199+ Elven City Names (Best, Unique & Catchy Ideas!)

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Welcome to our comprehensive list of 199+ Elven City Names that are sure to inspire your fantasy worldbuilding.

As you explore this guide, you’ll discover various names that embody the best, good, unique, cute, catchy, creative, cool, badass, and funny aspects of Elven culture.

Throughout this article, we will provide numerous examples of city names, ensuring that your world will come to life in a vivid and enchanting way.

Remember, a great city name can capture the essence of your Elven civilization and set the stage for the stories you’ll tell in your world.

So, let your imagination run wild and dive into our collection of remarkable Elven city names!

Best Elven City Names

We have compiled 25 of the best Elven city monikers for your fantasy world. These names can also work for elven towns:

  1. Fylfe Ortheiad
  2. Ayinor
  3. Galegroth
  4. Sheigroth
  5. Emyle
  6. Asari
  7. Onyvelion
  8. Mytenatheas
  9. Selnthemar
  10. Ifa Shaeras
  11. Kyeth Edhil
  12. Alqualondë
  13. Amon Lanc
  14. Avallonè
  15. Ullone Unllune
  16. Elyal Aethel
  17. Syf Shaeras
  18. Mve Themar
  19. Eelian Jalataesi
  20. Mythran Esari
  21. Emishys
  22. Aertheon
  23. Turiesyl
  24. Valendelle
  25. Myraril
  26. Mirkwood – Lord Of The Rings
  27. Mithlond – Also known as The Grey Havens, it is an elven port in Lord of The Rings

Good Elven City Names

We have compiled a list of 25 good Elven city names that evoke a sense of beauty and elegance:

Fylfe Ortheiad, Ayinor Galegroth, Sheigroth Emyle, Asari Onyvelion, Mytenatheas Selnthemar, Ifa Shaeras, Kyeth Edhil, Ullone Unllune, Elyal Aethel, Syf Shaeras, Mve Themar, Eelian Jalataesi, Mythran Esari, Emishys, Alqualondë, Amon Lanc, Avallonè, Thalas’enedra, Lanthalas, Feyristi, Telunda’nor, Quel’falas, Sylvas Dorei, Eldre’thalas, and Rilynn’straz.

These names capture the essence of Elven cities, which are known for their rich history and connection to nature. No matter the location or features of your Elven city, these names will provide an enchanting and captivating feel.

When selecting a good Elven city name, consider the inspiration behind each name. Take into account the surrounding landscapes, prominent landmarks, or significant events that may have shaped the city’s identity. These details can be used to create a unique city name that embodies its history and characteristics.

Remember, a good Elven city name should evoke a sense of mystery or wonder while still being easy to pronounce and remember. Consider the harmonious flow of the syllables and sounds within the name, and you will have a city name that reflects the enchanting nature of Elven culture.

Unique Elven City Names

Looking for some unique Elven city names to inspire your own creative ideas? Look no further.

We’ve compiled a list of 25 one-of-a-kind names that are sure to catch your attention.

In making these distinctive choices, our goal was to focus on names with a certain flair that would stand out in any fantasy setting.

Here’s our list of unique Elven city names:

  1. Thyssalaerea
  2. Faelondis
  3. Zephyrendal
  4. Mythquendi
  5. Gleamingviel
  6. Shimmerqua
  7. Silverathorne
  8. Moonwhispre
  9. Radiantalara
  10. Azurellasse
  11. Eversparkel
  12. Starfirelle
  13. Lythaliani
  14. Gliteraedeon
  15. Solardancear
  16. Aethelwindria
  17. Vaelthorwyn
  18. Firantholoor
  19. Drifwhisperel
  20. Stillshadowyn
  21. Whitewinterae
  22. Mysticdawne
  23. Crystalshardal
  24. Tyndalearia
  25. Ruvalindir

Cute Elven City Names

In this section, we’ll share a list of 25 cute Elven city names that are sure to warm your heart and bring a smile to your face. The names in this list are perfect for a quaint and charming elven village or even a cozy little corner within a bustling city.

