323+ Hotel Names (BEST Ideas In 2023)

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If you’re a hotel owner or work in the hospitality business, then chances are you are familiar with the struggle of picking a good hotel name.

In this guide, we’re sharing hundreds of hotel names with various forms of inspiration so that you can get some ideas.

Pay attention as we list these names, and stick around to the end for hotel naming tips.

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Best Hotel Names

Some of the best hotel monikers include a little bit of information about the geographic setting, as well as an idea of the aesthetic.

This first list of 15 of the best names relies on the views, nightlife, surrounding cityscape, and other factors.

You can easily understand how these names instantly attract a target audience of guests.

  1. The Rustic Country Inn
  2. City View Inn
  3. Sand and Sun Hotel
  4. The Sleepy Stay
  5. Just Like Home Hotel
  6. Best Inn Town
  7. The Boardwalk Hotel
  8. Waterway Inn
  9. Welcome Inn
  10. Beachside Getaway
  11. Palace Inn
  12. Sunset View Inn
  13. Quick Stop Inn
  14. The Blue Moon Hotel and Spa
  15. City Lite Hotel 
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Good Hotel Names

A good name for a hotel is both practical and inviting. The following 15 name ideas are good to help potential guests find their next stay and know what to look forward to.

By using words such as “happy” and “good sleep”, you indicate to guests that they will be comfortable and feel at home in your hotel.

  1. Happy Days Inn
  2. Comfort Deluxe Hotel
  3. Breeze Inn 
  4. Best Sleep Inn
  5. Hotel Highway #_
  6. The Cozy Comfort Inn
  7. The Roost
  8. The Nest Hotel
  9. Mossy Creek Inn
  10. Riverfront Hotel
  11. The Crown Hotel
  12. The Sleepyhead Inn
  13. Beachside Inn
  14. The Cozy Cove Inn
  15. Priority Inn

Cute Names For A Hotel

Some hotels and inns require an even more inviting name in order to draw in customers looking for a cute stay.

These 15 cute hotel monikers involve everything from flowers to adorable words, cute synonyms, and more.

  1. Stumble Inn
  2. Wander Inn
  3. The Bear Cub Inn
  4. The Darling Inn
  5. Sweet Trees Hotel 
  6. The Adorable Abode 
  7. Lovely Stay Inn
  8. The Dearly Hotel
  9. Enchanting Inn
  10. Cutie Pie Inn
  11. The Delightful Stay Inn
  12. Charmed Inn
  13. The Daisy Hotel and Spa
  14. Rosebush Inn
  15. The Polka Dot Inn

Funny Names For Your Hotel

On the other hand, niche hotel stays and Airbnb homes may rely on a theme to attract guests.

You might try to make an ironic joke out of the name, by implying that it’s a bad hotel when it actually has great reviews, for example.

Funny theme names can also be enhanced with the use of puns and wordplay, such as the kind used in these next 15 hotel name ideas.

  1. The Bed Bug Inn
  2. The Cozy Roach Hotel
  3. The Slapstick Inn
  4. One-Star Hotel and Spa 
  5. The Only Hotel for Miles
  6. Hotel Desolation
  7. Solitary Inn
  8. The Cricket Inn
  9. Giggles Hotel
  10. Silly Inn and Spa
  11. The Goofy House Hotel
  12. The Humor House 
  13. The Jolly Inn 
  14. Laugh Inn A Lot 
  15. The Big Joke Hotel 
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Unique Hotel Names

Using random hotel name generators, we collected this next list of creative name ideas. 

If you want a truly original and unique name, you might consider choosing one of the following.

  1. Mahogany Motel
  2. The Outlook Hotel
  3. The Overlook Inn
  4. Quiet Majesty Resort and Spa
  5. Vertex Hotel
  6. Regal Resort and Spa
  7. Lunar Brook Hotel
  8. The Sanctum Hotel
  9. Cloud Inn
  10. Spring Bluff Hotel
  11. Private Paradise Inn
  12. Mellow Pier Hotel
  13. The Iceberg Hotel
  14. Grand Island Inn
  15. Celestial Inn

Catchy Hotel Names

Using rhyming word phrases and alliteration, these next hotel monikers are super catchy.

When you hear them or read them on a billboard, it’s easy to remember them later.

This is great for other forms of advertising, as well, like social media posts that are meant to draw in potential customers.

  1. The Old Time Inn
  2. The Beach Business Stay
  3. Quiet Time Inn
  4. Cape Sleep Hotel 
  5. The Cozy Coconut Inn
  6. The Oceanside Oasis
  7. The Homey Hotel and Spa
  8. Hotel Happy
  9. The Escape 
  10. Mountain Mama Hotel 
  11. Snooze Inn
  12. Come On Inn
  13. Slice of Life Hotel 
  14. My Favorite Inn
  15. Best Stay Hotel

Cool Hotel Names

To make things at your hotel a bit more cool and edgy, you’ll want a name that matches that vibe. 

