241+ Haunted House Names (BEST Ideas For A Spooky Story)

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Are you looking for a haunted house name that will give your home a spooky feeling? Do you want something that will make your guests feel like they’re in a horror movie?

If so, then this list is for you! We’ve compiled more than 241 haunted house names, perfect for any budget or level of scariness.

So whether you’re looking to buy a fixer-upper or just want to give your current home an eerie makeover, look no further!

Best Haunted House Names

If you’re looking for the perfect level of spooks and scares, these haunted house names are just right! From ‘The Witching Hill’ to ‘Bat’s in the Belfry’, it will be easy to find a name that sets your haunted home apart.

With these creative and eerie monikers, guests will dread even taking those first steps up to your door – adding an extra layer of eeriness no one can resist!

  1. The Witching Hill
  2. Bat’s in the Belfry
  3. Shadowhollow Manor
  4. Creepy Corner House
  5. Haunted Haven Place
  6. Spooky Palace of Sorrows
  7. Twisted Tree Estate
  8. Perilous Path Manner
  9. Deadwood Den
  10. Ghostly Grove
  11. The Phantom Cottage
  12. Fearsome Fortress
  13. Ghoulish Gatehouse
  14. The Crypt of Chaos
  15. Frightful Manor House
  16. Darkwood Dell
  17. Dungeon Dwelling
  18. The Old Haunted House
  19. The Old Mill Escape
  20. Ghost House Craze
  21. The Old Slimy House
  22. Murder Dungeon
  23. Demon’s Lair
  24. Demon’s Dungeon
  25. Half Moon Manor
  26. House Is Not Normal
  27. The Ghoul Emporium
  28. Funhouse Of Terror
  29. Cornerstone Mansion
  30. Nightmare Castle
  31. Cursed Crypt
  32. Haunted Mansion of Doom
  33. Spooky Shack
  34. Creepy Cottage
  35. The House Of Horrors
  36. Abandoned Abbey
  37. The Morgue of Misery
  38. Mausoleum Manor
  39. Bonecliff Estate
  40. Scarlet Mansion
  41. Screaming Hallows

Good Haunted House Names

Crafting a captivating name for your haunted house doesn’t need to be intimidating. You’re likely looking for something that will draw in guests, yet still, leave them satisfied.

With these good names for a haunted house, you can rest assured that people will flock through your door with anticipation of what lies inside!

  1. Mystic Moon Manor
  2. Castle of Fright
  3. The Gory Galore
  4. Paradise Lost
  5. House Of Doom
  6. Terrifying Towndom
  7. Dreadful Depths Mansion
  8. Haunted Hollow Inn
  9. Lunar Keep Lodge
  10. Cursed Castle Hotel
  11. Gravedigger’s Mansion
  12. The Catacombs of Terror
  13. Gravedigger’s Manor
  14. The Scary Shack
  15. Darkroom Dungeon
  16. Nightmare Chamber House
  17. Misery Manor
  18. Voodoo Villa
  19. Ripper Row House
  20. Wicked Woods Inn
  21. Cursed Crypt Manor
  22. Macabre Mansion
  23. Ghostly Presence
  24. The Phantom Castle
  25. The Haunted Manor
  26. Abandoned Asylum
  27. The Dark Abyss
  28. Bloodcurdling Castle
  29. Elm Street Spooks
  30. Rise and Die
  31. The Scarecrow Field
  32. Bloody Hospice
  33. The Murder Cottage

Scary Names For A Haunted House

If you are searching for a sinister moniker to give your haunted house, look no more! We have compiled an extensive assortment of the eeriest names imaginable – from “The Cursed Crypt” to “The Sinister Stronghold”.

Get ready to delve into a realm of horror and dread by giving your dwelling any one of these monstrously malevolent titles. You can rest assured that with our collection, you’ll find the perfect name for your ghostly abode!

