Is BarkBox Worth It? (Here’s Everything You Need To Know)

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Keeping your pups busy, happy, and entertained is often one of the more challenging aspects of owning dogs. Of course, every animal is different, but chances are that you’re going to need a constant supply of toys for them not to get bored every so often.

This is precisely where BarkBox comes in: a recurring monthly toy-chest that’s packed to the brim with exciting goodies for your dog. At least, that’s what the sales pitch says.

The most important question – as with any monthly subscription box – is simple. Is BarkBox worth it? Will it provide you with a decent selection of goodies for your pet? Or is it just a fad that most dogs will ignore?

As you can imagine, these are just some of the questions we aim to answer in this article. If you’re at all intrigued by BarkBox, you’re going to want to read on to learn everything important about it.

How Does It Work?

When it comes to logistics, BarkBox is a subscription box like any other. You simply sign up and choose between three different subscription options, pay for the product, and the very first box gets shipped your way almost immediately.

One of the things that set BarkBox apart from most other similar products is that even the baseline box is tailored to your dog’s needs. While setting up your subscription, for example, you’ll first need to answer a few important questions about your pet, mostly concerning its size.

You’ll also have a chance to note potential allergies and other health-related issues. In practice, this works out to a situation where you don’t need to worry about the contents of the box at all. Long as you fill out your subscription properly, your box will be safe and sound from the get-go.

While you can order a single themed box if you’d like, the longer subscription options might be more enticing to some. If that’s the option you end up going with, expect to be billed for it on the 3rd of each subsequent month.

How Much Does a BarkBox Cost? Is It Expensive?

BarkBox prices range from $23 to $35 a box, depending on which subscription plan you end up choosing. The longer subscription you choose, the less you’ll end up paying in total.

  • $35/month for 1 month’s purchase (single BarkBox order)
  • $26/month for 6 months of subscription
  • $23/month for 12 months of subscription

If you’re ordering a gift subscription package for someone else’s beloved pet, there’s plenty of options to choose from, too.

  • 12 boxes for $276
  • 6 boxes for $156
  • 3 boxes for $99
  • 1 box for $35

That’s all well and good – you might be thinking – but is BarkBox worth the asking price?

The company promises at least $40 worth of toys and bags of treats included with every shipped box. This means you’re getting toys and treats, for the most part. It’s good value, especially if you’re not keen on always hunting for new chew toys to keep your pup entertained.

If you’re really looking to spoil your dog, you can even add a special ‘premium’ toy to every box. This will set you back an extra $9 compared to the fluff-free option, however.

When Is BarkBox Delivered?

BarkBox is shipped on the 15th of each month, and the shipping is free for all 48 contiguous States. Naturally, how long it takes for the BarkBox to arrive will vary depending on where you live.

Users have reported about 4 days’ worth of waiting before their BarkBox arrives, but your mileage may vary.

What Types Of BarkBox Are There?

BarkBoxes are thematically relevant to the month they come out in. This makes receiving them particularly exciting come Halloween or Christmas, and doubly so if your dog’s birthday is coming up (extra goodies included!).

Since each month brings something new to the table, there’s no telling what might be coming next. To give you an idea of what you’re in for, we’ve assembled a list of items included in previous months’ worth of BarkBoxes.

What Does BarkBox Include?

Here are a few examples of previous boxes:
March 2021: The Great Barkini’s Magnificent Magic Box

Celebrating the classic magic show theme, this BarkBox includes stuff like stuffed playing cards, and rabbits that live in top-hats. Of particular note are the poultry treats, which your pup is bound to love.

  • 4 magic-themed toys (2 received, randomly chosen)
  • Clucky Jerky Sticks treat
  • Quacky Pot Pies treat

February 2021: Dinner Dates Box

With this cozy BarkBox, you could get stuffed burrito plushies and a tug-toy that’s in the shape of stretchy cheese. The snacks were of the chewy kind, with jerky bars taking the spotlight.

  • 4 snack-themed toys (2 received, randomly chosen)
  • Wakey Wakey Soft Bakes treat
  • Oinky Jerky Sticks treat

January 2021: Sit. Stay. Spa Day Box

Featuring three lovely plush toys and a crinkly Doggy Detox shampoo bottle, this box was all about throwing all four feet in the air and enjoying the day. The treats were a perfect match for pets that love small, crunchy goodness.