For example, perhaps you aim to attract potential guests who are among a younger crowd, rather than families with children. Carefully selecting the right name can make this possible.

  1. The Nightlife Inn
  2. Arena Stay Hotel 
  3. The Billboard Hotel 
  4. The Hipster Hotel 
  5. Hotel Modern 
  6. Young Professionals Hotel 
  7. Forever Young Inn
  8. The Cool Breeze Hotel 
  9. Bon Voyage Hotel 
  10. Crystal Inn
  11. The Palms Hotel 
  12. The Tropics Hotel 
  13. The Rad Resort Hotel 
  14. Taste of Summer Hotel 
  15. The Ice Castle Inn

Badass Names For A Hotel

Even cooler than our cool names list, these badass names are sure to draw in a certain kind of guest.

These names indicate that you’re sure to be living the high life and having an experience like no other when you book your stay.

  1. Superstar Villa Hotel 
  2. The Bitchin’ Bungalow 
  3. Shades On Hotel 
  4. The Luxury Hotel and Spa 
  5. The Celebrity Sighting Hotel 
  6. Bikers Only Inn 
  7. Vegas Limited Hotel and Spa 
  8. Punk Rock Inn
  9. Rockers Unlimited Hotel 
  10. The Edge of the World Hotel 
  11. The Danger Zone Hotel 
  12. The Zone Hotel 
  13. Experience Inn
  14. The Infamous Inn
  15. Hotel California 

Beach Hotel Names

This next list of name ideas relates to all things beachy. Plenty of oceanside resorts and hotels are competing for the best tropical or beach-themed name.

Peruse this list to get an idea of some of the more creative beach hotel monikers you can choose from when you name your shoreline hotel.

  1. The Coconut Cabana Inn
  2. Beneath the Palms Hotel 
  3. The Island Oasis Hotel 
  4. Crystal Waters Hotel 
  5. The Great Reef Hotel 
  6. School o’ Fishes Hotel 
  7. The Sting Ray Inn
  8. Dolphin Bay Hotel 
  9. Whale Watcher’s Inn
  10. The Great Sands Hotel 
  11. The Sandy Beach Hotel 
  12. Shells and More Hotel 
  13. Mother of Pearl Hotel 
  14. The Oasis Inn
  15. Hotel Lagoon  

Fancy Hotel Names

5-star hotels or international hotels with large customer bases are deserving of fancier names. 

To emulate fanciness, you want to use words in your hotel name that relate to wealth, architecture, time periods, and more. Try out some of the following.

  1. The Castle
  2. The Ornate Plaza Hotel 
  3. The Gilded Age Hotel 
  4. The Gilded Inn
  5. The Roaring Twenties Hotel 
  6. The Gold Rush Hotel 
  7. The Bougie Boutique Hotel 
  8. The Grand Staircase Hotel 
  9. First Lighthouse Inn
  10. The Penthouse Hotel 
  11. Skyview Inn
  12. The Starlit Hotel 
  13. Red Carpet Inn
  14. The VIP Hotel 
  15. The Exclusive Escape Hotel 
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Luxury Hotel Names

A level just beyond fancy hotels, luxury hotels, and resorts also need appropriate names to draw in their intended customer bases.

Think of luxury things like cashmere, gemstones, fine dining, rooftop views, and champagne to inspire your next luxury hotel moniker.

  1. Oceana Luxe Hotel 
  2. The Luscious Lagoon Resort 
  3. Satin Waters Hotel 
  4. The Reservation Inn
  5. Teacup Hotel 
  6. The Elite Bayside Hotel 
  7. Cashmere and Caviar Hotel 
  8. The Secret Garden Resort 
  9. Silk and Satin Hotel 
  10. The Diamond Luxury Hotel 
  11. Emerald Luxury Inn
  12. Ruby Luxury Hotel 
  13. The Chef’s Kiss Hotel and Bistro 
  14. To the Nines Hotel 
  15. The High Society Hotel  

Names For A Big Hotel

Sometimes, naming a hotel is more about creating an accurate first impression for potential guests.

This is especially the case when you have a multi-story hotel meant to house hundreds of guests at once.

The name should pack a punch and immediately let bookers know that a room will always be available for them.

  1. The Skyscraper Hotel 
  2. View of the Stars Hotel 
  3. Above the City Hotel 
  4. Above the Water Hotel 
  5. The Skyscraper Resort and Spa 
  6. The Glorious Stay Inn
  7. The Biggest Stay Inn
  8. Above the Town Hotel 
  9. Sleep in Style Hotel 
  10. The Towne Hotel 
  11. The City’s Secret Hotel 
  12. The Big Room Inn
  13. The Suite Stay 
  14. The Penthouse Elite Hotel 
  15. The Penthouse Inn
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Names For A Small Hotel

On the other hand, you may have a niche little hotel that only has one or two stories with just a few rooms for guests.

