475 Forest Names (Cool, Enchanting & Magical Ideas)

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Whether you’re a fantasy book writer or a fan of role-playing games, you may need to conjure a good forest name at some point.

That’s why we’ve created this guide to some of the best forest names, from the scary ones to the magical, English, and more.

Follow along as we share the names we found via research, random name generation, and our own creative brainstorming!

Best Forest Names

Some of the best name ideas for a forest start with puns, rhymes, and alliteration of words that start with “f”.

Some are even drawn from fantasy name-generating tools.

  1. Majestic Plum Forest 
  2. Whimsical Grove 
  3. The Woodsy Wilds 
  4. The Towering Forest
  5. The Enchanted Grove
  6. Traveler’s Woods
  7. Woodland Grove
  8. The Lonesome Forest
  9. Forest of Solitude 
  10. The Mysterious Forest 
  11. The Wondrous Willows 
  12. Woodland Greens
  13. Timberland of Times Past
  14. The Mighty Ancient Forest
  15. Forest of Fantastic Trees
  16. Hidden Forestland
  17. Pleasantville Grove
  18. Woodland Territory
  19. The Ever-Winding Woods
  20. Evergreen Woods
  21. Forest of Fire
  22. Firewood Forest
  23. Frosty Winterwood
  24. Weeping Willow Woodlands
  25. Forest of Mossy Oak

Good Forest Names

The next 25 name ideas are good generalized options, inspired by the natural features of wooded areas.

Forests that are somewhat generic by nature are suited to these names.

  1. River Woods
  2. The Toad’s Timberland
  3. Black Bear Forest 
  4. The Grizzly Woods
  5. Waterful Woodlands 
  6. The Grizzly Bear Grove 
  7. The Marshy Wilds
  8. Land of Lumber
  9. Shady Pines 
  10. The Green Canopy
  11. Highland Woods
  12. The Hilly Forest 
  13. Forest of Dreams
  14. Spruce Grove 
  15. The Whispering Woods
  16. Hazelnut Grove 
  17. Oakwood Way
  18. Walnut Grove
  19. Butternut Grove
  20. The Covered Woods
  21. Babbling Brook Woodlands
  22. The Sleepy Sumac Woodland
  23. The Western Thicket
  24. The Eastern Thicket
  25. Tiny Timberland

Cute Names For A Forest

Sometimes, you might desire a more cutesy name for your forest. 

This is appropriate if you’re naming a forest in your Animal Crossing game, a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, or some other fictional woodland.

  1. Fairy Sprite Forest
  2. The itty Bitty Timberland
  3. Tiny Timbers
  4. Fairyland Forest 
  5. Bunnyland Forest
  6. Woodland of Hares
  7. Squirrel Forest 
  8. The Chattering Chipmunk Wood
  9. The Quieting Woods
  10. Baby Brook Woods
  11. Forest of Fantastical Beings
  12. Little Rabbit Forest
  13. Bambi’s Paradise
  14. The Doe Grove 
  15. Baby Bear Forest
  16. Brown Bear Forest 
  17. Tadpole Timberland 
  18. The Feathery Fern Forest
  19. Wildflower Wood Grove
  20. Waterdrop Woodland
  21. The Whimsical Wood 
  22. The Good Witch Forest
  23. Sleepyville Forest
  24. The Naptime Wood
  25. The Adorable Critter Grove 

Funny Names For A Forest

The next list of names ideas for a forest is more geared toward humorous fantasy fans.

  1. Moldy Lizard Forest
  2. The Sickly Grove 
  3. The Sideways Forest 
  4. The Mucus Fly Swamp
  5. The Wooly Willow Woods
  6. Bikini Bottom Brush
  7. Bog’s Bottom
  8. The Puzzling Woodland
  9. The Goofy Grove 
  10. The Eccentric Evergreen Forest
  11. The Silly Spruceland 
  12. The Tickling Timberland 
  13. The Foolish Ferns 
  14. Giddy Grove
  15. The Giggling Grove 
  16. The Laughing Lumbers 
  17. The Jolly Juniper Wood
  18. The Witty Wood 
  19. Humorous Hemlock Grove 
  20. The Silly Cedars 
  21. Laughable Lumbering Wood 
  22. Joking Juniper Woods
  23. Joking Japanese Maple Woods
  24. Silly Snowberry Woods
  25. Silly Sycamore Forest 

Unique Names For A Forest

These name options step outside of the box. With these names, your forest can be truly one-of-a-kind.

