249+ Love Playlist Names (BEST Ideas)

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Love is in the air, and it’s time to prepare your music! Whether you’re looking for something romantic, sweet, or upbeat, we’ve got the perfect playlist names for your next date night. 

From classic love songs to modern hits and everything in between, these playlists will have you feeling the love all season long.

Creating a playlist of love songs is a great way to show someone you care. Whether it’s to express your feelings or share your appreciation with a special someone, having a list of the best love music is essential.

From oldies to modern-day classics, plenty of songs about love can be added to your playlist for any occasion. 

So whether you’re looking for something romantic, upbeat, or slow and cozy, there’s a song for it.

Best Love Playlist Names

When putting together the perfect love playlist, the name is almost as important as the songs themselves. 

A great name for your love playlist can set the tone for your chosen music and make it easier to remember. 

We’ve compiled this list of the best love playlist names for Spotify.

  1. Tender Kisses
  2. Scheme of Dreams
  3. Cuddle Bangers
  4. What’s Your Status?
  5. Throbbing Hearts
  6. Pleasant Era
  7. Garden of Love
  8. Love Portal
  9. Soft and Dreamy
  10. Snuggle Sessions
  11. Love Charade
  12. A Whole New World
  13. Feelings on Fire
  14. Loved Up!
  15. Sweet Melody
  16. Starstruck Love
  17. Passionate Heartbeats
  18. Fairytale Romance
  19. Cute and Cozy
  20. Heartfelt Emotions
  21. Ballad Bliss
  22. Charming Affairs
  23. Adoring Adoration
  24. Unforgettable Memories
  25. Heartstrings Attached
  26. Love in Bloom
  27. My Heart’s Delight

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Good Names For A Spotify Love Playlist

This list of good Spotify love playlist name ideas is conjuncted to the previous ideas.

It provides plenty of options for those looking for a sweet, romantic, or fun playlist.

Whether you’re creating a playlist for yourself or someone special, these names will set the perfect tone.

  1. Love Is All Around Us
  2. Love Keeps Us Together
  3. All You Need Is Love
  4. Groovy Kind Of Love
  5. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
  6. I Will Always Love You
  7. Heaven Is A Place On Earth
  8. I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You
  9. At Last
  10. A Thousand Miles Away
  11. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  12. Unchained Melody
  13. I Just Called To Say I Love You
  14. When A Man Loves A Woman
  15. What A Wonderful World
  16. I Wanna Know What Love Is
  17. Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You
  18. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
  19. All Of Me
  20. Best Of My Love
  21. Dreaming Of You
  22. Every Breath You Take
  23. Hero
  24. How Deep Is Your Love
  25. I Will Follow Him
  26. If I Ain’t Got You
  27. 27.(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman
  28. Just The Way You Are
  29. Kiss From A Rose
  30. Let’s Stay Together

Cute Names For A Love Playlist

Carrying on from the previous sections, let’s look at some cute names for your love playlist. 

Whether it’s a romantic mix of songs or an upbeat, cheerful one, these cute names for a love playlist will be sure to set the right mood.

  1. Adorable Duets
  2. Cuddle Tunes
  3. Forever & Always
  4. Love Story
  5. Sweet Harmony
  6. Romance Radio
  7. Eternally Yours
  8. Perfect Pairings
  9. Sweetheart Symphony
  10. Love Is In The Air
  11. Starry Night Serenades
  12. Soulmates Unite
  13. Lovers Rock
  14. Cupid’s Arrow
  15. Endless Summer Playlist
  16. Tender Touch
  17. Admired Melodies
  18. Passionate Playlist
  19. Soulful Strums
  20. Amorous Anthems
  21. When We Met
  22. All You Need Is Love
  23. Kisses and Cuddles
  24. Together, We Can Do Anything!
  25. Our Love Song Mix
  26. Enchanting Tunes
  27. Sweet Serenades
  28. Forevermore
  29. True Love Waits
  30. A Love Like Ours
  31. Unconditional Love
  32. Giggles and Smiles
  33. Soulful Sonnets
  34. Darling Duets
  35. Love Birds Chirping
  36. Two Hearts Beat As One
  37. Our Special Songs
  38. Let’s Get Romantic!
  39. Lovers Lane Jams
  40. Our Journey Of Love
  41. Softly Strumming My Heartstrings
  42. Darling Ballads
  43. Be Mine
  44. I’m Yours
  45. Blissful Beats
  46. Our Feel Good Mix
  47. Just You and Me
  48. Soulful Seduction
  49. Magical Melodies
  50. Happy Hearts

Cool Names For A Love Playlist

From romantic ballads to upbeat pop hits, creating the perfect love playlist is a great way to express your feelings for someone special. 

So whether you’re making a playlist for a special occasion or for fun, here are some cool names for your love playlist!

