131+ Trio Names (Cool, Cute & Funny 3-Person Group Ideas)

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When it comes to groups of friends, few are represented as much in pop culture as groups of three – having all manner of wacky and clever trio names.

It seems the ideal group size, as groups of three are small enough to be familiar but large enough to offer different perspectives.

Also, we can’t deny the advantage of never having a tie when it comes to voting on where to go for dinner!

In our list of trio name ideas, we cover everything from the classic and instantly memorable – such as the lovable protagonists from Harry Potter and Star Wars – to the entirely unique. 

Check out our list of cool, cute, and funny names for three-person groups! 

Best Trio Names

1. The Three Stooges

Who can forget the beloved black-and-white TV series featuring these three goofballs? 

2. Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli

Few trios are as iconic as this one from Lord of the Rings. 

3. Huey, Dewie, and Louie 

Donald Duck’s loveable and mischievous nephews are a classic inspiration for a name for 3 people. 

4. Three’s Company

5. Buffy, Willow, and Xander

From the TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 

6. Three Peas in a Pod

7. The Super Mario 3

Mario, Luigi, and Bowser.

8. The Three Amigos

From the delightful 1986 eponymous comedy starring Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Chevy Chase.  

9. Cory, Shawn, and Topanga

Who can forget the funny and poignant coming-of-age series Boy Meets World? 

10. Lizzie, Gordo, and Miranda

Lizzie McGuire was a great show, due mostly to its lovable cast and these three friends.

11. The Holy Trinity

A little sacrilegious, but this memorable name is among the best. 

12. Trix

From the cereal, but the name has “Tri” in the name, which hints at a trio. 

13. The Golden Girls

While the iconic TV group was four, the name works just as well for a trio. 

14. The Three Musketeers

After the candy bar or the famous French novel that’s been adapted into countless films, who can tell? One thing is for certain – this group name is among the best. 

15. Kirk, Spock, and McCoy

Few trios are as memorable as this indomitable group from Star Trek. 

16. The Mighty Ducks

This name mingles ’90s nostalgia with hockey – a great mix for the right group.

17. Two and a Half Men

After the Chuck Lorre sitcom starring Charlie Sheen. 

18. Three Best Friends

Straightforward and easy to remember.

19. Three of a Kind

20. 2 Blondes and a Redhead

This name could be modified to “2 Blondes and a Brunette” if needed. 

21. The Nerd Herd

This intellectual name is for guys and girls alike. 

22. 3 Score

A great name for a group chat. 

23. The Fantastic Three

This name is especially memorable by not having “four” as the original name implies.

24. The Golden Trio

25. 3 Non Blondes

While the original band is called 4 Non Blondes, the name works just as well for a trio. 

Good Trio Names

1. Three, Two, One

2. The Triple Threat

3. Tres Leches

This name references a delicious Mexican dessert that consists of sponge cake soaked in three different types of milk. 

4. Party of Three 

This succinct name leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind that it’s a group of three people. 

5. The Trinity

6. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

7. The Epic Trilogy

8. 3 Wishes

This name brings to mind genies. 

9. The Terrific Three

10. Two Dudes and a Baby

11. Tiramisu

After the decadent dessert with three primary ingredients: lady fingers soaked in espresso, whipped cream, and mascarpone. 

12. Triangle Troupe

This cute name makes us think of mystery-solving elementary schoolers.

13. Three-in-One

14. The Triumphant Trio

15. The Troublesome Trio

A fitting group name for a particularly rowdy group. 

Trio Names for Girls

1. The Powerpuff Girls

Who can forget the lovable crime-fighting sisters from the late 1990s to the early 2000s? 

2. Destiny’s Child

While members came and went in this girl group, the final three band mates were Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams.

3. The Sanderson Sisters

These three villainous sisters – Winifred, Mary, and Sarah – are witches from the 1993 Halloween film Hocus Pocus, who terrorize the small town of Salem despite being executed during the Salem Witch Trials. 

4. Annie, Brenda, and Louise

If you’re into 1990s comedies, you’ll instantly know this iconic trio from the 1996 film The First Wives Club. 

5. Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

…are what little girls are made of! 

6. The Three Amigos

7. Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey

8. The Coven

This bewitching name denotes power and influence. A warning if there ever was one! 

9. The Three Vixens

10. The Spice Girls

11. The Heathers

For fans of black comedy, this name isn’t for everyone.

12. Girls ‘R Us

13. Three Queens

14. Thrice as Nice

15. The Three Sisters

While this name sounds like a simple name that can describe any group of three girls, it’s actually a subtle reference to agriculture – the “three sisters” being beans, corn, and squash. 

Trio Names for Boys

1. Tres Hermanos

This straightforward name means “three brothers” in Spanish. 

2. Snips, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails

…are what little boys are made of! 

3. Guys ‘R Us

4. The 3 Duderinos

This unique name is a spinoff of the three amigos. 

5. The Bro Trio

6. The Tri-Guys

Could also be spelled “Try Guys,” but the spelling listed above best implies that it’s a group of three. 

7. The Rat Pack

8. The Ghostly Trio

Inspired by Casper’s troublesome brothers from the beloved 1990s film. 

9. Alvin, Simon, and Theodore

10. Pretty Fly for Three Guys

This rhyming name references the popular song by the American rock band, “The Offspring.” 

11. The Three Wise Men

This scripture-based name references the three holy men who visited the baby Jesus.  

12. The Jonas Brothers

13. Three Kings

14. Three Tenors

15. The Manly Trio

Cute Names for A Trio

1. Birds of a Feather

2. The Three Bees

Get creative with spelling and you could have a cool name such as “3Bz.”

