249+ Horse Names That Start With X (BEST Picks!)

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Choosing a unique and memorable name for your horse can be an exciting task. Horse names that start with X are not only rare, but they also add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your equine companion. In this article, we will discuss some remarkable options for horse names beginning with the letter X.

While many traditional horse names focus on strength, speed, or appearance, naming your horse with an X-starting name sets it apart from the rest. Incorporating uncommon letters like X into a name will make it more distinct, catching people’s attention and leaving a lasting impression.

We will explore various X-beginning horse names that cater to different preferences. Whether you prefer a short, simple name, a longer and more complex one, or something with a cultural or historical connection, our list is bound to have something that resonates with you and your horse. So, let’s dive into the world of exceptional horse names that start with X.

Section 1: Best Horse Names That Start With X

1-25 Best Names

  1. Xanthus
  2. Xanadu
  3. Xena
  4. Xerxes
  5. Xylia
  6. Xavier
  7. Xylon
  8. Xaviera
  9. Xantara
  10. Xquisite
  11. Xenia
  12. Xavion
  13. Xephyr
  14. Xander
  15. Xquilite
  16. Xorro
  17. Xansa
  18. Xtravagant
  19. Xsara
  20. Xpresso
  21. Xolani
  22. Xalisco
  23. Xanthe
  24. Xcellence
  25. Xiomara

26-50 Best Names

  1. Xanto
  2. Xristo
  3. Xovina
  4. Xelios
  5. Xorn
  6. Xalia
  7. Xirena
  8. Xenophon
  9. Xoros
  10. Xoana
  11. Xurullo
  12. Xayli
  13. Xiomar
  14. Xicas
  15. Xenophilius
  16. Xelestial
  17. Xintara
  18. Xosmo
  19. Xullahan
  20. Xahira
  21. Xpubi
  22. Xxylo
  23. Xplosive
  24. Xsation
  25. Xanderella

Section 2: Good Horse Names That Start With X

In this section, we provide a list of horse names that start with the letter X. The names are divided into two subsections with a total of 50 names. Horse owners and enthusiasts can choose from this list depending on their personal preferences.

1-25 Good Names

  1. Xander: a great name for a strong and confident horse.
  2. Xena: this name is perfect for a warrior-like mare.
  3. Xanadu: inspired from a popular movie and suitable for a dreamy horse.
  4. Xavior: a unique and catchy name for a distinguished steed.
  5. Xoanon: a name fit for a mysterious and enigmatic horse.

Italicized questions: Can you think of more names that start with the letter X?

  1. Xiphias: a name inspired by the swordfish, for a swift and agile horse.

  2. Xylia: a name with a beautiful sound and perfect for a graceful mare.

  3. Xerxes: a royal name for a horse with a commanding presence.

  4. Xanthos: a name suitable for a special horse with a golden hue.

  5. Xamira: a melodious name for a beautiful and enchanting mare.

  6. Xiomara: this name is perfect for a horse with a strong personality and determination.

  7. Xenophon: an excellent name inspired by the ancient Greek author.

  8. Xalvador: a name with an edge, suitable for a horse with a strong character.

  9. Xoltan: a name perfect for a horse that stands out from the crowd.

  10. Xandria: a name with a beautiful ring to it, perfect for a charming mare.

  11. Xenon: a name for a horse with a bright and lively personality.

  12. Xia: a short and sweet name for a small and delightful horse.

  13. Xylon: a unique name for a horse with a sturdy and strong presence.

  14. Xylona: an exotic-sounding name, perfect for a captivating mare.

  15. Xantara: a mellifluous name for a horse with a mesmerizing aura.

  16. Ximen: a catchy name that would suit a horse with a lively spirit.

  17. Xandar: a name that would be perfect for a gentle and loving horse.

  18. Xara: a lovely name for a horse with a sweet and loving nature.

  19. Xanto: a name that would suit a horse with a powerful and imposing presence.

  20. Xayden: a stylish and modern name for a horse with a trendy disposition.

26-50 Good Names

  1. Xiana: an elegant name for a graceful and poised mare.
  2. Xenobia: a name fit for a horse with a strong and distinctive character.
  3. Xaviera: a name with a refined sound, perfect for a sophisticated mare.
  4. Xeraphina: an exquisite name for an elegant and regal horse.
  5. Xamara: a lively name for a spirited and energetic horse.

Italicized questions: Do you have a favorite among the names listed so far?

