199+ Spotify Playlist Names (BEST Naming Ideas)

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Don’t be complacent. We understand how alluring it can be to keep the default playlist name that Spotify recommends. But, take a chance! Be innovative and think outside of the box!

Give that playlist an awesome name, and let everybody know how great your music taste is!

Need a little inspiration? Don’t fret, you’re not alone! Below, you will find the best Spotify playlist ideas.

Best Spotify Playlist Names

Let’s kick off with the best Spotify playlist names. 

Some of these may be cliche, and you have probably seen them used a ton on the streaming service. However, there is a reason for that; they are just so fantastic.

These names will tell you precisely what is on your playlist, so the second you make Spotify play it, you know that you will be in for an awesome time.

Perhaps you will get up and have a bit of a boogie, or maybe the songs will make you cry.

  1. My Exercise Tunes
  2. Drifting Away – perfect for falling asleep to
  3. Lights Out
  4. Songs To Cry To – for when you need a song to bring a tear to your eyes.
  5. Songs To Get Us Through Tough Times
  6. The Best Songs To Start Your Day
  7. Child Of The 80s
  8. The 90s Rocked
  9. Music For The Soul
  10. Sweat It Out
  11. The Power Hour – the playlist can be longer than an hour! Just perfect for working up a sweat.
  12. Throwback Party
  13. Party Smashers
  14. Banger After Banger – when every song on that playlist is epic!
  15. Down The Rabbit Hole – the weirder music or something that triggers nostalgia in you.
  16. Party Like Its 1999
  17. Smooth Jazz
  18. Hit After Hit
  19. Lit Hits – because why not go for a bit of rhyme?
  20. Busta Move
  21. This Rap Be Trippin’
  22. Falling Back In Love
  23. When The Day is Cloudy
  24. Let The Sunshine In
  25. Summer Jams
  26. Poolside Vibes
  27. Songs We Sang
  28. Growing Up
  29. Life Goes On
  30. The Perfect playlist – we told you that you must be descriptive, and you can’t get much more descriptive than this, right? 

Good Spotify Playlist Names

Don’t reach for those playlist name generators yet, because we here at the Blog Of Tom are just getting warmed up. 

Next, we have some good playlist names. They are the ones that didn’t quite make the cut for the ‘best,’ but you probably won’t be too unhappy if you go for one of these:

  1. Stadium Bangers – great for those guitar, drum, and bass-heavy tunes. Think along the lines of Queen, The Killers, etc. 
  2. The Anthems
  3. Party All Night 
  4. It’s Fun To Stay At The… – an excellent name for a party playlist packed with cheesy melodies.
  5. While That Guitar Gently Weeps – could go for Beatles tunes here, any acoustic banger will look great on this playlist. 
  6. Dance Like Nobody’s Watching
  7. Let Your Hair Down
  8. Summer BBQ – for those songs that remind you of the summer months.
  9. Winter Hits – cold outside? Curl up to these awesome tracks. 
  10. Does This Go Up To 11? – for those awesome hits where you want to keep cranking that sound up more. 
  11. Just Beat It
  12. Hall of Fame
  13. The Only Way Is Up
  14. Late Night Bangers
  15. Thug Life
  16. That’s Rap
  17. Grime Hits
  18. Hits of the Naughties
  19. The Cheesy Ones – who doesn’t love a bit of cheesy music? The next couple of suggestions is all about that!
  20. My Guilty Pleasures
  21. Shh…Nobody Should Know I Listen To These!
  22. Beat Bop
  23. I Want The Love That Exists in Books
  24. Late Night Drives
  25. Just For The Girlies
  26. All The Feels
  27. Windows Down
  28. Oldies But Goldies
  29. The Hits Everybody Loves
  30. Post-Breakup Bender
  31. These Ain’t Corny
  32. This Ain’t a Love Song, This is Goodbye
  33. The Chill Pill
  34. You’ve Got This, Mate
  35. Handmade Glory
  36. Feel Good Music
  37. Just For Me – not everybody will agree with your music taste, but that’s cool. How about a playlist just for you?
  38. Hand Picked Awesome
  39. I Need Vitamin U
  40. Happy Vibes
  41. House Party Hype

Cute Names For A Spotify Playlist

Got yourself the perfect Spotify playlist packed to the brim with cute, romantic songs, or maybe songs that remind you of the better times in life? 

Struggling to come up with a playlist moniker? You should know by now that we got you! 

Here are some awesome cute playlist names for a Spotify playlist.

