silliness, goofiness, funniness, and playfulness. 

When seeking out the perfect names for good clowns, you might turn to this list of 25 options.

These classic names just make sense for a silly entertainer.

  1. Dusty the Clown
  2. Scooter
  3. Patches the Clown
  4. Bitsy Bopsy
  5. Jim Bob the Clown
  6. Smiley Miley 
  7. Chunky Doodles
  8. Dancing Dan 
  9. Yoyo the Clown 
  10. Bobo the Clown
  11. Jimbo the Clown
  12. Pogo Pete 
  13. Prancing Sandy 
  14. Sandy Smiles-a-Lot
  15. Silly Sylvester
  16. Joking Jill
  17. Jilly Beans 
  18. Jelly Beans the Clown 
  19. Jolly Holly 
  20. Bam Bam the Clown
  21. Bubblegum Bill 
  22. Bubbles the Crazy Clown
  23. Professor Glitter 
  24. Boom Boom the Clown 
  25. Professor Pants the Clown 

Names For A Classic Circus Clown

Circus clowns first started to become popular in the 1800s, and many of the names used for these clowns are still widely popular today. 

The following 25 classic circus clown names date back a couple of centuries but are still effective in the clowning world. Take a look at the variety.

  1. Dimitri the Clown
  2. The Tramp
  3. Frosty the Clown
  4. Remi the Clown
  5. Grock the Clown
  6. T.J. Tatters
  7. Rosie Sunshine
  8. Zig
  9. Zag
  10. Bim
  11. Bom
  12. Blinky the Clown
  13. Vercoe
  14. Coco the Clown
  15. Skeeter Reece
  16. Lalala the Clown
  17. Pierre
  18. Otto
  19. Charlie Rivel
  20. Beebee
  21. Buster
  22. Bellini
  23. Harty the Clown
  24. Joe Jackson Sr. 
  25. Joe Jackson Jr.

Vintage Clown Names

For a more old-fashioned ring to a clown name, you might consider trying one of the vintage clown monikers below. Many of these names are pulled from famous clowns back in the day.

  1. Charlie Chaplin
  2. Buster Keaton
  3. Tati the Clown (Jacques Tati)
  4. Laurel
  5. Hardy 
  6. Slim Pickens
  7. Quail Dobbs
  8. Big Al Wilson
  9. Johnny Tatum
  10. Tom Bolton
  11. Bello Nock
  12. Jyjou the Clown
  13. Le Clown Gordoon
  14. Buffo the Clown
  15. Cepillín
  16. Grandma the Clown
  17. Fumagalli
  18. Lalala
  19. Chocolat
  20. Versace
  21. Frosty Little 
  22. Chuchin
  23. Batatinha
  24. Bozo the Clown
  25. Doink the Clown

Funny Names For A Clown

Above all else, people associate clowns with their humor and entertainment factor. After all, they are often hired to perform at children’s parties and in circuses.

That’s why we’re also sharing some funny clown-naming ideas below. 

  1. Murky
  2. Tickles
  3. Cheeky
  4. Dumpty
  5. Funky Bubbles
  6. Chunky Bubbles
  7. The Giggler
  8. Loopy
  9. Loppy
  10. Floppy
  11. Flappy
  12. Ah-Choo!
  13. Sneezy
  14. Pickles
  15. Tootles
  16. Wacky
  17. Slappy 
  18. Juggles 
  19. Yoyo
  20. Looney
  21. Grubby
  22. Tatters
  23. Oddball
  24. Poodles
  25. Smiley

Cool Clown Names

The next list compiles 25 different clown name ideas that emulate a “cool” factor.

Take a look at these names that take things a level higher than your typical birthday party clown.

  1. The Cool Clown
  2. Mr. Cool
  3. Ms. Cool
  4. Bobo Coolio
  5. Franny Fresh
  6. Frosty Frank
  7. Mr. Cool Beans
  8. Sparkles
  9. Ms. Cool Beans
  10. Connie Collected
  11. Twinkles
  12. Candy the Cool Clown
  13. Chill Charlie
  14. Chilly the Clown
  15. Sleek Sal
  16. Sammy the Sick Clown 
  17. Dazzle
  18. Brilliance
  19. Craven
  20. Feathers
  21. Lollypop
  22. Blossom
  23. Sugar
  24. Skittles the Clown
  25. Buttercup

Cute Clown Names

Some clowns have more of a cuteness factor than anything else. Typically, girly clowns use cuter makeup and rely on cutesy names to enhance their personas.

These next 25 names are names for a cute clown.

  1. Daisy the Clown
  2. Tulip the Clown
  3. Cutie the Clown
  4. Cutie Pie
  5. Rosie the Clown
  6. Cupcake the Clown
  7. Lala
  8. Joy
  9. Jolly
  10. Bee
  11. Bows
  12. Squishy
  13. Buttons
  14. Sparkles
  15. Topsy
  16. Ribbons
  17. Shiny 
  18. Bonbon
  19. Tootsie
  20. Freckles
  21. Tickles
  22. Daffy
  23. Flower
  24. Luna
  25. Patch

Unique Clown Names

We had to think outside of the box a bit to come up with this next list of names.