  1. Xerinda: a name that evokes a sense of mystery and intrigue.

  2. Xylo: a name that sounds bold and daring, perfect for a courageous horse.

  3. Xephyra: a name inspired by the gentle breeze, perfect for a graceful mare.

  4. Xanthe: a name that captures the essence of a radiant and beautiful horse.

  5. Xoana: a name that exudes warmth and affection, perfect for a loving horse.

  6. Xandie: a playful and cheerful name for a horse with a fun-loving character.

  7. Xapira: a name that captures the spirit of a confident and assertive horse.

  8. Xenia: a name that would be perfect for a hospitable and friendly horse.

  9. Xylina: a name with a natural and earthy tone, perfect for a grounded mare.

  10. Xola: a name that conveys a sense of joy and happiness, suitable for a lighthearted horse.

  11. Xyrus: a name with a spark of intensity, perfect for a horse with a fiery spirit.

  12. Xarissa: a name that exudes elegance and sophistication, perfect for a refined mare.

  13. Xarles: a name with a classic touch, suitable for a horse with a timeless appeal.

  14. Xalina: a name that evokes a sense of grace and beauty, perfect for a stunning mare.

  15. Xedric: a name with a bold and noble aura, suitable for a horse with a majestic presence.

  16. Xabrina: a name with an enchanting and charming quality, perfect for a captivating mare.

  17. Xannon: a strong and assertive name for a horse with a powerful presence.

  18. Xylona: a name that captures the essence of a free-spirited and adventurous horse.

  19. Xira: a name that would be perfect for a horse with a vibrant and energetic character.

  20. Xashmir: a name with a majestic touch, perfect for a horse with a regal disposition.

Section 3: Female Horse Names That Start With X

When searching for X-starting female horse names, there are many choices to select from. A few popular names include Xenia, Xanthe, and Xiomara. It is important to consider a name that reflects the horse’s unique personality or appearance. Is the horse particularly elegant or strong?

  1. Xenia
  2. Xanthe
  3. Xiomara
  4. Xandra
  5. Xalia
  6. Xena
  7. Xola
  8. Xylona
  9. Xana
  10. Xavia
  11. Xoana
  12. Xylia
  13. Xandria
  14. Ximena
  15. Xara
  16. Xarina
  17. Xelina
  18. Xyla
  19. Xirena
  20. Ximera
  21. Xizelle
  22. Xadia
  23. Xerena
  24. Xesenia

Section 4: Male Horse Names That Start With X

  1. Xylo
  2. Xander
  3. Xavi
  4. Xerxes
  5. Xbox
  6. Xcalibur
  7. Xedo
  8. Xino
  9. XoXo
  10. Xenon
  11. Xeno
  12. Xylon
  13. Xisto
  14. Xerox
  15. Xcite
  16. Xclaim
  17. Xplore
  18. Xtra
  19. Xhibit
  20. Xcuse
  21. Xend
  22. Xcite
  23. Xpeditious
  24. Xanadu

Section 5: Unisex Horse Names That Begin With X

Finding suitable horse names that start with X can be challenging. However, unisex names provide an array of options that can be adapted for any horse breed or personality.

  1. Xanadu: Captivating and mystical, this name is great for horses with a magical aura.
  2. Xanto: This strong, bold name stands out as a unique choice for any equine.
  3. Xenon: Inspired by a noble gas, this rare name adds an innovative touch.
  4. Xander: A strong name suitable for powerful and determined horses.
  5. Xanthos: Originating from Greek mythology, this name has a rich historical background.
  6. Xantoxu: A distinctive and artistic name, this choice will set your horse apart.
  7. Xavia: A unique and stylish name, Xavia carries an air of sophistication.
  8. XEagle: Combining letters and symbols, this name conveys a bold, soaring spirit.

Section 6: Cool Horse Names Beginning With X

A great horse name is a reflection of their personality and can showcase their unique qualities. In this section, we’ll share a list of cool horse names that start with various letters, focusing on names that begin with the letter “X.”

  1. Xander: A strong and cool name for a horse that exudes confidence.
  2. Xena: Perfect for a powerful and fearless mare.
  3. Xerxes: A name fit for a horse with an air of royalty.
  4. Xanderia: A majestic name for a horse of regal stature.
  5. Xavior: A unique spin on the name “Savior,” perfect for a dependable and loyal mount.