Perhaps it’s a boutique hotel or an Airbnb stay with private rooms for different customers.

In any case, you want a hotel name that reflects the quaint and small nature of your accommodation.

  1. The Tiny Getaway Hotel 
  2. The Hobbit Hole Hotel 
  3. Cove by the Sea Hotel 
  4. The Little Lagoon Hotel 
  5. A Taste of Heaven Hotel 
  6. The Rustic Farmhouse Hotel 
  7. Away From the City Hotel 
  8. A Little Night’s Stay Hotel 
  9. Under the Stars Hotel 
  10. Walk to the Beach Hotel 
  11. The Cozy Getaway Hotel 
  12. The Little Cottage Inn
  13. The Little Cabin Hotel 
  14. The Elven Hotel 
  15. The Little Seaside Escape Hotel 

Cheap Hotel Names

Whether it’s an actual hotel or more technically like a motel, a cheap hotel should have a name that reflects its lack of luxury.

Business owners need to be honest and direct with customers who are choosing a hotel that is ideally budget-friendly.

If you don’t offer breakfast, turn-down service, or any standard amenities other than a bed and bath, the name should make that clear.

  1. The Simple Inn
  2. The ABC Hotel
  3. The Basic Inn
  4. The Basics Hotel 
  5. Bed and Bath Hotel 
  6. Budget Inn
  7. The Economy Room Inn
  8. The Bare Minimum Hotel 
  9. The Staple Hotel 
  10. The Basic Stay Hotel 
  11. A Roof and Four Walls Inn
  12. The Shelter Hotel 
  13. The Penny Counter Hotel 
  14. The Cheapskate Inn
  15. The Stingy Inn 

Creative Hotel Names Ideas

Boutique hotels and other imaginative styles are cropping up these days as even Airbnb hosts have a chance to turn a profit.

If you want to draw in customers who will appreciate your creative efforts, then you should find a name for your hotel that reflects its specific style.

  1. Hotel Majestic 
  2. Hotel Paradiso
  3. Land’s End Resort 
  4. The Beach Walk Hotel 
  5. The Pier Hotel 
  6. View of the Sea Hotel 
  7. The Historic Seaside Hotel 
  8. The Art Deco Hotel 
  9. The Pop Punk Hotel 
  10. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel 
  11. The Artsy Fartsy Hotel 
  12. Outside the Box Hotel 
  13. The Imagination Hotel and Spa 
  14. Not Your Typical Hotel 
  15. Not Your Mother’s Hotel 

Creepy Names For A Hotel

Hotels can be luxurious and ripe with amenities that make you want to book a room and escape the mundane aspects of everyday life. But they can also be a bit creepy depending on the stay.

This is especially true when it comes to infamous ones like the Cecil Hotel. The nefarious pasts of guests, nearby spooky attractions, as well as possible ghost sightings make these places deserving of creepy names.

  1. Salem’s Witch Inn
  2. The Witch Watcher Hotel 
  3. Cabin in the Woods Hotel 
  4. The Lost Cottage Hotel 
  5. The End of the Earth Hotel 
  6. Doomsday Hotel 
  7. The Dark Room Hotel 
  8. The Creepy Crawly Inn
  9. The Midnight Hotel 
  10. The Moonlit Hotel 
  11. The Empty Town Hotel 
  12. The Desolation Inn
  13. The Hotel of Solitude 
  14. The End of the Road Hotel 
  15. The Last Resort Hotel 

Haunted Names For Hotels

These names go along with the names in the previous hotel names list.

But haunted hotels take the creep factor to another level, introducing the possibility of ghosts, ghouls, and other sightings.

These next 15 haunted hotel monikers are fitting for an accommodation that will make you want to keep the lights on all night.

  1. The Apparition Inn
  2. The Ghoul’s Room Hotel 
  3. The Ghost Stay Inn
  4. The Shining Hotel 
  5. The Woman in Black Hotel 
  6. The Ghost Bride Hotel 
  7. The Haunted Hell Hotel 
  8. The Ghost Groom Hotel 
  9. The Ghastly Inn 
  10. The Paranormal Hotel 
  11. Under the Bed Hotel 
  12. Behind the Door Hotel 
  13. The Haunted Towne Hotel 
  14. The Haunted Day’s Inn
  15. Whispers in the Dark Hotel 

Dog Hotel Names

On a lighter note, dog-friendly hotels are a great opportunity to capitalize on canine names. 

You might consider one of the following names for a palace designed to accommodate your pet pooches. 