  • 4 spa-themed toys (2 received, randomly chosen)
  • Baa Baa Biscuits treat
  • Beef Liver Crunchies treat

December 2020: Peanuts Box

A lovely surprise for fans of Charlie Brown and Peanuts, this box came with toys inspired by one of the most popular comics of all time. The treats, too, were appropriately Christmassy with a dash of Brownian humor added to the recipes.

  • 4 Charlie Brown-themed toys (2 received, randomly chosen)
  • Lucy’s Pulled Pork treat
  • Good Beef treat

November 2020: Home Alone Box

The first of the two November BarkBoxes, Home Alone featured both Harry and Marv in plush form, as well as their legendary van as a crinkly toy. As for the treats – they were remarkably nostalgic in shape and form.

  • 4 Home Alone-themed toys (2 received, randomly chosen)
  • Ya Little Jerky! treat
  • Marv, Duck! treat

November 2020 (Alternative Box): Dogsgiving

If you aren’t too keen on Home Alone, you could’ve opted for a Thanksgiving-themed BarkBox instead. Packed full of delicious-looking pie and turkey plushies, this box did not skimp out on premium treats, either.

  • 4 Thanksgiving-themed toys (2 received, randomly chosen)
  • Second Helping Ham treat
  • Gobble Gobble Turkey treat

Of course, there’s really no telling what the next month’s box will focus on, but these should give you a good idea of what to expect.

BarkBox Customization: Is There Any?

As we mentioned before, there’s an impressive amount of customization available for any given BarkBox. At the very start of your subscription, you’ll have an opportunity to enter all the relevant information about your dog.

  • Name and gender
  • Size (Small, Medium, Large)
  • Breed
  • Birthday
  • Specific dietary needs

If your dog is a heavy chewer and you’re worried about them getting through all your toys, BarkBox has got you covered on that front, too. Not only are their baseline items fairly durable, but users can go a step further, too.

You can request a free ‘Heavy Chewers’ upgrade to ensure that your custom BarkBox includes only the more durable items. However, there’s also the ‘Super Chewer’ option for the really bitey pups.

Should your dog somehow manage to tear up even a Super Chewer box toy, BarkBox will send another one free of charge. What’s particularly interesting is that Super Chewer toys are tested on wolves. That’s a solid measure of durability if we’ve ever seen one.

All of the above ensures a reasonably “custom” experience for you and your pet right out of the gate. However, BarkBox goes even a step further, and you can reach out to their support crew with other potential requests you may have.

Is It Worth It? Our Verdict!

All things considered, BarkBox is one of the few subscription boxes that are hard to argue against. For as little as $23 a month, you can procure a customized gift-box that’s jam-packed with goodies your dog is bound to love.

Perhaps most importantly, BarkBox ensures that you always have something new to keep your dog busy with, and that you never run out of fun treats and goodies to shower them with. If run-of-the-mill toys and foodstuffs you get from pet stores just don’t cut it anymore, BarkBox should be one of the options to consider.

The BarkBox website is remarkably user-friendly and easy to use, their product is of high-quality across the board, and the customer service is, from what we have seen, extremely handy and helpful.

Finally, it’s also worth pointing out that a portion of the profits is given to various US animal shelters, which is a particularly noble aspect of the business.

All in all, BarkBox seems to be a stellar choice for dog owners, no matter the size and breed of your beloved pet.

Our rating: 5/5

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BarkBox FAQs

If you’ve got any further questions about BarkBox, consider checking out this handy FAQ we’ve prepared.

1. BarkBox Toys FAQs

For many users, BarkBox toys will be the bread-and-butter of every monthly package. Thematically-appropriate and remarkably durable, the toys have been well-reviewed across the board. Here are a couple of important questions you may have about them.

How Many Toys Come In A BarkBox?

Every BarkBox comes with 2 all-new toys for your dog. The full selection is, however, usually larger than that.

So far, there have been four (or more) toys designed for every new BarkBox, and the ones you get are chosen randomly by default. If you opt for one of the ‘chewer’ upgrades, you’ll get the two that are most durable of the bunch.

Can I Get A BarkBox With Just Toys?

You can! The item ratio in every BarkBox is fully up to you: each will include four items (and a chew), but these four items can be all toys or all treats, depending on which suits you best.

To customize your BarkBox item ratio, check out the ‘Preferences’ section of your BarkBox account page. If the options you’d like to tweak aren’t available to you there, just reach out to the BarkBox customer support crew over at Happy Team, and they’ll set you up in no time.

Are BarkBox Toys Durable?

