Tree House Names (Creative Ideas To Get You Started)

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Treehouses are a magical place of childhood dreams and adventure. For some, they’re the ultimate dream—a secret hideaway from the world.

But when it comes to treehouses, one thing is certain – they need a name.

Whether you’re building a treehouse for a child or an adult, giving it the perfect name can make even the most basic structure feel special and unique.

If you’re looking for creative tree house names to get your project off the ground, this article is here to help.

Best Treehouse Names

If you’re looking for the perfect name for your treetop abode, look no further! We’ve got some of the best treehouse monikers to get you inspired.

Whether you’re a kid crafting a fun fort in the backyard or an adult looking for a unique office retreat, these creative names can help you come up with the perfect fit.

Here are some of our favorite names for a treehouse to get you started:

  1. The Ewok Village – A whimsical, magical name for a backyard sanctuary.
  2. The Tower of Babel – An apt name for a treehouse that reaches the sky.
  3. The Treehouse of Terror – A spooky name for a Halloween-themed treehouse or a Halloween party venue.
  4. The Den of Mischief – A great name for a treehouse used for fun, mischief-making activities.
  5. The Bird’s Nest – A descriptive name that honors the birds that live in the tree in which the treehouse is built.
  6. The House on Top of the World – A great name for a treehouse that seems like it’s perched on top of the world.
  7. The Hideaway – A perfect name for a treehouse that provides a cozy and quiet place to hide away from the world.
  8. Top of the Sky – An apt name for a treehouse with a stunning view.
  9. The Treehouse of Wonders – A creative name for a treehouse with unexpected features.
  10. The Fairy Tale Castle – An imaginative name for a treehouse that looks just like a fairytale castle.

Good Names For A Treehouse

It can be hard to come up with just the right name for your treehouse, so here are some more great ideas to get your creativity flowing!

  1. The Aerie – This name evokes a sense of strength and protection as it refers to a large nest that an eagle or hawk builds high in the tree.
  2. The Lantern Room – This name gives off a nostalgic and romantic vibe, perfect for a relaxing place in the trees.
  3. The Eagles’ Nest – This name is perfect for the highest of treehouses, making it the perfect spot to spot eagles!
  4. Neverland – A classic name from the story of Peter Pan, this name brings to life the idea of never growing up and being young and carefree.
  5. The Nook – This name is perfect for a secret spot in the trees, a place to escape the world.
  6. High Rise – A great name for a higher treehouse, this name refers to an urban high-rise building, but with a much cozier feel.
  7. The Oasis – This is a great name for a relaxing spot away from it all, allowing you to escape the hustle and bustle of life.
  8. Skyview – As the name suggests, this one is perfect for a treehouse with lots of windows and great views of the sky.
  9. Wildwood – This is a great name for a treehouse that is surrounded by nature.

Magic Treehouse Names

When naming your treehouse, you might want a name that reflects your love for wizards, witches, and fairytales.

Here are some creative magical names to get you started:

  1. Enchanted Haven – This name implies that the treehouse is a safe and inviting retreat from the outside world.
  2. Treehouse of Dreams – This name is perfect for those who want to make their treehouse a place of peace and relaxation.
  3. Tree Treasures – For those looking to make their treehouse an eclectic mix of fun and creativity, this is an ideal name.
  4. Fairytale Hideout – Ideal for magical treehouse designs that create a make-believe fairyland.
  5. Treetop Haven – A name that conveys the tranquility of the treehouse and its scenic setting.
  6. Sky Castle – A fun name for adventurous treehouse designs with plenty of room to explore.
  7. The Sanctuary – A name that symbolizes the protection and serenity that the treehouse offers.
  8. The Hideaway – A great name for a treehouse design that provides a safe and private spot to get away from it all.
  9. The Secret Garden – For a treehouse design that includes a lush and tranquil garden area.
  10. The Treehouse Club – A perfect pick for those who want to create a spot to gather with friends.

Cool Names For A Treehouse

Treehouses are a great way to allow your child to expand their imagination and explore the outdoors.