These names have a whimsical and enchanting quality to them that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into an elven storybook:

  1. Ainfelume
  2. Belairyssa
  3. Celindae
  4. Daelivrin
  5. Elafina
  6. Faelilana
  7. Glinwileth
  8. Haliathel
  9. Ithildwen
  10. Jasimerin
  11. Kelysta
  12. Laurelia
  13. Merilya
  14. Nimdaiwe
  15. Orelarin
  16. Perifael
  17. Quellyrith
  18. Rosethalia
  19. Sylidila
  20. Taluwind
  21. Uthiliara
  22. Vaelilorn
  23. Wilwëdor
  24. Xylandria
  25. Yllissien
  26. Zyrialath

Catchy Elven City Names

In this section, we’ll share 25 catchy Elven city monikers that are sure to grab your attention.

These names are perfect for adding a hint of charm and intrigue to your fantasy world or role-playing game.

So, what makes a city name catchy? Think of names that roll off the tongue, have a distinct melody, or possess a unique combination of syllables.

Here are the catchy city names we’ve come up with:

  1. Lavanora
  2. Kes Shaeras
  3. Morkoailin
  4. Myathalas
  5. Sylenahil
  6. Reho Thalore
  7. Hosshys Sherailin
  8. Milneserine
  9. Enedsari
  10. Ifna Elunore
  11. Inal Tirion
  12. Olaestum
  13. Nylenor Lithcoa
  14. Ishanlenor
  15. Nyths Alari
  16. Inhabelle Thentalos
  17. Fortumbe Thilren
  18. Shaeras Thoronlond
  19. Orncar Aercar
  20. Alari Delalune
  21. Faelond Lethaere
  22. Naramthel Cinthara
  23. Valendri Shyndali
  24. Hellara Calastra
  25. Andrathis Elendu

Creative Elven City Names

When it comes to crafting creative Elven city names, the possibilities are endless.

Drawing inspiration from nature and Elven lore can help develop unique and memorable names that stand out.

In this section, we’ve put together a list of 25 creative Elven city names:

  1. Eldervine
  2. Whisperwood
  3. Glimmerstone
  4. Lunarwillow
  5. Starblossom
  6. Silvershadow
  7. Emeraldfall
  8. Azurespire
  9. Sunshard
  10. Mistglen
  11. Frostfey
  12. Windshimmer
  13. Crystalcreek
  14. Gladehollow
  15. Moonfire
  16. Sagegarden
  17. Velvetgrove
  18. Blademourn
  19. Waterdancer
  20. Duskwing
  21. Maplelore
  22. Stonefalcon
  23. Rainsong
  24. Cherrywhisper
  25. Serpentspine

Cool Names For Elven Cities

In this section, we have curated a list of cool elven city monikers that might just capture the attention of those looking for something unique and unforgettable.

These names are sure to impress and stand out in the world of fantasy.

Ayinor, Galegroth, Sheigroth, Emyle, Asari, Onyvelion, Mytenatheas, Selnthemar, Ifa, Shaeras, Kyeth, Edhil, Ullone, Unllune, Elyal, Aethel, Syf, Mve, Themar, Eelian, Jalataesi, Mythran, Esari, Emishys, and Lavanora.

These names evoke a sense of mystery, intrigue, and allure. They spark the imagination, making it easy to envision the sprawling landscapes and breathtaking architecture that could characterize the cities and towns these names represent.

Remember, when creating your own elven city names, it’s important to consider the culture and history of the elves in your world, along with the landscape and climate of their cities.

By doing so, you can create an immersive and cohesive world that will have your readers or players eagerly exploring every hidden corner.

Badass Names For An Elven City

In this section, we’ll be highlighting some of the best badass names to bring an extra edge to your fantasy world.

These names are powerful, unique, and memorable, perfect for a city that demands attention.

Check out this list of 25 badass Elven city monikers:

  1. Aythlanthar
  2. Bregdornor
  3. Cythelanor
  4. Duskendale
  5. Elagristar
  6. Felthorond
  7. Gorventros
  8. Haelorond
  9. Ironwindar
  10. Kargramor
  11. Loradriel
  12. Morbattor
  13. Nythreian
  14. Oroncandor
  15. Prystalen
  16. Queltharan
  17. Ravengale
  18. Shadowcrest
  19. Tarthorian
  20. Uthelarion
  21. Vorathel
  22. Windrystir
  23. Xantharis
  24. Ynrielor
  25. Zephirana

Funny Names For An Elven City

Everyone loves a good laugh, and our list of Funny Elven City Names is sure to tickle your funny bone. These names, while still having that magical elven touch, might be just what you need to bring some humor to your fantasy world.

