355 Pirate Names (BEST Naming Ideas For Boys & Girls)

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Arrr matey! Are you looking for the best pirate names for your real-life baby, fictional pirate, or pet dog? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog post, we’ll list some of the best names for pirates out there.

So whether you’re looking for a name for your little one or a character in your book or video game, you will find something that suits them perfectly.

Let’s dive in.

Best Pirate Names

  1. One-Eyed Jack
  2. Peg Leg Pete
  3. Hook – The name of a notorious pirate from Peter Pan.
  4. Sinker
  5. Blackbeard
  6. Bluebeard
  7. Redbeard
  8. Whitebeard
  9. Yellowbeard
  10. Brownbeard
  11. Patchy
  12. Scurvy
  13. Cutlass
  14. Grog
  15. Rum
  16. Booty
  17. Plunder
  18. Ransom
  19. Doldrums
Female pirate about to set sail

Female Pirate Names

When it comes to female pirate monikers, you have a lot of options. You can go with traditional names like Anne Bonny or Mary Read.

Or you can opt for something more unique, like Calico Jack or Blackbeard’s Queen.

Here are a few of our favorite female names:

1. Anne Bonny

One of the most famous female pirates of all time, Anne Bonny was an Irishwoman who sailed with “Calico” Jack Rackham during the early 18th century. She was said to be fiercely independent and an excellent fighter.

2. Mary Read

Another famous female pirate, Mary Read was born in England but sailed under the flag of the Pirates Republic during the 17th century. She too was an excellent fighter and is said to have dressed as a man during much of her time at sea. Her true identity was only revealed when she fell ill and had to be nursed back to health by another woman.

3. Calico Jack

Calico Jack was an English pirate captain who operated in the Caribbean during the early 18th century. He was known for his colorful clothing and his all-female crew (which included Anne Bonny and Mary Read). He met his end when he was hanged in 1720.

4. Blackbeard’s Queen Anne

A name after Edward Teach’s (Blackbeard) ship Queen Annes Revenge, built in 1710.

5. Ruthless Ruthie

Ruthless Ruthie is a great choice if you’re looking for a female name.

If you’re looking for a strong female lead, Ruthless Ruthie is the perfect name for your character. 

6. Savage Sammie

Savage Sammie is another great option for a female pirate character.

If you’re looking for a powerful female pirate character, Savage Sammie is an excellent choice.

Pirate about to set sail

Male Pirate Names

When it comes to pirate names for boys, you also have many options. You can go with traditional names like Bartholomew Roberts or Edward Teach (better known as “Blackbeard”).

Or you can opt for something more unique, like John Silver or One-Eyed Willy.

Here are a few of our favorite male names:

1. Bartholomew Roberts

Bartholomew Roberts was a Welsh pirate who operated in the golden age (early 18th century). He is considered one of the most successful pirates of all time, plundering over 400 ships during his career. He met his end in 1722 when British forces killed him in battle.

2. Edward Teach (Blackbeard)

Edward Teach, better known as “Blackbeard,” was a notorious English pirate who operated in the Caribbean during the early 18th century. He was known for his fearsome appearance (he would often light fuses under his hat to make smoke come out of his beard) and his viciousness on the seas.

3. Long John Silver

Long John Silver was a fictional character created by Robert Louis Stevenson in his book Treasure Island (1883). Silver is a one-legged former buccaneer who serves as the first mate on Captain Flint’s ship, the Hispaniola. He eventually betrays Flint and helps Jim Hawkins steal Flint’s treasure.

4. One-Eyed Willy

One-Eyed Willy is a fictional character from “The Goonies” (1985), a film about a group of kids who go on an adventure to find the treasure hidden by an infamous 17th-century pirate named One-Eyed Willy. “Willys’s Gang” hideout contains booby traps set up by Willy himself, making it very difficult for anyone looking for him or his treasure to get through alive let alone find either.”

5. Barbossa

This is a great name for a baby or a fictional character who is both mischievous and charming. Hayreddin Barbarossa is also a real name of a 16th-century Mediterranean pirate.

6. Blackbeard

A fearsome pirate name if ever there was one. Blackbeard was a real-life pirate who terrorized the coasts of North Carolina and Virginia in the early 1700s.

7. Captain Hook

This name conjures up images of Disney’s Peter Pan, which is fitting since Captain Hook is one of the most iconic villains in all of fiction.

