1999+ Best Business Names (Company Name Ideas)

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One of the best ways to attract customers to a new business or brand is by coming up with a unique and strong business name.

This will make your company stand out amongst the rest and help market your great brand, making it a go-to choice for many.

Coming up with great business name options can be a little tricky, so we compiled a list of over 1000 company names for you to consider using or referencing to help make your own, along with great tips and tools to personalize your company’s title.

Let’s dive in.

Best Business Names

If you are looking for a great business name that can really make your company stand out amongst the competition, here is a great list of 20 professional and reputable good company names. 

  1. FifthUp
  2. VOXPort
  3. Vanishly
  4. Aqify
  5. Finizia
  6. Orbito
  7. UpTitan
  8. NovaRecon
  9. SpeedSwift
  10. ShipiCo
  11. Dryze
  12. Cupzo
  13. Calmzy
  14. Logizu
  15. Avenvi
  16. Gymato
  17. Thryvi
  18. Hello Volt (A great example of company name)
  19. Bold Axe
  20. Fun Zest
  21. Easygoing Advisors  
  22. Solesaftey
  23. Quiet Services
  24. Willing Company
  25. Pivolution

Small Business Name Ideas

If you own a small business, having a bold, strong name can help the company really stand out.

Here are some great small business brand name ideas to help market your small business products and services. 

  1. Light Asset
  2. Plain Strategies
  3. Smartsoft
  4. Clickwell
  5. Here4you
  6. Get Crafty
  7. Captivative Creations Inc.
  8. Sweet Endevors
  9. Just Us
  10. Crafty Conversations
  11. Compelling Convo
  12. Cool And Crafty
  13. Icy Cool
  14. Obsessed Opportunities
  15. Icy Nicey
  16. Icy Expressions
  17. Get Crafty
  18. All the Power
  19. KravKing
  20. Fearless advisors
  21. Prominant Kind
  22. Kindish
  23. CovertQ
  24. Strong Insight
  25. Proffesional Pulse

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Medium Size Business Ideas

Are you looking for something a little more professional with a medium-sized business with a lot of reputable clients?

Here are some amazing ideas to set yourself apart from your competitors.

  1. BrightQ
  2. Winning Services
  3. FastEx
  4. Majestic Consultants
  5. Young Consulting
  6. Willing Company
  7. Educational Money
  8. Mature Advisor
  9. Youthful Capital
  10. Open Associates
  11. Brandingo
  12. Classic Strategic
  13. Dainty Consulting  
  14. Resolute LLC
  15. Specific Advisory
  16. Resolute Advisor
  17. Fierce Fund
  18. Self-sufficient Securities
  19. Traditional Advisers
  20. Skillful Street
  21. Ingenious Portfolio
  22. Vintage Global
  23. GlassGlobe
  24. Sporadic Truth
  25. Trust LLC

Large Business Name Ideas

When you are naming a large business, you want everyone who hears it to think successful, impressive, and reputable.

Here is a list of good name options for large businesses.

  1. Ventura
  2. Sphere
  3. Avantex
  4. Quanterra
  5. Starnext
  6. Igneous Inc
  7. Fringe Inc
  8. Meridian Technologies
  9. WonderWall
  10. Silversure
  11. Mystrix
  12. Prosperity World
  13. Reader Station
  14. Power Pros
  15. Embrayce
  16. Platform City
  17. ChrysalisSpectro
  18. CounterClock
  19. Reality City
  20. Names Pixel
  21. Hiphonic
  22. NewHatch
  23. AriesPlayce
  24. Proton
  25. Business Arena

Corporation Name Ideas

Do you run a large corporation and looking for a name that will show how important, strong, and capable you are?

Here is a list of twenty-five fantastic corporation names you should consider.

  1. Namcog
  2. PowerPros
  3. Ecopad
  4. Finance Fortitude
  5. Borderless Insurance
  6. Telecomm Corp
  7. Herald Corp
  8. Four Rivers International
  9. Innova Marketing
  10. SpaceTech
  11. Infinite Group
  12. Solarnet
  13. PURE
  14. TechCon
  15. Techtrack
  16. Viking Service
  17. Velocity Way
  18. Netbuilders
  19. Coderquest
  20. Netfilerz
  21. Formonix
  22. Branding
  23. Cloudrevel
  24. Seekingon
  25. QuickHost

Cute Names For A Business

Many people who own small businesses, companies that make or sell food items, or companies having to do with children prefer cute and creative business names.

These are a great way to attract customers and grab the attention of your target customers. 

