Pet Dinosaur Names (399+ Cool, Funny & Cute Names)

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Whether for an imaginary dinosaur friend, a toy, or a favorite fossil, you’ll want the perfect name for a pet dinosaur.

Below we’ve got some great choices for your pet dinosaur names!

Best Pet Dinosaur Names

These fifty names are a cut above the rest when it comes to the best names for dinosaurs!

Check out the top-of-the-line names for a dinosaur pet below:

  1. Alarming Adam
  2. Bad Buster
  3. Ugly Una
  4. Nogo Dino
  5. Risky Roamer
  6. Shaky Sheen
  7. Thorny Thomas
  8. Treacherous Saur
  9. Fatal Philip
  10. Spiky Rex
  11. Rex Tex
  12. Lizard Lumber
  13. Jumbo Jumbo
  14. The Suarus
  15. Stompin Robin
  16. Big Liz
  17. Lila Lumber
  18. Stomp-o-Saurus
  19. Shrieky Sam
  20. Shrieky Scarlett
  21. Mr. Scales
  22. Mrs. Spiky
  23. Thump Thump
  24. Princess AuROARa
  25. Mr. Meteor
  26. Growling Gus
  27. Snarling Steve
  28. Anky Saur
  29. Dragon Wish
  30. Lord Stretch a Lot
  31. Dino Mite
  32. Toenail Sal
  33. Leaf Breath
  34. King Fearsome
  35. Lord Fright
  36. Roaren Robert
  37. Morta Lee
  38. Death Reptile
  39. Lucks CouldKill
  40. Menace Matt
  41. Thuds McGee
  42. Terror of Tyrants
  43. Lady Scales
  44. General Tower
  45. Flightless Fear
  46. Mr. Scraper
  47. Classy Spike
  48. Thunder Liz
  49. Lightning Lizard
  50. Crater Collins

Female Pet Dinosaur Names

Lady dinosaurs need the perfect name, too! Get ready to find the best pet dinosaur monikers with a feminine touch in the list found below:

  1. Cleopatra
  2. Athena
  3. Honey
  4. Jen
  5. Keva
  6. Anita
  7. Fiona
  8. Bella
  9. Kehlani
  10. Izzy
  11. Daphne
  12. Belva
  13. Angel
  14. Lani
  15. Ghidora
  16. Cleo
  17. Isabela
  18. Acacia
  19. Cali
  20. Kora
  21. Layla
  22. Lila
  23. Gigi
  24. Liz
  25. Adia
  26. Ivory
  27. Elora
  28. Donatella
  29. Minilla
  30. Khaleesi
  31. Maz
  32. Liza
  33. Elsy
  34. Aurora
  35. Maleficent
  36. Akira
  37. Madam Mim
  38. Medusa
  39. Dandy
  40. Lucinda
  41. Kira
  42. Della
  43. Jasmine
  44. Karma
  45. Jade
  46. Grace
  47. Kabira
  48. Delia
  49. Abbie
  50. Coralia
  51. Bonnie
  52. Annie
  53. Hallie
  54. Lilo
  55. Dana
  56. Fabrizia
  57. Coco
  58. Joanna
  59. Bonita
  60. Fergie
  61. Isa
  62. Isadora
  63. Harpie
  64. Goanna
  65. Meg

Male Pet Dinosaur Names

Dinosaurs are definitely a favorite of boys all around the world: catch their attention with these masculine names for pet dinosaurs!

  1. Leonardo
  2. Iggy
  3. Arnie
  4. Hook
  5. Randall
  6. Cornelius
  7. Barney
  8. Abe
  9. Chuck
  10. Pascal
  11. Bodhi
  12. Gustav
  13. Aiden
  14. Darwin
  15. Gideon
  16. Jax
  17. Dexter
  18. Antonio
  19. Buzz
  20. Ozzy
  21. Orion
  22. Earl
  23. Cecil
  24. Fabio
  25. Kobe
  26. Houdini
  27. Eddy
  28. Merlin
  29. Archie
  30. Jayden
  31. Oli
  32. Garrett
  33. Eugene
  34. Nicolas
  35. Axel
  36. Kade
  37. Curt
  38. Amos
  39. Monzo
  40. Bernie
  41. Hank
  42. Igor
  43. Cal
  44. Monty
  45. Clint
  46. Nile
  47. Noah
  48. Prince
  49. Nigel
  50. Maximus
  51. Chance
  52. Felix
  53. Lenny
  54. Fernando
  55. Elliot
  56. Natsu
  57. Enzo
  58. Clyde
  59. Lee
  60. Randy