Whether your child is looking for a whimsical escape or a secret hideaway, a tree house can provide the perfect opportunity for them to do just that.

And what better way to give them the perfect space than to come up with a creative name for their treehouse?

Here are some cool names for your treehouse:

  1. The Tree Top Hideaway
  2. The Lair of the Leopard
  3. The Aviary
  4. The Flight Cage
  5. The Tower of the Eagles
  6. The Aviary Castle
  7. The Observatory
  8. The Hollow
  9. The Canyon of the Giants
  10. The Spider’s Web
  11. The Tree House at the Top of the World
  12. The Tree House of Wonders
  13. The Tree Castle
  14. The Magic Garden
  15. The Acorn House
  16. The Castle in the Sky
  17. The owl House
  18. The Tower of Time
  19. The Nest
  20. The Château in the Trees
  21. The Tree of Life
  22. The Tree Fortress
  23. The Tree House of Dreams
  24. The Secret Hideaway
  25. The Tree House of Mystery
  26. The Tree House of Adventure
  27. The Fairy’s Place
  28. The Tree Top Palace

Cute Names For A Treehouse

Introducing a treehouse to your outdoor space can be a fun and creative way to spend quality time with family and friends.

When you’re ready to embark on this exciting venture, you’ll want to come up with a creative name for your new retreat.

Here are some cute names for a treehouse to get you started:

  1. Treetop Getaway – For those looking for a quiet escape, “Treetop Getaway” is the perfect name.
  2. Tree-fari – A fun twist on the word “safari”, “Tree-fari” will make your treehouse sound like a grand adventure!
  3. Birchwood Castle – Add a touch of royal flair to your treehouse and name it “Birchwood Castle”.
  4. Treehouse of Fun – An ideal name for a house that’s sure to be a source of endless entertainment and joy!
  5. Acorn Hideaway – Perfect for a cozy nook hidden away in the trees.
  6. SkyScraper – A cool and clever name that will make your treehouse stand out from the rest.
  7. Treehouse Retreat – The perfect name for a retreat that’s both peaceful and inviting.
  8. Treehouse Hotel – A great name for a treehouse that’s as luxurious as a 5-star hotel!
  9. Three-Story Cabin – With an impressive three-story structure, your treehouse will be worth featuring with this name.
  10. Treehouse Hangout – Everyone will be excited to hang out in a treehouse with this creative name.

Funny Names For A Treehouse

Tired of the same old boring names for your treehouse? We’ve got some creative, funny names to help you come up with a unique and quirky name of your own.

Whether you want to keep it serious or light-hearted, these names will get your creative juices flowing.

The Squirrel Inn: No matter what kind of animal visitors you have, you can welcome them to your treehouse with a title that pays homage to their species.

  1. Tree-topia – This fun wordplay implies that your treehouse is an ideal paradise.
  2. Shangri-La – For a more exotic name, why not borrow the name of an idyllic utopia from a classic novel?
  3. Up in the Air – This could describe the feeling of being in your treehouse, or just indicate that it’s a special place that’s different from the ground.
  4. The Magic Treehouse – Invoke a little fantasy with this name, which implies that the treehouse is a place of wonder and enchantment.
  5. The Upstairs Den – This name makes your treehouse sound like the cozy, inviting den of a house.
  6. The Rooftop Retreat – This name is perfect for anyone who wants to make their treehouse a retreat away from the world.
  7. The Highlife – For a little lifestyle inspiration, why not borrow the name of an iconic hip-hop album?
  8. The Treefort – This name is great for anyone who is looking to make their treehouse an exciting adventure.
  9. The Nest – This is the perfect name for anyone who loves the idea of the treehouse as a cozy little home.

Historical And Fictional Names

Why not consider a look back in time to some of the more historical names in the world? Historical names can be a great way to give your tree house a special and unique name.