  1. Demon’s Den
  2. Deadly Dungeon
  3. Beware Behemoth House
  4. Carnage Castle
  5. Shuddering Shanty Shack
  6. House of the Damned
  7. Creepy Crypts Mansion
  8. The Shadow Realm
  9. The Dark Passage
  10. The Sinister Stronghold
  11. Skull House
  12. Torture Tower
  13. Haunted Haven Place
  14. House of Horrors
  15. Vampire’s Lair
  16. Infernal Inn
  17. Deathly Dungeon
  18. Killer Castle Mansion
  19. Night Terror Manor
  20. Castle Of Demon’s Delight
  21. Murder Mansion
  22. Cursed Crypt
  23. The Evil Estate
  24. Nightmare Hall
  25. The Torture Chamber
  26. The Bloodied Basement
  27. Final Fright Manor
  28. The Haunted House of Terror
  29. Soul Snatcher’s Residence
  30. The Doom Dimension
  31. Bloody Breakdown House
  32. The Witch’s Cauldron
  33. The Crypt of Chaos
  34. The Monster Manor
  35. Hell House

Cool Names For A Haunted House

Thinking of a cool and spooky name for your own haunted house can be daunting. But the perfect name is out there waiting to be found!

From old abandoned castles to cursed cemeteries, give your manor, mansion, or abode some celebrity status with one of these cool haunted house names, perfect for your next horror movie night.

  1. The Phantom Mansion
  2. Grim Grave Manor
  3. Cursed Cottage
  4. Nightmare House
  5. Count’s Crypt
  6. Deadly Downfall Estate
  7. Vampire Valley
  8. Mausoleum Mayhem Manor
  9. The Witch’s Tower
  10. Undead Inn
  11. Wicked Woods Cabin
  12. Haunted Haven Hollow
  13. Catacombs of Carnage
  14. Ghostly Graveyard Mansion
  15. Dark Dome Dungeons
  16. Death’s Doorstep Manor
  17. Trouble in Terror Town
  18. Frightsville Funhouse
  19. Demonic Dungeon Lair
  20. The Crypt Keeper’s Castle
  21. Spooky Spectres Mansion
  22. Cobweb Castle
  23. Skeleton Shack
  24. Horror Hideaway
  25. Plague of Phantoms House
  26. Cursed Crypts Castle
  27. The Zombie Zoo
  28. Somber Sanctuary of Sinister Sorrows
  29. Tombstone Tangle Hall
  30. Monster Mansion Mausoleum
  31. Wraith’s Wish House

Famous Haunted House Names

If you are looking for spine-tingling chills, goosebumps, and a general sense of dread, then why not take a visit to one of the most famous haunted house names in the world?

Whether you want to embrace the supernatural thrills or simply explore the dark history behind the infamous names, these haunted houses offer an experience that is sure to send shivers down your spine!

1. LaLaurie House, New Orleans

The LaLaurie house has a dark history that has haunted it for nearly two centuries.

The house is located in the French Quarter of New Orleans and is commonly attributed to the mistreatment of former slaves by Madame Delphine LaLaurie.

Reports of paranormal activity have been reported including ghostly footsteps and moans coming from a room where slaves used to be held captive.

During the mid-to-late nineteenth century, 1140 Royal Street served as an all-girls school. Students reported physical assaults attributing them to a “phantom woman” – possibly Madame LaLaurie herself or another spirit present in the house.

A medium visiting the house experienced heavy emotions and sensed multiple spirits within but did not feel any anger or helplessness related to Madame Delphine’s actions towards her slaves.

Before his bankruptcy, Nicolas Cage owned this property briefly; some attribute his misfortune to a curse attached to this mansion.

Since then, no one has been able to stay at 1140 Royal Street for more than five years due its dark legacy still lingering in the air.

2. Lizzie Borden House, Fall River, MA

The Lizzie Borden House in Fall River, Massachusetts is world-renown for being one of the most haunted houses in the United States. It is a popular site for those interested in ghost hunting and paranormal activity.

