Sprigatito Nicknames (57+ BEST Ideas For The Grass Starter!)

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Sprigatito is a brand new starter Pokémon introduced in the latest Pokémon video games, Scarlet and Violet.

This little grass cat is sure to steal your heart – and with its cute face and fluffy tail, it’s also perfect for cuddling!

But what should you name your new best friend?

Here are 57+ nickname ideas to get you started.

Best Sprigatito Nicknames

  1. Spriggs – A simple and straightforward nickname that gets right to the point.
  2. Kitty – Because this Pokémon is as cute as a kitten!
  3. Fluffy – For all of Sprigatito’s lush, fluffy fur.
  4. Greenie – Perfect for a grass-type Pokémon!
  5. Leafy – Another great option for a grass-type Pokémon.
  6. Spruce – A pun on “spruce up,” because this little guy is sure to add some life to your team!
  7. Thorny – A reference to the thorns that adorn Sprigatito’s head and tail.
  8. Timber – Yet another adorable pun, this time referencing the fact that wood is made from trees – which are, of course, a type of plant!
  9. Photosynthesis – The scientific process that allows plants to convert sunlight into energy – perfect for a plant-based Pokémon like Sprigatito!
  10. Chlorophyll – The green pigment found in plants that helps them absorb sunlight – another great science-themed name for our little green friend!
  11. Meadow – A pretty and pastoral name for a pastoral Pokémon.
  12. Blossom – A reference to the flowers that often bloom in meadows – and also a pretty name for a Pokémon!
  13. Sprout – A reference to the fact that Sprigatito is a plant-based Pokémon – and also a cute name for a small Pokémon!
  14. Jungle Cat – A reference to Sprigatito’s wild and untamed nature – perfect for a Pokémon that loves to run and play!
  15. Pouncy – A reference to Sprigatito’s bouncy, fun-loving personality.
  16. Acorn – A reference to the fact that acorns are seeds – and also a cute name for a small green Pokémon!
  17. Bandit – A perfect nickname for a Sprigatito that is mischievous in nature.
  18. Fern – A type of plant that is often found in forests – and also a great name for a grass-type Pokémon!
  19. Battle cat – A fierce and feisty name for a Sprigatito that loves to battle! Also the name of He-Man’s trusty sidekick, which is also a green cat.
  20. Sprighetti – A funny play on words nickname that is sure to make you smile every time you say it!
  21. Felix – A reference to the famous cartoon cat, because Sprigatito is just as cute and lovable as Felix!
  22. Tom – A reference to the iconic Looney Tunes character, because Sprigatito is just as playful and mischievous.
  23. Paws – A simple but cute nickname for a Sprigatito that loves to play and explore!
  24. Primrose – A reference to the primrose flower, which is often associated with springtime – perfect for a starter Pokémon that you will begin your adventure with!
  25. Buttercup – A reference to the yellow flower, because Sprigatito is as cheerful and sunny as a buttercup!
  26. Purrophyll – a combination of two words “purr” and “chlorophyll”.
  27. Catmint – A type of plant and two words that are fitting for a grass-type cat.
  28. Lily – A type of flower that is often associated with spring and new beginnings – perfect for a starter Pokémon!
  29. Daisy – Another type of flower that is cheerful and sunny, just like Sprigatito!
  30. Nettle – A type of plant that is known for its sharp leaves – but also a great name for a grass-type Pokémon that is strong and fierce in battle!
  31. Holly – A type of plant that is often associated with the winter season – but also a great name for a starter Pokémon that will be by your side through thick and thin!
  32. Ivy – A type of plant that is known for its strong, clinging vines – perfect for a starter Pokémon that will always be there for you!
  33. Rose – A type of flower that is often associated with love and friendship – perfect for a starter Pokémon that you will grow to love!
  34. Thorn
  35. Bramble – A prickly vine or a shrub, a perfect name for a grass-type Pokemon associated with thorns and vines.
  36. Forest – Well, this one needs no explanation, right? It’s a simple, but nice, nickname for a grass type.
  37. Spriggan – Spriggans are mythological forest spirits that Sprigatito’s name took some inspiration from in the first place!
  38. Spinach – It’s a no-brainer to name Sprigatito after plants and vegetables. Spinach is a good choice because it also starts with an S.
  39. Jolly Green – You can name your Pokemon Green Bean, but you can also name them after the mascot, the Jolly Green Giant.
  40. Sprout – Sprout is a cute name for a small grass type like Sprigatito! It perfectly encapsulates its tiny grass form.
  41. Kale – Kale is a popular super food, and a very green leaf. If you want to go the route of leafy greens, this is a great option.
  42. Willow – Willow trees are very recognizable, and they are often used as names, even for people. Needless to say, it works here too.
  43. Fevine – This play on words combines “feline” and “vine” to create a unique nickname.
  44. Dandelion – We all know what dandelions are, but have you considered that they are a cute nickname for grass types too?
  45. Petal – This is a particularly cute nickname for an adorable little grass cat.
  46. Shrub – It may not fit as well once Sprigatitio gets bigger, but by then, “shrub” will just be an ironically fitting name for this grass-type.
  47. Sprite – Maybe you think of a forest sprite here, or maybe you think of the green-themed soda. Either way, this is a good name.
  48. Vegeta – DBZ fans know that Vegeta’s name is just a play on “vegetable”, which is fitting for Sprigatito.
  49. Gritten – If you’re more of the literal type, simply combine “grass” and “kitten” for this unique name.
  50. Orchard – Orchards are organized plots of land where fruits that grow on trees are maintained. It’s also a really cute nickname.
  51. Bark – For an ironic twist, name your Sprigatito “bark”. You mean it like tree bark, but it’s funny because “barking” is associated with dogs.
  52. Pine – A species of tree that is well-known to many people. It makes for a great nickname.
  53. Roots – There are very few plants that survive without roots, and Sprigatitio is the root of your team and your journey!
  54. Arugula – A type of cabbage, notable for being very fun to say.
  55. Branches – Sprigatito doesn’t really have branches, but it’s still a fun name for a grass type.
  56. Canopy – When multiple treetops overlap, it’s called a canopy. It’s a neat name for a grass type.
  57. Kudzu – A type of invasive vine that grows in thick sheets. Very representative of this little vine cat.
  58. Thicket – A thicket is a dense undergrowth, often full of vines, brambles, bushes, and thorns. Needless to say, it goes very well with Sprigatito.
  59. Gaia – In Greek mythology, Gaia is the literal godly personification of the Earth itself. Such a name is often associated with plant life, so it’s a powerful and noteworthy name for a grass-type Pokemon.

We hope these nickname ideas have inspired you to come up with some creative names of your own for Sprigatito!

Whether you choose one of our suggestions or come up with something entirely unique, we know you’ll have lots of fun with this grass cat starter Pokémon by your side.

Help Choosing The Perfect Nickname

Choosing nicknames for your Pokémon can be a lot of fun, but it can also be tricky.

You want to choose something that is unique and memorable, but you also don’t want to choose something that is going to get you in trouble.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect nickname for your Pokémon.

  1. Choose a name that is easy to say and remember.
  2. Choose a name that is unique and memorable.
  3. Avoid nicknames that are offensive or inappropriate.
  4. Have fun with it!

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