167+ Hippie Dog Names (Best Picks For Groovy Pups!)

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As dog lovers and fans of all things groovy, we’re excited to share our passion for hippie dog names!

These hippie dog names often hold a special meaning or pay homage to a bygone era of peace, love, and free-spiritedness.

Let’s dive in.

Best Hippie dog names

We’ve gathered some amazing hippie dog names that perfectly capture your dog’s personality and spirit.

  1. Sunshine
  2. Rainbow
  3. Harmony
  4. Love
  5. Peace
  6. Spirit
  7. Groovy
  8. Flower
  9. Freedom
  10. Zen
  11. Karma
  12. Moonbeam
  13. Serenity
  14. Bliss
  15. Mystic
  16. Phoenix
  17. Dreamer
  18. Stardust
  19. Journey
  20. Nirvana
  21. Om
  22. River
  23. Soul
  24. Star
  25. Truth

Let’s take a look at some groovy names inspired by flower plants and natural elements:

  1. Poppy – A beautiful flower with a hint of psychedelic vibes
  2. Rosa – Named after the outstanding civil rights activist Rosa Parks
  3. Summer
  4. Indigo – A deep, vibrant color that exudes a sense of mystery
  5. Aspen – A serene and graceful tree, perfect for free-spirited pups
  6. Willow – A soothing, peaceful name inspired by nature’s beauty

If you’re looking for something that captures your dog’s unique, loving essence, consider these inspirational names inspired by nature:

  1. Meadow – A lush, open space filled with natural wonders
  2. River – A flowing, ever-evolving name representing constant change
  3. Blue – A soothing, sensitive color that perfectly captures your pup’s calming presence
  4. Honey – A sweet, loving name that will always leave a smile on your face

Remember, the best hippie dog names are the ones that truly resonate with your pup’s personality and the emotions they evoke in you. Which name feels like the perfect fit for your furry friend?

Good Hippie Dog Names

  1. Blue
  2. Blossom
  3. Cedar
  4. Chance
  5. Cinnamon
  6. Clove
  7. Daisy
  8. Fern
  9. Forest
  10. Gaia
  11. Ginger
  12. Hazel
  13. Indigo
  14. Jade
  15. Juniper
  16. Lavender
  17. Ocean
  18. Opal
  19. Pebbles
  20. Phoenix
  21. Poppy
  22. Sage
  23. Sierra
  24. Storm
  25. Willow

Female Hippie Names For Dogs

When it comes to choosing a name for your female dog, it’s important to consider her personality and the type of energy she exudes.

Hippie names can be a great way to represent a free spirit dog’s personality. 

These names are often inspired by nature, music, and art and can be a perfect fit for a dog with a bohemian or laid-back personality.

  1. Luna
  2. Willow
  3. Meadow
  4. Gaia
  5. Daisy
  6. River
  7. Misty
  8. Fern
  9. Sunflower
  10. Ocean
  11. Phoenix
  12. Rainbow
  13. Blossom
  14. Sage
  15. Lotus
  16. Aurora
  17. Amber
  18. Ivy
  19. Poppy
  20. Sierra
  21. Terra
  22. Solstice
  23. Star
  24. Maple
  25. Harmony

Male Hippie Names For Dogs

  1. Cedar
  2. Sage
  3. River
  4. Phoenix
  5. Orion
  6. Forest
  7. Wolf
  8. Hawk
  9. Jasper
  10. Ocean
  11. Everest
  12. Blaze
  13. Hunter
  14. Storm
  15. Aspen
  16. Zephyr
  17. Rain
  18. Thunder
  19. Stone
  20. Willow
  21. Comet
  22. Reef
  23. Sequoia
  24. Falcon
  25. Cypress

Unisex Hippie Names For Dogs

Here are some ideas for male and female dogs:

  1. Ash
  2. Sage
  3. Cypress
  4. Luna
  5. Juniper
  6. River
  7. Ocean
  8. Cedar
  9. Phoenix
  10. Meadow

Cool Hippie Dog Names

  1. Axl
  2. Blaze
  3. Bodhi
  4. Canyon
  5. Cosmic
  6. Echo
  7. Flash
  8. Harley
  9. Hendrix
  10. Jagger
  11. Jasper
  12. Lennon
  13. Marley
  14. Mercury
  15. Onyx
  16. Ozzy
  17. Rebel
  18. Ryder
  19. Santana
  20. Slash
  21. Thunder
  22. Ziggy
  23. Zorro
  24. Ace
  25. Apollo

Unique Hippie Dog Names

We’re so excited to share some unique hippie dog names with you!

