63 Spanish Boat Names (BEST Ideas)

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The Spanish language can be so romantic that practically anything you choose will make your boat sound sophisticated. However, you can be clever and choose Spanish words that convey a funny thought or name that make your non-Spanish friends laugh along with Spanish friends. 

It isn’t hard to create a good list of Spanish boat names.

Here is a list of some suggestions. 

Good Spanish Names For A Boat

Boat name ideas usually start with a woman’s name since boats are considered to be female.

However, you do have to understand the meanings behind Spanish names to pick good boat names. Here are some boat name ideas to start with.

  1. Mistral – A word referencing a cold, strong wind from the northwest.
  2. Ultramar – A Spanish word that translates to overseas.
  3. Sueno – A Spanish word that means to dream. Add a phrase to it like en grande and you have a complete meaning such as “to dream big.”
  4. Sala de Mar – A phrase that translates to sea room. Even so, it sounds like a boat name.
  5. Alborán – This is classified as a typical sailboat name, named after an island off the coast of Spain.
  6. Castillo del Mar – The translation of this phrase is “sea castle.” It would be a great boat name for a larger vessel like a yacht or a houseboat.
  7. Reina – This word refers to a queen and would be a regal name for a boat, especially if it were an expensive one like a yacht.
  8. Alba – This is Latin for dawn. Spanish comes from the root Latin language so it works well as a boat name.
  9. Tema Mar – This specific phrase means sea theme and is one of those Spanish phrases that sounds like it belongs on a boat.
  10. Libertad – A Spanish word that means freedom. This is a popular boat name for many people.
  11. Tarifa – A Spanish word like this resembles the word tariff. It means the same thing as it translates to “fee.”
  12. Vista Mar – This phrase translates to “an ocean view.” While it’s another generic phrase relating to a position, it still has the special Spanish flair that sounds nice for a boat.
  13. Victoria – This is the Spanish name for victory.
  14. Pura Vida – There are a few translations for this phrase but generally it means that you’re cool with life. Some translations have a more cynical approach with the translation “That’s life.”
  15. Lion de Oro – This is the name of a famous Spanish ship and it translates into Golden Lion. After a few centuries, it still sounds fearsome.
  16. Santísima Trinidad – Another name that was pulled from famous ships of history is this one. It means Holy Trinity. 

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Cute Spanish Names For A Boat

Boatowners come in all styles and some prefer cute names for their water vessels.

Some Spanish versions may cause some people to think twice about why they chose the name.

  1. Barco de Fiesta – Roughly translated, this means party boat. This name could encourage more friends to come.
  2. Dos Amantes – A honeymooning couple would love this name because it means two lovers.
  3. Amigo Divertido – A Spanish phrase that translates to “funny friend.” It works if you have a friend who helps you with the boat.
  4. Pequeño Bote – This phrase means a small boat and can be used for a small fishing boat or something similar. You can go the opposite direction and use irony to name a large boat this name.
  5. Lista Para Montar – This Spanish phrase can be translated as “ready to ride.”

Funny Spanish Names For A Boat

Spanish people have a sense of humor so it’s okay to show it in a funny boat name.

Here are a few suggestions for boat owners who want something a little different in a boat name.

  1. Demasiado Cara– This wouldn’t be funny unless you know the translation is “too expensive.”
  2. Spanish Fly – This could reference how fast the boat goes or the horrible large fly that makes that hissing noise.
  3. Chihuahua Enojado – This phrase is both funny and true as it translates into “angry chihuahua.”
  4. Spanish Eyes – This would actually fall into more of a romantic spin for a boat name unless you paired it with another word like Tonta for silly, and painted a funny picture on your boat that got the humor across.
  5. Capitán Divertido – A Spanish phrase like this just sounds funny. The translation is “funny captain.”
  6. Dólares de Barco – These Spanish words translates to “boat bucks” but the inherent meaning is that all your money is in your boat.
  7. Hundirse o Nadar – Guests might want to check the lifejackets on a boat named this. It means “sink or swim.”
  8. Perdiendo el Tiempo – Words like this on a boat show the casual nature of the boat owner. They mean “wasting time.”
  9. Huele a Pescado – This Spanish phrase may not make you want to go on the boat because it translates to “smells fishy.”

Unique Spanish Names For Boats

Picking a unique name can be a challenge no matter how you do it but finding a truly special Spanish name for a sailing vessel can be complicated.