  1. Love at First Sight
  2. Sweetest Dreams
  3. Love Story
  4. All You Need Is Love
  5. Crazy in Love
  6. For The One I Love
  7. All of Me
  8. You’re The One That I Want
  9. Love Will Find A Way
  10. I Will Always Love You
  11. When You Say Nothing At All
  12. To Make You Feel My Love
  13. Can’t Help Falling in Love
  14. My Heart Will Go On
  15. I Just Called To Say I Love You
  16. Just The Way You Are
  17. It Had To Be You
  18. Let Me Love You
  19. Heaven Is A Place On Earth
  20. Everything I Do (I Do It For You)
  21. I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)
  22. Open Arms
  23. At Last
  24. Eternal Flame
  25. Truly Madly Deeply
  26. Still Loving You
  27. Angels
  28. Unforgettable
  29. Lover Boy
  30. Amazed
  31. Don’t Know Much
  32. If I Ain’t Got You
  33. Here And Now
  34. Close To You
  35. I Believe In You And Me
  36. From This Moment On
  37. Wonderful Tonight
  38. Giving You the Best That I Got
  39. Unchained Melody
  40. Anything For You

Unique Names For A Love Playlist

Love playlists are a great way to capture special memories and moments with your loved one. 

Whether you’re creating a playlist for a birthday, anniversary or to show someone how much you care, it’s important to pick the perfect name. 

This listicle provides 44 unique names for a love playlist that are sure to capture your special feelings.

From creative to cute and funny, here are 100 unique names for a love playlist:

  1. You Make My Heart Race
  2. Forever and Always
  3. Love Jamz
  4. Unconditional Love
  5. Sweetheart Symphony
  6. Lovebirds Chirping
  7. A Match Made in Heaven
  8. Love Notes
  9. Love Is in the Air
  10. Tender Tunes
  11. Cupid’s Arrow
  12. Swooning Strums
  13. Soul Mates in Sound
  14. Blissful Beats
  15. Adoring Anthem
  16. All About You
  17. Beating Hearts
  18. Love Buzz
  19. Hearts Aflutter
  20. Feel Good Feels
  21. Lovers’ Lullaby
  22. Sweet Harmony
  23. Loving Touch
  24. Red-Hot Riffs
  25. Smitten Sounds
  26. Heart Strings Attached
  27. Precious Memories
  28. Perfect Pairings
  29. Lasting Love
  30. Loving Spell
  31. Cherished Crescendo
  32. Kisses and Cuddles
  33. Sweetest Songs
  34. Perfectly Paired
  35. Together Forever
  36. Love Affair
  37. Ode to Love
  38. Eternal Embrace
  39. Starstruck
  40. Happily Ever After
  41. Eternal Flame
  42. Soulmates
  43. Serenade of Love
  44. Blissful Ballads

Creative Names For A Spotify Love Playlist

Whether you’re looking for a romantic love playlist for a special someone or just something to set the mood for a night in, these 38 creative names for your music-streaming love playlist are sure to have something special for everyone. 

From nostalgic classics to modern-day bangers, this list has it all. 

So grab your headphones and get ready to let the music move you!

  1. Love Unspoken
  2. Love on the Run
  3. Sweetheart Tunes
  4. All You Need is Love
  5. Let Love In
  6. Cuddle Jams
  7. Sweetest Songs Ever Written
  8. Forever Young
  9. Soft & Soothing Sounds
  10. Heartbeat of Love
  11. Timeless Ballads
  12. I’ll Take You There
  13. Lovestruck Melodies
  14. Gentle and Loving
  15. Warm and Fuzzy Feelings
  16. Embrace the Moment
  17. Loving Memories of You
  18. Love Story Soundtrack
  19. Sweet Love Vibes
  20. Love Songs For Lovers
  21. Feel the Romance
  22. Hopelessly Devoted To You
  23. Unconditional Love & Romance
  24. Smitten Kitten Tunes
  25. True Love Never Dies
  26. A Whole Lot of Loving
  27. Upbeat & Uplifting Love Songs
  28. Sweet Nothings
  29. All I Have To Do Is Dream
  30. Romantic Anthems
  31. Cherish the Moment
  32. My Heart Belongs to You
  33. Love is All Around
  34. Soul Mates
  35. Love Is in the Air
  36. Love Never Fails
  37. Let Me Love You
  38. Dreamy Slow Jams

Funny Names For A Love Playlist

It’s time to lighten the mood and have fun with 20 funny names for a love playlist. 

So get ready to laugh and enjoy these hilarious yet apt names for your next love-themed playlist.

  1. “Love Is Blind…But I’m Not”
  2. “Love is a Battlefield”
  3. “Total Eclipse of the Heartache”
  4. “Smitten Kittens”
  5. “My Heart Belongs to Daddy”
  6. “Love Stinks”
  7. “Crazy in Luv”
  8. “Crushin’ On You”
  9. “You Are the Weakest Link! Goodbye!”
  10. “I Just Called to Say I Adore You”
  11. “Love Potion No 9”
  12. “Head Over Heels for You”
  13. “Take My Breath Away”
  14. “Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice”
  15. “Fool for Love”
  16. “Electric Feelings of Attraction”
  17. “My Humps (My Heart Humps)”
  18. “Wild Thing I Think I Love You”
  19. “One Step Closer to Crazy in Love”
  20. “Can’t Help Falling Out of Love With You”


The power of music is undeniable. So whether you’re looking for a classic love playlist or something more unique, this list has something for everyone. 

There’s something here to make your playlist special, from classic love songs to unique, creative names. Whether you’re creating a playlist for personal use or for someone else, these love playlist names are sure to make it stand out. 

So take some time to browse through these ideas and find the perfect name for your love playlist.

With the right name, you’ll be able to create a playlist that reflects the special bond between you and your loved one.

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