149+ Narwhal Names (Cute, Good & Awesome Monikers)

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Whether you are looking to name your new class pet or have managed to convince your mum and dad to let you keep a narwhal in the bath, you are probably in dire need of a name.

This compendium of narwhal names will not only provide you with over 150 unique and interesting names but help get the creative gears turning and hopefully let you learn a little about what these animals are all about.

Here are over 150 niche names for a narwhal.

Best Narwhal Names

  1. Oscar – Oscar the Bluestreak from Shark Tale
  2. Lino
  3. Angie
  4. Lenny – Lenny the shark wants to be a dolphin because he’s a vegetarian from Shark Tale.
  5. Lola
  6. Sykes
  7. Ernie
  8. Bernie
  9. Frankie
  10. Luca
  11. Katie
  12. Shortie
  13. Pontrelli
  14. Nemo
  15. Darla
  16. Bruce – Bruce is the shark who runs an anti-fish-eating club for other sharks to help protect fish from the coral reef.
  17. Crush
  18. Marvin
  19. Coral – A good name for any ocean creatures.
  20. Ray
  21. Bubbles
  22. Nigel
  23. Deb
  24. Peach
  25. Jacques – The cleaning crustacean from Finding Nemo who keeps the dentist’s tank clean.
  26. Chum – Is plankton truly surprised he never had any customers at the chum bucket? The name is quite off-putting.
  27. Sheldon
  28. Pearl
  29. Bloat
  30. Gurgle – Gurgle is the anxious purple fish in Finding Nemo who is brought to the dentist.
  31. Malina
  32. Tad
  33. Boule
  34. Anchor – The anchor keeps the ship in place at port or out at sea, in some cases.
  35. Stern
  36. Aft
  37. Poop-deck – Haha. Poop.
  38. Flo
  39. Idol
  40. Sandy – Sandy Cheeks the squirrel in Spongebob Squarepants could have been given a better name probably…
  41. Lee
  42. Eddie
  43. Rocky
  44. Kate – Kate Bush’s favorite animal is probably the narwhal. Based on absolutely no data.
  45. Hannah
  46. Ben
  47. Ariel
  48. Ursula – The evil antagonist in the little mermaid. And, the name of Phoebe Buffets’ twin sister in friends.
  49. Sebastien – Sebastian the lobster is the best friend of the mermaid, Ariel.
  50. Flounder
  51. Eric – Is prince Eric really worth losing the ability to breathe underwater and become queen of the sea? NO.
  52. Scuttle
  53. Triton – King Triton is Ariel’s father and also the name of an ancient Greek Sea god.
  54. Andrina
  55. Hank
  56. Fluke – Fluke the sea lion helps with the quest to find Dory, in Finding Dory.
  57. Bailey
  58. Destiny
  59. Gill – Gill is the name of the black and white zebra fish who helps Nemo to escape.
  60. Charlie
  61. Stan
  62. Rudder
  63. Schooner – A schooner is a sailing ship with two masts. Many pirate ships were schooners!
  64. Pontoon
  65. Brig – A brig is another example of a dual-masted ship, always square-rigged, and was the primary ship design for much of the 18th century.
  66. Pirate
  67. Captain-Jack
  68. Davy Jones
  69. Plankton
  70. Larry
  71. Krabstick
  72. Neptune – King Neptune rules Bikini Bottom as well as taking time off to be an ancient Roman God. I’m not sure which role is more important.
  73. Gary – Gary the snail is the greatest pet a sponge could wish for.
  74. Potty
  75. Squilliam – Squilliam Fancyson is a far better, far fancier, version of Squidward.

Female Names For A Narwhal

  1. Nellie
  2. Lady – All female Narwhals are ladies and all males are gentlemen. They are a very sophisticated bunch.
  3. Elsie
  4. Matilda
  5. Anna
  6. Serena
  7. Rose
  8. Helga
  9. Broomhilda
  10. Phillis

Male Names For A Narwhal

  1. Willy
  2. Samson
  3. Lester
  4. Old Tom – Old Tom is a famous Humpback whale that is often sighted off the coast of Australia.
  5. Shamu
  6. Migaloo
  7. Keiko
  8. Aaron
  9. William
  10. Wilson

Unisex Names For Narwhals

  1. Squirt
  2. Cuddles – Who wouldn’t want to cuddle a narwhal?
  3. Hulk
  4. Jumpy
  5. Atlantis – The city may be lost but your narwhal hopefully isn’t!
  6. Submarine – Narwhals are just submarines that come to life.
  7. Scuba
  8. Fin
  9. Jumbo
  10. Bubba – Bubba Gump Shrimp.