  1. Unicorns and Roses
  2. For The Days You Are In Love
  3. Romance is Awesome!
  4. Pep Pep
  5. Only Good Vibes
  6. Don’t Be Fancy, Get Dancy
  7. I Remember This Tune!
  8. School Days Were Best Days
  9. Too Cool For School
  10. The Perfect Bop
  11. Just a Small Town Girl – living in a lonely world
  12. Music For a Queen
  13. Chillin’ Like a Villain – is great for rap music, but any heavier music works well for this name.
  14. Happy as Hell
  15. There’s No Angry Way To Say Bubbles
  16. Personal Notes in Song Form
  17. You Are The Only One
  18. Stuck On You
  19. Messages From Him/Her – favorite songs from your better half!
  20. I Won’t Say I’m In Love (But I Am)
  21. The Happy Wave
  22. My Chillout Tunes
  23. The Best Start To The Day!
  24. Just Chill Vibes
  25. Acoustic Love
  26. Chefs Kiss – for the uninitiated, this means that the music is really, really good.
  27. Songs That Make Me Think Of Her/Him
  28. Classy Classics
  29. #throwback
  30. The Best Possible Combination of Songs – much better than a ‘random playlist,’ right?

Funny Names For A Spotify Playlist

Got a funny playlist full of bangers to put a smile on your face but no playlist to slot them into? Make a unique playlist just for them! 

These names will have you off to a good start. Of course, you could also use these ideas for names for any playlist when you want a bit of an extra smile on your face.

  1. Songs That Make No Sense
  2. Despacito on Repeat  – hopefully, your playlist doesn’t have this on repeat, but we won’t judge. We swear. 
  3. It’s Rude It Isn’t Friday 
  4. Songs I’m Embarrassed To Play In Front Of My Friends
  5. I Hate These Songs, But I Can’t Stop Listening
  6. I Swear These Songs Sound Like My Faves?
  7. Hehe
  8. Music Is Cheaper Than Therapy – a funny name for a sad playlist. 
  9. This Is How Awful My Music Taste Is – we are sure your music streaming taste is awesome, right?
  10. It’s Gotta Be Illegal For Music To Be This Slammin’
  11. Yet Another Playlist – because we know all of you have a ton of Spotify playlists.
  13. Tasty Bangers
  14. The One Where She Made Another Playlist – great if you are a fan of the TV show Friends.
  15. Terrible Songs, but I Love Them Anyway
  16. The Best Way To Smile
  17. Oh, Look. Another Sad Song Playlist.
  18. I Can’t Help It, I’m a Romantic
  19. Strange and Unusual…Just Like Me
  20. Why So Serious?

Unique Names For A Spotify Playlist

Unique names are a bit more challenging to come up with when you are putting together a slammin’ Spotify playlist. But, you can bet your bottom dollar that we will give it a bash.

If you want to make these more unique, then feel free to play with the names. We are sure that you can come up with something awesome too!

  1. I’m Listening Here!
  2. Throwback For When I’m Feeling Emo
  3. This Ain’t a Playlist, It’s an Arms Race – For fans of Fallout Boy.
  4. My Lucky Charms – is a great name for an extensive Spotify playlist. When you want a little bit of everything in there.
  5. Cruisin’ With The Windows Down
  6. Sunshine, Lollipops, and Everything In Between – for the happier playlists
  7. My Nursery Rhymes – doesn’t have to be literal nursery rhymes. Any songs that help you reach that land of nod will be great here.
  8. Pumped Up On Caffeine – for the bouncier songs where you can’t help but get up and jump around.
  10. My Spotify Playlist – yeah. It is unique because nobody else will choose the most obvious name possible.
  11. I Love This Song!
  12. Soundtrack To My Life
  13. (Your Town/City) Soundtrack
  14. Songs To Sing In The Shower When You Are Sure You’re Alone
  15. My Childhood Tribute
  16. Chillax
  17. Summertime Sadness
  18. I Swear My Mom Loves These
  19. I Don’t Know The Lyrics, But It Sounds Good
  20. A Tribute To (Whoever Your Favorite Band Is)

Creative Playlist Names

Crafting music is one of the most creative endeavors. When people create music, they let their raw emotions come out. 

The same happens when you listen to it. So, what do you say? Should we share a few creative Playlist names for Spotify with you?

  1. Paint By Music
  2. Let The Music Flow
  3. Painting By Bass
  4. Songs From The Future – for those songs you know you will listen to for the rest of your life!
  5. Songs For My Girlfriend/Boyfriend
  6. We Broke Up And I Don’t Want To Talk About It
  7. Soul For The Soul – for the soul music lovers out there.
  8. Music Is My Life
  9. Keep Calm and Listen To This
  10. Music For a Creative Soul
  11. Coffee Shop Jams
  12. Smile, It’s Contagious!
  13. On The Porch With a Glass Of Wine
  14. I’m Bored As Hell And Could Use Some Laughter
  15. The World Is Boring With You
  16. Be Loud and Proud
  17. You Are Who You Are, And That’s All That Matters
  18. Stay Being Weird, It’s Your Best Quality
  19. Embrace Your Quirks
  20. This Playlist Is One in a Million
  21. Music Food For The Soul
  22. Everything Is Awesome! – bonus points if you have seen the Lego movie, which inspired this name idea.
  23. I’m Just a Love Machine – for those playlists packed with awesome love songs.
  24. Feelin’ Crazy Tonight
  25. Walking on Sunshine!

