Frog Names (131 BEST Cute & Funny Naming Ideas)

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They’re quick. They’re colorful. They’re vibrant, outgoing, and a popular pet for those who don’t have much space.

But how do you choose a name for a pet frog? What are the best frog names out there? 

Fortunately, below we’ve compiled a list of the best names for frogs and toads, including specific names for male and female frogs, badass toad names, and silly names to suit your pet’s individual personality. 

Let’s dive in.

Best Toad and Frog Names

1. Kermit

Who can forget the beloved Muppet? Kermit was brought to fame whilst being a member of The Muppets and Sesame Street.

2. Hopscotch

3. Toadstool

The name of a kind of mushroom, a great name for frogs and toads alike. 

4. Kiwi

5. Dragonfly

With frogs come dragonflies. 

6. Prince

A regal title for your jumpy companion, this name also evokes memories of the classic fairy tale, The Frog Prince. 

7. Ping Pong

Named for the small white ball that moves like lightning across the table. 

8. Squatter

Named for the frog’s default pose. 

9. Ribbit

A straightforward choice named for the classic frog sound. 

10. Godzilla

A great name for a large frog who loves to eat. 

11. Jewel

For a brightly colored frog. 

12. Hank

A rugged name for your awesome amphibian, it brings to mind images of the Old West. 

13. Dart

Great for a poison dart frog, just don’t handle it! 

14. Pacman

This video game character looks like a frog and gobbles up dots like your slimy companion gobbles up flies. 

15. Dapper

They are, aren’t they? 

16. Polly

A clever twist on “Polliwog,” can also be a name in its own right. 

17. Gretchen

18. Hera

Named for the Greek goddess who was married to Zeus. 

19. Bubbles

What frogs make when they hop into the pond. 

20. Dumpling

21. Green Queen

A great name for a large green female who rules the roost. 

22. Frankie

23. Sheila

Means “lady” in Australia, a good frog moniker for you Aussies out there. 

24. Gucci

This exotic pet frog moniker is synonymous with high-class fashion. Work it, froggy! 

25. Opal

This name works well, especially given the iridescent coloring of some frog species. 

26. Greta

27. Lilo

Named for the beloved character from Lilo and Stitch. 

28. Blossom

Given how frogs are synonymous with spring and blooming flowers, it’s no wonder why this name is such a great fit. 

29. Princess Tiana

Named for the hard-working protagonist in Disney’s The Princess and the Frog. 

30. Grape

It’s round like a frog. 

31. Pudding

A reminder of frogs’ gelatinous bodies. 

32. Freddie

33. Hercules

A heroic name for your little fighter. 

34. Butter

35. Sluggs

36. Zippy

A name to honor all that far-leaping energy. 

37. Tomato

Did you know there is a red species of frog called the tomato frog? 

38. Sheba

A queenly name for your slimy diva. 

39. Mustard

40. Prince Naveen

The male protagonist of Disney’s The Princess and the Frog. Comes off as somewhat villainous at the beginning but has a change of heart by the end of the movie. 

41. Big Daddy

A funny frog moniker for the ruler of the pond. 

42. Rudy

43. Polliwog

Another name for tadpole. 

44. Shorty

Well, it’s true, isn’t it? 

45. Priscilla

A pretty name for a female frog. 

46. Frank

47. Nigel

48. Rainbow

This is a great name for particularly colorful frogs, like tree frogs or poison dart frogs. 

49. Zelda

50. Trixie

Names For Female Frogs

From the dainty to the fierce, this list will have the perfect fit for your female frog. 

1. Water Lily

Under which frogs are frequently found.

2. Rosie

3. Lotus

Another name for a water lily, this elegant name is a wonderful choice for your graceful female froggy. 

4. Flora

5. Azalea

A flower name that is perfect for an exotic frog species. 

6. Bella

Means “beautiful” in Italian. 

7. Gertie

A cute abbreviation for Gertrude. 

8. Calla

Named for the calla lily. 

9. Princess

A royal moniker for your slimy companion. 

10. Birdie

While your pet might dive for cover from its namesake, it’s still a cute name for a female frog. 

Names For Male Frogs

From the classic to the heroic and everything in between, check out our list of the best male names for your pet frog.

1. Charmander

A regal name for a Pokemon also sounds like a salamander, which is an amphibious cousin to the frog.  

2. Burt

This short, grumpy name seems fitting for a pet frog. 

3. Bugs

A straightforward reference to your pet’s main food source. 

4. Tad

Short for “tadpole,” a reference to your pet’s first stage of life. 

5. Leonardo

6. Ace

A good choice for a loner frog. 

7. Maverick

8. Butch Cassidy

Named for the American train and bank robber. Put ’em up, froggy! 

9. Marley

10. Trevor

Funny Frog Names (Including Puns)

If you’re a fan of puns and want something lighthearted for your jumpy pet, look no further than our list of funny names for frogs. 

1. MC Hopper

After the famous rapper who wrote, “U Can’t Touch This.” Does anyone remember when harem pants were a thing?

2. Pogo

3. Aristoadle

A great name for a wise, pensive frog. 

4. Toadie

5. Flyswatter

Technically speaking…

6. Anthony Hopkins

You don’t even have to change the name to understand the pun!

