61+ Meowscarada Nicknames (Best Ideas To Pick From!)

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Looking for Meowscarada nicknames? you are in the right place!

If you’re one of the millions of people who have picked up a copy of the new Pokémon video games on the Nintendo Switch, then you know that there are a ton of new Pokémon to catch and train.

One of the newest additions to the lineup is Meowscarada, a grass-type cat Pokémon who is sure to win over the hearts of trainers everywhere. But what should you nickname this adorable new starter?

Here are some amazing ideas to get you started!

Best Meowscarada Nicknames

  1. AbraCatabra – A play on words for the magic word ‘abracadabra’ and the fact that Meowscarada is part cat.
  2. Meowgician – Another play on words, this time for ‘magician.’
  3. PussInMask – The Cat In The Hat, Puss In Boots, see where we are going with this?
  4. Nimble – A quick and dexterous magician.
  5. Grove – A sorceress of the forest.
  6. Mystic – A mysterious and enigmatic spellcaster.
  7. Sage – A wise and all-knowing wizard.
  8. Willow – A cunning and mischievous enchantress.
  9. Bloom – The beautiful and radiant flowers that grow near her magic.
  10. Thorn – The sharp, deadly spines that protect her from harm.
  11. Sprout – The fresh new life that springs forth from her spells.
  12. Enchantress – The woman who weaves magic with her words.
  13. Spellbinder – The one who controls the elements with their voice.
  14. Zorro – The masked vigilante of the grasslands.
  15. Grasswitch – A wicked witch of the forest who isn’t to be messed with.
  16. Blossom – For the beautiful flowers that bloom in her presence.
  17. Camellia – a type of flower
  18. Chlorophyll – the green pigment found in plants that helps with photosynthesis
  19. Daisy
  20. Emerald – a type of green gemstone
  21. Evergreen
  22. Fennel
  23. Flora – the plants of a particular region or period
  24. Forest
  25. Gardenia – a type of flower
  26. Holly
  27. Iris
  28. Ivy – a type of climbing plant
  29. Jade – a type of green gemstone
  30. Lily – a type of flower
  31. LunaVine
  32. Poison Ivy – a poisonous plant
  33. Purr In The Night – Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of your enemies like Purr In The Night.
  34. Lenora – For a pokemon with grace, choose Lenora.
  35. Meowser – Get ready for a big surprise with Meowser!
  36. MasterOfCats – A refined pokemon with exquisite taste, the Master of Cats will keep your other teammates in line.
  37. Green Monster – Forget the juice cleanse, The Green Monster is here to tear it up.
  38. Green Houdini – The Green Houdini is a magician’s best friend. Keep him close or he may slip out of sight.
  39. cat Nip – There’s no way Cat Nip got so smart out there in the woods all by themself. He must have had help.
  40. Green Tea – Soothing and rich, Green Tea commands the room with confidence.
  41. Nine Leaves – They say cats have nine lives, but what about Nine Leaves?
  42. Cat o Nine Leaves – Having nine tails is so yesterday, the Cat o Nine Leaves brings the forest to life.
  43. Franny – Your friendly, neighborhood cat Franny.
  44. Felix – If you want a pokemon who knows how to dance, try Felix.
  45. Lil’ Puss – The bad dude with a cattitude, Lil’ Puss demands respect.
  46. Cat In A Tree – Somebody call a firefighter!
  47. Kitty Kitty– Here kitty kitty. Here kitty kitty kitty.
  48. Fine Feline – All that time in the woods really made Meowscarada into a…. Fine Feline.
  49. Moonlight Magician – The Moonlight Magician plays for keeps. Beware the night.
  50. Tall Grass – Stuck in the Tall Grass? 
  51. Master of Grass – The Master of Grass is a fearsome wizard who controls the smallest of the woodland plants.
  52. Woody – Good old Woody ain’t never hurt nobody that didn’t deserve it.
  53. Wood Wizard – After many a moon in a wooded glade, the Wood Wizard emerged as a powerful foe.
  54. Cat Outta Grass – Like the fish out of water or the bat out of… Wisconsin. The Cat Outta Grass is just out of place.
  55. Grass Bender – The avatar never learned how to move tiny plants, but the Grass Bender did.
  56. Cat Em All – If you’re trying to catch them all, you’re going to need Cat Em All.
  57. Puss In Leaves – The younger brother of puss in boots, Puss In Leaves has a slight scent of cedar.
  58. Backyard Boogie – The Backyard Boogie knows how to get down in the yard.
  59. Meowtown – Nothing compares to the legends of Motown, but Meowtown can still put up a good beat.
  60. Toby – Haven’t you always wanted a cat named Toby?
  61. Grassblade – Quick and precise, Grassblade strikes hard.
  62. Dark Forest – Beware the powers of the Dark Forest.

Nicknames Inspiration For Meowscarada Based on Famous Magicians And Mages

  1. Potter – The most famous wizard of all time.
  2. Merlin – The wise and powerful sorcerer of Arthurian legend.
  3. Gandalf – The mighty wizard from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.
  4. Dumbledore – The sagacious headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
  5. Saruman – The treacherous White Wizard of Middle-earth.
  6. Voldemort – The Dark Lord, He Who Must Not Be Named.

Nickname Inspiration

Pokémon nicknames can be inspired by anything. Some people might choose to give their Pokémon cute or funny names, while others might prefer to name them after their favorite characters or objects.

No matter what the source of inspiration is, a Pokémon’s nickname can help to make it feel more like a part of its trainer’s team.

One way to come up with a Pokémon’s nickname is to think about what personality traits the Pokémon has.

For example, if a Pokémon is particularly loyal and brave, its trainer might choose to call it “Lionheart” or “Samurai.” Alternatively, if a pokemon is mischievous or playful, its trainer might choose a funny nickname like “Tinkles” or “Bubbles.”

Another option for coming up with a Pokémon’s nickname is to use words that describe its physical appearance.

For instance, a Pokémon with bright red fur could be called “Crimson,” while one with deep blue skin could be called “Navy.”

Help Choosing The Right Nickname

When choosing a Pokémon nickname, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. Here are some tips on how to pick the perfect name for your favorite pocket monster.

First, think about what you want your nickname to represent. Do you want something that captures your Pokémon’s personality or characteristics? Or do you want something that is unique and stands out from the rest?

Once you have an idea of what you want your nickname to be, start brainstorming keywords or phrases that represent those ideas. From there, it’s all about finding the perfect combination that works for you.

Be sure to also consider the limitations of nicknames. Most nicknames are limited to 11 characters, so you’ll need to choose wisely!

Whether you’re looking for something cute, tough, or just plain clever, one of these nickname ideas is sure to be perfect for your new Meowscarada!

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