The following 25 names are unique and creative when compared with your typical circus or funny names.

  1. Vagabond
  2. Drifter
  3. Circus Peanut
  4. Sideshow
  5. Act I
  6. Act II
  7. The Stagehand
  8. The Balloon Handler
  9. Crispy the Clown
  10. Quiet
  11. Cranky
  12. Fancy
  13. Echo
  14. Squeaky
  15. Beep-Beep
  16. Witty
  17. Honk-Honk
  18. Googles
  19. Ruffles
  20. Raffles
  21. Chester
  22. Bashful
  23. Baskets
  24. Shorty 
  25. Sassy 

Badass Names For A Clown

Some clowns are more badass than others, such as the infamous Joker from the Batman franchise.

These next 25 clown name ideas are meant to emulate badassery and the peak of coolness.

  1. King of Clowns 
  2. Queen of Clowns
  3. Apex Clown
  4. Bobo the Badass Clown
  5. Bozo the Badass Clown
  6. Beebee the Badass Clown
  7. Bitsy the Badass Clown
  8. Fighter the Clown
  9. Kicks
  10. Punches
  11. Bobo McFierce 
  12. Bozo McStrong
  13. Rodeo Joe
  14. Rabble Rouser 
  15. Rebel the Clown
  16. Renegade the Clown
  17. Destroyer the Clown
  18. Ace Britches
  19. Ace McBigShoes
  20. Ronald McCool
  21. Dash the Clown
  22. Fearless 
  23. Aces
  24. Hero
  25. Heroine

Famous Clown Names

Due to the large number of people who are afraid of clowns, it shouldn’t be that surprising that many of these famous clowns are evil or spooky characters in horror films and TV shows.

But some of these popular names are also more kid-friendly – originating in McDonald’s fast food ads, early cartoons, and the old circus clown days of the past.

  1. Ronald McDonald 
  2. Willard Scott
  3. Pennywise the Dancing Clown (It)
  4. Baskets the Clown 
  5. Frowny the Clown 
  6. Art the Clown 
  7. The Joker 
  8. Krusty the Clown 
  9. Poltergeist Clown 
  10. Twisty the Clown 
  11. Needles Kane (Sweet Tooth)
  12. Killjoy the Clown 
  13. Bozo the Clown 
  14. Wrinkles the Clown 
  15. Happy Slappy 
  16. Grandma the Clown 
  17. Weary Willie 
  18. Joey (Grimaldi)
  19. Binky the Clown 
  20. Captain Spaulding 
  21. Butterscotch the Clown
  22. Clara Bow 
  23. Betty the Clown Girl
  24. Puffalump the Clown
  25. Koko the Clown 

Evil Clown Names

Some people believe that the idea of having an “evil” clown started with the Joker character in the comic world of Batman. But many other scary and evil clowns have been thought up since then.

Perhaps the most famous of these “evil” clowns is the fiction clown Pennywise the Dancing Clown from Stephen King’s horror novel It. Some of the following evil clown monikers are well-known characters, while others are made-up names drawing on the use of evil words and typical clown qualities..

  1. Pennywise the Dancing Clown 
  2. Serious Sal
  3. Mr. Kills the Clown
  4. Devil Dan
  5. Bozo the Crazed Clown
  6. Joker Jim
  7. Joker Jonny 
  8. Frenchy the Clown
  9. Pogo the Clown (John Wayne Gacy)
  10. Mr. Happy Sad
  11. Bobby Razor Blade 
  12. Laughy McFrowner
  13. Mr. Bones
  14. Danny Danger
  15. Killy Karen
  16. Ms. Scares-a-Lot
  17. Mr. Scares-a-Lot
  18. The Silly Scare
  19. Scarecrow the Clown
  20. Evil Eddie Spaghetti
  21. Gore-geous the Clown
  22. Slashing Sasha
  23. Erica Evil
  24. Frankie the Fiendish Clown
  25. Bubblegum the Bad Clown

Creepy Clown Names

If you’ve ever seen a scary clown or creepy clown depicted on TV, then you know just how easily these personas can give someone the chills.

The following creepy clown monikers would fit those types of clowns perfectly. And if you’re trying to create a fictional clown character with creepy qualities, then you might draw inspiration from the following list of 25 names.