  1. The Fairytale’S Beginning
  2. The Whisperer
  3. Pick Slick
  4. For The Thrill
  5. Feel Electric
  6. Roll Up
  7. Slick Services
  8. Hot Takes
  9. Let’S Roll
  10. Will Thrill
  11. Pen And Paper
  12. Breeze Blows
  13. Electric Essence
  14. Whisper Willow
  15. Thrill Of The Chase
  16. Gone A Rye
  17. Pita Piper
  18. Just Roll With It
  19. The Booze Hound
  20. The Upper Crust
  21. Cake Walk
  22. The Pie Chart
  23. I Loaf You
  24. Get Sconed
  25. Life Of Pie

unique company names list

Never overuse other people’s ideas; create a name and brand that is unique and never before seen or heard.

When the same word is frequently seen in companies of the same theme, it gets a little old, and a lot of times hard to distinguish the difference between them all.

Find below great unique business names that make you different from the rest.

  1. The Time Teller
  2. The Loyal Follower
  3. The Phantom And The Fairy
  4. Band Of Flowers
  5. Fish Out Of Water
  6. The Test Of Time
  7. Organized Inc
  8. Unbiased Partners
  9. Cool Collective
  10. Agreeable Inc
  11. The Collective
  12. Autumn Winds
  13. Winter Winds
  14. Sumptuous Partners
  15. What A Catch
  16. Fleeting Foxes
  17. PuzzleLink
  18. Strong Nutritious
  19. Think
  20. Founder
  21. OctoFlyte
  22. Palaz
  23. Business Quest
  24. Delta
  25. Knowza

Catchy Business Name List

Another way to make your name a top search online and something everyone will remember is by making it catchy.

A catchy business name idea can come in the form of rhyming words, play-on-words, strong and modern terms or phrases, etc.

  1. GouGou 
  2. Fresh Foam   
  3. Fiddlesticks 
  4. RandomRhyme   
  5. SuperGrant 
  6. GeezGomo   
  7. Pink Page
  8. TECH Fat    
  9. Overfeel   
  10. Unicrain   
  11. Rockhera    
  12. Starlist   
  13. SilentSure
  14. Cloudline Solutions
  15. Computer Geek 911  
  16. Zoropie    
  17. Cosmic Computer
  18. Crown Computers
  19. Dazzy Doll
  20. Interlaced
  21. Tech 2 U
  22. Jellyvision
  23. LightSurf 
  24. Dark Energy 
  25. Script 

Cool Company Names

If you are looking for a name that makes your business sound cool, you want to utilize words that are “out of this world” Words like space, tech, rebel, Gen, Delta, are all great options when creating a title for your brand that will stick in the minds of potential clients.

You can also use shortened phrases or verses from popular songs, brand name lines, art projects, etc.

Check our coolest new company name list:

  1. ArtSpayce
  2. Names Mainstay
  3. Spec
  4. Fixswift IT Solutions
  5. Dispatch Tech
  6. Bigfoot Communications
  7. Dell Wyse
  8. Green Hills Software
  9. Ameritech Computer Services
  10. NextGen
  11. Byte Knight Technology or ByteKnight Tech
  12. New Horizons Learning Group
  13. Arrow Computer
  14. Manframe Systems
  15. Global Technology
  16. Bright Star Technology
  17. Laine (Lane)
  18. Selection
  19. Endless Technology Solutions
  20. Leading Edge Group
  21. Delta
  22. Innovative Network Solutions
  23. Just Right
  24. Generic Technology
  25. Golden Gate Computing

Marketing Company Name Ideas

When you are naming a marketing company, you want to use words that tell what your company does.

This will include things like media, marketing, Ads, etc.

  1. Agency Metrics
  2. NetBeez, LLC
  3. NextGrip marketing
  4. Subtle Feet Media
  5. Maverick Media
  6. Dream Casters Marketing
  7. Tech Work
  8. Tik Talk Marketing
  9. AMP Marketing
  10. We are the future
  11. Magical Marketing
  12. PlayBig Design
  13. Straight Talker
  14. Plan Z
  15. Traffic Ad Agency
  16. Brown Box Branding
  17. Trippin Media
  18. Mad Buddy marketing
  19. The Garrigan Lyman Group
  20. Web Media Power
  21. Blue Fountain Media
  22. Marketing Soul
  23. SnapCrowd
  24. Marketing Eye
  25. Buzz Shift

Media Company Name Ideas

Are you naming a media company that you just started up?

Use words that will bring to light exactly what your services are by using words from art, marketing, advertising, etc.

Here are some great media company name examples:

  1. Liberty Media
  2. Media Blasters
  3. Searchmello
  4. Media Cybernetics Inc.
  5. Glam Media
  6. Federated Media
  7. Century Media Records
  8. Fusionary Media
  9. New Deal Digital
  10. Directions Media
  11. Horizon Media
  12. BIZ1 Media
  13. Compass Point Media
  14. Digitalfusion
  15. Devise Clique Inc.
  16. Brand Recognition Co
  17. The Creation
  18. Demand Media Inc.
  19. Go Media
  20. Charter Media
  21. Exploring Social Media
  22. Free Spirit Media
  23. Insight Space
  24. SEO Organizer
  25. DigiEngage

Consulting Company Name Ideas

Consulting companies are going to have more professional and straightforward names to make them look authoritative and powerful. 