The most durable ‘Super Chewer’ tier of toys available via BarkBox is being tested on wolves! This means that they’re super-durable and that your dog shouldn’t be able to easily tear through them.

Are BarkBox Toys Safe?

BarkBox toys are designed in-house and use the highest quality materials available for production. By all accounts, they’re one of the safest products you could get for your dog.

Of course, supervised playtime is always recommended, and if you suspect that one of the BarkBox toys your dog plays with is compromised, throw it away. You can always use the ‘reorder’ feature available on the website to get a replacement!

Can You Wash BarkBox Toys?

While the majority of BarkBox toys are readily washable, it’s important to keep an eye on the specific care instructions that come with each toy. Some will be washer-ready, while others will require hand-washing instead.

Does BarkBox Replace Toys?

In a remarkable show of consumer friendliness, BarkBox will replace any toy your dog might not be interested in. No questions asked!

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2. BarkBox Treats FAQs

BarkBox treats are made with the same amount of care as the toys are. Since the health of your pet is of utmost importance, however, chances are that you’ve got a few questions about them.

Are BarkBox Dog Treats Healthy?

BarkBox treats contain absolutely no corn, no wheat, no soy, nor any of their common by-products. They’re about as healthy as doggy treats could get, all things considered.

One particularly noteworthy aspect of BarkBox treats is that the company is moving to implement single-ingredient edibles whenever possible. This makes it easy for you to avoid ingredients you’re not particularly keen on.

Finally, as we already said, BarkBox will happily accommodate your pet’s particular eating habits and/or allergies, just reach out to them and see what you can work out.

Are BarkBox Treats Safe For Puppies?

While not every BarkBox treat will be good for puppies to munch on, the company’s soft-baked treats are a stellar choice. Avoid crunchy and chewy treats until your pup has grown a bit, and stick with soft-baked goodies in the meantime.

Can You Choose Your Own Treats With BarkBox?

Since treats change with each new BarkBox release, it would be hard for you to stick with one specific product for the duration of your subscription. It is, however, possible for you to choose particular ingredient preferences you’d like to continue getting.

Can You Get A BarkBox With Only Treats?

Yes! Same as BarkBox allows you to get only toys in your monthly boxes, you may opt for a treat-only box instead.

Can You Order Just BarkBox Treats?

Of course, as we already mentioned. You will, however, need to fiddle with your subscription settings a bit until you nail down the item ratio you’re happy with. Alternatively, reach out to BarkBox support.

Click here to order your BarkBox!

3. BarkBox Ordering ; Shipping FAQs

Placing orders on unfamiliar products is often a bit stressful. Thankfully, BarkBox has streamlined the process as much as humanly possible, and they also offer free shipping across 48 mainland US states.

Can You Order A One-Time BarkBox?

You absolutely can! BarkBoxes can be ordered as a one-time purchase if that’s what you want. You can even send one as a gift.

Does BarkBox Ship To Other Countries?

BarkBox does not currently offer international shipping. It does however offer free shipping to the US and Canada.

Click here to order your BarkBox!

4. More FAQs

What Size Should I Get?

Choosing the right BarkBox size is easy: simply refer to the weight reference shown on-screen. Naturally, you may need to weigh your dog to get a good sense of what’s what, and if you’re from Europe, be sure to convert kilograms to pounds as well.

Do BarkBox Offer Discounts?

There’s a number of different BarkBox discounts available online, but since these coupons expire at a set date, you’ll need to find the ones that still work. You may luck out and grab a whopping 34% off on a whole year’s worth of BarkBox!

Do They Do Anything For My Dog’s Birthday?

While setting up your subscription, you may notice that BarkBox asks for your dog’s birthday, if you know it. When it comes up, you’re going to get a bunch of free birthday goodies for your pup alongside the usual monthly drop.

Do They Do Anything For Dogs With Allergies?

Since you can customize your box, you can ask for specific ingredients to be completely excluded from your list of monthly goodies. That way, you’ll always get a batch of tasty morsels that you can give to your dog without worrying about it.

We hope we’ve answered some of your burning questions with this FAQ. If you’re still looking for a bottom line, however, BarkBox is a lovely product that’s clearly being made by knowledgeable people who are passionate about dogs.

There’s very little to complain about here, really. If you’re looking to treat your furry pet to a box of phenomenal dog toys and high-quality natural treats every month, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option between the available dog subscription boxes.

Click here to order your BarkBox!

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