The house has been standing since 1872 when Andrew Borden purchased it and remodeled it for his small family. On August 4th, 1892, tragedy struck when Andrew and Abby Borden were brutally murdered within the walls of their home. 

Today, visitors to the house are able to explore the original furnishings as well as artifacts from the murder case that remain in the property. Visitors can get an insight into what happened that fateful morning – whether they believe in the paranormal or not!

The house has become something of an icon, representing a time period full of intrigue and mystery. It stands today as a reminder of what took place over 125 years ago – something out of our control yet still shrouded in enigma.

3. House of Death, New York, NY

The House of Death has been shrouded in mystery and darkness ever since its founding in 1856. It’s a Revivalist Greek Brownstone located in the heart of Greenwich Village, New York City, and was home to the wife of the founder of two Underground Railroads.

Later, it was occupied by the renowned author Mark Twain for over 12 months. Additionally, Fred H. Andrew made headlines after recklessly riding his bike into a boy giving The House of Death its infamous name.

But it wasn’t until Jan Bryant Bartell moved into an apartment on top floor that things really began to get eerie; she experienced visions, heard unexplainable sounds around the house, smelled strange scents, and saw ghostly figures including Mark Twain himself who said he had “a problem here I gotta settle” before disappearing moments later.

Tragically, in 1957 Lisa Nussbaum died at The House Of Death due to severe abuse by her father Joel Steinberg – taking repeated blunt-force trauma until she succumbed to her injuries.

To this day The House Of Death remains one of the most famous sites attached to paranormal activity worldwide.

Through its rich history spanning more than 160 years it has become iconic for its supernatural occurrences and chilling tales – earning its place as one of New York City’s most haunted residences.

Here are a few more famous names:

  1. The Sallie House, Atchison, KS
  2. The Castle, Beaufort, SC
  3. Lemp Mansion, St. Louis, MO
  4. Bell Witch Farm, Adams, TN
  5. Snedeker House, Southington, CT
  6. Joshua Ward House, Salem, MA
  7. Molly Brown House, Denver, CO
  8. Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, CA

Funny Names For A Haunted House

This Halloween, why not get creative and give your haunted house a silly name sure to crack a smile – with an underlying hint of terror!

Consider ‘the Haunt’erbury Ghouls’, ‘Skeletons in the Closet’, or even ‘Ghoul High School’. No matter what type of humour you love best, there is undoubtedly an ideal punny Haunted House title just waiting for you.

Give your guests something they’ll never forget this year by frightening them while simultaneously making them laugh!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Franken-fright Manor
  2. The Treemendous Haunt
  3. The Howling Hall of Horror
  4. Castle of Creeps
  5. Mansion of Misery
  6. Spooktacular House of Screams
  7. Terror Trail of Terror
  8. Haunted Hillside Hideaway
  9. Hall of Haunts
  10. House of the Living Dead
  11. Ghostly Manor on the Hill
  12. Cannon of Carnage
  13. The Crypt of Calamity!
  14. Mausoleum of Madness

Creepy Names For A Haunted House

Are you in search of a hair-raising name that can make your guest’s skin crawl? Then don’t look any further!

With the right choice of words, you can easily create an ominous atmosphere and set the tone for every spine-tingling experience that awaits.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. The Haunted Estate
  2. Forbidden House of Terror
  3. Tomb of Torment
  4. Deathly Cemetery Hall
  5. Scary Slumberland
  6. Nightmare Crypt
  7. Dark Manor of Doom
  8. The House Of Terror And Torment
  9. Cryptic Asylum
  10. Sinister Hall of Horrors
  11. The Disembodied Dungeon
  12. House of Eternal Suffering
  13. Terrifying Tower Of Fear!
  14. Ghostly Gallery of Ghouls

Spooky Names For A Haunted House

No haunted house is complete without an appropriately spooky name attached to it!