  1. AdviseYou
  2. Consulting Innovators
  3. Advisery
  4. ConsulteX
  5. ConsultAway
  6. Discussdo
  7. ConsultGenics
  8. EpicSense
  9. Fulcrum Worldwide
  10. Asknetic
  11. Consultants For Hire
  12. AskHut
  13. Corona Business Consulting
  14. MaxMaster Business Consulting
  15. Consulting Brothers
  16. Consultingpads
  17. Maverick Management
  18. Epic Consulting
  19. Discusslance
  20. AskX
  21. Consulting Company
  22. FusionBuzz Business Consulting
  23. Virgon
  24. Creative Consulting
  25. WestElite

Technology Company Name Ideas

Technology companies are much easier to name and can have really fun, creative, and unique titles.

  1. Trace Technology
  2. Cryptical Software
  3. thinkMove
  4. Radioactive Applications
  5. Digital Decoder
  6. Tech Solutions
  7. Next Information Systems
  8. OmniSoft Technologies
  9. Hashtag Web Consultants
  10. Smart Tech Support
  11. Micro Madness
  12. Brain Boost
  13. TriTech International
  14. Bluelight Suites Software
  15. Macro Mobile Solutions
  16. thinkTrail
  17. Total Tech
  18. Thrive Technology
  19. Brain Balance
  20. Tech Theory
  21. ThinkBiz Better
  22. Tech Cargo
  23. PC Testers
  24. IT Analysts
  25. Hardware Point

Security Company Name Ideas

When naming a security company, you want to use words with power and force, like elite, security, and protection.

A security company needs words that will make people feel safe.

  1. Elite Force
  2. Eager Security
  3. Wall To Wall Security
  4. Blockade Security
  5. Security Solution
  6. Sirens of Security
  7. Human Wall
  8. Awesome Protection
  9. Sure Security
  10. Storm Guard
  11. Closed Door Policy
  12. The Sec Man
  13. Alliance Security
  14. Mr. Protection
  15. Closed Fist Security
  16. Four Walls Security
  17. No Entry
  18. Executive Protector
  19. Spring Safe
  20. Always Secure
  21. Quality Control
  22. Bite Back Security
  23. Secure
  24. Security Plus
  25. Atlas Security Services

Lucky Business Names List

If you are looking for a lucky name for your business, then you have come to the right place!

Here are 25 lucky names that will help you to bring good fortune to your business:

  1. Fortune Frontier
  2. Prosper Peak
  3. Serendipity Solutions
  4. Golden Grains
  5. Lucky Latitude
  6. Charm Chasers
  7. Destiny Dynamics
  8. Euphoria Enterprises
  9. Fortune Foundry
  10. Chance Champs
  11. Destiny Driven
  12. Prosperity Pinnacle
  13. Blessing Bearings
  14. Opulence Outlet
  15. Favored Futures
  16. Wealth Waves
  17. Serendipity Systems
  18. Success Spectrum
  19. Lucky Ladder
  20. Chance Chain
  21. Prosperity Portal
  22. Euphoria Elements
  23. Glee Gateway
  24. Fortune Footsteps
  25. Destiny Designs

Best Company Name Naming Tips

Some important things to consider when creating a great name for your business are what are people going to remember, how does the title make you sound, and does it relate to your company?

1. Name Generators

A good tool to use when creating a perfect new business name is a generator. While this might now always provide you with the final decision, it can help you begin combining and mixing words to develop a final outcome that suits you. 

There are a lot of company name generators online that you can use for free. Just plug in a few keywords that relate to your business and what you want people to know, then let the generator do its work.

A lot of generators will not pop out great names for the more “serious” or “corporate” names but can be utilized as a creative tool to get the juices flowing or can be used to come up with some interesting and unique options for the more casual titles.

Some names you will see with a generator includes:

  • Talentedit
  • SmartRoar
  • Prosharp
  • Laughingbar
  • CutenCreative
  • CakesNstuff
  • SimplyQt
  • FastFacts
  • Zsnap

Failing that try a domain generator such as GoDaddy’s domain name generator for brainstorming potential names for your online store. You’ll find which domains are currently available in no time too.

2. Use Rhyming Words

Another great tip is to create a name people will have a hard time forgetting, and quite often, this is going to be in the form of rhyming.

Taking two like-sounding words will create a business title that will stick in your future customer’s heads, making it the first thing that pops up when they need a service you provide.