  1. Sleepy Sumac Wood
  2. Gray Bear Grove
  3. Shawdare Wilds
  4. Speckled Hedgehog Wilds
  5. Wild Goat Forestland
  6. Precious Pines Thicket
  7. The Lush Covert 
  8. The Mighty Covert 
  9. Scattered Linden Grove
  10. Godare Woods
  11. The Gentle Territory
  12. Dramatic Locust Forest
  13. Pacific Woodpecker Woods
  14. Sovereign Woodland
  15. Shaggy Oak Timberland
  16. Spotted Cypress Wood
  17. Southern Sloth Woods
  18. The Thickened Wilds
  19. Cornstead Thicket
  20. Bronze Apple Wood
  21. The Mouse Grove
  22. Banded Spider Timberland
  23. Golden Hummingbird Forest
  24. The Everglade Wood
  25. Free Pond Timberland 

Cool Forest Names

These ideas are a bit edgier than the previous ones on this list. 

These cool names embody what is so impressive about forests in the first place.

  1. The Fierce Forest 
  2. The Edge of the World
  3. The Fabulous Forest 
  4. Fearsome Woodland
  5. The Great Pines
  6. The Great Oak
  7. The Great Spruce Wood
  8. The Great Grove 
  9. Grand Timberland 
  10. The Ironwood Forest
  11. The Forged Forest
  12. The Destiny Woodland
  13. Hemlock Horizons Wood
  14. Stealth Spruce Wood
  15. The Golden Bluff Wood
  16. The Glistening Grove 
  17. Royalty Woodlands
  18. Majestic Timberlands
  19. The Wilds
  20. The Dawn of Time Timberland
  21. The Imperial Wood
  22. The Secret Pines
  23. The Secret Oaks
  24. The Secret Maples
  25. The Secret Cedars

Badass Forest Names

And if you want your name to be even cooler, you might try out one of these badass name options for your forest.

  1. Fierce Firewood Forest
  2. The King Woods
  3. The Queen Woods
  4. The Royal Forest 
  5. The Fearless Forest 
  6. Timberland of Tough Trees 
  7. The Intimidating Wood
  8. The Incomparable Timberland
  9. The Uncompromising Grove 
  10. The Gigantic Wood
  11. The Vicious Vines 
  12. Wild and Wonderful Wood
  13. The Untamed Wood
  14. The Relentless Redwood Forest
  15. The Menacing Maple Wood
  16. The Ferocious Forest 
  17. Super Spruce Wood 
  18. The Unkempt Garden
  19. The Wicked Wood 
  20. The Fighting Grove
  21. Swordfight Wood
  22. The Renegade Redwoods
  23. The Rogue Redwoods
  24. Vigilante Vine Wood
  25. The Rebel Wood

Famous Forest Names

These classic forest names are mostly fictional, drawn from popular movies, television shows, video games, books, and other pop culture sources.

  1. Sherwood Forest 
  2. Mirkwood Forest 
  3. Lothlórien
  4. The Enchanted Wood
  5. The Forbidden Forest 
  6. The Hundred Acre Wood
  7. The Dark Woods
  8. The Forest of Narnia
  9. Drúadan Forest
  10. The Old Forest 
  11. Duskwood 
  12. The Wild Wood
  13. The Forest of Dean
  14. Middle Earth
  15. Mythago Wood
  16. The Happy Valley
  17. The Florin
  18. Kokiri Forest 
  19. Grey Wood
  20. Beleriand
  21. Forest of Fangorn
  22. Braem Wood
  23. The Toxic Jungle
  24. The Cedar Forest
  25. Tsukamori

Fantasy Names For A Forest

Now, here are some name ideas for fantasy-themed forests.

  1. Wandering Willows
  2. The Misty Wood
  3. Pillar Forest
  4. The Spritely Forest
  5. The Singing Wood
  6. Shadow Grove
  7. The Bitter Forest
  8. Crystal Wood
  9. Shadow Thicket
  10. The Driftwood Forest
  11. The fox Den
  12. Red Maple Grove
  13. The Obsidian Timberland
  14. Forest of Angels 
  15. The Gremlin Wood
  16. The Goblin Wood
  17. Warlock Forest 
  18. Wizardry Wood
  19. The Sorcerer’s Spruce 
  20. Rough Bark Forest
  21. Gray Bush Wood
  22. The Violet Covert
  23. Imaginary Basin Wood
  24. The Hissing Wood
  25. Wood of Wands 

Magical Forest Names

These next 25 names are fantastical, but they are also magical in nature.

  1. God of Forests 
  2. The Spellbound Forest
  3. The Canopy Cauldron
  4. Cauldron of Cedars
  5. The Magical Maple Wood
  6. Hocus Pocus Hemlock Grove
  7. Troll’s Timberland
  8. The Abracadabra Arbors
  9. The Divine Druid Wood
  10. The Daffodil Wood
  11. The Magician’s Grove 
  12. The Wizard’s Grove 
  13. The Alakazam Forest 
  14. The Hexed Hemlock Grove
  15. Incantation Forest 
  16. The Chanting Forest 
  17. The Charming Forest
  18. Charming Timberland 
  19. The Trick Wood
  20. Magical Hill Grove
  21. The Dragon’s Wood
  22. The Ogre Grove
  23. Unicorn’s Land Grove
  24. Fairy Land 
  25. The Conjuring Wood

Names For An Elven Forest

Elves are commonly associated with kingdoms housed within beautiful forests, such as those in J.R.R. Tolkien novels.

