337+ Metal Playlist Names (BEST Ideas)

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Are you ready to rock out? Are you looking for the perfect metal playlist names to get your head banging?

Whether you’re into power ballads or furious thrash metal, we have the perfect list of metal playlists.

Check out our top picks, and get ready to rock!

Best Metal Playlist Name Ideas

If you are looking to create the perfect metal playlist, there are a few things you need to consider.

First, consider the type of metal music you want to include on your playlist. Are you looking for heavy metal, thrash metal, death metal, or some combination of genres?

Once you have a clear idea of what type of music you want to feature in your playlist, it’s time to create a great name.

To help get your creative juices flowing, here are the 25 best metal playlist name ideas.

  1. Metal Mayhem – When you feel wild and ready to rock.
  2. Heavy Metal Groove – For a smooth and steady heavy metal sound.
  3. Headbangers Ball – For a night of headbanging fun.
  4. Rage Against the Machine – A classic combination of rage and hard-hitting sounds.
  5. Speed Metal Sensation – For the speediest and most intense metal music.
  6. Thrashfest – Get ready for an all-out thrashing party!
  7. Metal Monsters – A playlist for appreciators of loud and wild sounds.
  8. Death Defying – A tribute to the most extreme forms of metal music.
  9. Mosh Pit Madness – A mosh pit in sound form!
  10. Heavy Metal Heaven – For when you need some heavenly heaviness in your life!
  11. Rock Out with Your Lock Out – When you’re ready to let loose, rock out!
  12. Loud & Proud – When you want your music loud and proud!
  13. Blackened – A dark and moody selection of metal tunes perfect for late nights alone or with friends!
  14. Blood & Fire – Prepare for a fiery mix of hardcore sounds!
  15. Metal Masters

