129+ Snake Names (Cute, Cool & Funny Male & Female Ideas)

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Few creatures are as feared and admired as the snake.

From the fearsome Jormungander of Norse mythology to the brass serpent in the Old Testament, it’s no wonder why snakes are so widely celebrated in art, literature, and pop culture.

Whether you are naming a pet snake or creating a fictional world and need some snake inspiration, we have the perfect name for you!

Let’s dive in.

Snake Names Infographic

Best Snake Names

  1. Nagini – Who can forget the dreaded companion of Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter? This name would work best for a large snake, like a boa constrictor or anaconda.
  2. Jafaar – Named for the villain in Aladdin, would be great for a snake with a red and black color or pattern.
  3. Kaa – Named for the giant anaconda in The Jungle Book who tries to make a meal out of young Mowgli.
  4. Medusa – Named for the fearsome Gorgon in Greek mythology, a woman with hair of writhing snakes who could turn anyone who looked her way into stone!
  5. Slytherin – For the most infamous of the four houses of Hogwarts in Harry Potter, with a serpent as its mascot.
  6. Basilisk – Named for the legendary serpent king in European mythology that could turn its onlookers into stone with a single glance.
  7. Jormungandr – Named for the famous snake in Norse mythology, also known as the Midgard Serpent who encircled the earth.
  8. Hydra – In Greek mythology, was a multi-headed serpent who was almost impossible to kill. 
  9. Asuna
  10. Eve – With its Biblical connotations, it’s no wonder why this would be a perfect name for a pet snake. Perhaps one who likes apple trees?
  11. Arcada
  12. Pandora – For the ill-fated woman in Greek mythology who unleashed all manner of evils upon the earth. 
  13. Jinx – This succinct name honors the snake’s symbolism in magic.
  14. Vienna – Named for the city in Austria, with its plethora of arts and culture. 
  15. Congo – Who can go wrong with naming your exotic friend for a jungle nation? 
  16. Spot – Another great name for ball pythons, with their unusual patterns! 
  17. Tango – Named for the sensual dance, a great choice for orange snakes.
  18. Bindi
  19. Diablo
  20. Rex – Meaning “king” in Latin, a great name for a male snake who rules the roost. 
  21. Zeus – The kingly name for the father of the Gods in Greek mythology. 
  22. India – A country with a high snake population, it is also the setting for The Jungle Book. 
  23. Petra 
  24. Mephistopheles – While this name is certainly a mouthful, it is an obscure name for the devil. 
  25. Sonny
  26. Croc – For the snake’s reptilian cousin, not the polarizing footwear.
  27. Ziggy – Who can forget the late, great David Bowie’s androgynous alter ego? Great for a snake with bright colors and patterns.
  28. Jupiter
  29. Terminator – A foreboding name for your large friend.
  30. Opal – You can never go wrong with jewel names!
  31. Naga
  32. Allie – Short for “alligator,” a close cousin of snakes. 
  33. Amadeus – A great name for music lovers, after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 
  34. Nessie – Isn’t the Loch Ness Monster a reptile?
  35. Grace – Who can compete with the most graceful reptile in the animal kingdom?
  36. Aurora – Meaning “dawn,” a beautiful name for a colorful female snake.
  37. Lucifer – A straightforward name, referenced in the book of Genesis in the Bible, when the Devil appeared to Adam and Eve in the form of a serpent.
  38. Hendrix
  39. Genghis Khan – This fearsome warrior’s name would be a perfect fit for a large snake. 
  40. Belladonna
  41. Dragon
  42. Apollo
  43. Beethoven – Who says this name can only be given to musicians and Saint Bernards? 
  44. Mars – Named for the planet, or for the Roman god of war. A great choice for a male snake.
  45. Nero
  46. Attila the Hun – A fierce name for your spirited companion.
  47. Maui
  48. Indiana Jones – Named for the intrepid explorer.
  49. Drake – A name that means “dragon,” can also be after the famous rapper.
  50. Nirvana – A spiritual name honoring the snake’s symbolism as wisdom and grace. 
Green Snake

Female Snake Names

  1. Athena – Named for the Greek goddess of wisdom. 
  2. Ophelia – Named for the character in William Shakespeare’s famous tragedy, Hamlet. 
  3. Freya – The goddess of beauty and fertility in Norse mythology. 
  4. Princess – A royal moniker for your scaly girl!
  5. Cersei – From the plotting queen in Game of Thrones. 

Male Snake Names

  1. Dagger
  2. Archer
  3. Rattles – This name doesn’t necessarily have to be given to a rattlesnake.
  4. Caesar – Named for the ruthless Roman general with a tragic end. 
  5. Caligula – For the mad Roman emperor who appointed his horse a consul! 

Funny Names For Snakes (Including Puns)

  1. Monty the Python
  2. Spaghetti
  3. William Snakespeare
  4. Rumpled Snakeskin – For a fun twist, have your guests try and guess your pet’s name!
  5. Julius Squeezer – This funny name is a clever twist on the name of a famous Roman general. 

Unique Names For Pet Snakes

Looking for a name for your unique snake?

Try one of these:

  1. Pistachio – A great fit for a green and brown patterned snake.
  2. Ayla – Named for the protagonist in Jean Auel’s Clan of the Cave Bear. 
  3. Catalina – An exotic name that evokes calming, tropical waves. 
  4. Anemone
  5. Myrtle – Snakes are, after all, a symbol of fertility and health in many parts of the world. 