These elven forest names are inspired by those kinds of settings.

  1. Keeper of the Forest 
  2. The Hollow Trunk Wood
  3. The Meadow Wood
  4. Forever Young Forest 
  5. The Elven Kingdom Forest
  6. The Eternal Forest
  7. The Youthful Timbers
  8. The Immortal Wood
  9. The Ethereal Forest
  10. The Greenman’s Wood
  11. The Elven Grove
  12. The Elven Thicket 
  13. Elves’ Crossing
  14. Kingdom of the Elves
  15. The Mystical Forest
  16. The Crystalline Forest
  17. Pointed Ear Wood
  18. The Spirited Wood
  19. Kingdom of Spirits
  20. Spirit Timberland
  21. The Winged Wood
  22. The Flying Forest
  23. Shape-shifter Forest
  24. Forest of Myths
  25. The Luminous Wood

Enchanted Names For A Forest

For forests that are downright bewitched and charming, you’ll need an enchanted forest name like one of the following.

  1. Magic Lives in the Forest 
  2. The Charm Thicket
  3. The Charm Grove 
  4. Spellwood Forest
  5. The Enchanted Garden Wood
  6. Bewitched Wood
  7. Bewitched Thicket
  8. Bewitched Grove
  9. Bewitched Timberland 
  10. Enchanted Timbers
  11. Enchanted Lumberland 
  12. The Delightful Forest 
  13. The Captivating Cedar Wood
  14. The Dazzling Forest
  15. The Hypnotic Forest
  16. The Fascinating Forest
  17. The Riveting Wood
  18. The Beguiling Wood
  19. The Glittering Grove
  20. Sparkle Forest
  21. Glitter Forest 
  22. The Blazing Forest
  23. The Shimmering Forest
  24. Radiant Woods
  25. The Shining Timbers 

Names For A Medieval Forest

On the other hand, a medieval forest should reflect aspects of the time period, such as battles, jousting, plague, kingdoms, and rural life. Some of these names are also based on Medieval characters.

  1. The Knight’s Crossing Forest
  2. Jouster’s Forest
  3. The Battler’s Wood
  4. Plague’s Way Forest
  5. The William Tell Wood
  6. Kingdom Wood
  7. Queendom Forest
  8. Robin Hood Forest
  9. King Arthur’s Wood
  10. Lancelot’s Lumberland
  11. Forest of the Silent Knight
  12. Knight Grove
  13. Falstaff’s Forest
  14. Hildebrand’s Hemlock Grove
  15. Pauper’s Forest
  16. Serf Forest
  17. The King’s Wood
  18. The Queen’s Wood
  19. Princess Forest
  20. Prince Forest
  21. Knave’s Forest
  22. Squire’s Woodland
  23. Castle Wood
  24. The Regal Forest
  25. Gentry Forest 

English Forest Names

If you want a name of English origin to match the fictional world you’re creating, try one of these.

  1. Elegant Timberland 
  2. Unique Garden Wood
  3. Greater Toad Covert
  4. Linsonee Woodland
  5. Lashram Timberland
  6. Mammoth Highland Forest
  7. Water Ocelot Covert
  8. Thick Blackberry Forest
  9. Puny Magnolia Thicket
  10. Weybridge Wood
  11. Somercarres Wood
  12. Gruesome Pine Woodland
  13. Little Frog Wood
  14. Rusty Snail Grove
  15. Millchill Wood
  16. Young Meadow Forest
  17. Emercester Woods
  18. Cudbridge Grove
  19. Gentle Wood
  20. Berkmond Wood
  21. Golden Pawpaw Grove
  22. White Vulture Grove
  23. Walow Covert
  24. Wicked Devilwood Grove
  25. Hastdon Covert

Winter Forest Names

A snowy winter forest is certainly magical. These names are perfect for a winter forest, drawing on words related to snow, ice, icicles, frost, and more.

  1. Winter Realm
  2. Winter Wood
  3. The Icicle Grove
  4. Snow Meadow Wood
  5. Icy Forestland
  6. Icy Timberland 
  7. Tundra Wood
  8. Snow Queen Forest
  9. Snow King Forest
  10. Polar Bear Forest
  11. Snow Soft Forest
  12. Snowflake Grove
  13. Silver Lake Forest
  14. Icy River Wood
  15. Frostbite Forest
  16. Silver Bear Forest
  17. Snowy Pines Forest
  18. The Frost Wood
  19. The Wintry Willows
  20. The Wild Winter Wood
  21. Snow Peak Forest
  22. Frozen Waterfall Forest
  23. Ice Storm Wilds
  24. The Frosty Wood
  25. The Great Winter Wood

Dark Names For A Forest

For a darker, more spooky forest that doesn’t get much sunlight, you might opt for one of these 25 names instead.