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Good Metal Playlist Names

  1. Heavy Metal Hits
  2. Steel and Fire
  3. The Best of Metal
  4. Thrash and Bash
  5. Hammer and Chisel
  6. Get Headbanging!
  7. Power and Passion
  8. Heavy Metal Masters
  9. Screaming Guitars
  10. Hard and Heavy
  11. Metal Mayhem
  12. Into the Pit
  13. At the Speed of Sound
  14. Break it Down
  15. Axe Attack
  16. Riffs and Roars
  17. Driving Drums
  18. Electric Fury
  19. Thunderous Rhythms
  20. Rockin’ Out Loud
  21. High Voltage Melodies
  22. Crank Up the Volume!
  23. Shredding Solos
  24. Raise the Stakes
  25. No Remorse
  26. Feel the Heat
  27. From Dusk Till Dawn
  28. Don’t Stop Rockin’
  29. Ready to Rumble
  30. Let’s Get Loud
  31. Catchy Choruses
  32. Pump Up the Jam
  33. Reaching New Heights
  34. Turn It Up to 11
  35. Metal Force
  36. Heavy Artillery
  37. Blast from the Past
  38. Full Throttle
  39. Heads Will Roll
  40. Sonic Screams
  41. Tuned for Destruction
  42. Steel Hammer
  43. Rocking Out
  44. Let Loose
  45. Guitar Heroes
  46. Mosh Pit Party
  47. Bang Your Head
  48. The Power of Metal
  49. Metallic Madness
  50. Into the Night
  51. Heavy Metal Heaven
  52. Epic Eardrums
  53. Shredding Solos
  54. Riffs and Roars
  55. Aggressive Anthems
  56. Heavy and Hard Hymns
  57. Rockin’ Righteousness
  58. Screaming Symphonies
  59. Hammering Headbangs
  60. Solid Steel Sounds
  61. Unstoppable Urgency
  62. Thundering Tunes
  63. Grinding Grooves
  64. Loud and Lethal Legends
  65. Electrifying Energy
  66. Breaching Breakdowns
  67. Chugging Chaos
  68. Relentless Rhythms
  69. Heavy Metal Hysteria
  70. Blazing Beats
  71. Distorted Decibels
  72. Pounding Powerhouses
  73. Thrashing Tremendousness
  74. Raging Repertoire
  75. Sonic Surprises
  76. Musical Mayhem
  77. Wild Wails
  78. Outrageous Odes
  79. Blistering Blasts
  80. Furious Fists of Fury
  81. Intense Instrumentals
  82. Mighty Melodies
  83. Relentless Riffs
  84. Heavy Metal Heroics
  85. Powerful Punishment
  86. Scorching Solos
  87. Ear-splitting Epics
  88. Explosive Echoes
  89. Freaky Fantasies
  90. Ear-piercing Explosions
  91. Headbanging Havoc
  92. Raucous Refrains
  93. Gut-wrenching Guitarwork
  94. Energetic Encores
  95. Vicious Verses
  96. Ominous Overtures
  97. Loud Licks
  98. Cacophonous Classics
  99. Merciless Monstrosities
  100. Massive Masterpieces
  101. Metal Masters
  102. Headbanger’s Heaven
  103. Hammering Hard Rockers
  104. Crank it Up
  105. Power Chords and Guitar Riffs
  106. Loud, Live, and Unplugged
  107. Classic and Contemporary Metal Mix
  108. New Wave of Metal Mayhem
  109. All-Time Favourites
  110. Screaming Solos and Shredding Guitars
  111. Amplified Awesomeness
  112. Aggressive Anthems
  113. The Biggest and Best of Metal Music
  114. The Ultimate Metal Collection
  115. Epic Eardrum-Shattering Tracks
  116. Heavyweight Metal Masters
  117. Maximum Volume Melodies
  118. Speed Thrash and Power Ballads
  119. Bring the Noise!
  120. Distortion Delights
  121. Mosh Pit Madness
  122. Blistering Beats and Breakdowns
  123. Upside Down and Inside Out
  124. No Pain, No Gain
  125. Wall of Sound Specials
  126. Feedback Ferocity
  127. Timeless Tracks of Terror
  128. High Voltage Gripers
  129. Burnin’ Rubber and Hot Licks
  130. Spine-Chilling Solos
  131. Screams and Shouts
  132. Serious Six String Struts
  133. Hard Rock Heroes
  134. Blast Beats From Beyond
  135. Heavy Duty Rockers
  136. Hammer It Home
  137. Ear-Splitting Jams
  138. Powerhouse Performance
  139. Electric Extremes
  140. All Killer, No Filler!
  141. Banging Tunes for Headbangers!
  142. Ready to Rumble!
  143. Heavyweight Grooves
  144. Rock the Block!
  145. Metalsmiths of Mayhem
  146. Plug in, Tune Up, and Turn It Up!
  147. Get Ready to Rock Out!
  148. Let’s Go Crazy!
  149. Crank it to Eleven!
  150. Thrashing Through the Decades
  151. Metal Masters
  152. Headbanger’s Heaven
  153. Riffing Out
  154. Power Chords
  155. Bring the Noise
  156. Wall of Sound
  157. Thrashing Away
  158. Heavy Metal Blitzkrieg
  159. Heavy Metal Mayhem
  160. Dark Shadows
  161. Headbanger’s Ball
  162. Heavy Metal Hammerdown
  163. Metal Crusade
  164. Steel Rain
  165. Thrashing Thunder

Playlist Names for Heavy Metal Music

Heavy metal music has been a beloved genre for decades, and it continues to grow in popularity.

For those who love heavy metal music, creating a playlist is an excellent way to explore new bands and songs.

To help make the process easier, we’ve compiled this list of 32 playlist names for heavy metal music.

From classic thrash metal to brutal death metal, these titles will make it easy to craft a soundtrack that perfectly reflects your taste in metal.

  1. Heavy Metal Mayhem
  2. Thrash Till You Crash
  3. Headbangin’ Heaven
  4. Metal Massacre
  5. Unholy Metal Symphony
  6. Blackened Skies
  7. Death Metal Destruction
  8. Brutal Riffs & Roars
  9. Aggressive Anthems
  10. Old School Thrash Attack
  11. Heavy Metal Fury
  12. Thunderous Metal Tunes
  13. Guitar Shreddin’ Grooves
  14. Epic Guitar Solos
  15. Epic Power Chords
  16. Vicious Vocals & Growls
  17. Heavy Metal Madness
  18. Pounding Basslines & Beats
  19. Heavy Grooves & Riffs
  20. Doom & Gloom Metal Tunes
  21. Fast & Furious Metal Tracks
  22. Heavy Metal Hellfire
  23. Killer Riffs & Rhythms
  24. Brutal Breakdowns
  25. Epic Melodies & Harmonies
  26. Blast Beats & Breakdowns
  27. Furious Fretwork & Fills
  28. Hard Hitting Hooks & Licks
  29. Technical Tapping & Tremolos
  30. High-Speed Thrashin’
  31. Energetic Mosh Pit Anthems
  32. Mellow Melodies