8. Davy Jones

Another great option for a baby or fictional character who is both charming and dangerous. Davy Jones was used as the name of a villain in Pirates of the Caribbean and was inspired by the real-life 18th-century sailor of the same name.

9. Jack Sparrow

A swashbuckling name if ever there was one. Jack Sparrow was made famous by Johnny Depp’s portrayal of the character in Pirates of the Caribbean.

10. Redbeard

A fierce name that conjures up images of a ruthless and bloodthirsty sailor sailing under a red flag.

11. Sawyer

A more modern spin on a classic pirate name, Sawyer is perfect for a baby or fictional character who is smart and resourceful—perfect for finding buried treasure! 

12. Smee

A great option for a baby or fictional character who is both lovable and trustworthy (despite being partiers). In Disney’s Peter Pan films and books, Smee was famously used as Captain Hook’s right-hand man.

Pirate about to set sail

Good Pirate Names

Here are some perfect pirate monikers:

  1. Bartholomew
  2. Blackboots
  3. Blackstone
  4. Blackwell
  5. Captain Jack Sparrow
  6. Cornelius
  7. Cutler
  8. Cutthroat
  9. Flynn
  10. Gulliver
  11. Hook
  12. Pablo
  13. Rhodes
  14. Pearl
  15. Pegleg
  16. Sawyer
  17. Sparrow
  18. Sterling
Pirate about to set sail

Names For A Cool Pirate

Here are some cool pirate name ideas:

  1. Notorious Pete of the High Seas
  2. Captain Robby Bones
  3. Fearsome Frederick
  4. Dreadlock Dave
  5. Redbeard
  6. Longblade
  7. The Dread Pirate
  8. Roberts
  9. Buccaneer Billy
  10. Captain Cutlass Charlie
  11. Swashbuckler Sam
  12. Pirate Queen
  13. Stella Cannon Fire
  14. Captain Jack
  15. The Dark Marauder
  16. Rum Runner Roger
  17. One-Eyed Willie
  18. Wicked William
  19. Serpentine Steve
  20. The Golden Pirate
  21. Princess Penelope
  22. Captain Razorweed
  23. Admiral Boldheart
  24. Black Pearl – Inspired by the name of a famous pirate ship
Pirate about to set sail

Names For A Pirate Captain

  1. Saltwater Sam
  2. Cutthroat Joe
  3. Captain Blackbones
  4. Marauder MacBlackbeard
  5. Red Rum Roger
  6. Vicious Vince
  7. Cannonball Carl
  8. Smokey Steve
  9. Scallywag Saul
  10. Troublesome Tom
  11. Dreadheart Dan
  12. Fearless Frank
  13. Bing Benny The Barbarous Baron
  14. Stormy Steve
  15. Silver Sid
  16. Pirate Pete
  17. Barney the Buccaneer
  18. Blackbeard Ben
  19. Hawkins Harry
  20. Fearsome Fenton
  21. Sailor Salty
  22. Kimberly the Corsair
  23. Captain Bluebeard
  24. Mad Monk Mathew
  25. Scurvy Steve
  26. Peg Leg Pete
  27. Captian Cutlass Charlie
  28. Scarlett Steelbeard
  29. Cap’n Jack Sparrow
  30. Admiral Ironbeard
  31. Old Salt Seamus
  32. Swashbuckling Sam
  33. Long John Silver
  34. Red-Eyed Richard
  35. Cunning Charles

Badass Pirate-Themed Names

  1. Scourge of the Seven Seas
  2. Revenant Rob
  3. The Dread Captain
  4. Scarlet Raider
  5. High Seas Havoc
  6. Cutthroat Clyde
  7. The Terror of the Tides
  8. Buccaneer Babe Pirate
  9. Greaveheart
  10. Blastbeard
  11. Sea dog Sullivan