7. Hopperdink

8. Yoda

Any frog would be honored to be named after this wise green character from the Star Wars franchise. 

9. Budweiser

10. Snoop Froggy Frog

11. Ed Bighead

A famous frog from the cartoon series Rocko’s Modern Life.

Unique Names For Toads And Frogs

Looking for something a little bit different?

Check out the list below for some names that you might not have heard of before.

1. Hopalong

This cute name pays homage to what frogs do best.

2. Nugget

A perfect choice for a smaller frog.

3. Swamp

A straightforward reference to a frog’s natural habitat. 

4. Paddington

5. Shrek

Named after the grouchy ogre with a heart of gold in the Dreamworks franchise. 

6. Peetree

Who can forget the adorable baby pterodactyl from Land Before Time? 

7. Daphne

8. Lulabelle

A dainty moniker for your little green lady. 

9. Legs

Responsible for those far jumps. 

10. Dixie

Cool Names For A Pet Frog Or Toad

For the stylish, charismatic, cool frog in your life, discover your pet’s perfect name on our list of unique names for your frog.

1. Diesel

If you’ve ever heard a bullfrog, you know they can sometimes sound like a diesel engine. A great name for a giant toad or frog.

2. Jupiter

Named for the largest planet and the Roman name for Zeus.

3. Fang

A fearsome name for your ferocious froggy. 

4. Goliath

Perfect for a big bullfrog. 

5. Ozzy

Named for the iconic Ozzy Osbourne himself, who’s cooler than the lead singer of Black Sabbath?

6. Leonidas

Named for the famed general who led an army of 300 Spartan soldiers against the Persian army. A fierce choice for your little green warrior. 

7. Zeke

8. Vinny

9. Iron Maiden

Arguably one of the best heavy metal bands of all time, a great choice for fans of classic rock. 

10. Spike

A fierce name for your slimy green friend. 

Cute Frog Names

If you’re searching for a cute name for your sweet froggy dumpling, look no further than our list of cute names for a frog. 

1. Froggy

Straightforward and succinct, yet adorable as ever. 

2. Cupcake

3. Lollihops

Cute and with an added pun. 

4. Cheesecake

5. Ducky

Named for another adorable animal that frequents ponds.

6. Chubbles

7. Dorito

Named after the popular chip, a cute name for your froggy friend. 

8. Cheerio

9. Kimono

Named for the silky, long-sleeved Japanese robe, this is a great choice if you are into Japanese culture. 

10. Pickles

Cute and green. Can also add “Mr.” or “Miss” to the beginning, depending on your frog’s sex. 

Badass Names for Your Pet Frog or Toad

What’s cooler than cool? Badass, of course! Check out these names for your awesome amphibian. 

1. Caesar

Is there any pet that can’t be named after the ill-fated Roman general?

2. Taurus 

A clever name for a bullfrog. 

3. Snapper

Frogs usually share ponds with snapping turtles. They aren’t usually as mean, though. 

4. Ursula

Named for the dreaded sea witch in Disney’s The Little Mermaid, is there a more badass name for your kick-ass pet frog? 

5. Fender

6. Archer

This distinguished moniker is as badass as they come. 

7. Menace

If you let this frog out of its terrarium, you might see your friend live up to its name. 

8. Xena

9. Duke

A name that works for a pet of any species, but is particularly badass for a frog. 

10. Bruce

11. Fukasaku

A name of a Naruto frog.

Green Names for Frogs and Toads

Looking for a name to honor your amphibious friend’s slimy green skin? Check out the names below that all pay homage to this vibrant color.

1. Asparagus

2. Granny Smith 

A unique name for a female frog, even cuter if you happen to have an older pet. 

3. Snap Pea

4. Brussels Sprout

A particularly good choice for a small green frog. 

5. Jade

6. Peridot

This stone is a pale green and happens to be the August birthstone. 

7. Fern

8. Cabbage

Your frog and this common vegetable share striking similarities, being both round and green.

9. Moss

Found in the same natural habitats as frogs. 

10. Emerald

This stone is a regal deep green, perfect for your froggy friend.

Frog and Toad Name Inspiration

If you are having trouble finding the right name for your pet frog, consider the qualities that first come to mind when you think of the word “frog.

Do you picture the myriad of colors or their size? Do you think of speed? Water? Or do you think about ponds and marshes where frogs spend their lives?

In many cultures, frogs are considered a symbol of truth and transformation. For this reason, you also see them depicted in art, literature, and even as tattoos.

They also symbolize spiritual and emotional cleansing, in part because of their watery environment. Their ability to lay hundreds of eggs at once lends them to also symbolizes fertility and prosperity. 

They can be silly and fun or serious and reflective. What do frogs mean to you?

Taking these things into consideration will help you find the perfect frog moniker for your amphibious companion. 

Help Choosing The Right Name

Whether you are choosing a name for a horned frog, a pacman frog, or any other type of frog or toad, consider your pet’s personality.

Is your frog or toad affectionate? Energetic? Stoic or sluggish? Maybe the colors or patterns are your frog’s most distinguishing feature. 

Choose a name you are happy with!


We hope our list helped you to find the perfect name for your froggy friend.

After all, for a creature as unique and vibrant as the frog, naming is an important decision that requires thought, patience, and sometimes a little help. 

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