237+ Skyrim House Names (Awesome Ideas For Your Home)

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Think of your house in Skyrim as your own little slice of Elder Scrolls heaven. It’s a place to store all of your hard-earned loot, take refuge from the cold, and (hopefully) avoid angry dragons.

But what’s a home without a good name? Here are some ideas to get you started on naming your perfect abode in Skyrim.

Let’s dive in.

Best Skyrim House Names

With so many amazing homes to choose from in Skyrim, it can be difficult to decide which house is the best fit for you.

To help narrow down your choices, here’s a huge list of 50+ of the best Skyrim House Names, from Windhelm Manor to Proudspire Manor and everything in between!

So go ahead and pick out that ideal homestead – exploring Tamriel never looked so good!

  1. Windhelm Manor
  2. Proudspire Manor
  3. Sky Haven Retreat
  4. Duskglow Estate
  5. Snow-Throat Keep
  6. The Frozen Hearth
  7. Bitterstone Hall
  8. Shadowhollow Estate
  9. High Rock Tower
  10. Gloomridge Keep
  11. Shadowreach Citadel
  12. The Great Hall of Whiterun
  13. Mistpeak Manor
  14. Starry Tarn Lodge
  15. Riften Retreat
  16. Ironhand Estate
  17. Snowstone Keep
  18. High Hrothgar Summit House
  19. Black-Briar Chateau
  20. Falkreath Fort
  21. Mistwatch Castle
  22. Glade-Moor Estate
  23. Ravensgrove Manor
  24. Dragonreach Keep
  25. Cloudtop Haven
  26. The Palace of Kings
  27. Sunderstone Gorge Tower
  28. Silverrun Retreat
  29. Wolf’s Den Lodge
  30. Solitude Castle
  31. Hearthfire Keep
  32. Frostvale Hall
  33. The Dead Man’s Refuge
  34. Darkwater Chateau
  35. Sentinel Tower
  36. Ironwood Keep
  37. Whitepeak Manor
  38. Bloodstone Manor
  39. Deepwood Haven
  40. Windy Hill Manor
  41. Fallowstone Hall
  42. Stonewatch Keep
  43. Glimmerkeep Fortress
  44. Lion’s Roar Retreat
  45. Hoarfrost Castle
  46. Crimsonpeak Lodge
  47. Cliffside Estate
  48. East Empire Trading Company
  49. Outpost Dawnguard
  50. Tower Greymoor

Unique House Names For Skyrim

Are you looking for unique house names for Skyrim? Look no further! This list of forty plus unique house names from the game is sure to inspire.

From Iron Spur Gate to Gloomstone Keep, there’s bound to be one perfect name that resonates with your playstyle and aesthetic.

Nurture your inner dragon and live in true Skyrim fashion with one of these distinctive and imaginative titles.

Make sure the honor of your house is worthy of a great lord or lady – the possibilities are infinite!

  1. Stonehollow House
  2. Iron Spur Gate
  3. Gloomstone Keep
  4. Frostmere Tower
  5. April’s End Manor
  6. Golden-Arrow Chateau
  7. Skyward Summit Retreat
  8. Voidkeep Estate
  9. Lavender Moon Castle
  10. Blackcliff Lookout Tower
  11. Crimson Dawn Hall
  12. Mossy Springs Chateau
  13. Lost Valley Manor
  14. Dawnblossom Retreat
  15. Ravenspire Keep
  16. The Frosted Halls of Windhelm
  17. Bluevale Refuge
  18. Forestwatch Stronghold
  19. Thunderclap Tower
  20. Mountainreach Keep
  21. Frostroar Fortress
  22. Shadowgrove Castle
  23. Moonbreeze Manor
  24. Duskfen Citadel
  25. Silverwing Palace
  26. Shrouded Glade Estate
  27. Highrock Haven
  28. The Azure Tower of Riften
  29. Stormhollow Keep
  30. Cinderstone Estate
  31. Whiterun Castle
  32. Snowfall Grove Manor
  33. Silverkeep Chateau
  34. Stoneroot Fortress
  35. Meadowmist Retreat
  36. Mysticgarde Citadel
  37. Nightfang Tower
  38. Duskweave Keep
  39. The Burning Halls of Solitude
  40. Ravenscroft Lodge

Cute Skyrim House Names

Looking for a unique and whimsical name for your home in the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? Look no further!

Here we have an extensive list of 50+ adorably cute house names to choose from.

  1. Rainbow Cottage
  2. Butterfly Manor
  3. Blue Heaven
  4. Misty Hollow
  5. Honeydew Haven
  6. Blossom Acres
  7. Lilac Retreat
  8. Fairytale Castle
  9. Silver Falls Manor
  10. Starry Meadow Lodge
  11. Sunshine Cottage
  12. Shell House
  13. Dreamweaver Hall
  14. Lavender Palace
  15. Majestic Oaks
  16. Sugarcane Chateau
  17. Golden Vale Estate
  18. Enchanted Tower
  19. Daisy Meadow Cottage
  20. Midnight Mist Keep
  21. Cotton Cloud Haven
  22. Sunnyvale Castle
  23. Buttercup Chateau
  24. Lemon Grove Manor
  25. Frosty Mountain Lodge
  26. Moonstone Retreat
  27. Hummingbird Haven
  28. Moonbeam House
  29. Ebony Tower
  30. Heavenly Oaks Estate
  31. Candyland Keep
  32. Dawnflower Place
  33. Ladybug Manor
  34. Butterscotch Cottage
  35. Pumpkin Patch Palace
  36. Sparkle Retreat
  37. Serene Valley Lodge
  38. Bluebell Estate
  39. Raindrop Haven
  40. Cherry Blossom Abode
  41. Lullaby Hall
  42. Gumdrop Keep
  43. Twilight Manor
  44. Sugarplum House
  45. Fawn’s Glade Retreat
  46. Silverwood Castle
  47. Moonshine Manor
  48. Mallow Meadows Lodge
  49. Honeycomb Cottage
  50. Tulip Acres Manor

Cool Skyrim House Names

Are you an avid adventurer in the realms of Skyrim? If so, you know that having a luxurious home to retreat to after your battles is essential.