So let’s dive in and explore these amusing names that are sure to make you smile.

What could be more amusing than an elven city named Absintheas? Or perhaps a town with a touch of whimsy like Giggleshire?

We’ve compiled a collection of 25 funny elven city monikers that will undoubtedly brighten your day:

  1. Chucklewood
  2. Snickersprout
  3. Guffawglen
  4. Titterthicket
  5. Jestfall
  6. Grinnomore
  7. Chortlestone
  8. Sniggerthorn
  9. Woozywander
  10. Punblossom
  11. Quirkyquarry
  12. Winkwhisper
  13. Banterbrook
  14. Yukyule
  15. Teasewillow
  16. Jauntyjade
  17. Follyfern
  18. Farceford
  19. Sillyshade
  20. Vexveil
  21. Frolickfang
  22. Mirthmeadow
  23. Smirkstrider
  24. Risiblemire
  25. Roosteroot

Help Choosing The Perfect Name

Choosing the perfect elven city moniker can be challenging, and we’re here to help. In this section, we have compiled a list of names based on different themes and characteristics to assist you in picking the perfect one for your needs.

Best Names: Ayhlume, Thamthemar, Kamatheas, Emyalone, Thylhokadi, Shese Anore, Filathrion, Yathqua, Unh Anore, Ffe Esari, Ennetaesi, Isyathserin, Anakadi, Amnelune, Yelalian, Khe Dorei, Moranadorei, Iss Aethel, Isho Anore, Saluma, Erhe Belanore, Lavanora, Lotherion, Ifirazane, Marthalya

Unique Names: Dustyriath, Talethaos, Aloryndar, Gorkanar, Celestiara, Melethoras, Graekoriel, Valandir, Elothien, Xandariel, Nindanar, Varalas, Helmthora, Wylielion, Alaraith, Valythien, Ethlandal, Thirendor, Silvebran, Faelwen, Mithríel, Lúsael, Ráthanor, Uilodariel, Thoryndar

Catchy Names: Tirion, Olaestum, Nylenor, Lithcoa, Ishanlenor, Nyths, Alari, Inhabelle, Thentalos, Fortumbe, Thilren, Shaeras, Thoronlond, Orncar, Queladin, Seledor, Silverglen, Dawnshard, Celindelar, Aurimara, Velthari, Lathariel, Thalanas, Farendel, Falaniel

Creative Names: Eilvuwen, Virysaran, Caladorith, Aranariel, Sylmaneth, Lurelond, Valinrinar, Ratharil, Tharmora, Novalith, Eldanarien, Maelithwen, Gaerahir, Delorith, Sharanalen, Caelyrien, Zirvalith, Tylirindor, Enyvelien, Raelendel, Malinalaurë, Elienor, Avarinost, Tinuriel, Selathariel

Do any names stand out? Which ones truly capture the essence of your Elven city?

Take your time to review the lists and envision how each name would fit within your world.

Remember, the perfect Elven City Name should resonate with your setting and reflect the history, culture, and unique aspects of the inhabitants.


In this article, we have compiled a comprehensive list of more than 199 names for an elven city that cater to various categories such as best, good, unique, cute, catchy, creative, cool, badass, and funny names for your Elven cities. We hope that through our suggestions, you were able to find the perfect name for your intriguing and mystical Elven city.

Remember that Elven city monikers are essential in creating an immersive world in your story or role-playing game sessions. Our selections are crafted to pique the interest of your audience while keeping their attention engaged in the delightful and enigmatic world of Elves.

Which name resonated with you the most? We encourage you to combine, mix, and match names from different categories to come up with a truly personalized Elven city name that suits your needs.

Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey into the realm of Elven names. Our only desire was to guide and enlighten you in your quest for the perfect name for your enchanting, otherworldly city.

Need more inspiration? Check out this elven city name generator!

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