Cool Names For A Spotify Playlist

Do you want a name that shows off how sophisticated you are? Think that your music tastes are the coolest around? 

Try on a couple of these for size:

  1. The Rock Gods
  2. The Coolest Playlist In The World – yes, even if you call something cool, it is still cool. We swear.
  3. #GoodMusic
  4. Rant and Roll
  5. As Good as a DJ
  6. DJ. Drop The Beat
  7. Music To Get Freaky To
  8. 2 Kool 4 Skool
  9. Get Busy
  10. Music, innit.
  11. Rappy Hour – for rap music
  12. The Beat Box
  14. Turn Up The Stereo
  15. Boom. Boom. Shake The Room.
  16. Bow Chicka, Wow, Wow
  17. Music For Emotional Damage
  18. Pump
  19. Creamy Beats
  20. Heavy Beats 
  21. This Playlist Is Trending
  22. Catch Ya On The Flip Side
  23. Love Don’t Scar Me
  24. Big Boys Don’t Cry
  25. I’m a Lone Wolf

Badass Names For A Spotify Playlist

We got one more section for you, which is for those Spotify playlists that boast the absolute sickest of beats. 

If you want something completely badass, these names will be for you.

  1. Trippin’ n’ Whippin’
  2. Surfin’ With The Alien 
  3. Warning: To Be Played At a High Volume
  4. Stressed, Numb, But Still Alive
  5. Turn Off Your Humanity
  6. Feelin’ Myself
  7. You’re The Villain
  8. Bust a Sweat
  9. Woke Up In The Trap
  10. LEGEND

Spotify Playlist Naming Tips

We’ve given you a ton of awesome ideas here, but let’s wrap up by giving you a few tips on how you can throw together your awesome playlist names, shall we? 

You don’t need to think about much, and no matter how little creativity you suffer from, you should be able to come up with something half-decent.

Remember, playlist names are all about you. Don’t go overboard trying to come up with something that doesn’t speak to who you are. You end up with something bland there.

1. What Is Your Playlist About?

We admit we have a couple of playlists that are just a mish-mash of songs we liked and never got around to sorting. However, a good chunk of our playlists is very thematic—some about love, some about happy stuff, you know, the drill.

When coming up with a name, think about the playlist. You want something that will tell you exactly what you can find by peaking at the name. 

2. What Are Your Favourite Songs?

If you look at your favorite songs, then you may be able to grab a couple of awesome lyrics from them.

Some of our favorite names have lyrics from awesome songs. We have even included a few of them on this list of ideas for Spotify playlist names.

When you include a lyric, that lyric probably means a lot to you. It spoke to you somehow, which is exactly what you want in a playlist moniker. Something incredibly personal.

You can even use that lyric to describe what sort of magic you will find tucked away in your most awesome Spotify playlists.

3. Look At Album Names

Another great source of playlist monikers will be looking at album names.

Albums have been designed to be eye-catching, and they want people to listen to them. We have seen some amazing album names out there. You can find a couple that can easily work their way into a playlist title. 

4. Look At Other Playlist Names

Even the greats have to look to others for inspiration. When you look up songs on Spotify, you will be greeted with a whole gaggle of different names. Check out a couple of them. Use those for inspiration in coming up with your names.

Of course, you could always borrow the whole name. We are positive that nobody is going to judge you there!

5. Be Yourself 

We know we have said this already, but it needs to be said again; try to be yourself when you are putting together a name.

A playlist name is about who you are as a person. Don’t be cool if you aren’t cool. Don’t be cute if you aren’t…well, you probably are cute. But we are sure that you see what we mean here.

Suppose you want to load your Spotify playlist names with emojis (something we don’t like doing). Then do that. Nobody will judge. 


What do you think? If you were looking for some great Spotify playlist names, you have many fantastic ideas here. 

We were even nice and gave you a few awesome tips that should make tossing together an awesome playlist moniker easy. 

Remember to share this page with your friends. We bet all of them are looking for a great name to get their teeth stuck into too.

What did we tell you? First, there is no need for you to pull out a Spotify playlist name generator when you have ideas as awesome as these.

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