Thrash Metal Playlist Name Ideas

  1. Thrash and Bash – This is a great name for a thrash metal playlist, as it implies the genre’s intense energy and hard-hitting sound.
  2. The Pit of Metal – This thrash metal playlist name is perfect for those who want to evoke the feeling of being in a mosh pit.
  3. Metal Mayhem – This name is great for those who want to emphasize the chaotic energy of thrash metal music.
  4. Riff Riot – This is an excellent choice if you are looking for something that references both the riffs and the intensity of this genre.
  5. Thrashing Through Time – This is an excellent name for a thrash metal playlist that features classic tracks from bands like Metallica and Megadeth.
  6. Into the Abyss – This evocative title could describe a thrash metal playlist that features some of this genre’s darker and more melancholic music.
  7. Headbanging Heaven – A fun and lighthearted way to describe a thrash metal playlist, this name implies that the music featured will surely get you headbanging!
  8. Turbulent Tunes – If you are looking for something with more of an edge, this could be an excellent choice for your thrash metal playlist name.
  9. High-Speed Hits – This name makes it clear what kind of music will be featured in your playlist, as it references both the speed and intensity of thrash metal music.
  10. Thrashin’ The Night Away – This catchy phrase could make a great title for a thrash metal playlist with tracks that will keep you up all night!

Death Metal Playlist Names

Death metal is one of the most extreme forms of metal music and has been a part of the metal scene since the 1980s. 

It is characterized by its incredibly heavy and fast sound and often includes guttural vocals. Death metal fans are passionate about their music, so it’s no surprise that they often create playlists with names that reflect their love for this extreme genre.

In this blog section, we’ve compiled a list of awesome death metal playlist names to help you find the perfect name for your own playlist. 

Whether you’re looking for a classic name or something more creative, we’ve got you covered. 

So, without further ado, here are our top death metal playlist names:

  1. The Death Metal Dirge
  2. Necrotic Symphony
  3. Carnage Unleashed
  4. Infernal Rites
  5. Grave Disciples
  6. Eternal Torment
  7. The Winter of Doom
  8. Bloodthirsty Battalions
  9. Morbid Majesty
  10. Unleash the Beast
  11. Funeral Procession
  12. Devastation Prophecy
  13. Blood Rites
  14. Dark Descent
  15. Nocturnal Slaughter
  16. Legions of Death
  17. Blackened Skies
  18. Blasphemous Horde
  19. The Wrath of Hell
  20. Chaos Unleashed
  21. Endless Suffering
  22. Demonic Fury
  23. Hymns of Horror
  24. Brutal Redemption

Good Spotify Playlist Name Ideas For Metal Music

  1. Heavy Metal Hits
  2. Speed Metal Mayhem
  3. Power Metal Paradise
  4. Black Metal Blast
  5. Death Metal Decibels
  6. Symphonic Metal Symphony
  7. Progressive Metal Pioneers
  8. Doom Metal Darkness
  9. Stoner Rock Roars
  10. Melodic Metal Magic
  11. Industrial Metal Intensity
  12. Avant-Garde Metal Adventure
  13. Nu-Metal Nostalgia
  14. Hardcore Hard Rock Heroes
  15. Thrash Metal Thugs
  16. Gothic Metal Grooves
  17. Viking Metal Voyages
  18. Grindcore Grindings
  19. Sludge Metal Slurrings

Cute Names For A Metal Playlist

With so many great metal bands, narrowing down the perfect playlist name is hard. But don’t worry; we’ve done the hard work for you! 

Here’s a numbered list of 28 cute names for a metal playlist that will make your head bang and your heart race.

Whether you’re into thrash metal, death metal, or classic heavy metal, these names will have something for everyone.

