97 English House Names (BEST Ideas To Inspire You)

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Choosing an appropriate name for your house can be a difficult task. From selecting the best-sounding name to picking one that will set you apart from your neighbors, it can be an overwhelming process.

But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

This article provides some traditional English house names to help make your decision easier.

From the old and stately to the modern and bold, you’ll find the perfect name for your abode!

Let’s dive in.

Best English House Names

Are you looking for creative and unique house name ideas for your English home? House naming has been a long-held tradition in Great Britain, often reflecting a family’s history, values, or culture.

Whether you’re looking for a more traditional name or something more modern, take a look at these top English home names to inspire you!

  1. Redcliffe
  2. Rosewood – The perfect name if you have beautiful roses growing in your garden.
  3. Hawthorn
  4. Manor House – For the quintessential English estate.
  5. Ivywood – Ideal for a home with a verdant green garden.
  6. Dormer
  7. Tudor – Inspired by the medieval English period.
  8. Abbotsford
  9. Elmswood – A great name for a home with plenty of elm trees in the garden.
  10. Hailey
  11. The Old Homestead
  12. The Manor House
  13. Brightside Cottage
  14. Rosebud Hall
  15. White Haven Estate
  16. Bramblewood Manor
  17. Riverbend Farm
  18. Ambergris Castle 
  19. Primrose Lodge 
  20. Maple Grove Manor

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Old English Names For A House

If you’re looking for the perfect name to give to your home, why not draw inspiration from the rich and varied history of England?

From country cottages to grand stately homes, traditional English house monikers date back hundreds of years and can give your dwelling a timeless air of sophistication.

Here are some classic English names for your home to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. The Manor – A timeless classic, The Manor can denote an elegant estate or a modest abode.
  2. Rose Cottage – This sweet, quaint name will give your house a romantic and old-fashioned feel.
  3. The Parsonage
  4. Kingfisher Lodge – The kingfisher is a symbol of good luck, and this name is perfect if you want to give your home a nature-inspired moniker.
  5. Eagles Nest
  6. Ivy House – A house covered in ivy is an iconic and romantic image that will give your home a traditional English feel.
  7. Rose Grove – This classic English house moniker is perfect for any home that overlooks a lush green garden or a blooming rose bush.
  8. Merryweather Manor – This cheerful name is perfect for a home that brings joy and laughter to those within its walls.
  9. Primrose Cottage – A classic name, this one will immediately convey a sense of rustic charm and country hospitality.
  10. The Grange – This old English name is often used to denote a large farmhouse, but it suits any type of country dwelling.
  11. Rosemount Estate
  12. Langley Hall
  13. Highfold Farm
  14. Stockwell Grange
  15. Greystoke Castle
  16. Windermere Manor
  17. Deerton House
  18. Redstone Manor
  19. Corby Court
  20. The Old Post Office

Fancy English Names For A House

Are you looking for a traditional English house name that’s truly unique? Look no further!

Here we’ve put together a list of the most exquisite English house monikers of all time, from classic to creative, to bring some charm and character to your property.

  1. Buckingham Palace – The name of the King’s residence that has been around since the 16th century.
  2. Manor House – A classic house name that suggests a large estate or grand countryside home.
  3. Abbington Manor – A dreamy name perfect for any country abode.
  4. Old Oak Cottage – A cozy cottage name full of rustic charm.
  5. Wisteria Cottage – A whimsical name steeped in romantic English heritage.
  6. Windsor Castle – Another royal English residence name, Windsor Castle evokes a sense of grandeur.
  7. Summer Lodge – An idyllic name that conjures up visions of long summer days spent in the garden.
  8. Rose Garden Retreat – A romantic name inspired by nature.
  9. Oakwood Hall – An elegant house name that suggests grandeur.
  10. Montclair Villa – A chic house name for your own private villa!
  11. Meadowview Manor – A quaint name that suggests a quiet and peaceful home.
  12. Ivy House – An old-fashioned house name that is timeless.
  13. Hawthorn House – A whimsical name inspired by nature.
  14. Havenhurst – A name that suggests a home full of contentment and shelter.
  15. Easton Manor – An English-inspired name that evokes a sense of elegance.
  16. Oak Manor 
  17. Ivy Hall
  18. Rosewood Estate
  19. Willow Place
  20. Cedar Hill House
  21. Woodland Terrace
  22. Maple Cliff Residence
  23. Forest Creek Chateau 
  24. Birchwood Castle 
  25. Hawthorne Villa
  26. Meadow View

Classic English House Names

Are you looking for a classic English name for your house? Traditional English house monikers can bring a timeless charm to your home.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic name or something more modern, there are many options to explore.

Here are some classic and popular house names to help you get started:

  1. The White House – This is the ultimate traditional English name for your house. It evokes a sense of grandeur and elegance, perfect for a stately home.
  2. Manor House – This term conveys the sense of a luxurious and extravagant property, perfect for a contemporary home.
  3. The Oaks – This beautiful name references the tall, majestic trees that often line English country lanes.
  4. Country Cottage – This timeless name conveys a sense of peaceful tranquility and is ideal for a small rural dwelling.
  5. The Red Lion – Red Lions are a common sight in many English villages and towns and this name could be used for a traditional pub or a private home.
  6. The Vicarage – This name evokes a sense of quaintness and charm.
  7. Pemberley – The classic English name from the novel Pride and Prejudice, this name could bring a touch of old-world romance to your home.
  8. The Grange – This name is a classic reference to an estate farm or house and makes for a strong, timeless name.
  9. Camelot – This name is a strong reference to the mythical court of the legendary King Arthur and could be used for a grand home.
  10. Buckingham Palace – The home of the British Royal Family and the ultimate English house moniker to inspire you.
  11. Ivy Cottage
  12. Rosefield Hall
  13. The Willows 
  14. White Cliff Manor
  15. Summerwood Estate
  16. Ravencroft Castle
  17. Foxglove Farmhouse
  18. Honeysuckle Lodge 
  19. Oak Hill Farm

Royal English Names For Your House

Here are some inspirational royal English names for your house that are sure to make it stand out:

  1. Buckingham Palace – A great choice for a regal and grand home.
  2. Westminster Abbey – Perfect for a religious home or one with a bold architectural design.
  3. Windsor Castle – Add an air of prestige and luxury to your house with this stately name.
  4. Castle of Windsor – A great artistic and unique name for a more modern and abstract home.
  5. Sandringham House – An excellent option for a more subtle and understated home.
  6. Balmoral Castle – A great choice for a rustic and traditional home.
  7. St. James’s Palace – Perfect for a classic and sophisticated home.
  8. Kensington Palace – An excellent option for a home that is both elegant and fashionable.
  9. Hampton Court Palace – Perfect for those who appreciate the countryside and want to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside their home.
  10. Hatfield House – An excellent choice for a home that is cozy and inviting.
  11. Chatsworth House
  12. Lanhydrock House


As you can see, there are many different types of traditional English house names to choose from. From fun, playful names like Rose Cottage to classic names like Westminster, there is something perfect for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for a name to commemorate a royal connection or just want to find something with a hint of English charm, you are sure to find the perfect traditional English name to reflect your personality and the style of your home.

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