Cute Narwhal Names

  1. Slimy
  2. Floofy
  3. Honey
  4. Ice pop
  5. Ice cream Sundae
  6. Nugget
  7. Sweetie
  8. Peaches
  9. Bobo
  10. Shrimp

Good Names For Narwhals

  1. Moby
  2. Ahab
  3. Dickens
  4. Tank
  5. Giant
  6. Victor
  7. Alpha
  8. Hunter – Narwhals are excellent hunters using their tusk to feel for prey in front of them.
  9. Lancer
  10. Joust

Funny Names For Narwhals

  1. Hooper
  2. Horny – Narwhals don’t use their tusks for fighting, as scientists once believed. They in fact use them for cleaning each other and sensing changes in currents and temperature.
  3. Pointer
  4. Tusker – The “horn” on a narwhal’s head is actually a giant tusk that is used to break through the ice and breach the surface.
  5. Slappy
  6. Blubber – Fat is stored on whales and dolphins as blubber and is a way of storing energy for times when food is scarce and for conserving body heat. The arctic gets pretty darn chilly!
  7. Flipper
  8. Dory
  9. Splash Zone – If you have seen a narwhal breach the ice you should know that the splash zone goes WAY further back than you would think.
  10. Aqua Man – This one needs no explanation.

Cool Names For Narwhals

  1. Iceberg
  2. Snowy
  3. Avalanche – Avalanches are little threat to narwhals. They just swim away!
  4. Dong
  5. Andri – Andri is an ancient Norse word that means snowshoe.
  6. Edur – Edur is a Basque word that means snow.
  7. Lumi – Lumi is a Finnish name that means snow.
  8. Noel
  9. Santa – Santa used to ride a narwhal before reindeer became popular.
  10. North – Narwhals enjoy a visit to the north pole.

Unique Narwhal Names

  1. Adriatic – The Adriatic sea sits on the Italian coast and contains exactly ZERO narwhals.
  2. Drift – Continental drift was the best Ice Age movie.
  3. Poseidon – Ancient greek god of the sea and earthquakes.
  4. Ezilli– African goddess of sweet water and love.
  5. Nommos – A western African amphibious water spirit.
  6. Alphaeus – The Arcadian river god.
  7. Medusa – Just one look at this narwhal will turn you to stone. Beware, killer whales!
  8. Hydra – The multi-headed sea serpent. Cut off one of its heads and two more will grow in its place.
  9. Fontus – Ancient Roman god of springs. Is this where the word fountain comes from?
  10. Astlik – Armenian goddess of all water sources.

Name Inspiration

As you can quite clearly see, most of the names on this list were inspired by the ocean and mythology.

The narwhal is perhaps the closest thing we have to a real name oceanic mythical creature. How can you not be inspired by the vast ebbing flow of the sea and all of its marine life?

Hopefully, these ocean-inspired names will really resonate with you and your narwhal and help develop the bond between you both!

Help Choosing The Perfect Name

The perfect name doesn’t always just pop into your mind the first time you look at your new friend.

Unfortunately, that would save us all a lot of trouble! No, often it takes hours pouring over lists like these and searching the depths of your mind and the universe for something, anything, that connects you to your pet.

Remember, you only get to name your narwhal once. They are notoriously easily confused so changing their name regularly is bound to make things difficult for them.

If you are still struggling to find the right name for your narwhal, perhaps it’s time to open up your favorite books and go digging for characters you have temporarily forgotten!


Hopefully, this list was as useful for you as it was fun to be written. Naming a new friend is a real treat and is not something to be taken lightly.

While most of the names on this list come from the oceans and have aquatic inspirations there is a whole world of naming opportunities out there.

Finding a nice name for your narwhal could be as easy as naming it after your favorite flower, or your favorite color.

Whatever you choose, always make sure that the name suits the face. You don’t want a narwhal named Gary that looks more like a Neville!

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