  1. Heavy Hearts and Heavy Metal
  2. Metal Music Mayhem
  3. Headbangers Unite
  4. Guitar Riffs and Grunge
  5. A Night of Dark Music
  6. Speed Metal Madness
  7. Heaven for a Heavy Metal Fan
  8. The Best of the Best in Metal Music
  9. Rock Your World with Metal Music
  10. Get Ready to Rage with Metal Music
  11. Into the Pit of Heavy Metal
  12. Unleash the Beast of Metal Music
  13. Let the Chaos Reign with Metal Music
  14. Roar of the Rioting Crowds
  15. Rock Your Socks Off With Metal Music
  16. A Journey into the Depths of Metal Music
  17. Unleash the Fury of Heavy Metal
  18. Screams and Wails of Heavy Metal Songs
  19. The Power and Passion of Heavy Metal
  20. Welcome to the World of Heavy Metal
  21. Feel the Rush with Heavy Metal Songs
  22. Headbanging to Heavy Metal Hits
  23. Get Ready to Rage at a Heavy Metal Concert
  24. All That Glitters is Not Gold, but it is Heavy Metal
  25. Thrashing Through the Night with Heavy Metal Songs
  26. Blast Beats and Breakdowns in Heavy Metal Songs
  27. Welcome to the Realm of Death and Destruction in Heavy Music
  28. Let Your Inner Beast Out with Death and Thrash

Cool Names For A Metal Playlist

Here’s a list of 45 cool names for those looking for creative metal playlist names. 

From thrash metal to death metal, these names will make your metal playlist stand out from the crowd.

  1. Irony of Fate
  2. The Power of Metal
  3. Symphony of Destruction
  4. Legions of Doom
  5. Legions of Chaos
  6. Heavy Metal Army
  7. Rage and Fire
  8. Warlords of Steel
  9. Hell’s Bells
  10. Reign in Blood
  11. Of Wolves and Men
  12. Doomsday Prophecy
  13. Speed King
  14. Metal Mayhem
  15. Riffs of War
  16. Unholy Darkness
  17. Masters of Pain
  18. The Dark Side of Music
  19. Welcome to Hell
  20. Nocturnal Fury
  21. Screaming for Vengeance
  22. Born to be Wild
  23. Psychic Warfare
  24. Face the Evil
  25. Dethroned Gods
  26. For Whom the Bell Tolls
  27. Death Dealer
  28. Dead Kennedys
  29. Iron Maiden’s Legacy
  30. Heavy Metal Thunder
  31. Echoes from the Grave
  32. The Art Of War
  33. Kill ‘Em All
  34. Shall We Begin?
  35. In The Name Of Rock & Roll
  36. Warriors Of Steel
  37. The Battle Rages On
  38. Masters Of Destruction
  39. Metal Militia
  40. Into The Void
  41. Black Sabbath’s Legacy
  42. Electric Eye
  43. No More Tears
  44. Powerslave
  45. At The Gates Of Hell

Tips For Naming Your Own Metal Playlist

Here are a few tips to help you come up with the perfect name for your metal playlist:

1. Consider asking friends and family with the same taste in music – They may have some great ideas that you would never think of!

2. Look up metal quotes, songs, and artists to get inspiration – Use them to create something unique.

3. Experiment with different words and spellings – This can help give your playlist a creative edge.

4. Don’t be afraid to be bold and make a statement – A great playlist name will stand out from the crowd!

5. Use lyrical inspiration – lyrics from some of your favorite metal songs can make excellent playlist titles.

6. Get creative – be as imaginative as possible with your playlist titles; don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

7. Have fun – coming up with a great name for your metal playlist is all about having fun and expressing yourself creatively. So make sure to enjoy the process!


When it comes to naming a metal playlist, you have an unlimited amount of options. Whether you’re looking for something classic, unique, or just plain silly, there’s a perfect name for any type of metal genre.

The possibilities are endless, from Heavy Metal Hits to Classic Rock Classics, Rock Legends to Indie Music Mixes, and Thrash Metal to Death Metal Playlists. 

If you’re looking for something more creative or personalized, try thinking outside the box or adding your own flair to a pre-existing idea.

With these metal playlist names, you can rest assured that your playlist will stand out from the crowd!

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