Baby Pet Dinosaur Names

When they’re first hatched from the egg, baby dinosaurs are super cute and in desperate need of the perfect dinosaur pet name! Check out the list of baby pet dinosaur monikers below:

  1. Hun
  2. Maturin
  3. Minn
  4. Michelangelo
  5. Kamoebas
  6. Howard
  7. Koopa Troopa
  8. Grotle
  9. Lemmy
  10. Koopaling
  11. Lenny Turteltaub
  12. Mack
  13. Kamek
  14. Kooper
  15. Lightning
  16. Ghido
  17. Lion Turtle
  18. Koopa
  19. Ludwig von Koopa
  20. Morton Koopa Jr.
  21. Grandpa
  22. Lakitu
  23. Lapras
  24. Motu
  25. Gerson
  26. Leatherback
  27. Koops
  28. Great A’Tuin
  29. Larry Koopa
  30. Mudface
  31. Mickael the Turtle
  32. Iggy Koopa
  33. Grandmaster Oogway
  34. Leonardo
  35. Gamera
  36. Mock Turtle
  37. Gramps
  38. Morla

Unisex Names For Pet Dinosaur

Below are some names that can be for either boy or girl pet dinosaurs!

  1. Caesar
  2. Quil
  3. Skull Crusher
  4. Alpha
  5. Axel
  6. Balerion
  7. Claws
  8. Raptor
  9. Dragon
  10. Lazer/Razor
  11. Falcor
  12. Godzilla
  13. Cobra
  14. Blackbeard
  15. Baragon
  16. Jagger
  17. Hydra
  18. Horntail
  19. Destroyah
  20. Abraxas
  21. Anguirus

Cute Pet Dinosaur Names

Dinosaurs may not make you think of cuteness right off the bat, thanks to their huge size and terrible abilities.

However, don’t sell your dinosaur short of a cute name! Terrible lizards can be cute, too.

Check out the list below for inspiration.

  1. Barney
  2. Turtle
  3. Makena
  4. Gracious
  5. Neli
  6. Pokey
  7. Salomi
  8. Custanzu
  9. Tortoise
  10. Jayleen
  11. Constantina
  12. Costas
  13. Konnie
  14. Placida
  15. Costin

Good Names For A Pet Dinosaur

They may not be the cream of the crop, but the names below still make good choices for your pet dinosaur!

  1. Tyran – A shortened name for tyrannosaurus.
  2. Charlie Chews
  3. Tongues Eye
  4. Scratch Scales
  5. Cameron Saur
  6. Sweetums Saurus
  7. Speedy Saurus
  8. Little BigFoot
  9. Toothless Daydream
  10. Tiny Thunder
  11. Leap Lizard
  12. Aiden Argyle
  13. Rainbow Rumbler
  14. Remi Reptile
  15. Cammy Chomp
  16. Vega 
  17. Stickypad
  18. Peanut
  19. Cleo
  20. Stormfly
  21. Spot
  22. Flick
  23. Jo Jo
  24. Indigo
  25. Twitch
  26. Puff
  27. Claws
  28. Freckles

Funny Pet Dinosaur Names

These hysterical dinosaur names might make you, and anyone you share your pet dinosaur with, laugh out loud!

  1. PufnStuf
  2. Clapper Claw
  3. Lizardardo Da Vinci
  4. Geico
  5. Eggsy
  6. Rap-tile
  7. The Lizard of Oz
  8. Chet Gecko
  9. Lizzie
  10. Nessie
  11. Gaspara Le’Gecko
  12. Napoleon Dinomite
  13. Pendragon
  14. Sal Manders
  15. Bill the Lizard
  16. Dragaunus
  17. Draconian
  18. Queen Elizardbeth

 Cool Names For A Pet Dinosaur

These majestic names for pet dinosaurs will bring out the things that make dinosaurs just plain cool!

