349+ Taxi Business Names (BEST Ideas to Stand Out)

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Taxi business names are more than just a random collection of words. They are your business’s first impression, the initial point of contact with your potential customers. A great name can help your taxi service stand out in this competitive industry, leaving a memorable impression on your customers and establishing a strong brand image.

But how do you come up with a catchy and creative taxi business name that perfectly encapsulates your service? And once you have that perfect name, how can you ensure it resonates with your audience?

Don’t fret! In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of crafting a unique and compelling taxi business name. We’ll provide you with tips, tricks, and insights that will make the naming process much simpler and enjoyable.

So buckle up and get ready to dive into the world of taxi business names!

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Best Taxi Business Names

  1. City Cruisers
  2. Metro Cabs
  3. Urban Rides
  4. Sunrise Taxis
  5. Night Owl Cabs
  6. Quick Pick Taxis
  7. Golden Wheels
  8. Comfy Cabs
  9. Flash Taxis
  10. Reliable Rides
  11. Yellow Limo Taxi
  12. Starlight Cabs
  13. Graceful Rides
  14. Speedshift Taxis
  15. Executive Cabs
  16. Hometown Hails
  17. Voyager Taxis
  18. Brightway Cabs
  19. Prime Time Taxis
  20. Rapid Rides
  21. SureTrip Cabs
  22. Xpressway Taxis
  23. Zippy Cabs
  24. Elite Street Taxis
  25. Greenlight Taxi


If the names above are already taken or you want more options, here are 25 more unique taxi business names to consider:

  1. JourneyMates Taxis
  2. Swift Wheels
  3. CityRoute Cabs
  4. Taxi Titans
  5. Skyline Taxis
  6. Destiny Drives
  7. RoadRunner Cabs
  8. Flying Wheels
  9. Gateway Taxis
  10. DriveOn Cabs
  11. Metroline Taxis
  12. Silver Cabs
  13. Stellar Taxis
  14. Road King Taxis
  15. Pathfinder Cabs
  16. Prestige Taxis
  17. All-Star Cabs
  18. Maximum Rides
  19. Milestone Taxis
  20. Citywide Cabs
  21. FareDeal Taxi
  22. On-Time Taxis
  23. TaxiConnection
  24. RideReady Cabs
  25. Globetrotter Taxis

Remember to keep your taxi business name short and easy to remember. Using a name generator can help you come up with more ideas if needed. Be sure to check if a name is already taken before deciding on the perfect name for your taxi business.

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Good Taxi Business Name Ideas


When starting your taxi business, it’s important to consider the mission and personality you want to convey through your business name. Choosing a name that’s easy to remember and instills trust in your customers is essential. Here are 25 taxi business name ideas:

  1. CityCruisers

  2. MetroMovers

  3. RapidRide

  4. UrbanHoppers

  5. StreetSprinters

  6. TaxiTransit

  7. YellowCabsUnited

  8. CabbieCentral

  9. EasyRiders

  10. FriendlyCabs

  11. TrustyTransports

  12. TimelyTaxis

  13. ClassyCabs

  14. FleetFeet

  15. CabConnect

  16. QuicksilverTaxis

  17. GoldStarCabs

  18. DashCab

  19. TransitTribe

  20. RideReliable

  21. VIPCabs

  22. PromptPickups

  23. TurboTaxi

  24. ZippyTransits

  25. ExpressRiders


When it comes to marketing your taxi business, your name will play an essential role. Combining a sense of professionalism with classic and timeless appeal can set you apart from the competition. Here are 25 more taxi business name ideas:

  1. MarketStreetCabs

  2. AllCityExpress

  3. RoadRoyals

  4. SwiftShift

  5. PrestigePickups

  6. GlobeTrotterTaxi

  7. CityWideCabs

  8. Cabernauts

  9. LocalLoop

  10. SkywayShuttles

  11. CabCorps

  12. RedCarpetRide

  13. TaxiTownTrippers

  14. TravelMasters

  15. SmoothSailings

  16. CarriageCouriers

  17. YellowRideRelay

  18. ExcelCabs

  19. GentlemanCabbie

  20. SwiftlySecure

  21. CitySlickerTaxis

  22. ProfessionalPilots

  23. RoadHawks

  24. QueenCityCabs

  25. RoyaleRush

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Cool Names for a Taxi Business


When starting a taxi business, a well-chosen name can play an essential role in building a strong brand identity. Here are 25 cool name ideas for your taxi business:

  1. SwiftRide
  2. UrbanCab
  3. MetroTaxis
  4. CityCruise
  5. QuickHail
  6. TaxiTech
  7. EcoCabs
  8. YellowDrive
  9. RoadMasters
  10. EliteTransit
  11. RapidRides
  12. SpeedyShuttle
  13. LuxuryHubs
  14. DestinationCabs
  15. ExpressWheels
  16. CabQuest
  17. MobileMiles
  18. InnovativeRides
  19. PrestigeTaxis
  20. TransitGenius
  21. SilverCabs
  22. MileMarker
  23. NextStopCabs
  24. JourneyMakers
  25. FriendlyFares