Section 7: Badass Horse Names Beginning With X

Horse names with an edge are always captivating. In this section, we’ll provide you with 50 badass horse names that start with “X”, split into two subsections for your convenience.

1-25 Badass Names

  1. Xena: A warrior name for a strong mare.
  2. Xiphos: Inspired by a type of Greek sword.
  3. Xcalibur: A twist on the legendary sword Excalibur.
  4. Xplosion: For a fierce and energetic horse.
  5. Xtreme: A perfect name for a horse that pushes the limits.
  6. Xander: A bold and powerful name.
  7. Xhosa: A beautiful name from an African country.
  8. Xylon: A unique and mysterious name.
  9. Xerus: Derived from a species of African ground squirrels.
  10. Xaviar: A regal and noble sounding name.
  11. Xenophon: A Greek historian, soldier, and horseman.
  12. Xanadu: An exotic and enchanting name.
  13. Xystus: Originates from the ancient Greek word for covered colonnade.
  14. Xadrian: A strong sounding name for a brave horse.
  15. Xondria: A magical and mystical name.
  16. Xylophon: A unique and musical choice.
  17. Xonix: A cool and futuristic name.
  18. Xero: A minimalist and interesting name.
  19. Xtrovert: For a horse with a strong and outgoing personality.
  20. Xeppelin: Inspired by the iconic rock band, Led Zeppelin.
  21. Xodiac: A fascinating mix of zodiac and the letter X.
  22. Xenopus: Latin for a type of South African frogs.
  23. Xantus: An intriguing name with origins in Hungarian mythology.
  24. Xerxes: A famous Persian king, giving your horse a regal touch.
  25. Xenoboot: A fierce and powerful name.

26-50 Badass Names

  1. Xelia: A bold and exotic name.
  2. Xystos: Another variation of the Greek word for covered colonnade.
  3. Xoticus: A unique addition to the list, combining exotic and X.
  4. Xiber: A warrior-sounding name for a strong horse.
  5. Xpeditious: For a horse with unmatched speed and agility.
  6. Xclipse: A twist on the word eclipse, for a horse with unique coloring.
  7. Xephyr: A play on the word zephyr, meaning a gentle breeze.
  8. Xronos: A variation of the word chronos, meaning time.
  9. Xolstice: A cool spin on the word solstice.
  10. Xanthus: An ancient Greek name for a legendary horse.
  11. Xio: A short and sweet name with a strong presence.
  12. Xanos: Derived from a Greek word meaning “godlike”.
  13. Xirkonia: A fascinating and impressive name.
  14. Xaphan: A rebellious and daring name.
  15. Xanthar: A unique and powerful name.
  16. Xedric: Short for Xedrick, meaning a ruler of prosperity.
  17. Xoomer: A fast and futuristic-sounding name.
  18. Xenon: A chemical element that sounds both powerful and unique.
  19. Xidus: A mysterious and striking name.
  20. Xavion: Giving your horse a touch of aviation-inspired elegance.
  21. Xodiacus: Another zodiac-inspired name with the letter X.
  22. Xotic: A simpler variation of Xoticus.
  23. Xenator: A regal name for a strong and powerful horse.
  24. Xauros: A unique and unheard name for something new.
  25. Xepher: A final twist on the word zephyr, for a captivating name.

Section 8: Unique Horse Names Beginning With X

Choosing a horse name can be an exciting and sometimes challenging process. In this section, we’ll explore some unique horse names starting with X for your consideration.

1-25 Unique Names

  1. Xena
  2. Xan
  3. Xanadu
  4. Xerxes
  5. Xanthos
  6. Xylon
  7. Xander
  8. Xantara
  9. Xario
  10. Xavia
  11. Xeno
  12. Xandra
  13. Xanthe
  14. Xylo
  15. Xara
  16. Xanto
  17. Xamira
  18. Xerek
  19. Xonar
  20. Xaraan
  21. Xiral
  22. Xaelia
  23. Xemira
  24. Xenith
  25. Xaohroa

26-50 Unique Names

  1. Xalana
  2. Xenon
  3. Xavion
  4. Xenophon
  5. Xylos
  6. Xania
  7. Xylia
  8. Xazar
  9. Xiliad
  10. Xanthus
  11. *Xaire
  12. Xorex
  13. Xylene
  14. Xodiak
  15. Ximon
  16. Xinnia
  17. Xabrina
  18. Xaphan
  19. Xocoyotl
  20. Xalvador
  21. Xia
  22. Xorion
  23. Xarius
  24. Xandria
  25. Xolani

Each of these horse names is suitable for a variety of breeds and personalities. As you consider these names, remember to factor in the horse’s character and demeanor to find the perfect match.

