Dwarven City Names (217+ Awesome Ideas)

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Dwarven cities have original and fantastical names that their creators often derive from dwarf leaders, the legends of their race, the geography of the location, or the history of the clan.

If you’re not adept at picking names, it may take you a long time to figure out which Dwarven names are appropriate.

To help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of 200+ original, meaningful and cute dwarven city names, plus tips for choosing the right one.

Good Dwarven City Names

Below is a list of short and simple names that are ideal for your Dwarven city.

  1. Mundhun
  2. Murn Furuhm
  3. Nundhun
  4. Bhanruhm
  5. Herdun
  6. Jhulghan
  7. Gumboram
  8. Dilgrigh
  9. Liadhun
  10. Visdhun
  11. Elaghan
  12. Zilgham
  13. Humrogh
  14. Gimbadur
  15. Venragh
  16. Hilgrigh
  17. Doghdarth
  18. Namum
  19. Demgalir
  20. Bher Badir
  21. Nom Tohir
  22. Verdural
  23. Digturuhm
  24. Highrim
  25. Zuvor
  26. Nugdoruhl
  27. Gon Doral
  28. Khig Thorim
  29. Dumgrum
  30. Dumgan
  31. Lil Tohir
  32. Thimrigh
  33. Khigvor
  34. Dirolihm
  35. Mumtarihr
  36. Gegbadur
  37. Silgrigh
  38. Viraragh
  39. Qiadhun
  40. Wulghan
  41. Dilboram
  42. Vinlodihr
  43. Then Badur
  44. Wilboram
  45. Kheghlodar
  46. Kikaghan
  47. Den Faldur
  48. Fhughan
  49. Hhungural
  50. Karltrom

Cool Dwarven City Names

Cool Dwarven city names are catchy and bring an element of uniqueness to your city.

  1. Thureruhm
  2. Bilwhar
  3. Gemalder
  4. Harntirm
  5. Kouxilur
  6. Kurnthiad
  7. Var Torum
  8. Sirabulter
  9. Dulfarum
  10. Vulgrom
  11. Ailyor
  12. Silfuhun
  13. Nenwhar
  14. Hllodar
  15. Giborgam
  16. Gulfarum
  17. Faunitural
  18. Meloluhr
  19. Milyur
  20. Mug Oluhm
  21. Pulgrom
  22. Buaxituar
  23. Dan Moldir
  24. Timarir
  25. Jiawahr
  26. Rilyor
  27. Hungrom
  28. Jijaker
  29. Vuraler
  30. Maxilargh
  31. Quartzland
  32. Karnbihr
  33. Gorboldohr
  34. Frosthelm
  35. Gig Boram
  36. Gon Darim
  37. Berrum
  38. Dimbadur
  39. Burn Dorul
  40. Khorn Thorum
  41. Hirboldihr
  42. Ther Doruhl
  43. Der Laduhr
  44. Hombuldar
  45. Khan Ulihm
  46. Nernulur
  47. Bhargari
  48. Man Faldir
  49. Bassaer
  50. Hornbuldohr

Dwarven City Names From Lord Of The Rings

Only four Dwarven villages that Tolkien specifically described as “cities” were given Khuzdul names.

They are listed below along with a variety of other Dwarven city names from popular media sources.

  1. Khazad-dum – Often known as Dwarrowdelf or Moria, Khazad-dum is an underground kingdom under the Misty Mountains. It was known as the most famous of all Dwarven realms and the ancient dominion of the Dwarves of Durin’s Folk.
  2. Gundabad – Gundabad is a Khuzdul name that translates as “subterranean hall.”
  3. Tumunzahar – Tumunzahar is the Dwarvish name for Nogrod, the Dwarven citadel near Mount Dolmed in the Blue Mountains’ central region.
  4. Gabilgathol – One of the Dwarves’ seven great kingdoms. In the Ages of Stars, Belegost was buried deep beneath Mount Dolmed in the Blue Mountains with her sister realm, Nogrod. Gabilgathol is the Khuzdal name for Belegost.

If you’ve ever played World of Warcraft, Warhammer, or found yourself launching a spear at an orc in Dungeons; Dragons, perhaps these recommendations will be of assistance to make sure your Dwarven city has a cool name to match its grandeur!