  1. Rex
  2. Stego
  3. Falkor
  4. Arman
  5. Dagahra
  6. Dark Smoke
  7. Sphira
  8. Drago Night
  9. Guardian Mushu
  10. Alpha Dragon
  11. Draco Blud
  12. Smaug the Terrible
  13. Eborsisk
  14. Diavil Raven
  15. Eustace Clarence Scrubb
  16. Firnen
  17. King Ghidorah
  18. Apalala of Water
  19. Sir Katla
  20. Haku
  21. Apep the Slitherer
  22. Askook the Snake
  23. Leader Astarot
  24. Leviathan
  25. Attor
  26. Lady Maleficent
  27. Lockheed
  28. Chua
  29. Snarloff
  30. Oz the Powerful
  31. Cage Breaker
  32. Unstoppable Terror
  33. Chain Shaker
  34. Lord Nitro

Badass Dinosaur Names

Below is a list of dinosaur names that are totally badass:

  1. Dagger
  2. Transformer
  3. Butch
  4. Dihya
  5. Frenzy
  6. Infinity
  7. Executioner
  8. Fiend
  9. Intruder Suzuki
  10. Starlight
  11. Animal
  12. Eliminator
  13. Vagabond
  14. Ink
  15. Ironclad
  16. Kahina
  17. Vespa Primal
  18. Breaker
  19. Viper
  20. Jawbone
  21. Panthère
  22. Storm
  23. Illusion
  24. Bandit (Suzuki)
  25. Moto Guzzi 
  26. DERBI
  27. Bolt
  28. Cipher
  29. Angon
  30. Handlebar
  31. Aprilia Tuono 
  32. Grenade
  33. Ironside
  34. Liberté Jaws
  35. Bear
  36. Cyrus
  37. Gauntlet
  38. Indominus Bowser
  39. Infuseur
  40. Variété
  41. Inspiration
  42. Immortal
  43. Kiki
  44. Keeway
  45. Carcajou
  46. Hashtag
  47. Voyager
  48. Firebringer
  49. United
  50. Voyage
  51. Fire Lance
  52. Supersonic
  53. Memory
  54. Fougue
  55. Hero
  56. Benelli
  57. Smolderer
  58. Chercheur
  59. Vespa
  60. Evolution
  61. Diablo
  62. Goblin
  63. Lord Grimace
  64. Pursuer
  65. Herzogin
  66. Dementor
  67. Eowyn

Unique Pet Dinosaur Names

Sometimes you just want a pet dinosaur name that will stand out in a crowd…or herd, or flock, depending on what species of dino you have!

The names below will provide you with inspiration for unique pet dinosaur monikers:

  1. Apollo
  2. Orion
  3. Khaleesi
  4. Biollante
  5. Gollum
  6. Anguirus
  7. Ao Kuang
  8. Varan
  9. Gargoyle
  10. Odysseus
  11. Drake
  12. Godzilla
  13. Jabberwock
  14. Abraxas
  15. Merlin
  16. Dagon
  17. Dragon
  18. Viserion
  19. Aeneas
  20. Vishnu
  21. Smaug
  22. Hydra
  23. Athena
  24. Harpy

Famous Dinosaur Names From Movies

Dinosaurs in movies are often seen as scary and intimidating, but sometimes those are the best names for pets! Check out the list of star dinosaurs for name inspiration below:

  1. T-Rex – Jurassic Park’s main villain is the huge T-Rex. Though she doesn’t technically have a name of her own from the movie, fans have been affectionately calling her “Rexy” since her thrilling appearance as a giant animatronic in the 1980s.
  2. Blue – Another Jurassic Park fan-favorite is Blue, a velociraptor. She made her debut as the smartest leader of the velociraptor pack in Jurassic Park’s reboot sequel, Jurassic World. Unlike most of the dinosaurs in the films before her, Blue turns out to be loyal and doesn’t hurt the main characters.
  3. Rudy – Rudy is a huge, white dinosaur of indeterminate species that hunts the fun-loving prehistoric weasel, Buck, in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. He’s rarely seen for most of the movie, but when he finally appears, he sure leaves an impression!
  4. Arlo – Pixar’s film The Good Dinosaur stars Arlo, a non-threatening brontosaurus living with his family on a farm and befriending a prehistoric human named Spot.
  5. Aladar – In Disney’s 2000 CGI film, Dinosaur, one egg gets separated from it’s mother and raised by a family of kindly monkeys. This egg turns out to be Aladar, a brave and inspiring Iguanadon voiced by D.B. Sweeny.

Cartoon Dinosaur Names

Sometimes the best bet for a dinosaur name that is really satisfying is to just name your pet dinosaur after a famous cartoon!

If your memory is a little foggy, not to worry: we’ve prepared a list of cartoon dinosaur names for you below!