Section 9: Catchy Horse Names Beginning With X

When it comes to horse names that start with X, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of catchy and unique options for you. In this section, you’ll discover 50 attractive and memorable horse names.

1-25 Catchy Names

  1. Xanadu Dreamer
  2. Xanthos Runner
  3. Xara’s Charm
  4. Xcalibur’s Pride
  5. Xcellence Reign
  6. Xenia’s Thunder
  7. Xerxes Knight
  8. Xetrov’s Shadow
  9. Xia’s Triumph
  10. Xibal’s Thunder
  11. Xidane’s Dance
  12. Xienna Whirlwind
  13. Xiggy’s Flame
  14. Xilea’s Treasure
  15. Xilith’s Adventure
  16. Xion’s Majesty
  17. Xiphon’s Gaze
  18. Xirius Blaze
  19. Xiva’s Echo
  20. Xixi’s Spirit
  21. Xoce’s Cadence
  22. Xola’s Jewel
  23. Xolani’s Whisper
  24. Xosha’s Star
  25. Xyris Splendor

26-50 Catchy Names

  1. Xacara’s Delight
  2. Xander’s Quest
  3. Xanthe’s Flame
  4. Xarion’s Leap
  5. Xaza’s Dream
  6. Xavior’s Rhythm
  7. Xelia’s Grace
  8. Xemlya’s Light
  9. Xena’s Enigma
  10. Xenon’s Dance
  11. Xeraph’s Feathers
  12. Xia’s Brilliance
  13. Xillion’s Glisten
  14. Xilo’s Swoop
  15. Ximeon’s Hope
  16. Xynia’s Breeze
  17. Xyra’s Whisper
  18. Xoxtique’s Fury
  19. Xoyal’s Watcher
  20. Xplosion’s Force
  21. Xquisite Beauty
  22. Xrysalis’ Charm
  23. Xystos’ Gallop
  24. Xylena’s Vision
  25. Xyzara’s Legacy

With these catchy horse names beginning with X, you’ll find the perfect choice for your equine companion. Choose from this extensive list to give your horse a name that stands out and represents their unique spirit.

Section 10: Cute Horse Names Beginning With X

Horse names that start with X can also be incredibly adorable. Often, it is a mixture of personality and appearance that makes a name perfect for your equine companion.

  1. Xanadu
  2. Xavi
  3. Xena
  4. Xander
  5. Xia
  6. Xerox
  7. Xystus
  8. Xanto
  9. Xabier
  10. Xodus
  11. Xol
  12. Xafira
  13. Xini
  14. Xola
  15. Xemnas
  16. Xorro
  17. Xeed
  18. Xanthe
  19. Xequoia
  20. Xess
  21. Xibeca
  22. Xanna
  23. Xen
  24. Xilos
  25. Xiomara
  26. Xombi
  27. Xan
  28. Xanatos
  29. Xymphony
  30. Xebec
  31. Xysto
  32. Xorion
  33. Xiaoling
  34. Xperanza
  35. Xylo
  36. Xalex
  37. Xeno
  38. Xanis
  39. Xildar
  40. Xirena
  41. Xodus
  42. Xash
  43. Xerxes
  44. Xion
  45. Xylar
  46. Xynan
  47. Xylon
  48. Xero
  49. Xiskos
  50. Xylon

These cute names can provide inspiration for finding the perfect moniker for your horse. Remember to consider your horse’s unique characteristics and personality when choosing a name.

Section 11: Tips For Brainstorming The Perfect Name

Horse names that start with X can be both unique and fascinating.

To help you brainstorm, use the following tips:

  1. Explore various cultures: Look for names from different cultures, such as Indian horse names, for a diverse range of options.
  2. Check online resources: The web is a rich source of information on horse names. Search for names from renowned sites and guides to gain inspiration.
  3. Consider your horse’s personality: Think about your horse’s characteristics and try to find a name that matches its temperament or appearance.
  4. Play with words: Experiment with word combinations, alliteration, or rhymes to create a catchy and memorable name.
  5. Ask for feedback: Share your ideas with friends, family members, or colleagues to get their opinions and suggestions.

Remember, the perfect horse name should reflect the unique bond between you and your horse. Take your time, have fun, and enjoy the brainstorming process.

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