Gible Nicknames (48 Awesome Naming Ideas)

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If you’re a Pokémon gamer, then you know that Gible is one of the coolest and most underrated monsters in the game.

But what do you call him or her?

Here are some awesome Gible nicknames that will make your friends jealous.

Best Gible Nicknames

Here are the best nicknames for Gible:

  1. Big Slammu – Street Sharks
  2. Bitey
  3. Blue Shark
  4. Chomper
  5. Deep Blue
  6. Devilfish
  7. Dunnn Dunnn – The noise a shark makes when it’s about to attack
  8. Fang
  9. Fangster
  10. Frankie – Shark Tale
  11. Gabby – A perfect name for a cute and cuddly Gible.
  12. Giblancha – A cool and exotic-sounding name for your Gible.
  13. Giblet – A funny and cute nickname for your little Pokémon friend.
  14. Gibley – A cute and cuddly name for your beloved Gible.
  15. Giblina – A feminine name for a female Gible.
  16. Gibsie – A diminutive and adorable name for your pet Gible.
  17. Gibster – A cool and unique name for your favorite Gible.
  18. Gibs – A nickname that’s as tough as this Pokémon is.
  19. Gibulin – A masculine name for a male Gible.
  20. Gibzilla – A fearsome nickname for a strong and powerful Gible.
  21. Great White
  22. Hammerhead
  23. Jagger – Rolling Stones
  24. Jaws
  25. Jawsome – A combination of Jaws and Awesome
  26. Kraken
  27. Lenny – Shark Tale
  28. Leviathan
  29. Mako
  30. Meg – A shark film
  31. Mega Chopper – Sonic
  32. Megalodon
  33. Nibbler
  34. Piranah
  35. Rex
  36. Ripster – Street Sharks
  37. Shark Attack
  38. Sharknado
  39. Sharky
  40. Shred
  41. Sinker
  42. Sixgill
  43. Snapdragon
  44. Streex – Street Sharks
  45. Switchblade
  46. Thrasher
  47. Thresher
  48. Toothless – How to Train Your Dragon

Pokémon Name Inspiration

For many Pokémon trainers, giving their Pokémon a nickname is an important part of the bonding process.

Nicknaming a Pokémon can help to make it feel more like a friend and trusted partner, and it can also be used as a tool for differentiating between multiple Pokémon of the same species.

However, coming up with the perfect nickname is not always easy.

If you’re struggling to find the right name for your Pokémon, here are a few possible sources of inspiration:

1. Personal Characteristics

A Pokémon’s appearance, personality, and abilities can all be great sources of nickname inspiration. For example, a Pokémon with red coloration might be given a fiery-sounding name like “Blaze” or “Inferno,” while a Pokémon with a gentle and timid personality might be given a name like “Buttercup” or “Blossom.”

2. Origin Story

Another possible source of inspiration for Pokémon nicknames is the Pokémon’s origin story. For example, a Pokémon that was originally caught in the Kanto region might be given a name that references that region, such as “Kanto” or any of the Kanto gym leaders’ names.

3. Real-world Animals

Many Pokémon are based on real-world animals, and these can be great sources of nickname inspiration. For example, a Pikachu might be nicknamed “Thunder Mouse” or “Squeekachu,” while a Gyarados might be nicknamed “Blue Dragon.”

4. Pop Culture References

Pokémon often resemble similar appearances or characteristics to other characters in popular pop culture, which can provide some great nickname ideas. For example, a Pikachu might be named “Naruto” as they are both main characters in an anime and they both have yellow hair.

Help Choosing The Right Name

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing a nickname for your Pokémon:

1. Keep It Simple

A good nickname should be easy to remember and pronounce.

2. Avoid Offensive Or Inappropriate Names

Your Pokémon’s nickname is a reflection of you as a trainer, so make sure to choose something that won’t offend or embarrass others.

3. Make Sure It Fits

Your Pokémon’s nickname should be a good reflection of its personality and appearance.

4. Have Fun!

Nicknaming your Pokémon is an opportunity to be creative and have some fun, so make sure to enjoy the process.


Nicknaming your Pokémon can be a fun and creative experience, but it can also be challenging to come up with the perfect name.

In this article, we’ve provided some tips and inspiration for coming up with the perfect nickname for your Gible.

So get creative and have some fun!

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