  1. Alchemy
  2. Aura
  3. Bohemian
  4. Chakra
  5. Cosmic
  6. Crystal
  7. Dharma
  8. Enigma
  9. Gypsy
  10. Henna
  11. Karma
  12. Lotus
  13. Mystic
  14. Nebula
  15. Oasis
  16. Oracle
  17. Psychedelic
  18. Rainbow
  19. Shanti
  20. Solar
  21. Sunflower
  22. Universe
  23. Verve
  24. Vision
  25. Wavy

In this section, we’ve organized them into different categories: Nature-Inspired, Flower-Inspired, and Animal-Inspired.

Nature-Inspired Hippie Dog Names

Do you love the great outdoors as much as we do? Our Nature-Inspired list combines flowers, plants, natural elements, and the seasons to give you some truly organic names for your furry friend:

  1. River
  2. Sunny
  3. Willow
  4. Breeze
  5. Autumn

Flower-Inspired Hippie Dog Names

These Flower-Inspired names are as beautiful and delicate as the blooms they represent!

Here are some of our favorite flowery dog names:

  1. Daisy
  2. Rose
  3. Lily
  4. Poppy
  5. Jasmine

Animal-Inspired Hippie Dog Names

Finally, our Animal-Inspired names tap into the spirit and symbolism of some amazing creatures.

These names will make your dog stand out in the park:

  1. Wren
  2. Falcon
  3. Turtle
  4. Bear
  5. Wolf

Influenced Hippie Dog Names

We’re excited to share with you influenced hippie dog names! These names are inspired by mythical, musical, and TV & movie characters that have touched our hearts, minds, and souls!

Mythical-Inspired Hippie Dog Names

What mythical creatures can inspire hippie dog names? Look no further than this list of hippie monikers:

  1. Pegasus – For the flying horse in Greek mythology.
  2. Phoenix – The mythical bird that rises from the ashes.
  3. Merlin – For the famous wizard from Arthurian legends.
  4. Nymph – Inspired by the nature spirits in Greek mythology.

Musical-Inspired Hippie Dog Names

How about dog names inspired by famous musicians and their works?

We got you covered with these cool names:

  1. Beatle – For the legendary band of the 1960s.
  2. Joplin – In honor of Janis Joplin, a phenomenal female rock vocalist.
  3. Lennon – For John Lennon, a leading member of the Beatles and peace activist.
  4. Marley – Inspired by Bob Marley and his iconic reggae music.

TV & Movie-Inspired Hippie Dog Names

Are there any dog names from popular TV shows and movies? We’re thrilled to present these lovely names:

  1. Flower – Flower, the adorable skunk from Disney’s “Bambi.”
  2. Forrest – Inspired by “Forrest Gump,” a heartwarming film about following your dreams.
  3. Sunshine – Taken from the film title “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”
  4. Shaggy – For the lovable, laid-back character from the “Scooby-Doo” cartoon series.

We hope this section of influenced hippie dog names helps you find the perfect name for your furry friend that truly encompasses the spirit of the hippie youth movement and artistic age!

Colorful and Tasty Hippie dog names

We can’t wait to share these delightful, Colorful, and Tasty Hippie dog names with you!