Selecting a unique name for your taxi business can create an unforgettable impression. Consider these 25 additional name ideas:

  1. MoveMotors
  2. TaxiChoice
  3. TravelZoom
  4. CabLink
  5. PathFinders
  6. WhistleRide
  7. CityHopperCabs
  8. StreetConnect
  9. TaxiMatrix
  10. WayStationTaxi
  11. InstantRide
  12. LightningCab
  13. GreenGoCabs
  14. RideRevolution
  15. UpStreetTransit
  16. CabSphere
  17. TravelGenius
  18. AutoMovers
  19. CheckeredRides
  20. StreetwiseTaxis
  21. CommuteExpress
  22. CruiseCabs
  23. WheelsToList
  24. DashTaxi
  25. ZippyCabs

Remember to verify domain availability and consider your target audience when selecting your business name. A descriptive name that incorporates technology can make it easier for potential customers to understand the services you offer. Additionally, a strong branding strategy and brand identity will help your taxi business stand out in a competitive market. Choose a name that represents your company’s values and services to create a lasting impression on your customers.

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Badass Taxi Business Names


  1. iTaxi
  2. XoTaxi
  3. 5 Min Taxi
  4. Easy Rider
  5. Sure Taxi
  6. Fast Cab
  7. Cab Commander
  8. Speedy Shuttle
  9. Urban Express
  10. Quick Pickup
  11. City Slicker Cabs
  12. Taxi Titan
  13. Rapid Rides
  14. Road Runners
  15. MaxiCab
  16. Ace Cab
  17. Nifty Taxi
  18. Metro Movers
  19. Streetcar
  20. ReadyRide
  21. WhizCab
  22. Flash Taxi
  23. Hustle & Go
  24. Smooth Drive
  25. Taxi Royale


  1. Yellow Cruiser
  2. Urban Jumper
  3. Topnotch Taxi
  4. RideRevolution
  5. Cabtastic
  6. Taxi Kings
  7. Epic Rides
  8. Blitz Cab
  9. Ride Connect
  10. Taxi Beacon
  11. CabXpress
  12. Direct Drive
  13. Instant Ride
  14. QuickRoute Taxi
  15. Guardian Cab
  16. Swift Shuttle
  17. MetroLink
  18. Venture Cabs
  19. TaxiTrail
  20. DashCab
  21. RapidResponse Taxi
  22. Premier Rides
  23. Taxi Hail
  24. Speedway Shuttles
  25. Elite Taxi
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Unique Taxi Business Name Ideas


When brainstorming unique taxi business names, consider these first 25 options:

  1. Taxic Treks

  2. Yellow Cab Express

  3. Organic Road Rides

  4. Windway Taxis

  5. Let Us Drive

  6. Cabtastic Voyage

  7. The Taxi Nest

  8. Urban Wheels

  9. CabbyGo

  10. Rapid Riders

  11. Mile-by-Mile Taxicabs

  12. SwiftTransport

  13. Fleet on Wheels

  14. WheelWisp

  15. CityCab

  16. Taxi-2-You

  17. EcoRide Taxi

  18. Skyline Cabs

  19. Connect Taxi

  20. MoveMe

  21. TaxiTrailblazers

  22. Nextgen Cabs

  23. Speedy Cabsters

  24. Pioneer Taxi

  25. Driveacle


Next, explore these second set of 25 unique taxi business names:

  1. UrbanTaxi Solutions

  2. Cabster

  3. Motion Moovers

  4. CitySprint Cab Co.

  5. TaxiConduits

  6. CabHQ

  7. PaceCab

  8. ZippyTaxi

  9. Transport Aids

  10. MetroCab

  11. Taxi Pioneers

  12. SpeedyHail

  13. TaxicLynx

  14. SafeRide Taxi

  15. The Cab Corral

  16. TaxiMotions

  17. Cab Connectors

  18. CityMovers Taxis

  19. PromptPickup

  20. HastyTaxi

  21. Metropolis Transit

  22. ZoomCabs

  23. MoveCo Taxi

  24. Taxi on Time

  25. QuickRiders

When deciding on a taxi business name, ensure it is unique and easy to remember. Also, consider securing a matching domain name to establish your online presence. Happy naming!

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Cute Taxi Business Names


In this section, you’ll find a list of 25 cute taxi business names to consider for your growing venture. These names are designed to be memorable and convey a sense of fun and reliability.