Here are some boat name ideas.

  1. Perla Negra – This Spanish phrase translates into Black Peal and refers to the fictional ship in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.
  2. Carpe Diem – This is a Latin phrase but it means “seize the day” so it is a unique boat name, although it could be overused in some marinas.
  3. Mare Stella – A Latin phrase that means Sea Star.
  4. La Buena Vida – You may recognize the name once it’s translated because it’s a popular boat name. This phrase translates to “The Good Life.”

Creative Spanish Boat Names

Those who want a boat name that is out-of-the-box may have to do some word translations to find a creative Spanish name for a boat.

Here are some suggestions from the root Latin language that has the Spanish flavor.

  1. Sol Quaesitor – A phrase like this is a great one to name a boat because it means sun seeker.
  2. Aqua Vitae – This name could have dual means as it translates into “water of life.” It could refer to life on the water or have a more spiritual connotation.
  3. Tempus Natat – This phrase translates into “time floats.”
  4. Tempestas Cursor – A Latin phrase like this has more of a hardened tempo to it. After all, it translates into “storm runner.”
  5. Oceanum Susurri – This is an interesting phrase that means “ocean whisper.”

Cool Spanish Names For A Boat

Every boat has a personality. It could be the way it makes you feel when you see it or are on it.

Some cool Spanish names for boats stem from how the vessel makes you feel.

  1. Raluca – While this is considered a Spanish name because of its Latin root, this name stems from Greek and means a field of birds.
  2. Summa Potestas – The Sum of Power, this name denotes either speed or size.
  3. Mare Regem – Naming your boat this phrase, meaning Sea King, shows who is boss of the water.
  4. Rosalba – This name is translated to “white rose.”
  5. Onalia – This Spanish name translates into an entire sentence of pronouncement meaning “you want success to the fullest including material comforts, power, and wealth.”
  6. Regina Maris – As powerful as Mar Regem, this Spanish phrase means Queen of the Sea.
  7. Diamante Rosa – This Spanish phrase means “pink diamond.”
  8. Brillar – A word like this may not sound like the typical romantic Spanish word but its meaning is profound. It means “shine on.”
  9. Valentina – This is a Spanish girl’s name as it is the feminine version of the male name Valentine. It’s a pretty cool name for a boat too.
  10. Agua Cielo Tierra – The three words here translate into “earth, sky, water” which fits the idea of a boat nicely.
  11. Querida – This is another Spanish name for a girl and it means “beloved” so it would make for an excellent boat name.
  12. Segundo Aire – The Spanish phrase for “second wind.”

Badass Spanish Names For A Boat

Sometimes, you just have to go all out and give your boat a badass Spanish name.

Here are some top choices for tough boat names in Spanish.

  1. Monta las Tormentas – Boatowners who want to show their own determination or the sturdiness of their boat can use this as a name. It means “rides the storms.”
  2. Matadora Victoriosa – This is the feminine version of a phrase translating to “victorious bullfighter.”
  3. Gran Guerrero – This phrase translates into “great warrior.”
  4. Corajuda – This Spanish word translates into “courageous.”
  5. Asuncion – This is a boat name used in both past and present and translates to “assumption.”
  6. Águila en Ascenso – This Spanish phrase translates into “eagle rising” and sounds pretty awesome when you say it.
  7. Toro Bravo -These words mean fighting bull and refer to the type of bull used in the famous Spanish bullfighting rings.
  8. Mar Enojado – This phrase refers to an angry sea.
  9. Monstruo Marino – These words translate into “sea monster” and have a sense of badness in the pronunciation.
  10. Poderosa – This is the feminine version of the Spanish word for powerful.
  11. Venganza – This Spanish word translates into “vengeance.”
  12. Bruja Del Mar – A Spanish phrase like this should strike some terror on the water. It means “sea witch.”

Boat Naming Tips

Naming or renaming a boat can be a cool experience. This is where you make your boat your own.

A boat name should be something sentimental to you, even if it’s a funny name. It is a highly personal choice. 

When it comes to Spanish or foreign names, be sure to check the translation before labeling your boat. One miscalculation could lead to embarrassment on the water.


A boat can become a part of the family in a way because it’s something family and friends spend time on and share good memories. The name should reflect all those good times to be shared.

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