Cool Names For Snakes

  1. Dart
  2. Venom – Great for a pet viper. Just don’t tap the glass! 
  3. Cleopatra – A cruel twist of irony is that this famed Egyptian queen met her demise by snakebite. 
  4. Minerva
  5. Ariadne – In Greek mythology, the human sister of the Minotaur who knew the way out of the labyrinth. 

Cute Names For Snakes

  1. Pretzel
  2. Noodles
  3. Cuddles – Great for ball pythons and their cuddly dispositions!
  4. Curly – This name also doubles as a cowboy name. 
  5. Twister – Whether it’s referring to the game or the weather phenomenon, this is a great moniker for your pet snake. 

Badass Names For Your Pet Snake

  1. Voldemort – What can be more badass than naming your snake for the Dark Lord himself? 
  2. Khaleesi – A badass name for your scaly queen. 
  3. Harley Quinn – For the Joker’s unhinged girlfriend, great for a female snake. 
  4. Ghost – Perfect for a white snake, also pays homage to Jon Snow’s canine companion in Game of Thrones. 
  5. Seneca

Names For A Small Snake

  1. Pipsqueak
  2. Sir Hiss – After Prince John’s advisor in Disney’s classic Robin Hood. 
  3. Slinky
  4. Baby – This name can also be an ironic moniker for a big snake. 
  5. Buttons

Names For a Big Snake

  1. Stretch
  2. The Incredibly Deadly Viper – Who doesn’t remember this enormous yet lovable serpent from Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events? 
  3. Egypt – An exotic name for your enormous companion. 
  4. Mouse – This ironic name would be a great fit for your pet. 
  5. Big Tex – A name for a snake as big as Texas. 
Corn Snake

Names That Mean Snake

  1. Kaarmi – Finnish for “snake.”
  2. Hebi – Means “snake” in Japanese.
  3. Nahesa – Hawaiian for “snake.”
  4. Slange – Danish for “snake.”
  5. Anguis – Latin for “snake.”

Names For A Black Snake

  1. Onyx – Named for a popular black stone. 
  2. Obsidian – Named for a popular black stone that is sharp like glass and commonly found near volcanic sites. 
  3. Raven
  4. Midnight
  5. Indigo – A beautiful color and a beautiful name for a black snake with hints of blue or purple.

Names For A White Snake

  1. Alabaster
  2. Pearl – A cute name for a white female snake. 
  3. Ivory
  4. Diamond – This could be for a white snake or a great name for your scaly diva. 
  5. Lily

Names For A Blue Snake

  1. Sapphire
  2. Oceania – This name also doubles as a great name for a snake originally from Australia or New Zealand. 
  3. Azure
  4. Blue Lighting – Is it just me, or does this name inspire an idea for a unique serpentine superhero?
  5. Cornflower – A name as sweet as its sky-blue color could also work for a pet corn snake! 

Names For A Yellow Snake

  1. Candy Corn – With their bright yellow and orange patterns, this name is a perfect fit for a corn snake!
  2. Daffodil – A sweet flower name for your scaly companion. 
  3. Topaz
  4. Goldie – You’ll find this classic and timeless name is a great fit for your golden-scaled beauty.
  5. Amarillo – Spanish for “yellow,” a great name for a yellow snake. 

Names For A Green Snake

  1. Emerald – With a name like “Emerald,” will anyone be unable to guess your scaly companion’s lovely hue?
  2. Jade – This also works for a snake of Chinese origin, as jade is a popular precious stone there. 
  3. Ivy – A sweet yet mysterious name for a shy snake.
  4. Forrest – While this name is wonderful for a dark green snake, it’s also great for fans of Forrest Gump. 
  5. Peridot – Named for the light green August birthstone.

Names For A Red Snake

  1. Ruby
  2. Flare – This fiery moniker is wonderful for either a red or spirited snake.
  3. Garnet – A jewel name that’s a darker shade than ruby, great for a snake with a burgundy color or pattern. 
  4. Blaze
  5. Ember – Named for glowing coals. 

Disney Snake Names

Here are some of our favorite names from Disney:

  1. Sir Hiss – From Disney’s animated film Robin Hood.
  2. Kaa – From The Jungle Book.
  3. Cydne – From 101 Dalmatians.
  4. Hista – The Legend Of Tarzan.
  5. Juju – The Princess and the Frog.
  6. Milo the Snake
  7. UshariThe Lion Guard.

Mythical Names For Snakes

Here are some mythical snake names to try out for your new pet:

  1. Medusa
  2. Quetzalcoatl
  3. Naga
  4. Chimera
Grass Snake

Name Inspiration

If you are unsure what to name your snake, consider a more subtle approach by seeking out name inspiration.

Instead of searching for names that explicitly mean “snake” or “serpent,” consider the qualities you attribute to snakes. This may differ based on your culture and experiences.

For example, snakes are considered a symbol of wisdom in many eastern philosophies, so for inspiration, maybe choose a spiritual name like “Nirvana.” 

It can be difficult to find the perfect name, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t find the perfect fit right away. 

Help Choosing The Right Name

When choosing a name for your pet snake, it is helpful to think about your pet’s personality.

Is your snake affectionate, spirited, aloof, or sluggish? It might be best to choose a name that matches their personality.

What kind of snake do you have? A viper might warrant a fiercer choice than a ball python.

You could choose a name based on your pet’s specific colors or patterns.

After all, the common garter snake was named for stockings due to its long vertical stripes. 


We hope our list helped you to find the perfect snake moniker.

After all, for a creature as unique and symbolic as the snake, naming is an important decision that requires thought, patience, and sometimes a little help.

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