Referencing the moon is a good start, as moonlight shines at night when all is dark.

  1. Dark and Deep Woods
  2. The Dark Wilds
  3. The Sunless Wood
  4. The No Light Forest
  5. The Dark Forest
  6. Dark Timbers
  7. The Dark Grove
  8. Spooky Spruce Forest
  9. Ghoulish Grove
  10. Ghostly Grove
  11. Ghastly Grove
  12. Nighttime Forest
  13. Moonlit Forest
  14. Midnight Timberland
  15. Dark Pond Woods
  16. Dark Stream Woods
  17. The Darkest Thicket
  18. Dark Hill Forest
  19. Dark Cave Wood
  20. The Nightly Forest
  21. Dark Otter Pond Forest
  22. Crescent Moon Forest
  23. Full Moon Forest
  24. Waxing Moon Forest
  25. Moon Tide Forest 

Scary Names For A Forest

Now, for some bone-chilling name ideas. These scary names may be terrifying to those who enter.

  1. The Terrific Timberland
  2. Terrifying Timbers
  3. Chilling Pond Forest
  4. The Eerie Wood
  5. The Eerie Forest
  6. Eerie Timberland
  7. Bat Cave Forest
  8. Monster’s Pond Forest
  9. Blood Worm Forest
  10. Bloody Pines
  11. Blood Pond Forest
  12. The Thorny Thicket
  13. The Creepy Cedar Wood
  14. The Deathly Forest
  15. The Deathly Hollow
  16. Death’s Grove
  17. Deadly Thicket
  18. The Fearful Forest 
  19. The Frightening Forest
  20. The Forest of Petrified Wood
  21. Nervous Woodland 
  22. The Frightened Grove
  23. The Cowardly Cedar Wood
  24. The Jittery Juniper Wood
  25. The Alarming Forest

Creepy Names For A Forest

These next forest monikers are meant to incite a feeling of ickiness by using creepy crawly words. 

By incorporating bugs, bogs, and other things most people avoid in nature, you can get people’s hair to stand on end.

  1. Centipede Grove
  2. Cockroach Thicket
  3. The Creepy Crawly Wood
  4. The Crawling Forest
  5. Quivering Creatures Forest
  6. Slimy Bog Wood
  7. The Hair-Raising Hemlock Forest
  8. The Freaky Forest
  9. Blood-Curdling Bog Wood
  10. The Horrifying Woods
  11. The Screaming Forest
  12. The Weird Wood
  13. Blood Horn Bog Woods
  14. Creeping Willow Wood
  15. Forest of Demons
  16. Forest of Bugs
  17. The Swampy Forest
  18. The Silent Dead Wood
  19. Dead Wood Forest
  20. Forest of the Undead
  21. Forest of the Dead
  22. Blood and Guts Timberland
  23. The Mummified Forest
  24. The Petrified Forest
  25. The Beastly Wood

Real Forest Names For Inspiration

Last but not least, check out these 25 forest monikers that come from wooded areas that actually exist.

From woodlands filled with the oak tree varieties to olive tree, willow tree, and maple tree clusters, these are some great options.

Some of them are even on Native American lands.

  1. Denali Forest 
  2. Redwood Forest
  3. Sagano Bamboo Forest
  4. Daintree Forest
  5. Crooked Forest
  6. Monteverde Cloud Forest
  7. Amazon Rainforest
  8. Tarkine Forest
  9. Yakushima Forest
  10. Waipoua Forest
  11. Avenue of the Baobabs
  12. The Araucaria Forest
  13. Tongass National Forest
  14. Congo Rainforest
  15. Sunderbans
  16. Atlantic Forest
  17. Wistman’s Wood
  18. Hallerbos Forest
  19. Dancing Forest
  20. Belgrad Forest
  21. The Desert Forest
  22. Zhangjiajie National Forest
  23. Arashiyama Bamboo Grove
  24. Green Mountain Forest
  25. Black Forest


Have you been looking for a creative forest name to add to your next fantasy novel, DnD campaign, or TV show idea? Hopefully, our comprehensive guide to hundreds of name ideas has given you somewhere to start. 

From creepy names for a forest to magical, enchanting, and fantasy names, there are tons of options that incorporate woodland qualities and unique traits. Be sure to refer to our list the next time you are seeking a good forest moniker.

If you need more inspiration why not try a forest name generator!

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