  1. Hotel for Dogz
  2. Man’s Best Friend Hotel 
  3. Woman’s Best Friend Hotel 
  4. The Pawfect Hotel 
  5. The Pawsome Inn
  6. Kibbles and Bits Hotel 
  7. The Dog Snore Inn
  8. The Dog Nap Hotel 
  9. A Long Walk Inn
  10. Treats and Toys Hotel
  11. The Yappy Inn
  12. Bark and Breakfast Hotel 
  13. The Woof Hotel 
  14. The Bark Hotel 
  15. Puppies and Paws Inn 

Famous Hotel Names

Some hotels are famous for housing the rich and famous for a night or two. Some hotels have even housed strange celebrity-related incidents in the past.

While the following names aren’t real names (we’ll get to those next), they do emulate a sense of fame and fortune.

  1. The Star’s Escape Hotel 
  2. The Fortune Inn
  3. City of Angels Hotel 
  4. The Stars Inn
  5. Celeb Hotel 
  6. The Big Star Hotel 
  7. Celebrity Secret Hotel 
  8. The Infamous Inn
  9. Hollywood Hotel 
  10. Star Studded Hotel 
  11. The Actor’s Retreat Hotel 
  12. The Showbiz Hotel 
  13. Very Important Person Inn
  14. The Backstage Hotel 
  15. The Silver Screen Hotel 
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Real Names Of Hotels For Inspiration

Now, we finally highlight some of the most famous, real-life hotels and their well-known names to give you some hotel naming inspiration.

From American hotels to French accommodations, Spanish stays, and German spots, these different hotels cover a vast variety of styles.

Refer to these hotel name ideas to see the trends in how people name their hotels in the first place. 

Names Of American Hotels

  1. The Greenbrier (White Sulfur Springs, WV)
  2. The Watergate Hotel (Washington, DC)
  3. The Plaza Hotel (New York, NY)
  4. The Venetian (Las Vegas, NV)
  5. Caesars Palace (Las Vegas, NV)
  6. The Ritz-Carlton (New York, NY)
  7. Chateau Marmont (Los Angeles, CA)
  8. The Biltmore Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)
  9. The Beverly Hills Hotel (Los Angeles, CA)
  10. Waldorf Astoria Chicago (Chicago, IL)

Names Of French Hotels

  1. Le Bristol Paris (Paris, France)
  2. Hôtel Madame Rêve (Paris, France)
  3. Accor SA (hotel chain in France)
  4. Château d’Artigny (Montbazon, France)
  5. Airelles Château de Versailles Le Grand Contrôle Luxury Resort (Versailles, France)
  6. Waldorf Astoria Versailles (Versailles, France)
  7. Château Eza (Èze, France)
  8. Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc (Antibes, France)
  9. Ritz Paris (Paris, France)
  10. Hôtel Plaza Athénée (Paris, France)

Names Of Spanish Hotels

  1. Marbella Club Hotel (Málaga, Spain)
  2. Castilla Termal Monasterio de Valbuena (Valladolid, Spain)
  3. Four Seasons Hotel Madrid (Madrid, Spain)
  4. El Palauet Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain)
  5. La Zambra – The Unbound Collection by Hyatt (Málaga, Spain)
  6. Secrets Lanzarote Resort ; Spa (Las Palmas, Spain)
  7. El Lodge (Granada, Spain)
  8. Áurea Convento Capuchinos (Segovia, Spain)
  9. Lopesan Baobab Resort (Las Palmas, Spain)
  10. The Standard Ibiza (Illes Balears, Spain)

Names Of German Hotels

  1. Badhotel Sternhagen (Cuxhaven, Germany)
  2. Schloss Waldeck (Waldeck, Germany)
  3. Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin (Berlin, Germany)
  4. Althoff Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg (Bergisch Gladbach, Germany)
  5. Schlosshotel Kronberg (Taunus, Germany)
  6. Hotel Zugspitze (Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany)
  7. Sport- und Kurhotel Sonnenalp (Ofterschwang, Germany)
  8. Romantik Hotel auf der Wartburg (Eisenach, Germany)
  9. Hotel Atlantic Hamburg, Autograph Collection (Hamburg, Germany)
  10. The Ritz-Carlton, Wolfsburg (Wolfsburg, Germany)

Hotel Naming Tips

Last but not least, we want to share a few tips on how to name a hotel or choose from available names.

You want to pick a name that friends and family members of guests will easily hear about via word-of-mouth advertisement.

Aside from this tip, though, we also suggest the following:

  • Choose a name that reflects the aesthetic of the hotel
  • Choose a name that reflects the quality and price of the hotel
  • Choose a name that reflects the surrounding environment
  • Choose a name that is catchy and easy to remember 
  • Choose a name that easily translates into social media handles 


We hope that our complete guide to hotel names – funny, luxury, haunted, cool, and more – has given you some ideas of how to name your hotel.

Make sure to check out a domain checker tool when you select your name to ensure that your awesome hotel moniker has an available domain associated with it.

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