To get you started here is a list of some of the more popular names for a tree house rooted in the past:

  1. Camelot – The legendary castle of King Arthur and Guinevere, Camelot is a story that has been told for centuries. Why not give your tree house a legendary name?
  2. Atlantis – This mystical island has been the subject of many stories and may or may not have existed in the past. Either way, it’s a great name and one that can bring an air of mystery to your tree house.
  3. Shangri-La – This mythical paradise is often associated with a remote utopia and is a great name for a tree house.
  4. El Dorado – The legendary city of gold has been sought for centuries, but has sadly never been found. Why not make it your own personal paradise with the name El Dorado?
  5. Troy – This ancient city is famous for its siege during the Trojan War and has been the subject of countless stories and works of art.
  6. Shang Dynasty – The Shang Dynasty was one of China’s earliest dynasties and its name carries a rich and powerful history.
  7. Babylon – This ancient city is most famous for the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
  8. Kingdom of Benin – This African kingdom is an important part of history and its name can serve as a reminder of a rich and diverse culture.
  9. Constantinople – This city was once the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire and holds a lot of historical significance.
  10. Byzantium – This city was once the capital of the Byzantine Empire, one of the most powerful empires of the Middle Ages.

Nature-inspired Names

When thinking of a tree house moniker, looking to nature for inspiration can be a great place to start.

A nature-inspired name can give your tree house a unique and meaningful title, and make it easy to remember.

Here are some of our top nature-inspired tree house names to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. Oak Haven – Perfect for a tree house nestled in a quiet oak grove.
  2. Rocky Hideaway – Great for a tree house tucked away in a mountainous region.
  3. Cedarwood Cottage – Perfect for a cozy tree house protected by cedar trees.
  4. Evergreen Retreat – Perfect for a tree house surrounded by evergreen trees.
  5. Lily’s Lookout – A great name for a tree house overlooking a pond or lake.
  6. Redwood Retreat – A perfect name for a tree house located in a redwood forest.
  7. Wildflower Vista – A great name for a tree house overlooking a field of wildflowers.
  8. Skyline Sanctuary – An ideal name for a tree house built high up in the trees.
  9. Waterfall’s Edge – Perfect for a tree house positioned near a waterfall.
  10. Meadowland Retreat – Great for a tree house located in an open meadow.
  11. Sunrise Summit – A great name for a tree house located on a tall tree.
  12. Willow’s Roost – Perfect for a tree house nestled among willow trees.
  13. Birchwood Bungalow – Great for a cozy tree house tucked in a birch grove.
  14. Mountain Paradise – A great name for a tree house situated on a mountaintop.
  15. Forest Haven – An ideal name for a tree house surrounded by lush forests.

Pop Culture References

Here are some pop culture references you can use to name your tree house:

  1. The Eye of Sauron – Did someone say Lord of the Rings? This tree house is sure to look magical.
  2. The Scuttlebutt – Channeling your inner Pirates of the Caribbean? This is the perfect idea.
  3. The Great Hall – Why not draw inspiration from Harry Potter? With this name, any tree house will look grand.
  4. The TARDIS – Does your tree house look bigger on the inside? This is the perfect name for a time traveler’s tree house.
  5. The Red Keep – Get inspired by Game of Thrones and make your tree house a castle.
  6. The Black Pearl – A great name for a tree house with an oceanic vibe.
  7. Peach’s Castle – A whimsical name for a tree house in the style of Princess Peach from Mario.
  8. The Shire – Calling all Lord of the Rings fans! This is the perfect name for a peaceful and beautiful tree house.
  9. The Bat Cave – Could your tree house use a little Batman fun?
  10. The Treefort – A straightforward and fun name for the most adventurous tree houses.

Names Inspired by Books, Movies, and TV Shows

Check out this list of names that draw inspiration from books, movies, and TV shows.

These are perfect for bringing up a sense of nostalgia and can be used to start conversations and make memories.