3. I Dream of Threes

After the hit sitcom, “I Dream of Genie.” 

4. Triple Trouble

Watch out for this alliterative name!

5. The BLT

Bacon, lettuce, tomato – the king of sandwiches. 

6. The Three Bears

All you need is Goldilocks! 

7. The Bikini Bottom Three

Spongebob, Patrick, and Squidward

8. Snap, Crackle, and Pop

Rice Crispies! 

9. Three French Hens

From the iconic Christmas song, “12 Days of Christmas.” 

10. The Three Little Pigs

11. PBJ 

Peanut, butter, and jelly – every child’s favorite sandwich. 

12. Best Buds

Funny Names for A Trio

1. The Bee Gees

After the disco group who sang the critically acclaimed hit, “Stayin’ Alive.” 

2. A Girl, a King, and a Clown

This name brings a subtle reference to arguably the three major American fast food chains: Wendy’s, Burger King, and McDonalds. 

3. Three Strikes

…and you’re out! 

4. The Free Three

5. Marlin, Nemo, and Dory

6. Third Time’s a Charm

7. The Triangle Gang

This unique name takes its inspiration from a three-sided shape. 

8. The Keebler Elves

9. The Marx Bros

10. Lucky Charms

Unique Names for A Trio

1. Bed, Bath, and Beyond

2. Third Degree Burns 

This painful name is certainly memorable. 

3. Tostito, Dorito, and Cheeto

Not only does this scrumptious trio name idea rhyme, but each member is a popular snack food. 

4. The Three Tragedies

5. The Triptych

After the 3-paneled artwork. 

6. The Fates

In Greek mythology, the three fates were Clotho (the Spinner), Lachesis (the Allotter) and Atropos (the Inflexible). Also called the Moirai. 

7. Three-Piece Suit

8. The Terrific Triad

9. The Tercet Verses

These are three rhyming lines of poetry. 

10. Three of Spades

Cool Trio Names

1. Josie and the Pussycats

2. Three of Hearts

3. The Three-Headed Dragon

Even better for Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon fans. 

4. Past, Present, and Future

5. Trifecta

6. Three Days’ Grace 

7. Beginning, Middle, and End

8. Triple Peaks

9. The Mighty Three

10. Triple Fury

11. Thor’s Trio

12. Tuesday’s Trio

13. Thrice-Told Tale

14. The Tremendous Trio

15. The Power Trio

Badass Names For A Trio

1. The Three Valkyries

2. Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura

After the hit anime, Naruto. 

3. Nirvana

The famous 1990s grunge band was composed of three members: Kurt Cobain, Kris Novoselic, and Dave Grohl. 

4. Proton, Neutron, and Electron

5. The Hydra

6. Three Aces

7. The Maverick Trio

8. Deck of Three

9. The Jimi Hendrix Experience

This band famously had three members. 

10. Ash, Misty, and Brock

This beloved trio is from Pokémon

Famous Trio Names

1. Harry, Ron, and Hermione

From Harry Potter. 

2. Luke, Leia, and Han Solo

From Star Wars

3. Alvin and the Chipmunks

4. Charlie’s Angels

This trio name comes from the 1970s crime drama series featuring three sexy and kickass women. 

5. Sam, Neal, and Bill

This group of dorky freshmen is from the movie Freaks and Geeks. 

Creative Trio Names for a Diverse Group

If you’ve got a trio group to name, comprising a blend of personalities, genders, or interests, this list is for you. Whether it’s for friends group or a team in a work or study environment, cognizance of the unique nuances of all your group members can help you find the perfect trio name.

The essence of your group can be highlighted through your name, making it perfect for defining your bond and interaction. A name should bring a sense of belonging, reinforcing that you’re better together, amplifying each other’s strengths.

Consider these creative, all-purpose trio names:

  1. The Power Pioneers
  2. Triangle of Triumph
  3. Trilogy Troopers
  4. Trio Titans
  5. Threefold Throttle
  6. United Unicorns
  7. Harmonic Huddle
  8. Sonic Soulmates
  9. Treble Tribe
  10. Vital Vertex
  11. Spectrum Scouts
  12. Dynamic Divergence
  13. Patterned Prism
  14. Blend Brigade
  15. Inclusive Icons
  16. Mélange Masters
  17. Fusion Frontiers
  18. Diverse Dynamics
  19. Synergy Spectrum
  20. Versatile Vortex
  21. Harmony Heroes
  22. Tandem Trailblazers
  23. Eccentric Echoes
  24. Palo Pals
  25. Crisscross Comrades

Group Name Inspiration

With so many sources of inspiration out there, it can be hard to name your group – and especially hard to come up with something both original and memorable.

The following tips will help get you started on naming your unique trio. 

  • Draw from many sources – inspiration is everywhere. While you can certainly draw from pop culture, there are other lesser-known sources (such as food or scientific phenomena) that are just as good – if not better – when seeking inspiration.
  • Humor – humor, puns, and rhyming make your group’s name memorable. 
  • Collective word – in your group name, it’s vital to have a word that describes all three members of your group. It helps create solidarity within the group and makes your name unique. 
  • Don’t overcomplicate – your group can absolutely have a long, elaborate name – though depending on how memorable you want it to be, like if you’re planning on starting a business or YouTube channel with the name, having a memorable group name is important. 


Groups of three are powerful, and it isn’t hard to see why. Trios are represented in countless TV shows, books, movies, and more.

We hope our ultimate guide of cool, cute, and funny three-person group ideas has helped you get ideas for naming your own terrific trio! 

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