More Random Pirate Themed Names

  1. Abby
  2. Ace
  3. Adrie
  4. Aegea
  5. Aggie
  6. Ailith
  7. Alek
  8. Alistair
  9. Ally
  10. Angelica
  11. Anna
  12. Anne
  13. Anne Bonny
  14. Anton
  15. Apulia
  16. Arcelia
  17. Archer
  18. Auggie
  19. Augie
  20. Augusta
  21. Axel
  22. Axel
  23. Azure
  24. Balthier
  25. Barrett
  26. Bart
  27. Barth
  28. Bartley
  29. Bastian
  30. Battista
  31. Belle
  32. Benjamin
  33. Benno
  34. Bertha
  35. Beryl
  36. Blackburn
  37. Blade
  38. Blaze
  39. Bloth
  40. Brigg
  41. Bronn
  42. Cael
  43. Calico
  44. Cally
  45. Captain
  46. Careen
  47. Caspian
  48. Castor
  49. Cataline
  50. Cedric
  51. Celeste
  52. Charles Vane
  53. Christopher Moody
  54. Cima
  55. Cole
  56. Conley
  57. Cooper
  58. Coral
  59. Cordelia
  60. Crawford
  61. Cronan
  62. Crowell
  63. Crowley
  64. Crown
  65. Dally
  66. Daria
  67. Davos
  68. Davy Jones
  69. Dax
  70. Destiny
  71. Diamond
  72. Dola
  73. Doria
  74. Duggan
  75. Dylan
  76. Echo
  77. Eddie
  78. Edge
  79. Edward Teach
  80. Elizabeth
  81. Emeraldas
  82. Emmett
  83. Errol
  84. Evalyn
  85. Fabian
  86. Fenix
  87. Finlay
  88. Finn
  89. Flint
  90. Flora
  91. Francis Drake
  92. Freddie
  93. Freeda
  94. Gage
  95. Galen
  96. Gawain
  97. Gendry
  98. Georgie
  99. Gilda
  100. Golden
  101. Goldie
  102. Gordon
  103. Gunder
  104. Gunnar
  105. Gunthar
  106. Hadrian
  107. Hally
  108. Han
  109. Harley
  110. Hawk
  111. Hayes
  112. Hayward
  113. Henry Morgan
  114. Hobart
  115. Homer
  116. Horace
  117. Hudd
  118. Hudson
  119. Hugo
  120. Hulda
  121. Hunter
  122. Iggy
  123. Ike
  124. Iona
  125. Isla
  126. Isola
  127. Ivan
  128. Iver
  129. Jack
  130. Jade
  131. Jagger
  132. Jameson
  133. Janme
  134. Jesamiah
  135. Jett
  136. Johann
  137. John
  138. John Rackham
  139. Jude
  140. Kaia
  141. Kasper
  142. Kendon
  143. Killian
  144. Laszlo
  145. Laverne
  146. Levi
  147. Lombard
  148. Lorcan
  149. Lothar
  150. Lucia
  151. Lucy
  152. Luke
  153. Lysander
  154. Marco
  155. Marika
  156. Marina
  157. Maris
  158. Marissa
  159. Marquise
  160. Marshall
  161. Mary
  162. Mary Read
  163. Mason
  164. Max
  165. Meredith
  166. Mizuko
  167. Mohawk
  168. Morgan
  169. Morgana
  170. Nadia
  171. Nagisa
  172. Nahla
  173. Nami
  174. Nemo
  175. Nerissa
  176. Nico
  177. Nigel
  178. Nikolai
  179. Nineve
  180. Nolan
  181. Oceane
  182. Oliver
  183. Ollie
  184. Onyx
  185. Ophelia
  186. Orabelle
  187. Oscar
  188. Owen
  189. Percy
  190. Pike
  191. Ragnar
  192. Ramsay
  193. Regina
  194. Remi
  195. Revy
  196. Rigg
  197. Riker
  198. Roberts
  199. Ronan
  200. Rutledge
  201. Samuel Bellamy
  202. Saxon
  203. Scully
  204. Sedge
  205. Serena
  206. Seth
  207. Shai
  208. Silver
  209. Silverio
  210. Silverius
  211. Sixto
  212. Skye
  213. Spike
  214. Stephen
  215. Sutton
  216. Tarian
  217. Thane
  218. Thelonius
  219. Theo
  220. Thoreau
  221. Tia
  222. Toby
  223. Tom
  224. Ula
  225. Umiko
  226. Valerie
  227. Vernon
  228. Viggo
  229. Vivien
  230. Zachary
  231. Ziggy

If you still need help, why not try an online pirate name generator? These are very useful for brainstorming even more ideas!

So whether you’re looking for a name for your little one or a character in your book or video game, we hope this list has given you some inspiration.

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