With the list of over 40 distinctive cool Skyrim house names presented here, finding the perfect abode for your character will be a breeze!

  1. Ice Mountain Keep
  2. Necromancer’s Crypt
  3. Doomfang Fortress
  4. Shadow’s Edge Manor
  5. Thunderstrike Tower
  6. Halls of Deathly Silence
  7. Ravenhold Chateau
  8. Blackthorn House
  9. The Crystal Citadel
  10. Dragonborn Hall
  11. Fuego’s Flame Tower
  12. Arrowfrost Estate
  13. Fangkeep Fortress
  14. The Frozen Throne
  15. Wintervale Keep
  16. Stormhold Stronghold
  17. Greystone Chateau
  18. Ironspire Castle
  19. Tomb of the Immortal King
  20. Ironbark Manor
  21. Howling Winds Hall
  22. Nightwind Keep
  23. Ravenwood Retreat
  24. Ironfang Keep
  25. The Blighted Tower
  26. Dracolord’s Lair
  27. Valhalla Castle
  28. Aurora Borealis Palace
  29. Dawnbreak Estate
  30. Voidkeep Citadel
  31. Grimhold Manor
  32. Mournstone Keep
  33. Frostedge Stronghold
  34. Starlights Refuge
  35. Bloodmoon Estate
  36. The Hall of the Greywalker
  37. Silverblade Sanctuary
  38. Ebonwood Tower
  39. Wolfsbane Manor
  40. Darkwillow Chateau
  41. Ashenvale Keep
  42. Starfall Retreat
  43. Lakeview Manor

Badass Names For Your Skyrim Home

Do you know what makes your Skyrim adventure feel like an epic journey? Choosing the perfect name for your new home!

Whether you’re looking for a badass, intimidating fortress, or a whimsical fairytale-like abode, there are plenty of names in our list of over 30 options that will fit the bill.

  1. Valhalla Castle
  2. Death’s Door Manor
  3. Blightforge Stronghold
  4. Nightshadow Tower
  5. Blackrock Keep
  6. Dragonfire Citadel
  7. Ashenclaw Chateau
  8. Doomspire Fortress
  9. The Tomb of the Ancients
  10. Wolfguard House
  11. Grimhold Mansion
  12. Grizzlypeak Keep
  13. Frostclaw Chateau
  14. The Circle of the Damned
  15. Nightforge Tower
  16. Cursed Peak Estate
  17. Raven’s Roost Castle
  18. Steelhold Citadel
  19. Bloodmoon Stronghold
  20. Shadowbluff Fortress
  21. Tundraknight Manor
  22. Darkfang Lodge
  23. The Unforgiving Keep
  24. Mourningwood Tower
  25. Icethorn Estate
  26. Warlord’s Gate
  27. Frosthold Keep
  28. Steelheart Castle
  29. Scorpionspire Fortress
  30. Dragonspire Keep
  31. Ravencrest Manor
  32. Wolfsbane Retreat

Funny Skyrim House Names

Are you an adventurer looking to settle down in the magical world of Skyrim? Look no further!

With over 20+ funny Skyrim house names, you’re sure to find a unique and whimsical home for your adventure.

  1. Nose Picker’s Nook
  2. Cuddles Cottage
  3. Bubblegum Bungalow
  4. Toadstool Palace
  5. Cookie Shack
  6. Mushroom Castle
  7. Marshmallow Manor
  8. Honeycomb Hideaway
  9. Sprinkle Hut
  10. Taffy Tower
  11. Cotton Candy Cozy
  12. Snowcone House
  13. Sour Patch Keep
  14. Lollipop Lodge
  15. Gummy Bear Getaway
  16. Chocolate Cottage
  17. Butterscotch Bungalow
  18. Fudgicorn Palace
  19. Jellybean Retreat
  20. Caramel Castle
  21. Toffee Tower
  22. Gingerbread Mansion
  23. Ice Cream Inn
  24. Cupcake Cottage

Tips For Naming Your Skyrim House

Naming your house in Skyrim can be a daunting task. After all, every player wants something unique and evocative that fits well within the world of Tamriel.

One great tip is to focus on the region where the home is located; names associated with that area are sure to bring the right balance between originality and authenticity.

It’s also helpful to reference some of Skyrim’s iconic locations or items; for example, consider taking inspiration from the Dragonborn legend or famous places such as Artaeum or Windhelm.

Another great tactic is to choose a name based on a passion or hobby of yours, as it will make your experience even more personal and connected.

Ultimately, whether you use one of these tips or create something entirely new, naming your house in Skyrim should ultimately be an enjoyable process that leaves you feeling proud of your creation!


If you’re looking for ideas on what to name your Skyrim house, this list should give you some inspiration.

Whether you want a cool, unique, funny, or badass name for your home, there are plenty of options to choose from.

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