Whether you’re indulging in a bit of Halloween fun or are serious about curating the perfect haunted house experience, think of the right name as your first step.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. The Phantom Palace
  2. Haunted Haven of Horrors
  3. Mansion Of The Macabre
  4. Cursed Chateau Of Chaos
  5. Demon’s Den of Dread
  6. Frightful Fortress of Fear
  7. Spectral Sanctuary Of Souls
  8. Gates Of Gore And Gloom
  9. Vampire’s Lair of Terror
  10. The Horrific House Of Horrors
  11. Sinister Castle Of Shadows
  12. Terror-Filled Tower Of Torment
  13. Cryptic Castle of Calamity!
  14. Nightmare Mansion of Misery
  15. The Ghostly Graveyard!
  16. Number Thirteen Haunted House
  17. The Enigma Estate

Halloween Haunted House Names

Add a sparkle to your Halloween festivities by choosing an extraordinary haunted house name that will leave even the most courageous of trick-or-treaters crossing their fingers in fear as they pass.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. The Haunted Forest Of Frights
  2. Cauldron Of Carnage
  3. Terror Manor at Midnight
  4. Haunted Hall Of Horrors
  5. Vampiric Chamber of Doom
  6. Grim Reaper’s Ghastly Den
  7. Scary Shack of Sinister Secrets
  8. Horrific Hurricane Of Horror
  9. Witch’s Wicked Haunted House
  10. Demonic Dungeon of Disaster
  11. Bewitched Bungalow of Badness
  12. Cemetery Crypt of Chaos
  13. The Demon Abode Of Despair!
  14. Frightful Fuhrer’s Fear Factory
  15. Phantom Terror Palace
  16. Spellbinding Specter’s Sanctuary
  17. Frozen Fright Manor
  18. The Phantom Catacombs of Doom
  19. Darkest Depths Haunted House
  20. Evil Entities Manor
  21. Cursed Corridors of Chaos
  22. Monstrous Lair of the Undead
  23. Insidious House Of Illusions
  24. Wraith’s Wretched Wasteland
  25. Inferno Of Insanity!
  26. Gory Ghouls Haunted House

Haunted House Room Names

A haunted house is the perfect setting for a spooky and thrilling experience. Room names can add to this excitement, creating an even stronger atmosphere of mystery and anticipation.

Whether it’s a graveyard-themed foyer or a dinner party in a dungeon, every corner of your haunted house should come to life with creative and creepy-crawly room names – each more terrifying than the last!

Here are some awesome ideas:

  1. The Chamber Of Terror
  2. Coffin Corner
  3. Dinner In The Dungeon
  4. Galley Of Ghouls
  5. Graveyard Foyer
  6. Hall Of Horrors
  7. Labyrinth Of Lost Souls
  8. Phantom Library
  9. Raven’s Resting Room
  10. Slime Room
  11. Torture Chamber
  12. Vampire’s Lair
  13. Wicked Witch’s Castle
  14. Zombie Zone
  15. Apothecary Of Terror
  16. Cryptic Crawlspace
  17. The Crypt Keepers Den
  18. Eerie Experimentation Room
  19. Festering Funeral Parlor

Help Choosing The Perfect Name

Struggling to come up with the perfect name for your haunted house? Before you fall into a panic trying to think of just the right name, keep in mind a few key things:

  • Keep it simple – no need for additional adjectives or super long names;
  • Make sure it’s memorable;
  • Consider any feelings that your chosen name may evoke in your audience.

Put simply, choose something that will give you and your audience a thrill, like Acrophobia Asylum or Netherworld Void.

With these tips at hand, you’ll be sure to find the perfect haunted house name that people won’t soon forget!


Now that you’ve seen some of the best-haunted house names out there, it’s time to get creative and come up with a name for your own Halloween haunt.

Whether you want something funny, creepy, or just plain clever, a good haunted house name can make all the difference in creating the perfect atmosphere for your party guests.

With a little imagination and effort, you’ll be sure to come up with the perfect name for your next Halloween event.

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