  1. Rex – Rex is the green toy tyrannosaurus from Pixar’s critically-acclaimed Toy Story movie! He has a nervous voice, cute but useless tiny arms, and a sweet, timid spirit. He’s often insecure and afraid that his kid owner, Andy, will buy a dinosaur toy that is scarier than him, so he can be found practicing his fearsome roar!
  2. Dino – Ready for a throwback? Dino is a bright purple, spotted dino owned by Barney and Fred from the retro cartoon, The Flintstones! He acts as the family pet in the “modern-stone-age family!” Dino is adorable, mostly because he doesn’t act like a fearsome predator, but a slobbery pet puppy!
  3. Barney – He’s a friend to you and me: who could forget the big, talking purple dinosaur from the children’s cartoon, Barney! Barney sings, dances, and teaches kids to be kind and share and love one another. If your pet dinosaur looks scary, naming it “Barney” could be an ironic twist.
  4. Yoshi – Anyone who’s played Nintendo’s Mario video games knows about Yoshi. Though his dinosaur species is never really confirmed, Yoshi is one of the few turtle-like reptiles that don’t attack Mario and Luigi in their video games and instead works as their friend. Plus he has cute little sneakers!
  5. Littlefoot – One of the most iconic 80s cartoons is The Land Before Time, which stars Littlefoot, a baby brontosaurus. His story of losing his mother and making friends with dinosaurs of other species was so inspiring that it spawned a franchise of more than 15 movies and a television show!
  6. Big Bird – You may not have known this, but the big yellow bird that has been delighting Sesame Street fans is actually a dinosaur! This is revealed in the four-thousand, six-hundred and eighth episode of Sesame Street. If the main character of such a long-running TV show doesn’t deserve a namesake in your pet dino, who does?
  7. Spike – Spike is a stegosaurus who joins Littlefoot’s group of friends in the original Land Before Time and stays on as part of the main cast in every sequel. Spike is known for being the only member of the group that can’t talk, and he loves to eat!

Name Inspiration

Name inspiration can come from the unlikeliest of sources.

Below we’ve listed a few of the most inspiring things you can draw from daily life to help you select the best pet dinosaur name.

  • Pet Names – Naming a pet dinosaur after the animals that you or your friends already have as part of the family can be a great way to not only honor the pet, but solve your naming block!
  • Film Scenes – Some of the dinosaurs in the most famous films can be great inspirations, but don’t have actual names provided in their film. You can still take a memorable scene and inspire your dinosaur’s name on it, though: for example, you could call your pet dino “Goatmunch,” based on the T-Rex eating a goat in Jurassic Park!
  • Latin Names – Dinosaurs usually get the shortened version of their scientific species name from longer Latin names. You can use these as inspiration, too: simply name your dinosaur after a part of the long words, like “Anky,” short for an ankylosaurus!
  • Geographical Locations – One of the coolest things about the world of dinosaurs is learning where their fossils were found and imagining the great lizards stomping around the same places in life! Try naming your pet dino after the land where it used to roam: something like “Goli,” short for the raptor skeleton found in the Mongolian Desert!
  • Try adding “osaurus” to the end of short words – E.g. Tomosaurus, Deathosaurus, Jackosaurus, and Amyosaurus.

Help Choosing The Perfect Name

When picking out the name that best suits your pet dinosaur, you might feel pulled in several different directions. After all, should you pick something cute, ironic, silly, or cool? Hopefully, the tips listed below will be helpful!

  • Understand Your Audience – If you’re picking out a pet dinosaur name just for your own pleasure, your job may be easy! Simply pick the first name that makes you happy. However, if you’re making up a character name or showing your pet dino to others, you’ll want to appeal to what they like most instead. 
  • Give It a Fun Spin – Whether you’ve chosen a pop culture name or a word that sounds cool, a pet dinosaur name’s whole appeal could easily come from a twist. For example, if you want to name your dinosaur after the famous Gilmore Girls character, Rory Gilmore, spin the name by spelling it “Roary,” like the sound a dinosaur makes.
  • Use Its Looks – One of the best ways to name something is to use the way it looks, especially for pets. After all, that’s where we got the classic, “Spot!” If your dinosaur is a triceratops, consider naming it something like “Poka,” a pun on the word “poke,” or “Triple,” thanks to it’s three defining horns!


When it comes to picking out the perfect name, choices can be difficult. Deciding between your favorite pop culture reference, a meaningful family name, and simple words that sound funny, cute, or cool can make your head spin.

Hopefully, the lists above have given you some great ideas for pet dinosaur monikers of your own!

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