  1. Easy Ride
  2. Drive Thru
  3. Taxi Stop
  4. Allied Ride
  5. Fast Cab
  6. Drive Home
  7. Speedy Wheels
  8. City Hoppers
  9. Roadrunners
  10. Urban Cruisers
  11. Street Racers
  12. Yellow Caboodle
  13. Sunshine Taxis
  14. Merry Movers
  15. Zippy Zoomers
  16. Friendly Fare
  17. Taxi Tubbies
  18. Wheelie Wonders
  19. The Roadrunners
  20. City Slickers
  21. Funwheel Express
  22. Chatty Cabbies
  23. Breezy Rides
  24. Silent Cabs
  25. Peppy Passengers


Here are 25 more cute taxi business name ideas for inspiration. Don’t be afraid to think creatively and choose a name that represents both the spirit of your business and its essence.

  1. Speedy Cabs
  2. Cool Cabbies
  3. Hometown Haulers
  4. Pick Me Up
  5. Taxi Titans
  6. Whistle Rides
  7. Chatty Chariots
  8. Yellow Canaries
  9. Taxi Trekkers
  10. Farewell Rides
  11. Basket Cabs
  12. Smart Taxis
  13. The Taxi Co.
  14. Wheely Good Cabs
  15. Urban Movers
  16. City Trotters
  17. Bon Voyage Taxi
  18. Super Rides
  19. Rainbow Cabs
  20. Fareway
  21. Goodbye Ride
  22. Hop In Taxis
  23. Jolly Journeys
  24. Fleet Feet
  25. Town Hopper

Remember to choose a name that aligns with your business values and vision. With the right name, your taxi business is sure to thrive and attract customers who value a fun and reliable transportation experience.

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Funny Names For A Taxi Business


In this section, you’ll find a collection of humorous and creative taxi business name ideas that will surely grab attention:

  1. Green Road Express
  2. SpeedMaster Cab
  3. Across Town Taxi
  4. MaxiTaxi
  5. GloryRoad Transports
  6. Laughing Llama Limos
  7. ZigZag Cabs
  8. Witty Wheels
  9. Comet Cabs
  10. Turbo Turtle Taxis
  11. Yellow Brick Rides
  12. Rapid Rabbit Rides
  13. Jolly Journeys
  14. Breezy Bee Transit
  15. DashAway Drives
  16. Merry Mustangs
  17. Catchy Cabs
  18. Zooming Zebras
  19. Highway Heroes
  20. Whimsical Whirlwinds
  21. Nifty Navigators
  22. Amusing Autobots
  23. Goofy Gophers
  24. Blazing Beagles
  25. Snappy Shuttles


Continuing with more unique and exciting taxi business names for your consideration:

  1. Golden Gears Galore
  2. Flashy Falcons
  3. Delightful Destinations
  4. Roaring Rams on the Run
  5. Smiling Speedsters
  6. Lively Lobster Limo
  7. Prancing Pony Pickups
  8. Cheerful Chameleons
  9. High Flyer Hoppers
  10. Silly Sloth Cabs
  11. Fantastic Ferry
  12. Peppy Penguins
  13. Rambunctious Racers
  14. Wacky Wagon Wheels
  15. Jovial Jaguars
  16. Spectacular Sparrows
  17. Dashing Dachshunds
  18. Exciting Eagles
  19. Razzle Dazzle Rides
  20. Lucky Leprechaun Limos
  21. Pleasant Puma Pickups
  22. Bouncing Bunny Buggies
  23. Lovely Lynx Lines
  24. Zesty Zephyr Zippers
  25. Joyful Journey Jockeys

Remember, if you need further assistance in generating unique taxi business names, you can always try utilizing a taxi business name generator for more inspiration.

Tips For Brainstorming The Perfect Taxi Business Name

To come up with a catchy and memorable taxi company name, you need to follow a few simple guidelines.

First, start by brainstorming a list of potential names. Consider factors such as the city your business operates in, the type of clients you want to attract, and any unique selling points your taxi service offers. Keep in mind that the best names are easy to remember, so focus on creating something that stands out and is easy to pronounce.

Next, once you have a list of potential names, you can use Google to see if any similar names already exist. You want your taxi company name to be unique, so if you find that a name you thought was original has already been taken, it’s best to go back to your brainstorming process to come up with an alternative.

To help you create a unique and catchy name, consider incorporating elements like:

  1. The service benefits (e.g., quick, reliable, affordable)
  2. The specific city or region your business is operating in (e.g., Hollywood, Bronx, Manhattan)
  3. Interesting or alliterated word combinations, (e.g., Swift Sedan, Speedy Cab)

It’s important to create a name that resonates with your target audience, so involve your team, friends, or family in the brainstorming process and gather their feedback on your name ideas.

Remember to keep the tone of your taxi business name neutral and clear, so that it conveys professionalism and reliability.

By following these tips and guidelines, you can create a unique, memorable, and easy to remember taxi company name that will help your business stand out in a competitive market.

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