Reference a gaming story, making social culture a feature of your city to help readers relate to your writing.

Dwarven City Names In Warhammer

  1. Mount Grimfang – one of Karaz Ankor’s finest mines and one of the dwarven realm’s easternmost outposts.
  2. Karaz Bryn – Silver Pinnacle, an ancient city.
  3. Karaz Ankor – translated as “The Mountain Realm” or “The Everlasting Realm.
  4. Karaz-a-Karaz – means “Everpeak” in English, but the word has a deeper meaning for the Dwarven species. The Pinnacle of Mountains is the ancient metropolis of a near-mythical Dwarf civilization.
  5. Kraka Ravnsvake – Lies to the southwest of Kraka Drak, one of the four main Norse Dwarven strongholds.
  6. Barak Varr – means “Gate to the Sea” in Khazalid, is the only Dwarf fortress built to be a significant harbor among the Dwarf strongholds.
  7. Ekrund – located in the Dragonback mountains.
  8. Kraka Dorden – Translating as “Thunderhold” – Kraka Dorden is the second biggest Norse Dwarfhold.
  9. Grimhold – located in the vaults, this is a famous Dwarf city.

Dwarven City Names In Dungeons And Dragons

  1. Delhalls – Delhalls was a Dwarven mine located in Vaasa’s western region. It was thought to be a sister of Talagbar in eastern Vaasa.
  2. Mhorilot – Translated as “Dark surface,” an island housing a Dwarven city in Lake Thoroot.
  3. Ammarindar – the land of shield Dwarves, connected to the city by dwarven tunnels under the Darklake.
  4. Tyr Faerath – a significant trading town.
  5. Gharraghaur – the land of wealthy Dwarves, with one of the most plentiful ore mines in the North. 
  6. Fraaszummdin – small underground Dwarven kingdom.

Dwarven City Names In World Of Warcraft

  1. Thorium Point – a small town in Searing Gorge. 
  2. Frosthold – located in the Storm Peaks, Frosthold is a warrior town.
  3. Shadowforge City – the capital of dark iron Dwarves located in Blackrock mountain
  4. Aerie Peak – Located in the Hinterlands, this is the capital of the Alliance-affiliated Wildhammer clan of dwarves.
  5. Ironforge – the land of the Bronzebeard clan.

City Name Inspiration

If you want to create your own Dwarven city name, why not try using some of our tips below for ideas to get you started.

  1. Use a Popular Dwarven City Name.
  2. Use a name generator.
  3. Change the letters of a famous fantasy city.
  4. Use dwarf mythology.

Dwarven cities often derive their names from Germanic or Slavic inspiration.

Use some of the examples below to inspire your own creation.

  1. Bhinkahm
  2. Vorndahn
  3. Mem Darohm
  4. Higdarohm
  5. Themulum
  6. Durn Garuhm
  7. Darndaruhl
  8. Khon Maldir
  9. Khor Turum
  10. Nelfuhn
  11. Dilkohm
  12. Mugh Thorim
  13. Bhardorul
  14. Vumulihm
  15. Narrihm
  16. Kirlodir
  17. Virn Borim
  18. Dinboldahr
  19. Neldarom
  20. Dhegh Moldur
  21. Gig Dorahl
  22. Vumelduhr
  23. Hornboldir
  24. Thurnbuldohr
  25. Bonolduhr

Dwarven City Names From A Name Generator

  1. Gagh Kahldur
  2. Thugtaruhm
  3. Virnaruhm
  4. Mogh Kahldur
  5. Dhagh Garom
  6. Mul Thorim
  7. Khur Kuldir
  8. Vaguhm
  9. Merdorth
  10. Burn Badir
  11. Dhalthiad
  12. Thigolur
  13. Tharn Buldihr
  14. Dhonturm
  15. Nirnthiad
  16. Thumgrum
  17. Dandirth
  18. Nur Gurum
  19. Hirlodur
  20. Dardaruhl
  21. Thogdor
  22. Dagbuldihr
  23. Dhoghwohrum
  24. Boghbor
  25. Gaghdaral
  26. Gegh Moldur
  27. Khurgrom
  28. Hildarahl
  29. Khorladur
  30. Darn Buldahr
  31. Khaghladur
  32. Bheghuluhr
  33. Khograhm
  34. Vagfalduhr
  35. Bugh Thurim
  36. Khomkuldir
  37. Garn Guruhm
  38. Thornfarum
  39. Neg Turum
  40. Donrhia
  41. Verndur
  42. Vern Thurim
  43. Bhirn Kohldur
  44. Bhimtorm
  45. Dunduhn
  46. Tharnragh
  47. Vug Badihr
  48. Themgarom
  49. Vindaral
  50. Bigdahn

Change The Letters Of A Famous Fantasy City

Changing one or two letters of a real or well-known fantasy city name is a great way to create a short and simple Dwarven city name.