  1. Hobbiton – inspired by the book The Hobbit
  2. Misty Falls – inspired by the TV show, Gravity Falls
  3. Neverland – inspired by the book Peter Pan
  4. The Burrow – inspired by J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series
  5. Glade of Magic – inspired by the movie Ella Enchanted
  6. Cloud Cuckoo Land – inspired by the movie The Lego Movie
  7. The Raft – inspired by the movie Pirates of the Caribbean
  8. The Tree of Life – inspired by the movie Avatar
  9. Paradise Falls – inspired by the movie Up
  10. The Lost Castle – inspired by the classic fairytale, Sleeping Beauty

Fictional Characters

When it comes to selecting a unique and memorable name for your treehouse, looking to the world of fiction can be an excellent source of inspiration.

After all, there are some truly creative characters out there with names that bring a spark of imagination that can easily be translated into a brilliant tree house moniker!

To get you started, here are ten possible names for your tree house based on famous fictional characters.

  1. Bilbo – Named after the beloved hobbit from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, Bilbo is a great choice for any treehouse with a cozy, homely atmosphere.
  2. Potter – Harry Potter and his family may have lived in a cupboard under the stairs, but their name can still be perfect for your treetop dwelling.
  3. Wonderland – Who could forget Alice, the young girl who found herself lost in a magical world full of strange characters? This could be the perfect title for any tree house exploring the woodlands.
  4. Aragorn – The heroic ranger who led the Fellowship of the Ring through their epic quest is a great option for any tree house with a strong sense of adventure.
  5. Skywalker – This iconic word not only symbolizes the Star Wars universe, but it’s also a fitting name for a tree house among the stars.
  6. Weasley – For the tree house that exudes a cheerful, friendly vibe, consider naming it in honor of the beloved Weasley family from Harry Potter.
  7. Gamora – If you’re looking for a cool, edgy name for your tree house, this is a perfect choice. Gamora is an iconic figure in the Marvel universe, known for her strength and courage.
  8. Banks – You might not be related to Mary Poppins, but you can still bring a bit of her magical spirit to your tree house with this endearing title.
  9. Pan – For tree houses that are especially whimsical, consider taking inspiration from the boy who never grew up himself, Peter Pan.
  10. Belle – If your tree house is elegant and fairytale-like, there’s no better name than Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Animal Names

Tree houses are a popular choice for kids, offering a sense of adventure and escapism. When it comes to naming your tree house, you want something that speaks to its wildness and evokes a sense of childhood nostalgia.

Animal names are a great option and they can be a lot of fun to work with. Here are some creative ideas to get you started:

  1. The Lion’s Den – For the brave and courageous, the Lion’s Den is a great name for a tree house. You can even add a small stuffed lion to the décor.
  2. The Wolf’s Lair – For the wild and mysterious, the Wolf’s Lair is a great choice for a tree house. This can be even more exciting with a small stuffed wolf.
  3. The Crocodile’s Cave – If you want to add some danger and adventure to your tree house, The Crocodile’s Cave is the perfect name. Add a few reptile-themed decorations to complete the effect.
  4. The Monkey’s Perch – For the mischievous and playful, The Monkey’s Perch is a great name. Decorate the tree house with some monkey-themed items for a complete look.
  5. The Bear’s Den – For a more cozy and cozy tree house, The Bear’s Den is a good choice. Include some stuffed bears and bear-themed décor for the complete look.
  6. The Elephant’s Hideaway – For an exotic and majestic choice, The Elephant’s Hideaway is a great name. Add an elephant-themed item or two to complete the effect.
  7. The Tiger’s Retreat – For a hint of danger and mystery, The Tiger’s Retreat is a great name for a tree house. Create a cat-like effect with some tiger-themed decorations.
  8. The owl‘s Nest – For a wise and sophisticated choice, The Owl’s Nest is a great name. Include some owl-themed decorations to complete the look.
  9. The Raptor’s Roost – If you’re looking for something exciting and daring, The Raptor’s Roost is a great choice. Include some fierce-looking decorations to complete the look.


If you’ve been searching for a creative and fun name for your treehouse, then hopefully this article has given you some ideas.

With inspiration from books, movies, TV shows, historical figures, nature, animals, and more, you have endless options to choose from. You can go with something that is meaningful to you or something that just makes you smile.

The best names for treehouses are going to be the ones that make you feel excited, relaxed, and creative all at once. So let your imagination run wild!

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