Color-Inspired Hippie Dog Names

Let’s look at some names inspired by the beauty of colors found in nature and beyond:

  1. Indigo – A deep and rich blue hue
  2. Violet – A lovely shade of purple
  3. Topaz – A gemstone that comes in various colors
  4. Azure – A bright blue, reminiscent of the sky
  5. Emerald – A deep green gemstone often found in jewelry and accessories

Food & Drink-Inspired Hippie Dog Names

Now, let’s explore some names based on delicious foods and drinks from the hippie era:

  1. Maple – Sweet and natural maple syrup
  2. Clover – A small plant with a sweet taste, often found in fields and meadows

Culturally Rich Hippie Dog Names

We’ve put together a list of culturally rich hippie dog names inspired by literature, art, culture, and foreign languages.

These groovy names celebrate the spirit of the hippie era and pay tribute to famous hippies, artworks, and cultural phenomena from the United States and around the world.

Literary-Inspired Hippie Dog Names

Our literary-inspired hippie dog names are inspired by influential authors, poets, and characters from beloved stories.

Check out these fabulous names:

  1. Joplin – named after famous singer and songwriter Janis Joplin
  2. Kerouac – named after Jack Kerouac
  3. Ginsberg – named after Allen Ginsberg
  4. Huxley – named after Aldous Huxley, author of the novel Brave New World
  5. Leary – named after Timothy Leary, a controversial psychologist, and writer

Artistic-Inspired Hippie Dog Names

We’ve also gathered a selection of artistic-inspired hippie dog names inspired by famous artists and their works.

Some creative and vibrant names include:

  1. Warhol – named after Andy Warhol, a leading figure in the visual art movement
  2. Monet – named after Claude Monet, a founder of French Impressionist paintings
  3. Van Gogh – named after Vincent van Gogh, a significant post-Impressionist painter
  4. Georgia – named after Georgia O’Keeffe, an important American artist

Cultural-Inspired Hippie Dog Names

Our cultural-inspired hippie dog names are a tribute to the significant events and ideals of the hippie movement.

These names are perfect for pups who embody the spirit of peace and love:

  1. Woodstock – named after the legendary music festival
  2. Flower – named after the popular “flower power” movement
  3. Starshine – a vibrant, uplifting name that captures the essence of the hippie culture
  4. Peace – a name that embodies the fundamental essence of the hippie movement

Foreign Language-Inspired Hippie Dog Names

We’ve also included some foreign language-inspired hippie dog names, each with a unique and international flair:

  1. Fleur – the French word for “flower,” representing the flower child
  2. Luna – Spanish and Italian word for “moon,” representing celestial inspiration
  3. Meadow – English word for a lush, green space, representing nature and growth
  4. Astra – the Latin word for “stars,” representing cosmic connections

Whether your pup is a free spirit or a gentle soul, these culturally rich hippie dog names offer plenty of inspiration for celebrating their unique personality!

Help Choosing the Perfect Name

As dog lovers, we know that finding the perfect name for your furry friend is important.

Name Inspiration

Consider your dog’s personality: is your pup a free spirit dog?

Inspiration can be found in the hippie movement, which emphasizes peace, love, and harmony.

Think about what represents your dog the most, and use that as a starting point.

Here are some name ideas:

  1. Aspen
  2. Indigo
  3. River
  4. Guava
  5. Genesis

What are some other things to consider when choosing a name?

Take note of your favorite hippie icons, songs, or even natural elements to find that perfect name.

Remember, the most important thing is to choose a name that resonates with both you and your dog.


Choosing the perfect Hippie Dog Name can be an exciting journey for both you and your furry friend, and we hope we’ve helped you find the grooviest, most meaningful name for your new canine companion.

With so many creative and inspired options, it’s no wonder why these names are more popular than ever!

If you’re still unsure about which name to choose, let us remind you of some of our favorites:

  1. Poppy: A beautiful, natural choice with a touch of whimsy.
  2. Rosa: A tribute to civil rights activist Rosa Parks.
  3. Indigo: A mystical, melodic choice that encompasses the spirit of the counterculture era.

With the help of these fantastic Hippie dog names, we are confident that you will find the perfect fit for your new best friend.

So go ahead, immerse yourself in the joy of finding that ideal name, and welcome your pooch into a world of love and peace!

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