Referencing books, movies or games is an easy way to get started; additionally, there are many lists of fantasy world names online for you to play around with and edit.

  1. Athgarl (Asgard)
  2. Boghmelde (Hogsmeade)
  3. Mahluri (Malgudi)
  4. Riveldahl (Rivendell)
  5. Lihlapor (Lilliput)
  6. Dohlgric Holrum (Godric’s Hollow)
  7. Drahgalshrum (Dragonstone)
  8. Blodhavehl (Bludhaven)
  9. Citalgaral (Cittagazze)
  10. Dhalkhmar (Lankhmar)
  11. Ahn Molpahr (Ankh Morpork)
  12. Athgante (Alicante)
  13. Rhuldahr (Ulthar)
  14. Rhethpahl (Earthport)
  15. Mildar Ahl (Middle Earth)
  16. Thamrahl (Tamriel)
  17. Thargahl (Agartha)
  18. Atheroth (Azeroth)
  19. Spilrah (Spira)
  20. Vehsleros (Westeros)

Dwarven City Names From Mythology

Using etymology and phrases from famous myths and folklore, you can craft great Dwarven city names.

Dwarfs were a type of fairy found in the interiors of mountains and the lowest levels of mines in Teutonic and especially Scandinavian mythology and folklore. Several legends depict dwarves as benevolent entities who are kind to those who please them but vengeful to those who insult them.

Many phrases from Norse mythology provide an excellent basis for a Dwarven city name.

  1. Dweorg – the old English word for dwarf.
  2. Dvergatal – a catalog of dwarves.
  3. Ioavollr is a twice referenced location in Völuspá (Norse mythology containing elves).
  4. Alviss – a dwarf in Norse mythology.
  5. Nibelungenlied – an ancient Germanic poem that has elves.
  6. Duergar – “dark elves” in Dungeons and Dragons.
  7. Duende – a folklore figure that is humanoid but resembles a dwarf.
  8. svartálfar – black elves
  9. Mótsognir – the first ruler of the dwarves
  10. Dvalinn – the final dwarf ruler
  11. Rökstóla – the seats of the assembly
  12. dróttir skepja – a race of dwarves
  13. ór jörðu – in the earth
  14. ginnheilög goð – the holy ones
  15. Skíðblaðnir – the ship of Freyr
  16. Ebeltoft – hill people
  17. Heimskringla – the title of a Scandinavian ballad
  18. Ilúvatar – who represents God
  19. Svartalfheim – a complex labyrinth of mazes
  20. Ljosalfar – A race of elves who live in the sky or other bright places

Try adding a directional prefix to your city:

  1. Nordic – North
  2. Sudri – South
  3. Austria – East
  4. Vestri – West

Helping Choose The Right Name

If you’re struggling to choose the right name for your Dwarven city, try following some of the tips below:

  • Keep your city name short and simple. 
  • Use established fantasy worlds as inspiration. Look for Dwarven cities through books, movies, games, and mythology references.
  • Try using old English or Scandinavian words as a basis for your city name.
  • Choose something that relates to the context of your city.
  • Think of your city in the context of story-making social media. When you create a story for social media, it needs to be relatable, has a clear meaning, and leave your audience wanting more. Use these rules when creating a city name. Choose something meaningful and catchy that will leave your audience wanting to learn more.


Whether you’re a writer, gamer, or social media enthusiast, the right Dwarven city name can be an excellent addition to your work.

Dwarves are pragmatic and build grand cities full of resources and defense properties, which deserve thoughtful and meaningful names.

You can use all of these names for gaming, story-telling, social media management, and other purposes.

If you want the best name for your Dwarven City, follow our tips and suggestions to assist you in selecting the highest-quality names.

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