Gardevoir Nicknames (22 Awesome Ideas)

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Looking for the best Gardevoir nickname? Look no further! In this blog post, we will provide you with a list of awesome nicknames for your favorite psychic Pokemon.

Whether you are playing the Pokemon games on your Nintendo DS or on your Switch, we have got you covered.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Gardevoir Nicknames Based On Royalty

  1. Guinevere – a medieval queen and wife of King Arthur in Arthurian legend. Try Gwen for short!
  2. Helen – An homage to the face that launched a thousand ships, this name evokes both a sense of royalty and dignity as well as the bewitching effect of love and beauty.
  3. Himiko – Honor Gardevoir’s Japanese roots with the name of an ancient shamaness queen.
  4. Mab – a benevolent but mischievous queen from English folklore
  5. Cleopatra – an Egyptian queen rumored to have enchanting beauty and grace.

Gardevoir Nicknames From Pop Culture

  1. Zelda – The princess of Hyrule’s power and beauty makes this nickname perfect for your female Gardevoir!
  2. Palutena – Goddess of Light and beautiful ruler of Angel Land, Palutena and Gardevoir share a similar color scheme!
  3. Glinda – Give some homage to The Wizard of Oz by nicknaming your Gardevoir after the Good Witch!
  4. Galadriel – The lady of the woods of Lothlorien, Galadriel shares some of her mystic powers with Gardevoir.
  5. Matilda – Just like the little girl from the 1996 film, Gardevoir’s psychic powers are strong and otherworldly!
  6. Jean Grey – This psychic member of the X-Men gives a great name option for your psychic-type Pokemon!

Gardevoir Nicknames Based On Mythology And Fairies

  1. Sybil – A Greek prophetess known for her prodigious written predictions and divine wisdom.
  2. Minerva – The Etruscan goddess of wisdom, art, and war.
  3. Titania – William Shakespeare’s fairy queen, wife to fairy king Oberon.
  4. Freya – The Norse goddess of love and fertility.
  5. Tinkerbell – Gardevoir may not be tiny, but she can still share a nickname with another famous fairy!
  6. Fey – The definition of this word – giving an impression of vague unworldliness – is a perfect match for your elegant psychic fairy!

Gardevoir Nicknames Based On Psychic Capacity

  1. Tarot – Invite the blessing of the 22 Major Arcana by naming your Gardevoir after these cards used for divination and karma reading
  2. Zen – Seek insight and peace of mind with this calming, enlightened nickname
  3. Nostradamus – Give your male Gardevoir (Gallade) a strong nickname with this French astrologer’s name.
  4. Eden – A famous Tarot reader of the 1960s, Eden Grey’s works furthered the popularity and accessibility of tarot in the United States. 
  5. Mana – Gardevoir’s pervasive magical power earns this Polynesian name for the supernatural.

Pokemon Name Inspiration

Finding inspiration for your Gardevoir’s nickname doesn’t have to be difficult!

Inspiration can be found in many places, here are some examples:

  • Your Pokemon’s type
  • Your Pokemon’s nature
  • Your Pokemon’s move set
  • Your favorite book or movie
  • A character you admire
  • A place you’ve always wanted to visit

Help Choosing The Right Name

Here are some tips that might help you choose the perfect nickname for your Gardevoir:

  • If you are stuck, try looking up an online name generator
  • Consider your favorite Gardevoir nicknames and see if they fit with your Pokemon’s personality
  • Ask friends or family for their input
  • Think about what qualities you admire in your Gardevoir and try to find a name that reflects those qualities
  • Don’t be afraid to be creative!

If all else fails, you can always choose a classic Gardevoir name like Belle or Aurora!


Whether you’re looking for a regal name befitting of a medieval queen or something more whimsical and fairy-like, we hope that this list has given you plenty of ideas to get started.

With so many amazing nicknames to choose from, there’s no need to feel stuck when it comes time to pick the perfect one for your Gardevoir!

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