Some business name suggestions that rhyme includes:

  • PrimeTyme
  • GreatXape
  • FineLne
  • Bread Head
  • ReflectTech
  • BoomRoom
  • WizzBiz
  • CrapesExapes

When brainstorming creative business name ideas, it’s important to consider multi-word combinations that are not only catchy but are also relevant to your business. Remember to check with the trademark office to ensure that your chosen name isn’t already in use.

3. Make Customers Feel Safe

When you are trying to find the best business name to grab the attention of as many people as possible, come up with some options that include safe words that will make your targeted audience feel like they can trust you.

Just having a safe word in the name will give people a good feeling.

  • SecurelyU
  • SafeSpace
  • Secure Cure
  • Skyhigh Security
  • Safety Stay
  • QltyControl
  • SafeZone
  • Sytematic security

4. Look At Names Of Successful Companies 

Take some time and carefully look at companies that are doing well and dissect their brand’s name to see how it suits them.

You will be absolutely amazed at the creativity a lot of teams come up with to incorporate a lot of information into one or two words.

Your name is the face of your brand so you want it to speak volumes.

Take a look at some of the big brands out there and how each one of them came up with their name; this will help you find a way to create your own.

Examples of big names and how they got there:

  • Skype: The title for Skype was a process; they started with the name “sky peer to peer”, but that seemed too long, so it was shortened to Skyper, and finally settled with Skype.
  • Hotmail: While it might seem that Hotmail was called this to make their email server sound attractive, it was actually designed to have the HTML lettering incorporated into the name, 
  • Reebok: Reebok is a different way of spelling the word Rhebok, meaning African antelope. They used a dictionary from another country to find a name that suited their business.

5. Ask A Friend Or Potential Customers

Choosing a business name can be made much easier with the help of friends or potential customers.

Before making any final decisions, you should always ask for opinions, especially when you are torn on multiple ideas.

Getting help from family and friends is a great way to decide which way to go. However, going straight to the source and asking those who can be brutally honest with you is going to give you a better idea of what will work and what won’t.

6. Create A Name That Is Easy To Remember And Pronounce

There are a lot of companies that choose names that people have a hard time saying, which can be very bad for business.

Not many customers want to talk about a business to others when they can’t say the name without sounding silly. Word of mouth is still one of the most useful marketing tools, and having a name customers can’t pronounce will stop them from talking about it.

7. Do They Work With Social Media Handles?

When you start an online business, you want to make sure that your name is easy to use when transferring to a social media handle. This is going to make your specific product much easier to find when people are looking for information online.

A good way to make your company stand out is by utilizing SEO techniques and incorporating a business name that will be easy to add to discussions, forums, and social media pages.

8. Easy To Spell 

Just like we mentioned how important it was to have a name that is easy to pronounce, you also want to find something that is easy to spell. A lot of play-on-word options might sound awesome, but they can make it hard to spell.

This will lead to lost business when people go looking online for your company, and they don’t know how to spell it properly to get the information.

When considering how to spell your business, you also want to stray away from long-drawn-out names. One or two words are plenty; going further will complicate things, and your brand won’t sound as interesting.

9. Make Your Name Tell A Story

Come up with a name that makes it personal, touching, and have it tell a story about how you got to where you are and how your company came to be. 


Let’s dive into some great questions frequently asked by companies looking for the perfect name for their brand.

What Are Good Business Names?

A good business name is one that is brandable, one that will make your name stand out above the rest and that looks and feels reliable, safe, and respectable. 

You also want to ensure that your business name is easy to read and understand so you don’t have people guessing what your products and services are.

A good business name should steer clear of abbreviations. Abbreviating a company name is a go-to for many start-up businesses but can be problematic for them because many people may have a hard time making sense of what those letters stand for.

You want a name that will showcase your products and services, not have people guessing.

How Do I Get A Catchy Business Name?

There are many things you can do to create a catchy business name that will stick in the minds of customers and make you hard to forget.

First, Like mentioned above, you can use a free online business name generator that will take all of your keywords and mix and match them to create something fun, unique, and different from the rest.

Second, you can try finding strong keywords and then altering the spelling in order to make it original. This is a great way to make your company look different, modern, and recognizable. 

What Are Attractive Business Names?

Attractive business names are going to be the ones that you get from combining words that make your product stand out above the competition, whether it’s King, steel, giant, titan, etc. These words are going to bring customers to you because they make you sound important.

Attractive business names are also going to include modern, sleek, and “attractive” words in them, including things like pretty, fab, confident, etc. Use words that make people feel good.

Ideas for attractive business names include:

  • PrettyNPink
  • FabFavorites
  • KingScreening
  • TechTitan
  • SteelCorp
  • LadyBoutique


Once you have done all the homework and you have found a name that suits you, your business, and your future customers, you are ready to begin marketing your brand.

Before putting anything out in the open, you should always reference a domain checker at websites like Godaddy. This is going to ensure your awesome name is available.

If you are still struggling, you could always try a high quality brand name generator to help come up with additional ideas!

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