  1. Clownie the Creep
  2. Creepy the Clown
  3. Mr. Creep
  4. Mrs. Creep
  5. Creepy McSquiggles
  6. Chilling the Clown
  7. Ghastly Gary 
  8. Bloody McCurdle
  9. Bloody McBubbles
  10. Balloons McBlood
  11. Scary Harry the Clown
  12. Freaky Frankie
  13. Bobo the Bloody Clown
  14. Bo-zombie the Clown
  15. Eerie Eddie
  16. Nightmarish Nick 
  17. Harrowing Hannah
  18. Hannah McHorror Laughs
  19. Pogo the Petrifying
  20. Shocking Sherry
  21. Eerie McGlitter 
  22. Spooky Glitterstein
  23. Terry Terrifying 
  24. The Terrifier 
  25. Witchy Willy

Sad Clown Names

Believe it or not, clowns aren’t always purely funny or scary by nature. Some clowns take on a sad or mopey persona, such as the old “hobo clown” trope following America’s Great Depression.

The following 25 sad clown monikers are both ironic and straightforward, mostly inspired by the sad clown characters of yore.

  1. Weary Willie 
  2. Mopey Marty 
  3. Mindy the Mope
  4. Blue Belle 
  5. Bobby Blues
  6. Teary Terry 
  7. Tears McBubbles
  8. Nellie No-Good 
  9. Nancy Neverhappy 
  10. Dusty Downtrodden 
  11. Bozo the Blue
  12. Glum McGlitter
  13. Gloomy the Clown
  14. Melon Collie
  15. Sammy the Sorrowful 
  16. Heart McBreak 
  17. Blues McNeverlaugh
  18. Mr. Deflated Balloon 
  19. Mrs. Deflated Balloon
  20. Bobo the Blue
  21. Blue Boy
  22. Blue Girl
  23. Pierrot
  24. Mopey Dopey 
  25. Swirly McSad

French Names For Clowns

The tradition of clowning and pantomiming isn’t strictly limited to the United States. These acts of costume-wearing, face-painting, and entertaining go back for centuries in Europe.

In France, a clown name might have a more French-sounding ring to it. The next 25 clown monikers are inspired by the French language and culture, and some of them are named after actual French clowns.

  1. Bobèche
  2. Chocolat the Clown
  3. Pierrot the Sad Clown
  4. Pierrette the Clown
  5. Annie Fratellini
  6. Stan the Clown
  7. Bête Bobo
  8. Mademoiselle Marrante
  9. Monsieur Marrant 
  10. Bête the Clown
  11. Bobo Ballon
  12. Dodo the Clown
  13. Le sourire
  14. Briller the Clown
  15. Mademoiselle Scintille
  16. Monsieur Scintille
  17. Mademoiselle Maladroite
  18. Monsieur Maladroit
  19. Très Topsy
  20. Très Silly 
  21. Gaffe the Clown 
  22. Mademoiselle Heureuse
  23. Monsieur Heureux
  24. Bonbons the Clown
  25. Très Joker 

Italian Names For Clowns

Pantomiming is also an Italian tradition, and there are many clowns who take part in the act in Italy. Below, we’ll explore some good name ideas for Italian clowns.

Many of these names draw on the silliness of Italian foods, like different types of pasta. Other names are rooted in the Italian language or culture.

  1. Victor Vaudeville 
  2. Matteo Meatball 
  3. Peppy Giuseppe 
  4. Mario the Clown 
  5. Il Buffone
  6. Il Pagliaccio 
  7. Il Beffardo
  8. Sonny Sciocco
  9. Sofia Sciocca
  10. Tortellini Toni
  11. Rotini Toni
  12. Ricardo Ridicolo
  13. Scemo Sal
  14. Laughing Luigi
  15. Bobo Bella
  16. Mia McHappy
  17. Giana McGiggles
  18. Laughing Lorenzo
  19. Lolo the Clown
  20. Bobo Buffo
  21. Strano the Clown
  22. Dani Divertente 
  23. Comico the Clown
  24. Il Spassoso 
  25. Sonny Sorridi

Spanish Names For A Clown

Last but not least, we also wanted to share some great name ideas for Spanish clowns. If you are clowning in Spain or looking to create a clown character that speaks Spanish, these names could work for you.

Take a look at the last 25 clown name ideas on our list below.

  1. Tommy Tonto
  2. Tammy Tonta 
  3. Toro the Clown
  4. Bola the Clown
  5. Rita Risa 
  6. El Payaso
  7. La Payasa
  8. Señora Payasa
  9. Señor Payaso
  10. Taco Payaso
  11. Pogo Payaso
  12. Señora Mentecata
  13. Señor Mentecato
  14. Sonrisas the Clown
  15. Bobo Payaso 
  16. Diana Divertida
  17. Daniel Divertido
  18. Rico Risa 
  19. Tina Brillantina
  20. Bobo Burbujas
  21. Chica Chicle
  22. El Payaso Brillo
  23. Señora Arcoíris
  24. Señor Arcoíris
  25. La Corbata de Moño


Every clown created since the dawn of these entertainers has had a special name to convey its persona.

With our above compilation of name ideas, you can find the perfect clown name for your fictional or real-life clown.

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